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     This week we provide some more selected items from the “Local Happenings” section on pages 58 and 59 of the March 1927 (Volume 48, Number 2) issue of The Texas Druggist. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis. Some punctuation may be added or changed for clarity.)

     “John T. CALDWELL has moved from Paris to Clarksville, where he will be connected with the Morgan-Hart Drug Store. Mr. Homer SHARP and wife have moved back to Detroit, where Mr. Sharp will be in the employ of Van H. Morgan Drug Store.

     The Waco Drug Co. gave a party at the Raleigh Hotel at Waco, November 19th, entertaining about five hundred of their friends. It was a very enjoyable affair and was a success in every particular. Interesting talks were made by Walter COUSINS, John WEEKS, Arch HOLMAN, Otto FULLEN, and others.

     Mr. A. H. SEELY of Cleburne has about recovered from a broken leg, which misfortune happened to him soon after having his store destroyed by fire in November....

     The San Antonio Drug Co. gave a good-will banquet on December 29th, at the Menger Hotel, to the druggists of San Antonio and their families...Bill OCHSE and his bunch of right-hand men always have the happy faculty of making a fellow feel absolutely at home.

     The drug store in the Brazos Hotel in Houston has been purchased by Webb MADING, proprietor of the Mading chain stores.

     W. F. SCHAEFER, manager of the Central Drug Store at Fredericksburg, has installed the latest equipment in their soda water department.

     The local arrangement committee for the San Antonio meeting in June is as follows: Geo KEENE (Chairman), J. G. WILKES, Frank A. WALTERS, Emett (sic) PUGH, [and] Geo. H. O’BRIEN.

     Allen C. WIGGINS, president of the Sunset Drug Co., was one of the winners in the Lehn & Fink Contest, he having been awarded one hundred dollars for his paper on Price Peace Plan.

     Miss Benetta MICHEL, pharmacist for the John Sealey Hospital at Galveston, was married Nov. 24th to Dr. Paul Albert WOODARD. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. MICHEL of Marble Falls....

     Carl WEEKS writes that he cannot be with us in June as he has a previous engagement with the Pennsylvania association. He promises to let Bill WISEMAN slip off down here....

     A late telephone directory gives Dallas 234 retail drug stores. All of which goes to show that drug stores do not depend on sickness, for Dallas brags of her health records.”


     The paragraph below, found on page 13 of the December 1927 (Volume 49, No. 1) of The Texas Druggist, probably refers to the John Weeks mentioned in one of the items above.

 “Grand-Daddy John

     John WEEKS, President of the Texas Board of Pharmacy, is as proud over his new grandson as most druggists would be over opening up a brand-new drug store. This young man answers to the name—or will do so when he gets a little older—of John Weeks ERNSHAW, and Grand-daddy is giving the newcomer more attention than he does his drug business.”


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