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     Again, we present some selected items from THE TEXAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION BULLETIN, Volume 47, Number 2 (March 1926), which was published in Forney, Texas.(Surnames are capitalized for emphasis and some punctuation is added for clarity.)

     Page 3 – “The Central Pharmacy, a new suburban store opened by R. E. BARR of Fort Worth, is one of the most attractive and up-to-date stores in Fort Worth.”

     “The Palace Drug Store of Greenville has recently been purchased by Roy MCWHORTER and Ed HUGHES....”

     “A complete set of new fixtures has been installed in the W. J. SPURLOCK drug store in Blooming Grove.”

     “The fourth drug store in LaGrange...will be opened soon when Mr. J. CZICHOS will open a new store in the Kruschel building as soon as it is completed.”

     “The Beckham Hotel Pharmacy have (sic) secured the services of Mr. A. E. FORD as Manager. Mr. Ford has been a popular druggist of Greenville for some time.”

     “A new drug store has been opened at Grand and Oakland Avenues in Dallas by Mr. K. A. KRAYER, who has been in Pittsburg, Pa., for the past two years.”

     “Sharp & Dohme have secured the services of Mr. R. M. WALLS, formerly with the Griffith Drug Store in Austin. Mr. Walls will have Texas as his working territory.”

     Page 4 – “A new drug store has been opened by James A. COX of Lufkin.”

     “Howard & Howard Drug Store No. 2, of Oak Cliff, has recently been purchased by W. J. (Billy) POWELL.”

     “The Stinson Drug Co. of Snyder has lost one of their force, C. E. HARRIS, who has joined the sales force of the Texas Drug Co. at Dallas.”

     “The Star Drug Co. of Breckenridge...has been purchased by M. E. ROGERS and Reese HARRIS and changed to the Rogers-Harris Drug Company.”

     “J. E. COX at Davis and Edgefield Streets, Oak Cliff, has sold his store to J. F. FOSTER, who has changed the name to Edgefield Pharmacy.”

     Reprinted in the section titled “Brickbats and Roses” is a letter, dated 23 January 1926, from P. W. SMITH of Calotabs Co., Inc., in Atlanta, Georgia, to W. D. ADAMS, Secretary of the Texas Pharmaceutical Association, in Forney, Texas. Smith praises Texas druggists, as he thinks they “can be depended upon to do things just a little better than any other pill rollers in the country.”

     Page 6 – The officers of the Southwest Texas Association are named in an article as being

L. C. BRENNER, President, Gonzales;

E. C. KOERTH, First Vice President, Yoakum;

M. L. GADDIS, Second Vice President, Cotulla;

Henry F. HEIN, Secretary, San Antonio; and

R. L. READER, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, San Antonio.

     Photographs of Henry F. HEIN and R. L. READER accompany the article.


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