Asbury College 1935 Yearbook


Transcribed by: Bob Kipke May 2002 Transcription notes: Not all pages and not all items have been transcribed. Only those items listing names, dates, or items significant to genealogy research have been transcribed.
Book found in Mt. Doran, Florida May 2002
Original Owner: Cathleen Lois Ballard

Pg. unnumbered
In Recognition of ... to our beloved, Miss Minnie Carmichael - [photo on facing page]

Pg. unnumbered
(photo) In Memory of J Wilbur Cole
Mr. J Wilbur Cole, member of the class of 1935, passed from our midst August 10 1934, Wilbur was born in Kuliang, Fukien, China, September 2, 1913. He entered Asbury College in September, 1931

Pg. unnumbered - Campus Views
(2 photos) Our President
Full-salvation evangelist, Asbury College and Seminary president, editor of the Pentecostal Herald, orator, and author - that is our beloved leader.
Visualize an elderly, energetic Kentucky gentleman with a crown of snow-white hair and you see Dr. Henry Clay Morrison.

Pg. 18 - Campus Views
(photo) E W Savage, Business Manager of Asbury College

Pg. 19 - Campus Views
(photo) F M Heston, Dean of Asbury College

Pg. unnumbered - The Social Deans
(photo) J B Kenyon
(photo) Ethel V Doddridge
To Deans Doddridge and Kenyon has fallen that task of dealing with student problems on the campus, Dean Doddridge rules supremely over the girls in Glide-Crawford Hall, and Dean Kenyon casts a watchful eye over Fletcher, Morrison, and Wesley Halls.

Pg. 22 - Dean of the Seminary
(photo) Fred H Larabee, B.D., D.D.

Pg. 23 - Members of the Faculty
(photo) Lucy Adams, M.S., Professor of Home Economics
A.B., John Fletcher College, 1927; M.S., Iowa State College 1931; Head of Home Economics Department, John Fletcher College, 1927-30; Professor of Home Economics, Asbury College, 1931.

(photo) Willer Olin Allen, M.A., B.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy
A.B., Kansas Wesleyan University, 1894, B.D., Drew Theological Seminary, 1900; M.A., New York University, 1901; Instructor, Gammon Theological Seminary, 1900-01; Professor of Languages and Mathematics, Alvin College, 1901-02; Professor of Greek and Latin, Smith College, 1904-06; Professor at Asbury College, 1925-1934; 1935 -

(photo) Earl, Pickett Baker, M.A., B.D., Associate Professor of Religion
A.B., Asbury College, 1924; M.A., University of Kentucky, 1928; B.D., Asbury Theological Seminary, 1929; Palestine-European Travel Study, Summer of 1929; Associate Professor of Religion, Asbury College, 1934-

(photo) Hildreth Marie Cross, M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy and Psychology
A.B., Asbury College, 1922; M.A., University of Michigan, 1927; Ph.D., State University of Iowa, 1933; Assistant Professor of Psychology, Atlanta University, 1928-29; Assistant Professor of English, Asbury College, 1929-31; Professor of Psychology, Asbury College 1933-34; Professor of Philosophy and Psychology, Asbury College, 1934 -

(photo) Daisy Dean Gray, M.A., T.D., Professor of Speech
A.B., Cox College; T.D., Curry School of Expression, Boston, 1914; M.A., University of Michigan 1931; Student, Henry Lawrence Southwick, Emerson School of Oratory; S.H. Clark, University of Chicago; Graduate Student, State University of Iowa; Lady Principal, Bessie Tift College, 1905-06; Lady Principal, Meridian College, 1906-13; Director of Expression, Meridian, 1914-21; Professor of Speech, Asbury College, 1921 -

Pg. 24 - The Faculty
(photo) William Brandt Hughes, M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics and Physical Science
A.B., Ohio Northern University, 1909; Graduate Student, University of Chicago; M.A., John Hopkins University, 1915; Ph.D., University of Kentucky, 1933; Instructor in Physics, Johns Hopkins University, 1918-19; Professor of Physics, Asbury College, 1909-14, 1915-18, 1919-23, and 1925-; Professor of Mathematics and Physics, Kentucky Wesleyan College, 1923-25; Dean of College Liberal Arts, Asbury College, 1920-23 and 1925-34; Professor of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Asbury College, 1934 -.

(photo) Karl B Justus, A.B., Director of Men's Athletics
A.B., Asbury College, 1933; Student Asbury Theological Seminary, 1933-34, 1934-35; Director of Men's Athletics, Asbury College, 1935 -.

(photo) Vaneta Kull Justus, Instructor in Organ and Piano
Diploma in Piano, Asbury Conservatory of Music, 1930; Diploma in Organ, Asbury Conservatory of Music, 1932; Instructor in Organ, 1933 -; Instructor in Piano and Organ, 1934 -.

(photo) Margaret Boyden Kilby, M.A., Registrar and Associate Professor of Psychology
A.B., Asbury College, 1929; M.A., University of Kentucky, 1931; Assistant to Registrar, 1929; Registrar, 1930 -.

(photo) Lauren Alfred King, A.B., Ph.D., Professor of English
Normal Training, Tri-State Normal College, Angola, Indiana, 1922; A.B., Asbury College, 1927; Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1930; Ibid, Graduate work in Education, Summer of 1931; Principle of Elementary School, Noble County, Indiana, 1922-23; Instructor in English and Coach of Debate, Asbury College, 1927-28; Assistant in English, Ohio State University, 1930; Professor of English, Houghton College, Houghton, New York, 1930-31; Professor of English, State Teachers College, Peru, Nebraska, 1931-32; Professor of English, Asbury College, 1932 - .

Pg. 25 - The Faculty
(photo) M Emma Lott, B.Mus., Profesor [sic] of Piano
B.Mus., Meridian College Conservatory, 1911; Student Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and Sherwood School of Music, Chicago; Pupil of Anthony Stankavitch and William H. Sherwood, Concert Pianist; Professor of Piano, Asbury College, 1925 - .

(photo) John Martin Maxey, M.A., Professor of Mathematics
A.B., Ohio Wesleyan, 1902; M.A., Asbury College, 1925; President of Bennet Academy, 1902-06; Professor of Mathematics, Asbury College, 1906 - .

(photo) Isaac Deane Moon, A.B., B.Mus., Professor of Voice
A.B., Asbury College, 1930; B.Mus., Asbury Conservatory of Music, 1932; Graduate in Voice and Public School Music, Wichita University; Pupil, Herman Devries, Famous Baritone; Hubert Miller of Bush Conservatory, Chicago; and Dan Deddoe, of Cincinnati Conservatory, Cincinnati, Ohio; Professor of Voice, Asbury College, 1931 - .

(photo) Gaile J Morris, M.A., Critic Teacher in Social Studies
A.B., Asbury College, 1926; M.A., University of Kentucky, 1928; Critic Teacher in Social Studies, Asbury College, 1926 -.

(photo) Frank Paul Morris, B.D., D.D., Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics
Ph.B., DePauw University; B.D., Drew Theological Seminary, 1903; D.D. DePauw University, 1926; England Travel Study, Fall 1912; Instructor, North Indiana Conference Theological Institute, 1909-17; Pastor, North Indiana Conference Theological Institute, 1909-17; Pastor, North Indiana Conference, 1903-23; Professor of Christology, Winona Lake School of Theology, Summer 1929; European-Palestinian Travel Study, Summer 1929; Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics, Asbury Theological Seminary, 1923 - .

Pg. 26 - The Faculty
(photo) William Lincoln Nofcier, M.A., B.D., Professor of Social and Political Science
A.B., Asbury College, 1918; B.D., Garrett Biblical Institute, 1922; M.A., Northwestern University, 1921; Graduate Student, Universities of Wisconsin, Chicago, Northwestern, and Iowa; Professor of Social and Political Science, John Fletcher College, 1922-24; Ibid., Asbury and Political Science, John Fletcher College, 1922-24; Ibid., Asbury College, 1925 -.
(photo) Ruth Phillips, B.S., in L.S., M.A., Librarian
B.S. in L.S., University of Illinois; M.A., University of Tennessee; Librarian, Asbury College, 1935 -.

(photo) Dorothy Akers Ranck, M.A., Instructor in Art
A.B., Asbury College, 1931; M.A., University of Iowa, 1933; Instructor in Art, Asbury College, 1935 - .

(photo) Wilder R Reynolds, M.A., Ph.D., Professor of History
Anna Laura Sebring, M.A., Docteur-es-lettres, Professor of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures
Ph.B., Alma College, 1912; M.A., University of Michigan, 1917; Docteur-es-lettres, University of Grenoble, 1933; Professor of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, Asbury College, 1925 -.

Pg. 27 - The Faculty
(photo) Dorothy Slote, A.B.
A.B., Wheaton College, 1934, Director of Women's Athletics, Asbury College, 1935 -.

(Photo) Albert E Smith, Instructor in Violin and Viola
Pupil of Lalia Lagmon, branch of Sherwood Music School of Chicago; Pupil of Emil Heermann, Concert Master of Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Artist Teacher of Cincinnati College of Music; Pupil of Robert Perutz, Polish Concert Violinist and Artist Teacher of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; Pupil of Peter Froelich, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; Instructor in Violin and Viola, Asbury College, 1929 -.

(photo) Marie Sprague, A.B., M.A., Assistant Professor of English
A.B., Asbury College, 1929; M.A. University of Iowa; Assistant Professor of English, Asbury College, 1929-30, 1932 -.

(photo) Mildred L Stanhope, A.B., Instructor of Missions and Spanish
A.B., Asbury College, 1934; Instructor of Missions and Spanish, Asbury College, 1935 -.

