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     How time flies--Reunions Magazine is now twenty-five years old! Created and published by Edith Wagner, the glossy, colorful periodical is more popular than ever. As part of the celebration of its milestone, each of the four issues of Volume 25 will include a photo gallery of the front covers that have appear over the years and furnish details of the magazine’s history in “Front Words,” the editorial segment.

     Editor-in-chief Wagner, for example, writes in the August-October 2014 issue about the evolution of the publication since its inception. Some of the changes she discusses are how she conceived the idea, the mutation and expansion in scope to include all types of reunions, the effect of technology from increased speed of communication to the preparation of the periodical, and the use of the experiences of reunion planners themselves to help others make their gatherings successful.

     As usual, the first issue of Volume 25 continues to supply interesting articles that are both helpful and inspirational. Regular features include a calendar of events, a catalog of reunion resources, and details about various family, school, military, and unusual reunions all across the country. Other topics pertain to the preservation of digital reunion photographs; the “global family reunion” planned by author A. J. Jacobs, which will be held in 2015 in New York; how planners choose their reunion location; and tips for negotiating hotel prices.

     Whether you are a novice or an experienced reunion planner, you will find useful ideas and suggestions in this very affordable publication. Subscription rates are $9.99 for one year or $17.99 for two years. Checks may be mailed to Reunions Magazine, P. O. Box 11727, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53211-0727. Back issues are available for $3.00 each plus postage.

     Most states did not begin requiring information about deaths to be filed regularly until the early twentieth century. So it can be hard to determine the exact date an individual passed away before the law was passed. Sometimes an approximate year of death may be found in other sources. For example, several deceased persons are mentioned in PROCEEDINGS, FIFTY FOURTH ANNUAL SESSION (SEVENTEENTH SINCE CONSOLIDATION) OF THE BAPTIST GENERAL CONVENTION OF TEXAS HELD WITH THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF WACO, NOVEMBER 7-10, 1902. (The front pages containing publication data are missing from this particular copy, but Mayes Printing Co., Brownwood, Texas, appears at the bottom of page 264. The Texas Baptist Annual was probably published in 1903. Names are capitalized for emphasis.)

     The following excerpts can be found under “Our Beloved Dead” on pages 15-16.

     “We note the death this year of our faithful Missionary, B. W. KING, who had served long and devotedly in hard places on the frontier. His health failed and he returned to his old home in Smith county, where he rested a while and was called home....

     We have been called on, also, to part...with our fellow soldier, J. C. GENTRY, who for years served as a General Missionary. He was a man of marked ability, lofty and steady purpose, deep consecration and of unfailing faith and courage. His labors were abundant and arduous. Of could be truly said: ‘He pleased not himself.’ To human appearances, his death was hastened by overwork, but we must believe his task was finished. His sickness was long and painful, but...his anxiety was constantly about the work...He lived well and died gloriously....

     Nor should we fail to mention our beloved Sister MORROW, wife of our faithful General Missionary, who was a true helpmeet to her husband and a faithful hand maiden of the Lord.

     And we mention...Sister BELL.... She was a devout and faithful servant of the Lord. These women who labored with us in the Gospel have been an inspiration and a help.”

     (Editor’s note: Sister Morrow is Mrs. J. M. P. MORROW, who is mentioned on pages 68 and 257. Sister Bell is Mrs. J. C. BELL, who is mentioned on page 257.)


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