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     This week we reproduce genealogical details in another fragile newspaper clipping found in the Opal and Lester Saffell family papers. The papers are currently held in a private collection in Lubbock, Texas. Although the obituary is undated, it was apparently published soon after 11 August 1922. No newspaper title or place of publication can be seen, but the article probably appeared in an Illinois newspaper. (Some punctuation, capital letters in proper names, and missing words or missing letters in words have been added for clarity or meaning and readability. All-caps for surnames are used for emphasis.)

     Stronghurst (Special) – Mrs. George BARNETT, who has been in failing health for several months, of dropsy and pichnanary (sic) affection (sic) passed away at the family residence north of Stronghurst on Friday, August 11, 1922. Nancy Amy, daughter of John and Nancy (SACKETT) MCWILLIAMS, was born May 12, 1867, in Ellison Township. On October 12, 1892, she was united in marriage to George BARNETT of Kirkwood. Six children were born to this union, namely,

Mrs. Marion VOORHEES, Stronghurst;

Wesley {BARNETT], Colorado;

Herbert [BARNETT] and Mrs. Ruth SMITH, Kirkwood;

Maxwell [BARNETT], at home;

[and] a daughter, dying in infancy.

     Of her paternal family, two sisters, Mrs. N. T RALSTON, and Miss Mamie MCWILLIAMS, Chicago;

Jay MCWILLIAMS, Kirkwood;

Archie MCWILLIAMS, Monmouth;

[and] one brother in Wyoming survive;

also, six grandchildren;

and the bereaved husband.

     Practically all of her life had been spent in Ellison and Stronghurst townships, with the exception of a short time when the family were (sic) residents of Burlington, Ia.

     Uniting with the M. E. Church at an early age, she lived a consistent Christian life and, when realizing that she was stricken by a disease from which there was only the one great relief, she became resigned and even tried to cheer her family and those about her, never fearing the end.

     Funeral services were held from the M. E. church on Sunday afternoon and were attended by a large circle of relatives and friends. Rev. Van S. Sullivan conducted the services. Very appropriate music being rendered by

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. JONES,


and Douglas PRESCOTT.

     Casket bearers were sons, Herbert and Maxwell;

brothers, Jay and Archie McWilliams;

and sons-in-law, Will VOORHEES and John SMITH. Burial was in Ellison Cemetery.

     The floral tribute was beautiful and numerous, bespeaking the true friendship and love in which the deceased was held.

     Mrs. N. E. RALSTON and son, Ray [RALSTON], and Miss Mamie MCWILLIAMS of Chicago; Maxwell BARNETT, in training at Camp Sheridan, Mich.; and many Warren County relatives were present at the burial.


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