(photo) William David Turkington, M.A., Th.B., Professor of Religion
A.B., Asbury College, 1923; M.A., Princeton University, 1926; Th.B., Princeton Theological Seminary, 1926; Professor of Apologetics and Practical Theology, Asbury Theological Seminary, 1927-29; Professor of New Testament Language and Literature, Asbury Theological Seminary, and Professor of New Testament Greek, Asbury College, 1929-34; Professor of Religion, Asbury College, 1934 -.

Pg. 28 - Officers & Assistants of the Student Faculty - Administration Committee
(13 photos with names listed to the side)
Helen Bishop, A.B., Secretary to Business Manager
Merlin Bishop, A.B., Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds
Minnie Carmichael, A.B., House Dean
Mable Coppock, A.B., Assistant Librarian
Claude S Dayton, Night Watchman
Geneva Dutt, R.N., Nurse
Mae C. Gorsuch, House Mother
Newton King, Jr., Chairman of Radio Commission
Mrs. B.T. Lannom, Dining Hall Hostess
Charles Ottley Morris, Superintendent Asbury Press
Echo Morton, Bookkeeper
P.P. Thornton, Superintendent Electricity, Water and Power
Mrs. R.V. Willis, R.N., Nurse

Pg. 29 - Officers & Assistants of the Student Faculty - Administration Committee
(12 photos with names listed to the side)
Dr. Hildreth Cross, Dr. Anna Laura Sebring, William David Turkington, James Blitch, Ruth Lawrence, Dee W Cobb, Magdalene Amstutz, David Gaupp, Jane Heckendorn, Charles Stokes,
Mardelle Amstutz, Herbert Clingen

Pg. 30 - Five Little Folks Who Made Good
(5 pairs of photos - each individual shown as a baby then adult)
Ray Pannabecker, President of the Senior Class
Verla Ruth, President of the Junior Class
Hayden Carruth, President of the Sophomore Class
Mardelle Amstutz, Sponsor of the Freshman Class
Herbert Clingen, Sponsor of the Freshman Class

Pg. 31 - Introducing the Class of 1935

Ray Pannabecker, President
Dorothy Weaver, Vice-President
Frances B Hughes, Secretary
Harold E Millard, Treasurer
Grace Birge, Chaplain
Robert Smith, Chaplain
Ruth Lawrence, Student Faculty
Dee W Cobb, Student Faculty

Pg. 32 - The Seniors
(photo) Louisa Ammerman, A.B., Cynthiana, Ky.
Major-Social Science
Asbury Choral Union, '32; University of Kentucky, '33, '34; Christian Service League, '35.

(photo) Mardelle Amstutz, A.B., Orville, O., 312 East Oak Street
Major-Biological Science
Lucy Stone Debating, '32, '33, '34, '35; Student Volunteer Union, '33, '34, '35; "Asburian" Staff, '32, '33; Class Chaplain, '34; A.S.F. Committee, '34; Big Sister Club, '34, '35; Library Staff, '33, '34, '35; Student Faculty Committee, '35; Freshman Sponsor, '35.

(photo) Kathe Paula Austel, A.B., Aue in Saxony, Germany, Niederschiemaer Weg S
Major - Philosophy and Psychology
University of Southern California, '30, '31, '32; German Club, '30, '31, '32, '33; A.S.F. Committee, '34, '35; International Relations Council, '33, '34, '35; Chaplain, '33, '34; Chaplain of the Treble Cleff Club, '33, '34; Student Volunteer Union; Christian Service League, '34, '35; Mountain Missionary Society, '34, '35; Big Sister Club, '34, '35.

(photo) Virginia June Ballard, A.B., Wilmore, Ky., 103 North Lexington Avenue
Major - English and Education
Christian Service League, '34, '35; Asbury Chorus, '35; Music Club, '34.

Pg. 33 - The Seniors
(photo) Hugh A Barnett, Jr., A.B., Melrose, Fla.
Major - French
Phi Eta Sigma, University of Florida; University of Florida, '32; Toccoa Falls Institute, '30, '31; Track, '33, '34; Modern Language Club; Classical Language Club.

(photo) Grace Pitkin Birge, A.B., Burdett, N.Y.
Major - Physical Science
Chaplain of Class, '35; Women's Glee Club, '34, '35; Secretary of Big Sister Club, '35; Basketball, '34, '35; "A" Club, '35; Vice-President French Club, '35; Track, '34; Asbury Choral Union, '34, '35.

(photo) Carrolla Bishop, A.B., Wilmore, Ky.
Major - Home Economics

(photo) Walter G Borchers, Jr., A.B., Sao Paulo, Brazil, S.A.
Impresna Methodista
Student Volunteer Union; Foreign Student's Club; College Taxi Driver; Luncheonette Manager; Ministerial Association; Asbury Choral Union.

Pg. 34 - The Seniors
(photo) James W Borders, A.B., Shawmut, Ala., 210 Lanier Avenue
Major - Philosophy
Practical Arts Club, '34; Student Volunteer Union, '32, '33; Asbury Choral Union, '32; International Relations Club, '34, '35; Art Club, '33, '34, '35; Wilsonia Debate Club; Student, Cullis Studio, Lexington, '34, '35; Student, La Grange Academy of Art, '34; Modern Language Club, '32, '33.

(photo) Martin John Brinton, A.B., Pen Argyl, Pa.
Major - English
Ministerial Association; "A" Club.

(photo) Mary Elizabeth Burch, A.B., Bareville, Pa.
Major - Biological Science
Sophidelphia Debating Club, '32, '33, '34, '35; Vice-President of Class, '34; Student Volunteer Union; Big Sister Club, President, '35; International Relations Club and Council, Treasurer, '35.

(photo) Willis Lee Carruth, A.B., Wilmore, Ky., 106 Gillispie Street
Major - Chemistry
Periclea Debating Club; International Relations Club; Asbury Artist Series Committee, '35; Basketball, '35; President Epworth League, '35.

Pg. 35 - The Seniors
(photo) Robert E Case, A.B., Brookhaven, Miss.
Major - Religious Education
Ministerial Association, '34, '35.

(photo) Ruth Esther Chaney, A.B., Portland, Ore., 5624 N. Williams

(photo) Herbert S Clingen, A.B., Glen Cove, N.Y., 16 Forest Avenue
Major - French
Wilsonia Debating Club, '32-'35; Student Volunteer Union; "Collegian" Staff, '34, '35; Student Faculty, '35; Freshman Sponsor, '35.

(photo) Dee W Cobb, A.B., Los Angeles, Cal., 558 So. Hope Street
Major - Philosophy, Psychology
Bible Institute of Los Angeles, '31, '32; Ciceronia Debating Club, President, '34; Class Chaplain, '33; Class President, '34; Student Faculty Committee, '35; Asbury Student Foundation Committee, '35; Ministerial Association, '33; President of Student Body, '35.

Pg. 36 - The Seniors
(photo) Melita Cole, A.B., Whitehall, N.Y., 121 Main Street
Major - Music
Sophidelphia Debating Club; Potsdam State Normal Schol; Basketball, '34-'35.

(photo) Clive Clara Crombie, A.B., Brooklyn, N.Y., 310 Halsey Street
Major - Speech
Alatheia Debating Club; Christian Service League; International Relations Club; Taylor University.

(photo) Murlin W Day, A.B., Wilmore, Ky., 203 S. Lexington Avenue
Major - History
Periclea Debating Club; Student Volunteer Union; International Relations Club; "Collegian" Staff, '33, '35; Basketball, '35.

(photo) Claude Sanford Dayton, A.B., Marion, O., 430 Windsor Avenue
Ohio Wesleyan University, '16, '17; Moody Bible Institute, '31, '32; Northern Baptist Seminary, '32; Garret Biblical Institute, '33; Asbury College, '33, '34, '35; Men's Glee Club, '33, '34, '35; Ministerial Association, '33, '34.

Pg. 37 - The Seniors
(photo) Miles DePagter, A.B., Detroit, Mich., 4768 Holcomb Avenue
Major - Philosophy
"A" Club; Basketball, '32, '33, '34, '35; Tennis, '32, '33; Student Faculty, '32; President of Wilsonia Debating Club, '34; Athletic Council, '34; Artist Series Committee Host, '34; Ministerial Association, '32, '33; "Asburian" Staff, '35.

(photo) Willis J Dunn, Jr., A.B., Coldwater, Mich.
Major - Education
Perielka Debating Club; Varsity Debate; Ministerial Association; Pastor's Course Graduate Moody Bible Institute, '32; Branch County Normal, '33; Spring Arbor Seminary, '34.

(photo) Maude Brown Edwards, A.B., B.Mus., Fort Valley, Ga., 301 College Street
Major - English
Lucy Stone Debating Club, '32, '33, '34, '35; Student Faculty Committee, '32; Class Secretary, '32; Artist Series Committee, '35; Supervisor of Practice, '35; Big Sister Club, '32, '34, '35.

(photo) Margaret Gertrude Fithian, A.B., Youngstown, O., 3503 Glenwood Avenue
Major - Home Economics
Philomathia Debating Club; Youngstown College; Home Economics Club.

Pg. 38 - The Seniors
(photo) Delbert T Floyd, A.B., Sturgis, Ky.
Major - Greek
Ministerial Association.

(photo) Elbert M Fly, Jr., A.B., B.Mus., Augusta, Kan., 521 Osage
Kansas State Teachers College of emporia, '32; Ciceronia; Men's Glee Club, '34, '35; Orchestra, '34; A.S.F. Committee, '34; Chairman of Artist Series Committee, '35; library Staff, '34, '35; Asbury Choral Union, '33, '34, '35.

