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     Here are more selected excerpts that can be found on page 8 of the 27 April 1906 issue of the newspaper, Dallas Semi-Weekly Farm News. As they scour the articles for names of family members, genealogists will gain insight into topics, such as transportation, that may have affected the lives of their relatives. They will also see how journalistic styles have changed over time. (In the items, surnames are capitalized for emphasis and sometimes punctuation may be added for clarity.)

     Temple, April 23 – “The business men of Temple are planning a novel demonstration in the shape of an overland trip to Marlin in the interest of the proposed Temple-Marlin electric traction line, preliminary surveys for which have already been made. On April 24 about 100 private vehicles, buggies, surreys, etc., filled with representative citizens and business men of Temple will take (sic) an early start and proceed toward Marlin, stopping at the small towns along the way and gathering recruits therefrom (sic) as the procession goes along. The vehicles will be decorated with banners inscribed, ‘To Marlin or Bust,’ and other significant mottoes.

     Arriving at Marlin, the party will be the guest of the Board of Trade and people of that city and a mass meeting will be held, participated in by representatives of all the towns on the proposed route of the trolley line.

     The return trip will be made via another proposed route, and meetings will be held in the small places on the return trip.

     There is a great enthusiasm manifested over the prospects for securing the trolley line and the people interested are taking hold of the proposition with a vigor and enterprise that is certain to produce desirable results.”

     Dallas, April 25 – “M. M. PHINNEY, general manager of the Dallas street railways, stated yesterday that the Dallas-Sherman Interurban people, known as the Texas Traction Company, have made arrangements for coming in over the lines of the Stone & Webster tracks in Dallas. A blanket contract for trackage has been signed within the last few days, but no special line is designated.”

     Breckenridge, April 24 – “The postoffice at Caddo, fifteen miles east of here, was broken into last night, the safe being blown open. The robbers secured about $80 in money. The amount of stamps taken is not known.

     The postoffice is located in R. Q. LEE’s store, and his safe was also drilled, but further effort to blow it open was abandoned. The tools were secured at a blacksmith shop near by (sic), which was also broken into.”

     Dallas, April 25 – “Some time Monday night, the store of Frank ELLIS at New Hope was entered and several pistols and watches were taken. A small window was broken through and entrance and exit were by that means. About six pistols were carried away and seven gold-filled watches. Two silver-case watches were included with the lot removed. Deputy Sheriff Robert WEAKLEY was sent out yesterday to investigate the affair. No arrest has yet been made.”

     Dallas, April 25 – “The board of superannuate homes of the North Texas conference of the Methodist Church met yesterday. The purpose of the board is to secure homes for old, worn-out preachers of the conference, and several homes were secured at this meeting. Gifts amounting to $1,000 were made...for the preachers. The elders of the North Texas conference constitute the board of which Rev. L. S. BARTON of Terrell is agent.”


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