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     Would you like to have free help with your family research? On 6 June 2009, the Angelina County Genealogical Society will hold a free "hands-on" genealogical workshop in cooperation with the staff of the Kurth Memorial Library. The workshop will be held in the Ora McMullen Genealogy Room of the Library, located at 706 South Raguet in Lufkin, TX, from 9:00 a. m. until 12:30 p. m. Since there will be no formal presentations, those attending can come and go at any time. The informal meeting will be especially useful for beginning researchers since it provides the opportunity to get individual one-on-one assistance and research consultation with experienced members of the genealogical society. Because space is limited, interested persons are encouraged to pre-register by calling the library at 1-936-630-0563. Although early registration is strongly recommended, it is not required for anyone to attend.

     The library in Lufkin sets certain rules for its patrons. For example, only paper and pencils are allowed in the research area. No food, drink, or smoking is permitted. Since locker space is limited, ladies should wear clothing with pockets and/or a "very small" fanny pack to store such essentials as keys, money (including change for copying machines), identification, etc.

     In many other libraries and archives throughout the country, these rules are standard practice. In addition, some facilities do not allow cell phones or laptops in research areas. Before conducting research in a facility for the first time, researchers would be wise to call ahead and find out what restrictions may apply.

     The miscellaneous items below come from various issues of the Staunton Spectator and General Advertiser, published in Staunton, VA. Following standard practice, the newspaper carried information about people from other counties and states as well as data about local persons. Researchers may also be interested in how the journalistic form of writing of that era differs from today's style. (Surnames are capitalized and titles bolded for emphasis.)

     "Married on the 26th ultimo, by the Rev. Isaac JONES, Mr. John BROWN to Miss Sarah B. MOFFETT, all of this county." (2 June 1836, p. 3, c. 4)

     "The dwelling of Josiah FLAGG, near Martinsburg, was burnt to the ground on the 1st of February. The fire occurred by accident. This is the third calamity that has befallen Berkeley County within a few weeks past; the utmost caution is necessary in such weather as the present." (11 Feb 1836, p. 2, c. 5)

     "Peter M'CULLOCK (sic), in a fit of derangement, killed his wife on the 14th inst., in the neighborhood of Chalk Level, Pittsylvania Co." (2 June 1836, p. 2, c. 2)

     "On the morning of the 16th, the livery stable and dwelling house of Mr. John MURPHY was destroyed by fire, in the city of New York. Three men lost their lives, and thirty-six horses were burnt." (24 March 1836, p. 3, c. 1)

     "Notice: Those persons indebted to the late firm of Jno. A. WADDEL & Co. are earnestly requested to call without delay and discharge the claims against them. A. WADDEL, S. CLARKE, Extrs. of Ro. (sic) WILLIAMSON, 11 Feb 1836" (18 Feb 1836, p. 1, c. 2)

     "Vendue--The Personal Estate of Mrs. Sarah B. WILLIAMSON, dec'd, consisting of Beds, Bedsteads, Mahogany Tables, Chairs, some valuable Plate, a Piano, and sundry other valuable articles of Furniture, will be offered for sale at her late residence in the town of Staunton, on Saturday the 27th inst. Addison WADDEL, Samuel CLARKE, Admrs., 11 Feb 1836" (18 Feb 1836, p. 1, c. 2)

     "Second Marriages of Slaves--The Savannah River Baptist Association in reply to the question, whether 'in case of involuntary separation of slaves under such circumstances as to preclude all prospect of future intercourse the parties ought to be allowed to marry again?'--has decided that 'such a separation among persons situated as our slaves are, is civilly a separation by death, and they believe that in the sight of God it would be so viewed.' They therefore, under such circumstances acquiesce in the second marriage of slaves. South. Churchman." (11 Feb 1836, p. 2, c. 3)

     Charles N. Ferguson, 811 South Market, Shawnee, OK 74801 is seeking information about descendants of Aileen LAWSON of Killeen, TX, and Elsie Mae WYLIE, of Corpus Christi, TX. They were daughters of Gaylord James FERGUSON and wife, Flora MCCALL, of Arkansas. This information came from Gaylord's obituary in 1981.

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