(photo) Warren Fossett, A.B., Caldwell, Kan., 515 South Main
Major - Biological Science
Band, '32, '33, '35; Advertising Manager of Artist Series Committee, '35; Pre-Medical Club; Synedria, '32, '33; Asbury Choral Union, '32, '33, '34, '35; Mt. Zion Mission, '34, '35; Wilsonia, '32, '33, 34, '35; President of Wilsonia, '33.

(photo) Carl F Froderman, A.B., Wilmore, Ky.
Ministerial Association.

Pg. 39 - The Seniors
(photo) Claude W Galloway, A.B., Nashville, Tenn., Rosebank Avenue
Major - History
Trevecca College; Henry Clay Debating club.

(photo) James Gibson, A.B., Steubenville, O., Lincoln Avenue
Ciceronia Debating Club, '33, '34, '35; Ministerial Association; "Collegian" Staff, '33; Asbury Student Foundation Committee, '33; Foreign Student's Club, '33, '34, '35; President, '35; Class Chaplain, '33; Class President, '34.

(part of a hand written note in margin: Dear Cathleen, ever since you were a little girl in Steubenville I have appreciated knowing you. Your life has been a very special blessing to me. Yours in Him, Jimmie)

(photo) Bascom C Gleaton, A.B., Los Angeles, Cal.

(photo) Iva Graham, A.B., Cameron, Tex., 702 E. 23rd Street

Pg. 40 - The Seniors
(photo) Jamie Hammack, A.B., Springertown, Ill.
Major - English
DePauw university, '30; Sophidelphia, '31, '32, '35; Big Sister Club, '32, '35; Asbury Choral Union, '32; "Collegian" Staff, '32, '35; Tulane University, '34; International Relations Club, '35.

(photo) Mabel V Hartman, A.B., Kelly Station, Pa.
Major - History
Student Volunteer Union, '34, '35; Mountain Missionary Society, '34; Homiletical Association, '34; Asbury Christian Service League, '35; Mission Worker, '34, '35; Big Sister Club, '35.

(photo) Lester E Held, A.B., Struthers, O., 349 Maplewood Avenue
Major - History
"Asburian" Staff, '35.

(photo) Chester A Hewes, A.B., Wilmore, Ky., 101 College Street
Major - Physical Science
Basketball, '35; German Club, '34.

Pg. 41 - The Seniors
(photo) Vivian Hovren, A.B., White Rock, S.D.
Major - English
Asbury Christian Service League; International Relations Club; University of South Dakota; Chicago Evangelistic Institute.

(photo) Frances Hughes, A.B., Wilmore, Ky., Lexington Avenue
Major - English
Lucy Stone Debating Club; Art Club; Class Secretary, '35; Women's Glee Club, '32, '33, '34, '35; Asbury Choral union; Basketball, '32; Tennis, '34, '35; French Club, '32.

(photo) Frances Hummer, A.B., Titusville, Pa., Route 2
Major- Social Science
Clarion State Teachers College, '30, '31; Big Sister Club; College Chorus; Christian Service League; Alathela Debating Club; Home Economics Club; International Relations Club; Orchestra; Mountain Missionary Society; Student Volunteer Union.

(photo) Onie Kays, A.B., Harrodsburg, Ky, Beaumont Avenue

Pg. 42 - The Seniors
(photo) Ethel Mae Keeton, A.B., West Liberty, Ky.
Major - Home Economics
Morehead, Second Semester, '28; Morehead Summer, '31; Berea, Summer, '29; University of Kentucky, Summer, '34; Asbury, '30; Asbury, Summer, '32; Homiletical, '30; Mountain Missionary, '30; Christian Service League, '35; Asbury Choral Union, '35; Home Economics Club, '35; Lucy Stone Debating Club; Practice Teaching, '35; Spanish Club, '30.

(photo) Joseph H Kizer, A.B., St. Paris, O.
Major - Biology

(photo) Frances Willard Knapp, A.B., Cincinnati, O., 1810 Young Street
Major - Home Economics
President of Home Economics Club, '34.

(photo) Minnie Latham, A.B., Gibbstown, N.J., 516 Broad Street
Major - Biological Science
Mountain Missionary Society, '34, '35; Christian Service League, '35; Asbury Choral Union, '35; Big Sister Club, '35; Treble Cleff Club, '34.

Pg. 43 - The Seniors
(photo) Ruth Lawrence, A.B., Maybury, W.Va.
Major - Music
Philomathia debating Club, '34, '35; Women's Glee Club, '32, '33, '34, '35; President, '35; Student Faculty, '34, '35; "A" Club, '32; Big Sister Club, '34, '35.

(photo) Esther Ellen Leach, A.B., Golden Gate, Ill.
Major - English
Asbury Choral Union, '32, '33, '34, '35; Homiletical Association, '33, '34; Big Sister Club, '34, '35; Treble Cleff Club, '34.

(photo) Russell Lee, A.B., Peoria, Ill., 427 Linn Street
Ministerial Association; Liberal Arts Club, President, '35.

(photo) Ruth Little, A.B., B.Mus., Wichita, Kan., 921 Topeka
Major - Music
Lucy Stone Debating Club; B.Mus., Wichita University, 1932; Southwestern College, '28, '30; Chicago Evangelistic Institute, '33, '34.

Pg. 44 - The Seniors
(photo) Ossie McLarty, A.B., Douglasville, Ga.

(photo) Catherine Julia Matthews, A.B., Highlands, N.J., 222 Navesink Avenue
Bob Jones College

(photo) Harold E Millard, A.B., East Lansing, Mich., 614 Michigan Avenue
Major - History
Periclea Debating Club; Class Chaplain, '33; International Relations Club, Vice-President, '35; Class Treasurer, '35; Men's Glee Club, '35; Ministerial Association, '32, 34, '35; Mountain Missionary Society, '35; "Asburian" Staff, '33.

(photo) Helen M Millard, A.B., East Lansing, Mich., 614 Michigan Avenue
Major - History
Western State Teachers College, '29, '30; Michigan State College; Student Volunteer Union; Asbury Christian Service League; Mountain Missionary Society; Women's Glee Club; International Relations Club.

Pg. 45 - The Seniors
(photo) Myrtle Metta Norman, A.B., Byers, Tex.
Major - Religious Education
North Texas State Teachers College, '30, '31; Asbury Christian Service League, '34, '35; Big Sister Club, '35; Mountain Missionary Society, '34; Home Economics Club, '35.

(photo) Herbert G Null, A.B., Ridgway, Pa., 402 Oak Street
Major - Psychology, Philosophy
Class Treasurer, '34; Cheer Leader, '33; Asbury Student Foundation Treasurer, '35; Wilsonia Debating Club, '33, '34, '35; Band and Orchestra, '34, '35.

(photo) Robert Burns Owens, A.B., Rago, Kan.
Major - Biological Science
Men's Chorus

(photo) Forest Ogilvie, A.B., Jacksonville, Fla., 4510 Evergreen Avenue
Rollins College, Tennessee Wesleyan Junior College.

Pg. 46 - The Seniors
(photo) Ray P Pannabecker, A.B., Grand Ledge, Mich., 1130 DeGroff Street
Major - Philosophy, Psychology
Periciea Debating Club; Baseball, '32; Treasurer Athletic Association, '33, '34; Class Chaplain, '34; Asbury Choral Union, '33, '34, '35; Class President, '35; Men's Glee Club, '33, '34, '35; Business Manager, '35; Basketball, '34, '35.

(photo) Mattie Phenix, A.B., Prosper, Tex.
Major - Home Economics
Basketball, '35; Sophid Iphia Debating Club.

(photo) Richard Saunders Pittman, A.B., Streator, Ill., 711 Bazore Street
Ciceronia Debating Club; Asbury Student Foundation Committee, '32; "Collegian" Staff, '33; "Asburian" Staff, '32; Editor the "1934 Asburian"; Class President, '32; Basketball, '32, '33; Orchestra, '32, '33, '34; President Student Volunteer, '35.

(photo) Virginia Pritchard, A.B., O'Bannon, Ky.
Philomathia Debating Club, '32, '33, '34, '35; Asbury Student Foundation Committee; Big Sister Club; Student Faculty Committee.

Pg. 47 - The Seniors
(photo) Omer B. Randall, A.B., Butler, Mo.
Major - Philosophy

(photo) Charles D Reed, A.B., New Waterford, O., Route 2
Major - Biological Science
Lincoln Debate Club; Classical Language Club; Ministrial Association.

(photo) Elma Reed, A.B., Ashtabula, O., Route 3
Major - English
Women's Glee Club, '33, '34, '35; Student Volunteer Union, '32, '33, '34, '35; Mountain Missionary Society, '32; Basketball, '32, '33, '34, '35; Asbury Christian Service League, '32, '33, '34; President, '34; Big Sister Club, '33, '34; Asbury Athletic Council, '35.

(photo) Melvin F Reynolds, A.B., Sherman, N.Y., Box 946
Major - Latin, Greek
Ministerial Association, '30, '32, '33, '34; Orchestra, '30, '32; Band, '32; Asbury Choral Union, '30.

Pg. 48 - The Seniors
(photo) D Powell Royster, A.B., Corydon, Ky.
Major - Philosophy, Psychology
Ministerial Association
(photo) James Emerson Russell, A.B., Marion, O., 737 Henry Street
Wilsonia Debating Club; Student Volunteer Union; Mountain Missionary Society; Ohio State University, '32, '33, '34; President of Pocket Testament League, '34.

(photo) Charles Leighton Shepard, Jr., A.B., Fort Valley, Ga.
Major - Social Science
Periclea Debating Club; Athletic Council; Basketball; "A" Club; Tennis Singles Champion, '32, '33.

