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     Here are more names of “ordinary” members of the Texas State Medical Association in 1892 found in the publication, TRANSACTIONS OF THE TEXAS STATE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, TWENTY-FOURTH ANNUAL SESSION HELD AT TYLER, TEXAS, APRIL 26, 27, AND 28, 1892 (Galveston: J. W. Burson Co., Printers and Publishers, 1892). The roster furnishes the person’s name, post office, county or state, and usually the year elected to the association.

Page 29

DE CAUSEY, M., Sealy, Austin, 1889

DE LA GARZA, M. M., San Antonio, Bexar, 1892

DENTON, A. N., Austin, Travis, no date

DIAL, J. J., Sulphur Springs, Hopkins, no date

DILLARD, J. L., Richmond, Fort Bend, 1888

DOAK, A. V., Taylor, Williamson, no date

DOCK, Geo. (sic), Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1889

DOLLAR, J. M., Burlington, Milam, 1889

DOUGLASS, A. M., Osceola, Hill, 1881

DRAKE, Wm. (sic) M., Abbott, Hill, 1886

DUDLEY, H. W., Hillsboro, Hill, 1882

DURINGER, W. A., Fort Worth, Tarrant, 1887

EADS, B. F., Marshall, Harrison, no date

EAGON, S., Dallas, Dallas, no date

EARPS, J. H., Corsicana, Navarro, 1892

EASTLAND, Orin, Wichita Falls, Wichita, 1882

EMANUEL, M. T., Weatherford, Parker, no date

EMBRY, John A., Decatur, Wise, 1892

EVANS, W. T., Jewett, Leon, no date

FENNELL, J. W., Seguin, Guadalupe, no date

FENNELL, J. D., Seguin, Guadalupe, 1887

Page 30

FERRIS, J. H., Henrietta, Clay, 1886

FERRELL, J. R., Waco, McLennan, 1892

FIELDS, J. C., Denison, Grayson, no date

FIELDS, J. T., Fort Worth, Tarrant, 1872

FISHER, F. K., Galveston, Galveston, 1880

FITZPATRICK, J. B., Killeen, Bell, no date

FLEMING, W. F., Georgetown, Williamson, 1889

FLY, A. W., Galveston, Galveston, 1877

FLY, J. M., Leesville, Gonzales, 1889

FORD, F. C., Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches, no date

FORD, J. F., Decatur, Wise, 1884

FORT, J. M., Paris, Lamar, 1890

FOSCUE, G. B., Waco, McLennan, 1891

FOUNTAIN, H. L., Bryan, Brazos, 1889

FOUTS, J. J., Gonzales, Gonzales, 1891

FOWLER, B. A., Llano, Llano, 1891

FRAZIER, J. M., Morgan, Bosque, 1879

FRAZIER, J. R., Morgan, Bosque, 1891

FRY, J. M., Elmo, Kaufman, 1890

     (Editor’s note: Explanations for the abbreviated names Geo. and Wm. can be found in Kinsearching column dated 4 September 2011.)

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