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     This week we conclude the roster of selected names of people who donated money to the emergency fund to build the Brooklyn Tabernacle. (For background material, see Kinsearching column dated 19 August 2012.) The list appears on page 381 of the 7 June 1893 (vol. 16, no. 23) issue of The Christian Herald and Signs of Our Times. Since many place names are abbreviated or misspelled, they are reproduced below as they appear in the newspaper. Surnames are capitalized for emphasis.

CAMPBELL, R., Phila., Pa.

COATES, Mr. and Mrs. T., Prescott, Ont., Can.

CARPENTER, O. H., Pratts, Va.

CLIFFORD, Mrs. P. M., So. Danville, Vt.

DILLARD, Mrs. M. L., Rutherford, Tenn.

DE HAKE, Mrs. J., York, Pa.

DEAKYNE, Harry M., Townsend, Del.

DOAN, Mrs. H. J., and family, Gilroy, Cal.

DRURY, Sarah Ann, Cleveland, O.

ELLWOOD, E. C., Bridgeport, Conn.

ELDER, Mrs. S., Harshaville, Pa.

ELLSWORTH, Mrs. Jas. A. and father, Chester, Mass.
     (Editor’s note: Jas. was a common abbreviation for James.)

     A note at the end of this list states that more than 100 other people were to be acknowledged for their donations in the next week’s issue of the publication. Perhaps genealogists will be able to locate a copy of that issue to see if the names of their relatives are among those who gave money.

     This interesting ad also appears in the 7 June 1893 issue: “Summer Board combining health and rest, all told in a new illustrated book ‘Summer Homes Among the Green Hills of Vermont, and Along the Shores of Lake Champlain,’ containing addresses of family homes. Prices from $4 to $10 per week. Also list of Hotels, with rates.

     Vermont homes offer summer boarders hospitality, outdoor-entertainment, fishing, boating, climate and scenery unexcelled. Mailed free on application to A. W. ECCLESTONE, S. P. A., 353 Broadway, New York; T. H. HANLEY, N. E. P. A., 260 Washington St., Boston, or S. W. CUMMINGS, G. P. A., C. V. R. R., St. Albans, Vt.”

     On 9-10 November 2012, the Texas Czech Genealogical Society (TCGS) will host “This Parade’s for You” to honor all Czech war veterans at the Caldwell Civic/Visitor Center in Caldwell, Texas. A wine and cheese reception, the first presentation for viewing of the Czech veterans’ video, and a fried catfish dinner will occur on Friday. The Saturday parade will present veterans by their branch of service; recognition of military wives, military career veterans, and the oldest veteran; and a tribute to those who paid the “Ultimate Sacrifice.” Featured speakers during the two-day event will be Carroll Brincefield, who will discuss Colonel Edward Kallus and the Bataan Death March; Colonel Jerry Curtis, who will tell his story about flying search and rescue missions and being a P. O. W. in North Vietnam; and Ralph Muchler, who will have his “mule” (a completely open and exposed vehicle) on display and will relay stories about it. Key note speaker and entertainer will be Patrick Dewane, who will perform his one-man show about his grandfather’s World War II experiences as a Czech-American soldier. Award-winning accordionist and tubist, Dr. Mike Middleton, will provide musical entertainment.

     Registration fees postmarked on or before 1 November will be less than those postmarked after that date or at the door. For further details, get in touch with Bennie Stasny, 8402 Shenandoah, Austin, TX 78753; e-mail, or call 512-497-6007. You may also go to the society’s website at

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