(photo) Minnie Lee Sikes, A.B., Fort White, Fort White, Fla., Box 64
Major - Speech
Euphemia Debating Club, '32, '33, '34, '35; President, '34; Basketball, '34, '35; Student Volunteer Union' 33; Asbury Christian Service League, '32, '33, '35; Big Sister Club, '34, '35; Speech Diploma.

Pg. 49 - The Seniors
(photo) John A Smith, A.B., Akron, O., 629 Wall Street
Major - Philosophy
Ciceronia Debating Club, '31, '32, '35; Chaplain of Class, '32; Men's Glee Club, '31, '32; Asbury Choral Union, '32; Asbury Radio Quartet, '35; International Relations Club, '35; Akron University, '34.

(photo) Robert Marple Smith, A.B., Steubenville, O., 1246 Wall Street
Major - Philosophy, Psychology
Periclea Debating Club; Asbury Student Foundation Committee, '32; Student Volunteer Union, '32, '35; Orchestra, '34, '35; Class Quartet, '32, '34, '35; Glee Club, '35; Student Faculty Committee, '34; Class Treasurer, '34; Class Chaplain, '35.

(photo) Wilbur K Smith, A.B., Sao Paulo, Brazil, S.A., Rua Fagundes 5A
Major - Speech
Student Volunteer Union; Ministerial Association.

(photo) Louise Margaret Taylor, A.B., Shantung, China, Tung Chang Fu
Major - Philosophy, Psychology
Chicago Evangelistic Institute, '31, '32; Homiletical Association, '33, '34; Asbury Christian Service League, '35; International Relations Club, '35; Foreign Students Club, '35; Big Sister Club, '34, '35; Student Volunteer Union, '33, '34, '35.

Pg. 50 - The Seniors
(photo) Thomas Ray Thorp, A.B., Burdett, N.Y.
Major - History
Watkins, Training School, '29; Henry Clay Debating Club, '35; Ministerial Association, '32, '33, '34; Assistant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, '35; International Relations Club, '35.

(photo) Nellie E Thum, A.B., Perrinton, Mich.
Major - Religious Education
Mountain Missionary Society; Central State Teachers' College; Fort Wayne Bible Institute; Student Volunteer Union; Christian Service League; International Relations Club.

(photo) Lewis Stanley Tietze, A.B., East McKeesport, Pa.
Major - Philosophy
Ministerial Association; Lincoln Debating Club, '32, '34.

(photo) Charlotte Metta Troxel, A.B., Tientsin, Hopei, China, 32 Kirin Road
Chicago Evangelistic Institute, '31, '32; Homiletical Association, '33, '34; Christian Service League, '35; International Relations Club, '35; Student Volunteer Union, '33, '34, '35; Vice-President, '35; Artist Series Committee, '35.

Pg. 51 - The Seniors
(photo) Roy Thomas Wampler, A.B., Bristol, Tenn.
Major - Religious Education
King College; International Relations Club.

(photo) Dorothy G Weaver, A.B., Twin Falls, Idaho, 257 Main Avenue East
Major - Speech
Class Vice-President, '31, '35; "Asburian" Staff, '34; "Collegian" Staff, '35; Lucy Stone Debating Club, '31, '33, '34; President, '35; Basketball, '31, '35, Captain, '31; Track, '31; Women's Athletic Association; Glee Club, '31, '33, '35; Business Manager, '33, '35; Big Sister Club; Asbury Choral Union; Student Faculty Committee; Asbury Student Foundation Committee, President, '35; International Relations Club; Mountain Missionary Society.

(photo) Irene Whitney, A.B., Kinde, Mich.

(photo) Ellen May Wilson, A.B., Crawfordsville, Ind., Lebanon Road
Major - Social Science
Sophidelphia Debating Club, '32, '33, '34; Varsity Debate, '33, '34; Diploma in Speech, '34; "Asburian" Staff, '34.

Pg. 52 - The Seniors (no photos on this page)
Kenton H Bird, Jr., A.B., Wilmore, Kentucky
Arthur Cooper, A.B., 115 Asbury Avenue, Wilmore, Kentucky, Major - Religious Education
Robert Richard Cross, A.B., Wilmore, Kentucky
Merriman Hamblin, A.B., Union South Carolina

Pg. 53 - The Class of 1936

Verla Ruth - President
Faith Wirsching - Vice-President
Charlotte B Goodhand - Secretary
Lee Varner - Treasurer
Elizabeth Shaw - Chaplain
Laton Earle Holmgren - Chaplain
Magdalene Amstutz - Student Faculty
David Gaupp - Student Faculty

Pg. 54 - The Junior Class
(10 photos with names listed to the side)
Mary E Allison - Flemingsburg, Kentucky
Magdalene Amstutz - Wyandotte, Michigan
Kathryn Sue Bailey - Camilla, Georgia
Clara Ann Barr - Marion Center, Pennsylvania
Charles Grey Beaman, Jr. - Troy, North Carolina
Mancil S Bell - Tonkawa, Oklahoma
Corrine Berry - Birmingham, Alabama
Hazel Bolick - Rutherford College, N.C.
Howard Book - Upland, California

Pg. 55 - The Junior Class
(10 photos with names listed to the side)
Mary Elizabeth Bunch - Statesville, North Carolina
Grace Buyers - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Eleanor Carruth - Wilmore, Kentucky
Noel Bromley Clark - Rex, Georgia
Vela Howell Cleveland - Fort Meade, Florida
Nelda Cox - Wilmore, Kentucky
Alfred D Duck - Americus, Georgia
Harold Dutt - Marion, Ohio
Maxine York Farris - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Pg. 56 - The Junior Class
(10 photos with names listed to the side)
Thornton Fowler - Charlotte, Tennessee
David Gaupp - Oakdale, Pennsylvania
Charlotte B Goodhand - West Chester, Pennsylvania
Vernon M Goodhand - Millington, Maryland
Joe Rogers Hair - Columbus, Georgia
James True Harmon - Flemingsburg, Kentucky
Arthur Henderson - Marion, Illinois
Lola Holifield - Piggott, Arkansas
Laton E Holmgren - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Loma Ruth Housley - Canton, Ohio

Pg. 57 - The Junior Class
(10 photos with names listed on the side)
Roland Hudson - Toledo, Ohio
Robert Beers Jarvis - Xenia, Ohio
Evan D Jones - Westerville, Ohio
Eunice Hirk - Flushing, Ohio
Mark Kroehler - Binghamton, New York
Ruby E Lightle - Detroit Michigan
James Lindsey - Washington, North Carolina
Kathryn McAfee - Wilmore, Kentucky
William Maxwell - Wilmore, Kentucky
Virginia Mix - Ridgway, Pennsylvania

Pg. 58 - The Junior Class
(10 photos with names listed on the side)
Dorothy Mae Myers - Finleyville, Pennsylvania
Dorothy Pino - Lansing, Michigan
Esther Raymer - Wilmore, Kentucky
Karl K Rice - Boscobel, Wisconsin
Bernard Curry Russell - Palmetta, Florida
Verla Ruth - Huntington Park, California
Arlene Vivian Shafer - Putneyville, Pennsylvania
George Shaffer - Vanddercuft, Pennsylvania
Sarah Elizabeth Shaw - Cleveland, Ohio
Clarence Simpson - North College Hill, Ohio
Benton Sneary - Rossburg, Ohio

Pg. 59 - The Junior Class
(11 photos with names listed on the side)
Eileen Stout - Danville, Ohio
Louis Stratton - Pikeville, Kentucky
Helen Strickland - Douglasville, Georgia
Jennie Lynn Strickland - Douglasville, Georgia
Lee Varner - Roxboro, North Carolina
Louise Webb - Newkirk, Oklahoma
Martha White - Magnolia, Arkansas
George William Wilcher - Charleston, West Virginia
Faith Wirsching - Chicago, Illinois
Drew Wolcott - Wilmore, Kentucky
Harvey Clegg Womble - Moncure, North Carolina

Pg. 69 - The Junior Class
(no photos on this page)
Charles Marshal Cavit - Winfield, Kansas
Irene Ellis - Fairfield, Alabama
Edyth Lewis - Moores, New York

Pg. 70 - The Class of 1937
(no photos on this page)
Hayden Carruth - President
Ruth Ziemer - Vice-President
Jean Cleveland - Secretary
Agnes Abbey - Treasurer
Charles Crain - Treasurer
Margery Wittwer - Chaplain
Meredith Smith - Chaplain
Jane Heckendorn - Student Faculty
Charles Stokes - Student Faculty

Pg. 62 - The Sophomore Class
(15 photos with names listed on the side)
Agnes Abbey - Randolph, New York
Dwight Amstutz - Orville, Ohio
Eugenia Anderson - Washington, Pennsylvania
Reva Aylor - Aylor, Virginia
Elizabeth Ballard - Gapmills, West Virginia
Marian Barber - Mendon, Ohio
Julia Elizabeth Beall - Clarksburg, Maryland
Mary Berg - Cedarville, New Jersey
Mary H Birge - Burdette, New York
Kenneth Birney - Hopedale, Ohio
Winona Bonnett - Harrisville, West, Virginia
Verda Henry Borchers - Wilmore, Kentucky
Laura Boyd - DeBois, Pennsylvania
William Burton - Oden, Indiana
Hayden Carruth - Wilmore, Kentucky

Pg. 63 - The Sophomore Class
(15 photos with names listed on the side)
John V Carruth - Wilmore, Kentucky
Doris E Cary - Wilmore, Kentucky
Robert Spiegel Chafee - Shelbyville, Indiana
Forrest Edward Church - Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Opal Jean Cleveland - Fort Meade, Florida
Glenn Edward Copeland - Columbus, Ohio
Lela Alice Coppedge - Middleport, New York
Malcolm Cox - Wilmore, Kentucky
Charles Crain - Minneapolis, Minnesota
David Crawford - Emlenton, Pennsylvania
Matille Crossno - Bells, Tennessee
Joseph Lewis Crouse - Greensboro, North Carolina
Kimber F Crouse - Greensboro, North Carolina
James Dietz - Wilmore, Kentucky
Paul Dolby - Columbus, Ohio

