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     Charles N. Ferguson, 811 South Market, Shawnee, OK 74801 is seeking information about these individuals who lived in Palestine in Anderson Co., TX. The 1920 census shows the following information:

FERGUSON, John H., white, male, age 61, married
FERGUSON, Fanny, white, female, 58, married
FERGUSON, Verna, white, female, 36, divorced
FERGUSON, Roy R., white, male, 31
FERGUSON, Jayne B., white, female, 20
FERGUSON, Clibie (?), white, female, 19
FERGUSON, Earl C., white, male, 17

All were born in Texas. John H.'s father was born in Tennessee. Fanny's father was born in Alabama. The birthplace of their mothers was given only as the United States.

Again we continue with more names of deceased members in the Texas Bar Association Proceedings of the Thirty-first Annual Session Held at Galveston, July 2-3-4, 1912 (Austin, TX: A. C. Baldwin & Sons, 1913). Usually, the list furnishes the name of the individual, place, and date of death.

p. 290
JACKSON, A. M., Sr., Austin, 11 July 1889
JACKSON, A. M., Jr., Austin, 17 Aug 1894
JOHN, A. S., Beaumont, 5 Feb 1889
JOHNSON, Byron, Galveston, 2 Mar 1900
JONES, C. Anson, Houston, 10 Jan 1888
KEMP, Wyndham, El Paso, 9 Feb 1909
KENNARD, John R., Anderson, 24 Oct 1884
KILGORE, S. B., Wills Point, 10 Dec 1891
KIRK, LaFayette, Brenham, 29 July 1893
LABATT, Henry J., Galveston, 8 Sept 1900

     (Editor's Note: According to the HANDBOOK OF TEXAS, an estimated six to eight thousand people were killed during the devastating hurricane that struck Galveston on 8 September 1900. Due to the high death toll, the 1900 hurricane was, as late as the 1980s, still considered "the worst recorded natural disaster to strike the North American continent." For more details, see the article "Galveston Hurricane of 1900" on pages 64-65 in Volume 3 of THE NEW HANDBOOK OF TEXAS IN SIX VOLUMES (Austin: The Texas State Historical Association, 1996). The article can also be found by visiting the website at and click on Search the Handbook of Texas.)

LAMAR, L. Q. C., Dallas, 15 Dec 1910
LANGUILLE, P. T., Galveston, 14 Oct 1882
LEDBETTER, W. H., La Grange, 24 Apr 1896
LEVI, Leo N., New York, 13 Jan 1904
LIGHTFOOT, Henry W., Paris, August 1901
LINDSLEY, Philip, Dallas, 4 Dec 1911
LOCKETT, R. R., Texarkana, 6 Dec 1906
LOGUE, L. J., Columbus, 15 May 1884
LOOSCAN, M., Houston, 7 Sept 1897

(To be continued)

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