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     This week we will continue the roster of deaths found in the "In Memoriam" section on pages 425-427 of the publication, TRANSACTIONS OF THE STATE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF TEXAS, THIRTY-THIRD ANNUAL SESSION HELD AT GALVESTON, TEXAS, APRIL 23RD, 24TH, 25TH, AND 26TH, 1901 (Austin, TX: Von Boeckmann, Schutze & Co., Printers, 1901). Although most entries are in chronological order, some are not. Appearing on the list are the name of the deceased member of the association, post office (in Texas unless otherwise specified), and date of death.

Dr. W. H. PARK, Tyler, 4 Nov 1885

Dr. J. B. ROBERTSON, Goliad, no date

Dr. W. L. ROGERS, Galveston, April (no day) 1887

Dr. R. B. WHITE, Ennis, no date

Dr. J. H. MARTIN, Dallas, 18 July 1887

Dr. E. J. CAROTHERS, San Antonio, no date

Dr. A. E. CAROTHERS, San Antonio, no date

Dr. G. W. TUCKER, Comanche, no date

Dr. S. A. TOWSEY, Galveston, no date

Dr. Etien MELLON, Brownsville, no date

Dr. W. E. SAUNDERS, Sherman, no date

Dr. Hilary RYAN, no further information

Dr. W. A. EAST, Hallettsville, 5 Dec 1885

Dr. R. H. HUNTER, Larissa, no date
     (Editor's note: He is listed in the "In Memoriam" section of TRANSACTIONS OF THE TEXAS STATE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, TWENTY-FOURTH ANNUAL SESSION HELD AT TYLER, TEXAS, APRIL 26, 27 AND 28, 1892 (Galveston, TX: J. W. Burson-Co., Printers and Publishers, 1892), but his name does not appear in that section in the 1901 volume. Names of the other deceased are repeated in earlier volumes.)

Dr. L. S. CABELL, Charlottesville, VA, {Honorary member}, no date

Dr. Willis WESTMORELAND, Atlanta, GA, {Honorary member}, no date

Dr. J. H. T. KING, Laredo, no date

Dr. S. H. SMITH, Dallas, no date

Dr. A. A. TERHUNE, Jefferson, no date

Dr. L. J. GRAHAM, Henderson, 15 Apr 1891

Dr. F. T. PAINE, Comanche, 16 Apr 1891

Dr. G. W. KERR, Waelder, April (no day) 1891

Dr. T. S. BURKE, Corpus Christi, 21 Sept 1891

Dr. W. T. STRAIN, Wills Point, 1 Nov 1891

Dr. W. W. REEVES, Austin, "killed" 29 Dec 1891

Dr. T. M. STONE, Jasper, 18 Jan 1892

Dr. E. J. WARD, Waxahachie, 17 Dec 1893

Dr. E. G. NICHOLSON, Del Rio, 3 Feb 1893

Dr. M. S. CROW, Stephenville, 3 May 1892

Dr. C. C. FRANCIS, Cleburne, 16 Nov 1892

Dr. A. W. POPE, Marshall, 3 Nov 1892

Dr. A. D. BURROUGHS, Houston, no date

Dr. J. E. ROACH, Sipe Springs, 10 Apr 1893

Dr. C. F. PAYNE, Comanche, 13 Sept 1893

Dr. J. L. MAY, Stephenville, no date

Dr. M. H. OLIVER, Ennis, 5 Sept 1893

Dr. John L. WAGLEY, Cleburne, 13 Dec 1893

Dr. W. H. WATERS, Independence, 4 June 1894

(To be continued)

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