Pg. 64 - The Sophomore Class
(15 photos with names listed on the side)
Elizabeth Dunn - Alliance, Ohio
Emory Ellmore - Gaithersburg, Maryland
Edith Fern Florence - Wilmore, Kentucky
Sara F Franklin - Glasgow, Kentucky
Charlotte Ellen Gill - Zanesfield, Ohio
James Herbert Glasson - Wilmore, Kentucky
Evan William Good - Mendon, Ohio
Richard Henry Gunckel - Blackwell, Oklahoma
Leonard Hackney - Erieville, New York
John Henry Hamblen - Vernon, Texas
M Jane Heckendorn - Gross Point, Michigan
Louise Herman - Berne, Indiana
Ethlyn M Hood - Elmira Heights, New York
Emma Marie Isaac - Bloomington, Kentucky
Lois Laverna James - Wooster, Ohio

Pg. 65 - The Sophomore Class
(15 photos with names listed on the side)
Winnifred Jayne - Elmira, New York
Evelyn Kaufman - Greenville, Pennsylvania
Dow Kirkpatrick - Sesser, Illinois
Raymond Kretzschmer - Bayport, Michigan
Marion Kumler - Brownsville, Oregon
Martha Kumler - Brownsville, Oregon
William Latham - Wilmore, Kentucky
Frances Eleanor Little - Wichita, Kansas
Emmett William Logan - Hartford, Kentucky
Lawrence Ward Lord - Mission Beach, California
Sarah Louise McCalla - Centerburg, Ohio
Eunice McFarland - Tacoma, Washington
Oscar Maerker, Jr. - Coalton, Ohio
Elliott Means - San Antonio, Texas
George P Murphy
Cambridge, Maryland

Pg. 66 - The Sophomore Class
(15 photos with names listed on the side)
Robert A Oetjen - Royal Oak, Michigan
Phyllis Ogden - Clayton, New Jersey
Irene Owens - Erieville, New York
Ava Anne Pierson - Indianapolis, Indiana
Amity Porter - Hoople, North Carolina
Paul Raymer - Lexington, Kentucky
Virginia Rowlands - Toronto, Canada
Marjorie Savage - Lexington, Kentucky
John Seamonds - Wilmore, Kentucky
Charles Simpson - Stratford, Connecticut
Meredith P Smith - Springdale, Pennsylvania
Charles D Stokes - Seoul, Korea
Cloyd Temple - Upper Sandusky, Ohio
Leo Tennies - East Randolph, New York
Olga Eudora Vance - Spruce Pine, North Carolina

Pg. 67 - The Sophomore Class
(15 photos with names listed on the side)
Ruth Frances Van Meter - Portland, Oregon
William Sherman Van Meter - Portland, Oregon
Ruth Leah Van Sciver - Delanco, New Jersey
Pam Waddell - Cedartown, Georgia
Doris Welsh - La Grange, Kentucky
Marjorie W White - Huntington Park, California
Gordon Whitney - Peckville, Pennsylvania
Paul F Whitten - N Easton, Massachusetts
Ruth Winston - Crothersville, Indiana
Janet Wissinger - Altoona, Pennsylvania
Margery Wittwer - Berne, Indiana
Leonard Wolcott - Wilmore, Kentucky
Esther Mae Yocum - Sugar Grove, Ohio
Robert Hampton Young - Nashville, Tennessee
Ruth Ziemer - Toledo, Ohio

Pg. 68 - The Sophomore Class
(no photos on this page)
Ruth Anderson - Wilmore, Kentucky
Gordon Chaphe - Erieville, New York
Mary Lee Duncan - Wilmore, Kentucky
Margaret Elizabeth Fain - Midway, Kentucky
T R Jenne - Wilmore, Kentucky
Fred Jones - Wilmore, Kentucky
Donald B Morse - Bradenton, Florida
Harry Lee Rogers - Williamstown, North Carolina
Otto Tarbutton - Wesson, Mississippi
Joseph B Wilson - Fairmount, Georgia

Pg. 69 - The Class of 1938
(no photos on this page)
William Mullins - President
Arlene Amstutz - Vice-President
Beatrice Yeater - Secretary
Harold Mills - Treasurer
Carol Olofson - Treasurer
Clarence Kerr - Chaplain
Faith Stewart - Chaplain
James Connett - Student Faculty
Kay Patterson - Student Faculty

Pg. 70 - The Freshman Class
(21 photos with names listed on the side)
Arlene Amstutz - Orville, Ohio
Thomas Joe Avery - Graysville, Indiana
Lester R Bachman - Cazenovia, New York
Lewis F Bachman - Cazenovia, New York
James E Baker - Warren, Ohio
Gertrude Anna Bauer - Delanco, New Jersey
Esther Beall - Clarksburg, Maryland
Mary Clara Beers - Chenango Forks, New York
Faye Maxine Benjey - Coalgood, Kentucky
Bernice Benson - Kings Mountain, Kentucky
Mary Hughes Berry - Birmingham, Alabama
Clyde C Beven - Steubenville, Ohio
Virginia Bird - Wilmore, Kentucky
Elsaleen Blakely - Detroit, Michigan
Mary Elizabeth Borchers - Wilmore, Kentucky
Burton B Bosworth - Oakpark, Illinois
Vernelle Bowman - Hinton, West Virginia
Ruby Anna Brace - Randolph, New York
William S Brockington - Florence, S.C.
Nellie Laura Burdette - Mount Airy, Maryland
Donald R Caister - Decker, Michigan

Pg. 71 - The Freshman Class
(21 photos with names listed on the side)
Christine E Camden - Jacksonville, Florida
Mary Phyllis Campbell - Fort Ann, New York
Alice C Coffin - Madison, Indiana
Iona Eugenia Cole - Whitehall, New York
Pauline Hommand Collins - Selma, Alabama
Woodrow W Conner - San Francisco, Calif.
James A Connett - Olney, Illinois
Stanley Coppage - Southland, Texas
Mattie Lou Craig - Craigsville, Virginia
Norman Darling - Boonville, New York
Grayson Davis - Kansas City, Missouri
Mildred Dayton - Marion, Ohio
Meredith DeHaven - Gainesboro, Virginia
Leonard Devine - Sheffield, England
Maxine Dooley - Throckmorton, Texas
Allene Dunaway - Nicholasville, Kentucky
Geneva Mary Dutt - Marion, Ohio
David Edwards - Nicholasville, Kentucky
Lucy Eugenia Edwards - Cockran, Georgia
William B Evans - Birmingham, Alabama
Herbert Alexander Faloon - Johnstown, Pa.

Pg. 72 - The Freshman Class
(20 photos with names listed on the side)
Don Ray Falkenberg, Jr. - Columbus, Ohio
Paul Fossett - Caldwell, Kansas
Edward Truman Garry - Straford, Conn.
Betty Gaye - Port Crane, New York
Esther L Gifford - Erie, Pennsylvania
Louise Gish - Seco, Kentucky
Sylvia Marshall Grant - Birmingham, Ala.
Lois Grayson - Atmore, Alabama
Ivan Hackney - Erieville, New York
George Hanna - Renick, West Virginia
Helen Margaret Harper - Irvington, Illinois
R D Higgs, Jr. - Lakeland, Florida
Mary Elizabeth Horne - Vickwell, Indiana
Bryant J Howard - Warren, Ohio
Richard Henry Hughes - Wilmore, Kentucky
James Morrison Ireland - Almeda, Texas
Wilson Daniel Jaycox - Marion, Ohio
Lona Almina Johnson - Eglon, West Virginia
Louise Marion Johnson - Wilmore, Kentucky
Walter Henry Johnson - Wilmore, Kentucky

Pg. 73 - The Freshman Class
(20 photos with names listed on the side)
Josephine W Jolliffe - Louisa, Kentucky
Marjorie Kays - Harrodsburg, Kentucky
Clarence Kerr - McKesport, Pennsylvania
Bernard Kindrick - Charlestown, West Virginia
Kathryn Kinsey - Alliance, Ohio
Rebecca Kitchens - Lannett, Alabama
Richard Lindsey - Washington, North Carolina
Evelyn Secilia Lockard - Mount Vernon, Ohio
Josephine Eleanor Long - Florence, S.C.
Lillian Ruth McAfee - Lakeland, Florida
James McCleary - Bridgeport, Ohio
Fred Manville, Jr. - Ridgeway, Pennsylvania
Leon Hollis Martin - Ashland, Kentucky
Frank Marwood - Leamington, Ontario
Naomi E Mast - Carmi, Illinois
Harold J Mills - Croswell, Michigan
Arcenith Mitchell - Wilmore, Kentucky
James H Moore - Johnson City, New York
Ruby Moreland - Harrodsburg, Kentucky
Virginia Mae Morford - Westfield, Indiana

Pg. 74 - The Freshman Class
(20 photos with names listed on the side)
Estalene Mott - Damascus, Ohio
Clarence M Mulligan - Burdett, New York
William Mullins - Birmingham, Alabama
Olga E Nagy - Trenton, New Jersey
Mildred Newell - Stafford, Kansas
D Carol Olofson - Cranford, New Jersey
Sara Owens - Fulton, Kentucky
Elsie Patrick - Wilmore, Kentucky
Kathleen Patterson - Royal Oak, Michigan
Eileen Peters - Mason City, Illinois
Howard Potter - Stafford, Kansas
Richard Preston - Des Moines, Iowa
James Ransom - Mitchell, South Dakota
Eula Mae Richardson - Wilmore, Kentucky
Ruth E Robinson - Dubois, Pennsylvania
Charlotte Virginia Rowland, Charlotte, N.C.
Alberta A Russell - Marion, Ohio
Edward Franklin Salmons - Pylesville, Md.
Dorothy Shellenberger - Wilmore, Kentucky
Harold Shingledecker - Brookville, Pa.

