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     This week we continue the roster of selected names of people who donated money to the emergency fund to build the Brooklyn Tabernacle. (For background material, see Kinsearching column dated 19 August 2012.) The list appears on page 381 of the 7 June 1893 (vol. 16, no. 23) issue of The Christian Herald and Signs of Our Times. Since many place names are abbreviated or misspelled, they are reproduced below as they appear in the newspaper.

LOVELESS, Mr. G. W., Mrs. M. A. and A. A., Nevada, Mo.

LONERGAN, Mrs. L. J., Dwight, Ill.

MCCLARY, Mrs. Sophia, Ohio, Ill.

MCLENNAN, Mrs. Donald, Summerstown, Ont.

MCHENRY, G. W., Marion Centre, Pa.

MCCANDLESS, C. A., Willmathsville, Mo.

MILLER, J. R., Trinidad, Colo.

OíHARE, Mrs. Emilie, Lincoln, Ill.

ODELL, Mr. and Mrs. J., Carlton Centre, Mich.

OXLEY, Sarah S. Summerstown, Ont.

PERRIN, Miss Amelia S. Carrollton, Ill.

PATTERSON, Samíl, Chicago Heights, Ill.
     (Editorís note: Samíl was a common abbreviation for Samuel.)

PARKER, J. E., San Diego, Cal.

PHILLIPS, Mrs. E. R., Millis, Mass.

RINGER, Jonas, Macomb, Ill.

RITCHIE, Mrs. Jennie E., Van Wert, O.

RADCLIFFE, Samíl, Clyde, N. Y.

STEVENS, H. C., Carroll, Iowa

SHREWSBURY, Mrs. M. I., Charleston, W. Va.

SCHOLIE, Mrs. Wm. F., Dillsboro, Ind.
     (Editorís note: Wm. was a common abbreviation for William.)

SKINNER, Miss Fanny H., Staunton, Va.

SINSAPAUGH, Estelle, Saugerties, N. Y.

SMITH, W. R., Live Oak, Fla.

SINNEMA, Levi, Carnes, Iowa

SHELBY, Mrs. Mary, New Bedford, Pa.


SANDERSON, Mrs. Mary C., Canton, N. Y.

STEVENS, Mrs. Alfred..., Prescott, Ark.

STICKNEY, Julia A., No. Chesterville, Me.

SHAW, M. V., Quebec, Can.

SIBLEY, Mrs. S. L., Pana, Ill.

TOMBAUGH, H. R. and Leon M., Munster, Ill.

TUCKER, Mary C., Chicago, Ill.

TYLER, Mrs. M. R., Greenfield, Mass.

THOMAZIN, Mrs. Thos., Lindsay, Neb.
     (Editorís note: Thos. was a common abbreviation for Thomas.)

VINEYARD, L. E., Lincoln, Ill.

VAN NEST, Jacob, Readington, N. J.

VICKERS, Miss May, Charleston, W. Va.

VICKERS, I., Charleston, W. Va.

VONNEEDA, Miss Jane, Williamsport, Va.

(To be continued)

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