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     Here are some more selected items from THE TEXAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION BULLETIN, Volume 46, Number 1 (December 1925), which was published in Forney, Texas.(Surnames are capitalized for emphasis and some punctuation may be added for clarity.)

     Page 6 – “Texas Woman Honored

     Mrs. W. H. WENTLAND of Manor, Texas, was elected a member of the Executive Committee of the Womans’ (sic) Organization of the National Association of Retail Druggists at the meeting held in Memphis in September. Mrs. Wentland has been active in the organization work of the State Auxiliary and also in the Federation of Woman’s Clubs of Texas....”

     p. 8 – “Mr. R. A. GREEN is still in the employ of the Texas Board of Pharmacy....” Mr. W. H. COUSINS of Dallas is mentioned as being Secretary of the Board of Pharmacy.

     “Mr. Chas. G. STEPHENS, a member of the Texas Pharmaceutical Association and popular traveling man for the Crowdus Drug Co., died at his home in Greenville, September 3, 1925....”

“Late Arrivals

     Granville Darbin TOOGOOD, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. TOOGOOD, August 3, 1925.

     Nicholas Calvin, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. N. C. BAUMANN, September 7, 1925.

     Betty Jean, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. HAYS, November 14th, 1925.”

(End of birth announcements)

     Besides providing information about people, the following two items are interesting because of humorous writing.

     “Executive Committeeman Coakey EVANS, after several months in Austin, has moved back to his old home in Jewett. He wanted to be there for early spring and beat the other fellows to the creek bank....”

The West Texas Druggists Meeting

     “The traditional saying that there is nothing between Amarillo and the North Pole but a barb wire fence was forcefully brought to the minds of down-state visitors as they stepped off the train at Amarillo, September 22, to attend the semi-annual meeting of the West Texas Druggists Association. The thermometer was flirting with the mercury, hanging about 42, and a slow drizzle of rain. A lot of the Dallas bunch, who had not discarded their B. V. D.’s, looked like a shorn lamb in a snow drift, but it takes a lower temperature than this to overcome the warmth of a west Texas welcome. The local druggists were there in closed automobiles and made us all feel so genuinely welcome that we decided it would be pleasant to die among such good people and we forgot the weather, for once we were located at the hotel, we did not stick our nose out except to take advantage of a ride over the residential section as the guest of Mr. Roy L. POOL, one of the enterprising local druggists, who never tires of being courteous to visitors and talking the advantages of Amarillo.

     In the absence of Harvey L. HAYES, who was prevented from attending on account of sickness, Vice-President E. L. ROBERTSON of Lubbock, presided over the meeting, while Mrs. W. E. AKERS, Secty (sic) of Hamlin, busied herself with keeping the record straight....”

     Officers elected for the ensuing year were E. L. ROBERTSON, Lubbock, President; Knox PITTARD, Anson, Vice-President; Mrs. W. E. AKERS, Hamlin, Secretary.

     Members of the committee on the time of holding the next meeting were J. J. WAGGONER, Pres. (sic) CORLEY, and F. Z. WILLIAMS.

     Members of the program committee were W. G. FLY, Ben T. LEDBETTER, and C. R. AUSTIN.


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