Pg. 75 - The Freshman Class
(19 photos with names listed on the side)
Lucian Smith - Memphis, Tennessee
Nina Stanton - Cedarville, New Jersey
Faith Stewart - Fort Valley, Georgia
Magdalene Takaro - Flushing, New York
George Tallmade - Troy, Pennsylvania
Nell Fern Taulbee - Cannel City, Kentucky
Vera L Thomas - Columbus Grove, Ohio
Mary Emma Thompson - Conway, S.C.
William Mitchell Turner - Richmond, Virginia
Glenn Vance - Spruce Pine, North Carolina
Alma Wells - Corbin, Kentucky
Benjamin Whaley - Mount Morris, Michigan
Lela Wheeler - Hopedale, Ohio
Wildeen Williams - Athens, Alabama
Lewis Wilson - Charlestown, West Virginia
George Winn - Seoul, Korea
Adaleen Witt - Covington, Kentucky
Leda Lydia Yarnell - Ashville, Pennsylvania
Janet Beatrice Yeater - Greensburg, Ohio

Pg. 76 - The Freshman Class
(no photos on this page)
Thomas Bird - Wilmore, Kentucky
Cordia Lee Conyers - Wilmore, Kentucky
Maurice Culver - Ferry Ridge, Foochow, China
Pro J Daba - Stae Maria, Ilocos Sur, P.I.
Harry Hashberger - Rossville, Georgia
Oral Hitchocock - Cheapeake, West Virginia
George W Jarvis - Finleyville, Pennsylvania
Terrell Jordan - Hurtsboro, Alabama
Warner A McDonald - Wilmore, Kentucky
Howard Matthews - Glasgow, Kentucky
Gayle B Ruoffe - Glasgow, Kentucky
Robert H Sanger - Minneola, Florida
Marion Slack - Marion, Ohio
Frederick Sutton - Atlanta, Georgia
Isabel Wallace - Hartford, Kentucky
Robert Weaver - Kokomo, Indiana

Pg. 77 - The Special Students
(6 photos with names listed at the bottom)
Edna Mae Chambers - Russianville, Indiana
Forrest Frogge - Wilmore, Kentucky
Faye Potter - Stafford, Kansas
Sarah Rayle - Westfield, Indiana
Myrtis Smith - Cottonwood, Alabama
Elizabeth Spence - Birmingham, Alabama

Pg. unnumbered page - The Seminary
Morelle Wells - Vice-President
Victor Bergman - Chaplain
James Blitch - Student Faculty Representative
Beatrice Fry - Secretary-Treasurer

Henry Clay Morrison, D.D., LL.D., President
Fred Halsey Larabee, B.D., D.D.
Frank Paul Morris, B.D., D.D.
William David Turkington, M.A., Th.B.
William Lincoln Nofcier, M.A., B.D.
Wilder Robert Reynolds, M.A., Ph.D.
Daisy Dean Gray, M.A., T.D.
Hildreth M Cross, M.A., Ph.D.

Pg. 82 - The Seminary Seniors
(6 photos with names listed at the bottom)
Clarence L Arnold - Cumberland, Maryland
Victor Bergman - Omaha, Nebraska
Earl Van Best - Conway, South Carolina
James Blitch - Jacksonville, Florida
Harold Bond - North Fairfield, Ohio
Dietrich Cordes - Wilmore, Kentucky

Pg. 83 - The Seminary Seniors
(6 photos with names listed at the top)
Ira Crum - Lexington, North Carolina
Louis Dennis - Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania
George LaFayette Moore Evans - Britton, Texas
Robert M Green - Winchester, Kentucky
Claude W Groth - Farmington, Washington
Roy Isler - Dayton, Ohio

Pg. 84 - The Seminary Seniors
(6 photos with names listed at the bottom)
Howard Jewell - Pontiac, Michigan
Karl B Justus - Wilmore, Kentucky
Austin McCoig - White Pine, Tennessee
William Mansfield Miller - Steubenville, Ohio
James Gilmour Ranck - Hollywood, California
Morelle Wells - Jackson, Mississippi

Pg. 86 - The Middlers and Juniors
(13 photos with names listed on the side)
Melvin John Addington - Los Angeles, Cal.
Charles Albright - Columbiana, O.
Lloyd Boots - Beaver Falls, Pa.
John A Brown - Wilmore, Ky.
Laura Brown - Bennington, Ind.
Goldie Burger - Versailles, Ky.
M Olin Burkholder - Wilmore, Ky.
Samuel W S Cheng - Luho, Ku, China
W J Compher - Lovettsville, Va.
Lloyd M Conyers - Sidney, Ark.
Rexford M Dixon - Wilmore, Ky.
Samuel Houston Evans - Watervliet, N.Y.
Beatrice Fry - Gorham, Ill.

Pg. 87 - The Middlers and Juniors
(12 photos with names listed on the side)
Reginald F Goff - Clarksburg, Ontario, Canada
Seth W Granberry - Wesson, Miss.
Horace A Guiler - Binghamton, N.Y.
Cornelius Hager - Nicholasville, Ky.
Robert Hays - Lexington, Ky.
Cullen B Jones - Atlanta, Ga.
Gerald Harvey Jones - Leamington, Ontario, Can.
Elon T Keeler - Wilmore, Ky.
Faye Kinney - Fort Fairfield, Me.
Konrad Modschiedler - Cincinnati, O.
Lorenz Modschiedler - Marietta, O.
Orville H McKay - Croswell, Mich.

Pg. 88 - The Middlers and Juniors
(12 photos with names listed on the side)
Gilbert Nee - Foochow, China
Paul Ott - Owego, N.Y.
Chester Phillips - Louisville, Ky.
Paul Kenneth Potter - Cleveland, Kan.
John W Simpson - Stratford, Conn.
Dorothy Slote - Chicago, Ill.
William Sproles - Middlesboro, Ky.
Frank Bateman Stanger - Cedarville, J.J.
Ruth Stephens - Natchitoches, La.
Hendrix Townsley - Modesto, Ca.
Frank Trotter - Sevierville, Tenn.
Martin West - Oil City, Pa.

Pg. 90 - Ministerial Association
(group photo with names listed at bottom)
Column One:
Victor Bergman, Reginald Goff, Melvin Brown, Powell Royster, Hendrix Townsley, Morrison Ireland, Chester Phillips, Elliott Means, Emory Ellmore, Konrad Modschiedler, Lorenz Modschiedler, Clarence Kerr, John Goorley, Benjamin Whaley, William Mullins, Frank Trotter, Lewis Bachman

Column Two:
Karl Rice, C W Culver, Glenn Alderson, Lester Bachman, Raymond Kretzschmer, Harvey Womble, Delbert Floyd, Donald Caister, George Jarvis, Joseph Wilson, Robert Weaver, Clarence Arnold, Lloyd Boots, Willis Dunn, Melvin Addington, George Murphy, Gayle B Ruoffe, Howard Matthews, Howard Jewell, Roland Hudson, Wilson Jaycox, drew Wolcott, Leo Tennis, Mancil Bell, Bryant Howard, Alfred Duck, William Sproles, Robert Wetzel, David Smith, Maurice Culver, Kenneth Birney, Bernard Russell, George Winn, Leonard Devine

Column Three:
R E Case, Stanley Tietze, John Brown, L G Sapp, Harry Hashberger, Oscar Maerker, Ira Crum, Bromley Clark, David Crawford, George Evans, Elon Keeler, Dietrich Cordes, William Compher, Emmett Logan, Harold Dutt, Thornton Fowler, B C Gleaton, Seth Granberry, Austin McCoig, Mark Kroehler, Herbert Null, Wilbur Smith, Thomas Thorp, William B Cranford, James Gibson, Orville McKay, Jack Brinton, Melvin Reynolds, Leonard Hackney, Charles Crain, Russell Lee, Gilbert Neel, Claude Groth, Harold Millard, Laton Holmgren

Pg. 91 - Christian Service League
(group photo with names listed at the top)
Column One:
Matille Crossno, Eunice Kirk, Loma Housley, Leda Yarnell, Elizabeth Wiley, Eunice McFarland, Maxine Dooley, Edna Mae Chambers, Goldie Burger, Clive Crombie, Pauline Collins, Vela Cleveland, Lola Holifield, Elizabeth Shaw, Kathryn Kinsey, Phylllis Ogden, Mabel Hartman, Faye Kinney, Grace Buyers, Irene Owens, Mary Berry, Corrine Berry, Betty Gaye, Mary Beers, Laura Burdette, Laberta Russell, Elsaleen Blakeley, Nell Taulbee, Christine Camden

Column Two:
Hazel Bolick, Jennie Lynn Strickland, Patsy Craig, Louisa Ammerman, Dorothy Meyers, Ethel Mae Keeton, Rebecca Kitchen, Martha White, Charlotte Troxel, Laura Brown, Emma Jane Morris, Virginia Rowlands, Lois James, Lela Wheeler, Esther Yocum, Myrtle Norman, Vera Thomas, Geneva Dutt, Lona Johnson, Myrtis Smith, Eileen Stout, Mary Allison, Nellie Thum, Josephine Long, Vivian Hovren, Frances Hummer, Eileen Peters, Elma Reed, Emma Marie Isaac

Column Three:
Mattie Phenix, Helen Millard, Carol Hamblin, Beatrice Yeater, Lois Grayson, Mildred Newell, Louise Taylor, Amity Porter, Billy Stephens, Clara Ann Barr, Kathe Austel

