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     This week we conclude with data from pages 1-3 of the MINUTES OF THE THIRTY-FIRST ANNUAL SESSION OF THE BAPTIST STATE CONVENTION OF TEXAS, HELD WITH THE BAPTIST CHURCH, AT LA GRANGE, TEXAS, COMMENCING OCT. 5TH, AND ENDING OCT. 7TH, 1878. The pamphlet was printed in Houston at the office of the Texas Baptist Herald in 1878. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis and some punctuation may have been added for clarity.)

     Names enrolled and recognized as convention members were as follows:

Oakland - G. W. CLEMENTS and R. CLEMENTS
Pecan Valley Association - J. F. JACKSON
Pilot Grove - R. W. BARKLEY
Plum Grove - C. A. COBB, W. E. DRESDALE, Wm. M. SCALLORN, and J. E. ROUTH
Providence - Q. T. SIMPSON, John WALLACE, and Sister M. NELSON
Round Rock - R. ANDREWS
Salado Association - G. W. GREEN and G. W. BAINES, Jr.
     (Editor's Note: G. W. Baines, Jr., was probably George Washington Baines, Jr., son of G. W. Baines, Sr.)
San Antonio - W. H. DODSON, M. E. DODSON, and W. A. HAILE
San Antonio Association - W. D. JOHNSON
San Marcos Association - Jos. GRONDE and E. L. JONKE
     (Editor's Note: Jos. was the abbreviation often used for Joseph.)
Schulenberg, Fayette County - Mrs. Dr. (sic) M. A. PAULES
Seguin - T. J. DODSON, Jos. GRONDE, and W. P. H. DOUGLASS (sic)
Texas Baptist Sunday School Convention - W. D. POWELL
Union Hill Church - W. A. J. LANGSTON, J. M. RAY, and A. HALE

     Annual membership dues were five dollars. Individuals who became members were Z. N. MORRELL (sic), by C. R. BREEDLOVE; G. B. DAVIS; and G. W. BAINES, Sr.

     Since the 1879 annual meeting was to be held at Independence in Washington County, officers were elected for the next convention:

President - Elder Wm. Carey CRANE, Independence
Vice-Presidents - Elders F. M. LAW, H. L. GRAVES, and Pinckney HARRIS
Recording Secretary - O. H. P. GARRETT, Brenham
Treasurer - G. B. DAVIS, Independence
Corresponding Secretary - Pinckney HAWKINS, Anderson, TX
Convention Trustees - W. C. CRANE, John MCKNIGHT, C. R. BREEDLOVE, J. H. LUTHER, and T. J. CHANDLER

     The first day of the 1878 convention was adjourned until 2:30 p. m. Bro. P. HARRIS gave the benediction.

     In early October of 2009, the photograph below was bought at an antique store in Brownfield, TX. The picture is obviously a reproduction and had these names written on the back: Helen Loring GRIGGS, Carrie Loring BYERS, Bertha Loring MORRIS, Walter LORING, and Matilda McCracken LORING. According to information accessed on 14 October 2009 on the "Descendants of Andrew Robeson, Jr., Judge" website at, Matilda (Mary) MCCRACKEN was born in 1852 and married Thomas Morris LORING in 1871 in Cooke Co., TX. They had nine children, including Walter Morris (1876 - 1919), Helen Estalena (1879 - 1974), Martha Caroline (1881 - 1941), and Bertha Beatrice LORING, born in 1892 in Floydada, TX. Several of their siblings died in New Mexico.

     No date appears on the picture, but it was apparently taken before Walter LORING passed away in 1919. If anyone would like to have the photograph, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Loring Family Photo

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