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     Obituaries usually provide many details about the deceased persons. Sometimes, however, death notices in professional publications may furnish additional interesting facts about the individual. The list below of druggists who “answered the last call” can be found on page 20 of the December 1927 (Volume 49, Number 1) issue of The Texas Druggist. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis. Some punctuation may be added or changed for clarity.)

      “Raymond R. CLEWIS, Orange, Texas, 25 years old, killed in automobile accident.

     Leo J. LELEY (sic), Amarillo, Texas, murdered by hi-jackers (sic) while they were attempting to rob his store.” (An additional note on page 20 stated that the trial of the parties charged with slaying L. J. LALEY (sic), druggist, had been set for December 21st, 1927.)

     “James TUNE, San Antonio, 71 years old, retired druggist, leaves wife and one son, Guy M. TUNE.

     B. A. CONDAR, Jarrell, Texas, died following a long illness, moved to Jarrell when the town was first founded.

     Ira O. WISE, Dallas, Texas, 46 years old, died suddenly, survived by wife and two sons.

     W. E. WILLIS, Temple, Texas, pioneer druggist, 67 years old, lived in Temple 41 years. Outstanding citizen and leader in civic affairs, Knights Templar, charter member Knights of Pythias, and stewart (sic) in Methodist Church. Active member Temple druggist organization.

     J. A. RALEY, Dallas, Texas, traveling salesman Texas Drug Co., 45 years old. Well and favorably known to a host of Texas druggists.

     C. A. HUDSON, El Campo, Texas, illness of ten days. Prominent in civic work of his town. Served in the 36th Division in “world’s war.”

     C. L. BUTLER, Jr., Marshall, Texas, employed in the prescription department Starley Drug Co., killed in automobile wreck near Roseborough Springs.

     W. V. GLASS, Lufkin, Texas, 43 years old, died suddenly following a stroke of paralysis. Survived by wife, daughter, and son.

     S. BLACKWELL, Dallas, Texas, 53. The burial was held at Cleburne.

     Sam BARTON, Holland, Texas, 41 years old, burned to death in his store, November 2nd.

     M. S. BAILEY, Rockwall, retired druggist. Mayor and prominent citizen. Druggist for twenty-five years.

     A. E. HOYT, Pampa, Texas. Found dead in his car, Nov. 10th. Formerly lived in Dallas.” (An additional note on page 20 states that Hoyt’s car was parked by the side of the road, between Jerico (sic) and Pampa on November 10th. Indications were that he died of heart failure.)

     “J. A. SAWYER, 60 years old, pioneer druggist of Waxahachie, Oct. 13th. Survived by wife and three sons.

     THOMAS O. CODERINGTON, 79 years old, retired druggist, died Nov. 23 at Comfort, where he had resided for about 45 years.”


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