Pg. 92 - The Student Volunteers
(photo) Richard S Pittman - President
(group photo with names listed at the bottom)
Column One:
Harold J Bond, Walter G Borchers, Roland V Hudson, John Wesley Simpson, Charlotte M Troxel, M Olin Burkholder, Mary Elizabeth Buch, Cathleen L Ballard, Jennie Lynn Strickland, Melvin John Addington
Column Two:
Kathie P Austel, G William Wilcher, Howard Jewell, Louis Dennis, Merlin A Bishop, Leo Tennies, Murlin W Day, Mildred L Stanhope, David L Smith, Wilbur K Smith, John T Seamands, Lillian Ruth McAfee, L Will T Wolcott, Paul F Whitten, Janet M Wissinger, Robert Smith, Elizabeth Shaw, Virginia Rowlands, Elma Reed, Amity L Porter, Echo Morton, Mildred Newell, Kathryn McAfee, Russell Lee
Column Three:
Frances Hummer, Loma Ruth Housley, Mabel Hartman, William Good, Helen Millard, Laura J Boyd, Melvin Brown, Clara Ann Barr, Mardelle Amstutz, Agnes Abbey, Esther M Yocum, Irene Whitney, Louise M Taylor, Eunice McFarland, Mary Beers, James H Moore, Pro J Daba, William Mullins, Bernard Russell, Charles Crain, Lois Grayson, Sylvia Grant, Eunice Kirk, N Bromley Clark

Pg. 93
(Group photo - no names listed) Mountain Missionary Society
(Group photo - no names listed) Mission Workers

Pg. 97 - Asbury on the Air
(2 group photos without names)
Newton King, Jr., Chairman of the Radio Devotional League
J B Kenyon, Treasurer of Devotional League

Pg. 98 - The Artists' Series Committee
(6 photos with names listed on the side)
Elbert M Fly - Chairman
Willis Carruth - Business Manager
Maude B Edwards - Hostess
Miles DePagter - Host
Charlotte Troxel - Secretary
Warren Fossett - Advertising Manager

Pg. 99 - Visiting Artists
(photo) Clayton Mardoni - Magician
(photo) Leon Carson - Tenor
(photo) The Petrie Quintette

Pg. 100 - Men's Glee Club
(Group photo with names listed at bottom)
I D Moon - Director
Elbert Fly - Accompanist
Morelle Welles - President
Ray Pannabecker - Business Manager

First Tenor: Horace Guiler, Howard Jewell, Morelle Wells, Austin McCoig
Baritone: Ray Pannabecker, Dee Cobb, William Burton, William Wilcher
Second Tenor: Charles Albright, Charles Stokes, Claude Dayton, Robert Jarvis
Bass: John T Seamands, Paul Ott, Robert Smith, Dwight Amstutz

Pg. 101 - Women's Glee Club
(Group photo at the bottom of the page with names listed above)
I D Moon - Director
Edna Mae Bald - Accompanist
Ruth Lawrence - President
Dorothy Weaver - Business Manager

First Soprano: Edith Florence, Virginia Mix, Jane Heckendorn, Elizabeth Ballard
Second Soprano: Ruth Lawrence, Elizabeth Spence, Alberta Russell, Frances Hughes
First Alto: Marion Barber, Marion Clingen, Edith Lewis, Ruby Lightle, Emily Evans
Second Alto: Grace Birge, Elma Reed, Dorothy Weaver, Magdalene Takaro

Pg. 102 - The Orchestra
(Group photo with names listed at the bottom)
Albert E Smith - Director
First Violin: Ruth Robinson, Ruth Ziemer, Leonard Wolcott, Charles McCray, Paul Kintner, Merriman Hamblin, Alice Coffin

Second Violin: S Houston Evans, Ruth Buyers, Martha Kumler, Eugenia Anderson, George Winn, Cathleen Ballard
Viola: Robert Smith, Ava Ann Pierson
Cello: C Virginia Rowland, Evelyn Lockard, Naomi Mast
Bass Violin: Herbert Null, William Cross
Flute: Herbert Faloon, John Buyers
Clarinet: John Carruth, Jean Cleveland, William Good, Frances Hummer
First Horn: Wilbur Smith
Second Horn: Irene Owens
First Cornet: William Latham
Second Cornet: Emmett Logan
First Trombone: Robert Jarvis
Second Trombone: Cloyd Temple
Drums and Tympani: Paul Dolby, Donald Walbeck
Piano: Louise Herman

Pg. 103 - The Asbury Band
(Group photo at bottom with names above)
Albert E Smith - Director
Solo Cornet: William Latham, Emmett Logan, Harold Mills, Warren Bishop
First Cornet: Harvey Ransom, Lloyd Cleveland, Joseph Crouse, Robert Reynolds
Second Cornet: Wilbur Kintner, Arthur Cooper, Grace Buyers, J B Moody
Flute: John Buyers
Solo Clarinet: John Carruth, Jean Cleveland
Second Clarinet: Lorene Richardson, Bobby Boggs
Picolo: Herbert Faloon, Hollis Martin
Alto: Wilbur Smith, Warren Fossett, George Evans
Baritone: Kimber Crouse, Laura Brown, William Wilcher
First Trombone: Robert Jarvis, Cloyd Temple
Second Trombone: John T Seamands, David Crawford, Clarence Kerr
Bass: Burton Bosworth
Drums and Tympani: Paul Dolby, Donald Walbeck, Herbert Null, Merriman Hamblin
Saxophone: Robert Young, Forrest Frogge

Pg. 104 - The Quartets
(group photo with names listed on the side)
Howard Jewell - First Tenor
Charles Stokes - Second Tenor
William Wilcher - First Bass
John Seamands - Second Bass
(Group photo with names listed on the side)
John Smith - First Tenor
Boyd Macrory - Second Tenor
Joe Crouse - First Bass
Karl Justus - Second Bass

Pg. 105 - International Relations Council
(Group photo at bottom with names listed above)
Drew Wolcott - President
Harold Millard - Vice-President
Dorothy Weaver - Secretary
Mary Buch - Treasurer
Reginald Goff - Canada
Gilbert Nee - China
Leonard Hackney - England
Kathe Austel - Germany
Magdalene Takaro - Hungary
Jimmie Gibson - Ireland
Pro Daba - Philippines
Clarence Simpson - United States

Pg. 106 - Intercollegiate Debating
(9 photos with names listed below)
Sue Bailey, Hayden Carruth, Dr. L A King - Coach, Herbert Glasson, R Drew Wolcott, Howard Book, Willis Dunn, Dow Kirkpatrick, Clarence Simpson
(photo) Leonard T Wolcott - Winner of the Intercollegiate Peace Contest, 1934

Pg. 107 - Asbury Collegian - An Official Student Publication
(16 photos with names listed at the bottom)
James W Blitch - Editor-in-Chief - First Semester
Richard S Pittman - Editor-in-Chief - Second Semester
Elizabeth Shaw - Associate Editor
Herbert Clingen - Business Manager
Murlin Day - Managing Editor
Dow Kirkpatrick - Assistant Managing Editor
Leonard Wolcott - News Editor
Jamie Hammack - Literary Editor
Dorothy Weaver - Feature Editor
Charles Stokes - Athletic Editor
Norman Darling - Circulation Manager
Alberta Russell - Stenographer
Herbert Null - Reporter
Ruby Lightle - Reporter
Ruth Ziemer - Reporter
Drew Wolcott - Reporter

Pg. 108 - Those Responsible For This Book
(photo) Clarence Simpson - Editor-in-Chief
(photo) Arthur K Henderson - Business Manager
(6 photos with names listed on the side)
Eleanor Carruth - Associate Editor
Vela Cleveland - Organization Editor
Roland Hudson - Art Director
William Wilcher - Photo Editor
Lester Held - Assistant Photo Editor
Evan Jones - Athletic Editor

Pg. 109 - Those Responsible For This Book
Editors --------------------- Managers
1934 Richard Pittman - Orville McKay
1933 Donald D Fontaine - James G Ranck
1932 James W Blitch - George S Lightner
1931 Clifford H Prator - Claude H Thompson
1930 Paul C Giffin - P Brainerd Christie
1929 Earl N Dorff - Thomas E Thompson
1928 C Walter Kessler - Warner P Thompson
1927 David C Shipley - Edward Elson
1926 Alston G Field - June S Mitchell
1925 Harry H Waller - Lyman H Seamans

(6 photos with names listed on the side)
Sue Bailey - Assistant Business Manager
Jean Cleveland - Stenographer
Loma Housley - Stenographer
Faith Wirsching - Circulation Manager
Drew Wolcott - Advertising Manager
Hayden Carruth - Asst. Advertising Manager

Pg. 110 - Student Foundation Committee
(14 photos with names listed at the bottom)
Members: Dorothy Weaver, Harold Dutt, frank Stanger, Herbert Null, Dee W Cobb, Agnes Abbey, Kathe Austel, William Burton, Virginia Mix, Hayden Carruth, Meredith Smith, Dow Kirkpatrick, Ruth Ziemer, Morrison Ireland

Pg. 111
(Group photo no names listed) The Pre-Medical Club
(Group photo no names listed) The Art Club

Pg. 115
(Group photo no names listed) Asbury's Big Sister Club
(Group photo no names listed) Foreign Students' Club

Pg. 114 - Ciceronia Debating Club
(28 photos with names listed on the side)
Members: Dee Cobb, Seth Granberry, Robert Green, Paul Potter, John Simpson, Frank Stanger, Morelle Wells, Elbert Fly, Jimmie Gibson, Dick Pittman, John Smith, Dwight Amstutz, Charles Crain, James Dietz, Herbert Glasson, Elliott Means, Robert Oetjen, John Seamands, Charles Stokes, David Gaupp, James Connett, William Evans, Don Falkenburg, Morrison Ireland, Walter Johnson, Clarence Kerr, Harold Mills, Harvey Ransom

