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     Many people are familiar with the names of such fraternal organizations as the Freemasons, the Order of the Eastern Star, Shriners, and Scottish Rite. Another Masonic organization that may not be as well known is Royal Arch Masonry, which uses the York Rite system. (For more information on its history and degrees like Most Excellent Master, etc., go to

     The following list of officers of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas in 1879 is found on the back cover of TRANSACTIONS OF THE M. E. GRAND ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER OF TEXAS AT ITS THIRTIETH ANNUAL CONVOCATION HELD AT THE MASONIC TEMPLE, IN THE CITY OF HOUSTON, ON THURSDAY, THE ELEVENTH DAY OF DECEMBER, A. D. 1879, A. I. 2409, AT THREE O’CLOCK P. M., which was published in Houston by W. H. Coyle, Printer and Lithographer, in 1880. (In the title, the M and E are each followed by three dots, representing the Triple Tau emblem of the organization. However, for simplicity, a period is used in this column.) In addition to the man’s name, the roster states his place of residence, and the office he held in the organization.

Z. E. COOMBES, Dallas, M. E. Grand High Priest

J. B. MCMAHAN, Frio, E. Dep. Grand High Priest

W. B. WILLSON, Brenham, E. Grand King

S. M. WILLIAMS, Houston, E. Grand Scribe

B. A. BOTTS, Houston, E. Grand Treasurer

Robt. BREWSTER, Houston, E. Grand Secretary
     (Editor’s note: Robt. was s common abbreviation for Robert.)

A. S. BUNTING, Moulton (Lavaca Co.), E. Grand Chaplain

G. A. BROWN, Sherman, Grand Captain of the Host

R. M. HARKNESS, Frio, Grand Principal Sojourner

T. J. CARRAWAY, Jasper, Grand Royal Arch Captain

Geo. T. TODD, Jefferson, Grand Orator
     (Editor’s note: Geo. was a common abbreviation for George.)

W. S. FLY, Gonzales, Grand Marshal

E. J. MUMFORD, Weatherford, Grand Master of 3d Veil

W. T. WEAVER, Tyler, Grand Master of 2d Veil

J. R. JOHNSON, Mexia, Grand Master of 1st Veil

Robt. Cohen, Houston, Grand Steward

F. RHODE, Houston, Grand Steward

S. CONRADI, Houston, Grand Guard

     Also listed on the back cover are the names of members of two committees.

     Committee on Work:

Comp. W. F. SWAIN, Columbia

Comp. John ADRIANCE, Columbia

Comp. Norton MOSES, Stricklinge

Comp. Peyton NOWLIN, Waxahachie

and Comp. Haston TWOMEY, Woods.

     Committee on Foreign Correspondence:

Comp. Robert M. ELGIN, Houston

Comp. Robert BREWSTER, Houston,

and Comp. F. B. SEXTON, Marshall.
     (Editor’s note: “Comp.” seems to be the abbreviation for “Companion.”)

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