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     Although many people equate school publications with yearbooks, educational institutions often published—and still publish—a variety of journals and newsletters which may contain material of interest to genealogists. An example of an early twentieth-century literary periodical with details about teachers and pupils is The Sphinx, published by the Students’ Association at Stamford College in Stamford, TX. For the November 1911 issue, Dan O. MCELVEEN was the business manager and A. Lois LANGFORD was the assistant business manager. The selected items below appear in the “personal department” on pages 50-52 of that issue. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis and some punctuation added for clarity.)

     “Fred ALEXANDER and sister, Miss Frankie, spent October 8 at their home in Haskell.
     Mr. O. B. ANNIS was called to Merkel a few days to attend the funeral of his father.
    Mr. J. N. BROWN, who occupied the chair of Ancient Language in Stamford College for three successive years, and Miss Lois OVERBY, a former student of our ranks, were married at the home of the bride’s grandparents, Col. and Mrs. E. B. WILKERSON in Stamford, Monday, October 23. They departed immediately afterward on their bridal tour. They will make their home at Emory, Va., where Mr. Brown occupies the chair of Greek and Latin in Emory College.
     Messrs. Eston CHURCH and Jim BROWN visited in Merkel, October 22 and 23.
     Elmer FAEGAN visited his parents, October 1 and 2.”
     On October 3, President J. T. GRISWOLD made a business trip to Dallas. He also “attended the Northwest Texas Conference of the M. E. Church, South, at Plainview, the first week in November.”
     “Mr. Sam HARDY made a visit to his parents in Hamlin, October 22.
     Mr. Lan HOLLAND, our old friend and school mate, spent a few days with us the last of October. He is teaching this year in a large country school.
     Arthur MCCARTY made a visit home, October 8 and 9.
     Mr. A. C. NICHOLSON, Junior ’11, is teaching in the High School at Quail this year.
     The students regret very much the illness of Mr. Oscar O’SHIELDS, which necessitated his leaving school.
     Miss Mary RAYNER was out of school several days on account of the illness and death of her grandfather in Anson.”
     Two items pertain to Lester RIGGS. He “was called home recently on account of the death of his grandfather.” He also “found a new receptacle for his waste water. For further information see Gurley Carney.”
     “Miss Eula Mae ROLLINS and Miss WATSON of Aspermont were the guests of Miss RICHARDSON a few weeks back.”
     Lawrence ZANT is mentioned in two items as being at the Carnegie Library.

     The “Personals” column in the October 1915 issue of The Sphinx was written by Mary DICKENSON and H. G. PARKER. This item appeared on page 19:
     “Prof. H. G. SPRUCE is back from San Antonio, where he went to attend the funeral of his brother, Mr. R. W. SPRUCE.”

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