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     Here are a few more selected excerpts that can be found on page 8 of the 27 April 1906 issue of the Texas newspaper, Dallas Semi-Weekly Farm News. (In the items, surnames are capitalized for emphasis; sometimes spelling may be changed or punctuation may be added for clarity.)

     Dallas, April 24 – “Howard, the 15-year-old son of Matt L. COBB, Deputy County Court Clerk, met with a peculiar accident on Sunday night which resulted in the breaking of the left leg in two places and a painful bruising of the body. The accident occurred at the family residence at 627 Thomas Avenue.

     It was about 9:30 o’clock and the family was seated on the front gallery when a cow tied in an adjacent lot became excited and broke the rope with which she was tethered. Howard went to the place and attempted to hold the animal. In so doing, he was thrown violently from the top of a terrace about four feet high and collided with a telephone pole on the sidewalk, a distance of about ten feet.

     Examination by Drs. Elbert DUNLAP and Albert WILKINSON showed that both bones of the left lower limb had sustained a double compound fracture.”

     Fort Worth, August 25 – “Elmer JACKSON, a 7-year-old boy, fell from a wagon in which he was riding with his father today and the wheels of the vehicle passed over his body, injuring him seriously.

     The wagon belonged to J. D. JACKSON, father of the lad, and the accident occurred on Main Street, near Seventh.”

     Waco, April 24 – “James D. SMITH, under 20 years of age, who came to this city from Iowa and was engaged, with others, in making photographic views of streets and buildings, was found dead in his room today, his heart having been pierced by a bullet from a rifle of small caliber, which was on the floor close to the body. He had been dead two or three hours when found.”

     Fort Worth, April 24 – “After seventeen years wooing, Dr. J. J. WILLINGHAM of Chicago has succeeded in winning the hand of Miss Estell BARKER of Bowie, and the couple will be married tomorrow afternoon at 2 o’clock in the town of Bowie, Tex.

     The romance...had its beginning in a town in Alabama, where Dr. Willingham taught school, his bride-elect being one of the pupils. Three years after Dr. Willingham taught Miss Barker, and immediately after the lady finished her collegiate course, Dr. Willingham proposed and was rejected, the young lady giving as her reasons that she intended to follow teaching as a profession. Dr. Willingham afterward went West and spent several years in traveling throughout the country. Later he studied medicine and opened an office to practice, but finding commercial pursuits more to his liking and of a more profitable nature, entered into business with a Chicago firm, and has prospered.

     About one year ago, he again met Miss Barker, who was teaching school in Texas, and renewed his suit. This time he was successful, and after seventeen years of waiting, will see the culmination of his romance tomorrow at Bowie.

     Dr. Willingham is well known throughout the northern section of this State and at Dallas. His bride has been prominent as a Texas teacher.”


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