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     This week we present some selected items from THE TEXAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION BULLETIN, Volume 47, Number 2 (March 1926), which was published in Forney, Texas. Walter D. ADAMS was the secretary-editor of the periodical. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis and some punctuation is added for clarity.)

     Page 2 – More than half of the page concerns an article about the 21 January 1926 meeting in San Antonio of the Pharmacy Boards of District No. 6, of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. District 6 encompassed the states of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.

     Wilford HARRISON of Wichita Falls, President of the Texas Board of Pharmacy and Vice-President of the National Association of the Boards of Pharmacy, presided. H. C. CHRISTENSEN of Chicago, veteran Secretary of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, delivered the principal address of the meeting. George KEENE of San Antonio was the chairman of the entertainment committee. (A photograph of George KEENE accompanies the article.)

     Representatives for Oklahoma were Tom R. HADLEY of Oklahoma City, Ted TETHERS of Pauls Valley, and Perry FREEMAN of Washington. A. H. KING of Manhattan, who was Secretary of the Kansas Board, and John SCHMITTER of Gypsum represented Kansas. Serving as President of the Arkansas Board, Booker LATTIMER of DeWitt represented his home state.

     Page 3 – “The Crawford Drug Co. is a new firm at Beckville, composed of A. A. and R. A. CRAWFORD. They purchased the business formerly run by the Rouseau Drug Co.”

     “J. V. CLAYTON has bought the store of Black and Little, at Honey Grove. Mr. J. B. LITTLE will continue as manager of the Pharmacy...which he has conducted very successfully for several years.”

     “Curry Bros. at Waxahachie is now conducted by Arthur CURRY, who has recently moved back after an absence of some time.”

     “The Lou Alexander Drug Store at Estelline has been purchased by T. N. COPELAND and ELBERT JOHNSON....”

     “Warren Bros. of Snyder recently purchased the Grayum Drug Co., one of the pioneer establishments of the west....”

     “Homer CURTIS is the manager of the new Curtis Drug store (sic) opened in the Smoot-Curtis Building in Denton.”

     “Mr. R. M. GANT, a popular druggist in Sherman, has recently been made manager of the Gibbs Drug Store in Sherman.”

     “The Willford (sic) Harrison Drug Store No. 2, which has recently been opened at Wichita Falls by Wilford (sic) HARRISON, is reported to be doing a splendid business. It is rated as one of the best equipped and finest suburban stores in North Texas.”

     “Announcement has been made that on the completion of the Austin Theatre Building in Abilene, Mr. D. C. MCKENZIE will be manager of a new drug store there.”

     “Mr. COCHRAN of the Cochran Drug Store of Wellington...has recently moved the location of his store from the south (sic) side to the North side. Mr. Cochran has had a very successful business on the South side and his store is the only drug store now on the North side, this side of the square having only been developed the past few years. Mr. Cochran has only been in Wellington a little over a year....”
     (Editor’s note: For additional details on Arthur Luther Cochran, founder of Cochran Drug Store, and his family, go to and look at the memorials for Arthur Luther Cochran and his son, James Wesley Cochran.)


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