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     The majority of items in our lives are now mass-produced. When they are no longer useful, they are often discarded in the nearest trash can. But, throughout their years of research, many -- if not most -- genealogists have accumulated one-of-a-kind documents and photographs, as well as various family heirlooms. As a result, serious questions arise concerning how to protect and make them available for future generations. Elizabeth Goesel furnishes many answers and ideas in her new book, CREATE A FAMILY MUSEUM AND SAVE YOUR HISTORY: HOW TO FIND SPACE, CREATE, ORGANIZE, PRESERVE, AND DISPLAY FAMILY HEIRLOOMS, TREASURES, AND MEMORIES.

     In a concerted effort to aid you in saving your personal and unique heritage, Goesel recommends the creation of a family museum showcasing your material genealogy. The family museum serves as a vital link to your individual cultural, artistic, educational, economic and inspirational legacies—all of which make you who you are.

     Probably the first question you may ask is: Where will I find the room in my house to put it? You may also ask: What things do I put in it? Goesel provides answers with 230 photographs and illustrations demonstrating where, what, and how items can be displayed. Arrangements can vary from built-in shelves to regular display cases to shadow boxes. In addition, she gives useful directions and hints to help you achieve a well-organized space that chronicles your family’s story and shares precious memories with relatives and friends. Scattered throughout the book are inspirational quotes to encourage and motivate your efforts.

     When many people think of a museum, they envision a large institutional building. Goesel shows that family museums are individual, personal, and of varying size, according to the space available in your home. CREATE A FAMILY MUSEUM AND SAVE YOUR HISTORY: HOW TO FIND SPACE, CREATE, ORGANIZE, PRESERVE, AND DISPLAY FAMILY HEIRLOOMS, TREASURES, AND MEMORIES is a publication that will be of interest to many researchers and may be the perfect gift for the genealogist in your family.

     The 196-page soft-bound work has attractive pictures on the front cover, a foreword, an introduction, numerous photographs, a reference guide to various helpful websites, a list of illustration credits for images, acknowledgments, and information about the author. The publication may be purchased for $27.99. To the price of the book, buyers should add the cost for shipping charges. For U. S. postal mail, the cost is $7.00 for one book and $2.50 for each additional book. The volume may be purchased by check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express from Heritage Books, Inc., 5810 Ruatan Street, Berwyn Heights, Maryland 20740. For phone orders, call toll free 1-800-876-6103; fax 410-558-6574; e-mail; website

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