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     On November 14-15, 2008, the North Carolina Genealogical Society will hold its annual meeting at the Brier Creek Country Club in Raleigh, NC. "This Land Was Their Land" will be the theme of the various workshops. Topics to be discussed include land records and grants, maps and mapping tools, legal issues, and Google Earth. For details regarding cost, lodging, and registration, go to the website at or e-mail

     The Texas Czech Genealogical Society wants to remind genealogists about sending in data for the book, CZECHS IN UNIFORM, which will be published in late 2009. Information can be about any person of Czech or part Czech lineage who has previously served--either in peacetime or during wartime--or who is currently serving in the military forces of the United States, the Czech Republic, or the lands of Czechoslovakia. Deadline for submitting articles is February 9, 2009. For details about guidelines, visit the society's website at

     The roster of deaths below can be found in the "In Memoriam" section on pages 425-427 of the publication, TRANSACTIONS OF THE STATE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF TEXAS, THIRTY-THIRD ANNUAL SESSION HELD AT GALVESTON, TEXAS, APRIL 23RD, 24TH, 25TH, AND 26TH, 1901 (Austin, TX: Von Boeckmann, Schutze & Co., Printers, 1901). Although most entries are in chronological order, some are not. Appearing on the list are the name of the deceased member of the association, post office (in Texas unless otherwise specified), and date of death.

Dr. W. J. BURT, Austin, 10 July 1886
Dr. H. W. MOORE, Fort Worth, 26 Sept 1886
Dr. G. K. MCGREGOR, Waco, 12 May 1884
Dr. J. T. MEEK, Ennis, 11 Nov 1886
Dr. James HALEY, Moffatt, 20 Feb 1887
Dr. J. S. WILLIS, Waco, 6 July 1887
Dr. A. WELCH, place not given, 22 Sept 1886
Dr. J. T. HOWE, Huntsville, 13 Aug 1888
Dr. Z. W. BAKER, Temple, 13 Dec 1888
Dr. A. C. WHITE, Cuero, December (no day) 1888
Dr. F. A. TOMPKINS, Sandy Point, 26 July 1888
Dr. J. M. ROSS, Brenham, 10 Feb 1889
Dr. Y. D. HARRINGTON, Terrell, 9 June 1889
Dr. H. P. DOWNMAN, no further information
Dr. J. L. FELDER, Jr., Pittsburg, no date
Dr. W. H. HARDISON, Fort Worth, no date
Dr. W. D. KELLEY, Galveston, no date
Dr. Ed. (sic) RANDALL, Galveston, 13 Nov 1889
Dr. A. R. KILPATRICK, Navasota, 19 Sept 1887
Dr. Ashbel SMITH, Cedar Bayou, 21 Jan 1886
Dr. S. F. STARLEY, Tyler, 19 Dec 1887
Dr. J. M. LEWIS, Mexia, no date
Dr. S. T. LOWRY, San Antonio, 30 June 1890

(To be continued)

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