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     As we’ve mentioned many times in this column, genealogical information can turn up in unusual or unexpected places. This week we provide selected items from THE TEXAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION BULLETIN, Volume 46, Number 1 (December 1925), which was published in Forney, Texas. Walter D. ADAMS was the secretary-editor of the periodical. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis and some punctuation may be added for clarity.)

     Page 4 – “Mr. W. E. GREINER Honored

     Mr. W. E. GREINER, President of the Greiner-Kelly Drug Co. of Dallas was lately elected President of the National Wholesale Druggists Association. This is the first time the presidency of this organization has come to our State (sic)....”

     “Dr. Dan LEVY of Fort Worth has the sympathy of his many friends in the Druggists Association in the death of his father, Mr. Sam Levy, president of the Casey-Swasey Cigar Co. Mr. Levy was a useful citizen of Fort Worth, where he had lived for many years.”

     Page 5 – “The druggists that gathered in San Antonio, October 20th, upon the invitation of the San Antonio Retail Druggists Association for the purpose of organizing a Southwest Texas Retail Druggists Association were a most interested and enthusiastic bunch.

     That they were interested was evidenced by the large number present. A representative from the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, in extending welcome to the visiting druggists, remarked that this was the first time he had ever seen the number attending to exceed the number expected....

     Following the luncheon, the program of organization was begun, and with the presence of W. H. COUSINS, Geo. T. REYNOLDS, and O. J. THOMPSON of Dallas and a number of other familiar faces usually seen at State Conventions (sic)... one might think it was a seasoned druggists convention which realized the serious problems of the day....”

     Officers elected for the new Southwest Texas Retail Druggists Association were

L. C. BRENNER, Gonzales, President;

E. O. KOERTH, Yoakum, 1st Vice-President;

N. L. GADDIS, Cotulla, 2nd Vice-President;

Henry F. HEIN, San Antonio, Secretary-Treasurer;

and R. L. READER, San Antonio, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer.

     Officers constituting the Executive Committee were

L. W. MCCOY, Kerrville;

Frank A. WALTER, San Antonio;

L. L. BUTTERY, Cuero;

W. H. WHISENANT, San Antonio;

C. G. MOODY, Sinton;

and E. W. CUMMINGS, Corpus Christi.

     Page 6 – “The sympathies of our membership go out to Mr. C. J. DEWOODY, president of the Crowdus Drug Co., Dallas, in the recent sudden death of his wife.”

     “The A. PH. A. HOME – The Executive Committee authorized a subscription of $250.00 to the building fund of the American Pharmaceutical Association... Individual donations can made to this home building fund through Mr. W. H. WENTLAND of Manor, Texas”


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