Pg. 117 - Philomathia Debating Club
(26 photos with names listed on the side)
Members: Virginia Pritchard, Ruth Lawrence, Charlotte Goodhand, Ruby Lightle, Dorothy Pino, Agnes Abbey, Doris Cary, Sara Franklin, Jane Heckendorn, Ima Graham, Marion Cligen, Ossie McLarty, Winifred Jayne, Doris Welsh, Elizabeth Ballard, Ruby Anna Brace, Maxine Dooley, Lucy Edwards, Evelyn Lockard, Iona Cole, Carol Olofson, Sara Owen, Eileen Stout, Alma Wells, Wildeen Williams, Beatrice Yeater

Pg. 118 - Henry Clay Debating Club
(19 photos with names listed on the side)
Members: Reginald Goff, Dietrich Cordes, James Ranck, Claude Galloway, Thomas J Thorpe, William Wilcher, Joe Avery, Leonard Hackney, Emmett Logan, Robert Young, Robert Hayes, James Lindsey, Richard Gunckle, Ivan Hackney, Richard Lindsey, James McCleary, James Moore, Lewis Wilson, George Winn

Pg. 119 - Sophidelphia Debating Club
(26 photos with names listed on the side)
Members: Faith Wirsching, Jamie Hammack, Mary E Burch, Helen Morrison, Eleanor Carruth, Winona Bonnette, Louise Herman, Elizabeth Spence, Pam Waddell, Margery Wittwer, Ruth Stephens, Melita Cole, Kay Matthews, Mattie Phenix, Dorothy Myers, Verla Ruth, Irene Owens, Patsy Craig, Helen Harper, Olga Nagy, Elsie Patrick, Kay Patterson, Ruth Robinson, C Virginia Rowlands, Magdalene Takaro, Vera Thomas

Pg. 120 - Liberal Arts Club
(14 photos with names listed on the side)
Members: Russell Lee, Gerald Jones, William Miller, Charles Reed, Harold Dutt, Roland Hudson, Clenn Copeland, Paul Dolby, Emory Ellmore, William Latham, Cloyd Temple, Herbert Faloon, George Tallmadge, Weldon Culver

Pg. 121 - Alatheia Debating Club
(28 photos with names listed on the side)
Members: Dorothy Weaver, Sue Bailey, Virginia Mix, Reva Aylor, Ava Ann Pierson, Ruth Winston, Ruth Chaney, Kathe Austel, Clive Crombie, Vivian Hovren, Louise Taylor, Frances Hummer, Louise Stratton, Helen Strickland, Eugenia Anderson, Esther Yocum, Mary Beers, Phyllis Campbell, Alice Coffin, Betty Gaye, Esther Gifford, Sylvia Grant, Josephine Jolliffe, Martha Kumler, Eileen Peters, Faye Potter, Alberta Russell, Leda Yarnell

Pg. 122 - Periclea Debating Club
(26 photos with names listed on the side)
Members: Ray Pannabecker, Willis Carruth, Murlin Day, Karl B Justus, Leighton Shepard, Harold Millard, Robert Smith, Vernon Goodhand, Arthur Henderson, Lee Varner, Drew Wolcott, William Burton, Hayden Carruth, Forrest Church, William Good, Will Wolcott, Howard Book, Willis Dunn, Alfred Duck, Joseph Hair, Dow Kirkpatrick, George Murphy, Bernard Kindrick, Richard Preston, James Blitch, Olin Burkholder

Pg. 123 - Lucy Stone Debating Club
(28 photos with names listed on the side)
Members: Maude Brown Edwards, Mardelle Amstutz, Frances Hughes, Kathryn McAfee, Magdalene Amstutz, Edna Mae Bald, Ruth McAfee, Marjorie Savage, Ruth Ziemer, Ethel Mae Keeton, Ruth Little, Helen Millard, Corrine Berry, Mary Elizabeth Bunch, Elizabeth Shaw, Louise Webb, Frances Little, Ruth Van Meter, Arlene Amstutz, Mary Berry, Vernelle Bowman, Marion Johnson, Kathryn Kinsey, Josephine Long, Estalene Mott, Faith Stewart, Mary Thompson, Adaleen Witt

Pg. 124 - Wilsonia Debating Club
(20 photos with names listed on the side)
Members: Miles DePagter, Charles Albright, Horace Guiler, Cullen Jones, Sam Evans, Herbert Clingen, Warren Fossett, Emerson Russell, Charles Beaman, Herbert Null, Clarence Simpson, Joe Crouse, Kimber Crouse, John Hamblen, Gordon Whitney, Paul Whitten, Hendrix Townsley, Norman Darling, Paul Fossett, Fred Manville

Pg. 125 - Euphemia Debating Club
(27 photos with names listed on the side)
Members: Vela Cleveland, Arlene Shafer, Minnie Lee Sikes, Clara Ann Barr, Jean Cleveland, Laura Boyd, Ethlyn Hood, Evelyn Kaufman, Sara McCalla, Ruth VanSciver, Lola Holifield, Charlotte Troxel, Hazel Bolick, Loma Housley, Jenny Lynn Strickland, Lois James, Martha White, Marjorie White, Gertrude Bauer, Eunice Kirk, Bernice Benson, Christine Camden, Pauline Collins, Matille Crossno, Mary Horn, Naomi Mast, Eula Mae Richardson

Pg. 129 - Asbury Athletic Association
(9 photos with names listed at the bottom)
Members: Leighton Shepard, William Burton, James Ranck, Virginia Mix, Dorothy Slote, Miles DePagter, Karl Justus, Ray Pannabecker, Elma Reed

Pg. 130 - The Senior Tigers
(4 photos with names listed on the side)
Russell Lee - Captain, Hugh Barnett - Forward, Willis Carruth - Forward, Miles DePagter

(4 photos with names listed on the side)
Ray Pannabecker - Guard, Richard Pittman - Guard, Leighton Shepard - Guard, Robert Smith - Guard

Pg. 131
The Senior Tigers
(4 photos with names listed on the side)
George Shaffer - Center, Charles Beaman - Forward, Howard Book, Alfred Duck - Forward

The Junior Cardinals
(4 photos with names listed on the side)
Vernon Goodhand - Guard, Evan Jones - Guard, James Lindsey - Guard, William Maxwell - Forward

Pg. 132
The Junior Cardinals
(4 photos with names listed on the side)
Dwight Amstutz - Forward, Gordon Chaphe - Forward, Charles Crain - Forward, Malcolm Cox- Forward

The Sophomore Panthers
(4 photos with the names listed on the side)
James Dietz - Guard, Raymond Kretzschmer - Guard, Charles Stokes - Forward, Robert Young - Center

Pg. 133
The Sophomore Panthers
(4 photos with the names listed on the side)
Thomas Bird, Paul Fossett - Guard, Truman Garry, Ivan Hackney

The Freshman Comets
(4 photos with names listed on the side)
R D Higgs - Guard, Richard Preston, Charles Price, Lewis Wilson - Guard

Pg. 134
The Freshman Comets
(4 photos with names listed on the side)
Earl Curry - Guard, Olin Burkholder - Guard, Robert Hayes - Forward, Karl Justus - Guard

The Seminary Preachers
(4 photos with names listed on the side)
Paul Potter - Center, James Ranck - Forward/Center, John Simpson - Forward, Hendrix Townsley - Forward
Pg. 135 - "A" Club
(19 photos with names listed at bottom)
Members: Martin Brinton, Paul Potter, Ava Ann Pierson, Forrest Frogge, George Shaffer, Ruth Ziemer, Grace Birge, Benton Sneary, Vernon Goodhand, Leighton Shepard, Pam Waddell, Agnes Abbey, John Simpson, Rex Dixon, Winnifred Jayne, John Carruth, Dwight Amstutz, Seth Granberry, William Maxwell

Pg. 136 - Girls Basketball
(Group photo with names on the side)
The Senior Team - Elma Reed, Minnie Lee Sikes, Helen Millard, Grace Birge, Virginia Pritchard, Frances Hughes, Dorothy Weaver

(Group photo with names on the side)
The Junior Team - Marion Clingen, Dorothy Pino, Verla Ruth, Melita Cole, Charlotte Goodhand, Virginia Mix, Arlene Shafer, Louise Webb

Pg. 137 - Girls Basketball
(Group photo with names on the side)
The Sophomore Team - Ruth Winston, Agnes Abbey, Pam Waddell, Winnifred Jayne, Mary Birge, Lois James

(Group photo with names on the side)
The Freshman Team - Beatrice Yeater, Ruby Anna Brace, Carol Olofson, Iona Cole, Patsy Craig, Ruth Robinson, Mary Thompson

Pg. 138 - On The Tennis Court
(8 photos with names listed at the bottom) Finalists in the Fall Tennis Tournament
Granberry, Ziermer, Shepard, and Justus

(Group photo with names listed on the side)
Seth Granberry - Men's Singles Champion
Ruth Ziemer - Women's Singles Champion
Shepard and Justus - Men's Doubles Champions
Ziemer and Granberry - Mixed Doubles Champions

Pg. 139 - Skill on the Mat
(photo) Arthur K Henderson - Instructor
(7 group photos - no names listed)

Pg. 140
(Group Photo - no names listed) Archery Group
(Group photo - no names listed) Track Group

Pg. 141 - Womens' Athletic Association
(Group photo - no names listed)
(photo) Dr. F M Festoon - Head of the Department of Education
(photo) Lois C Kintner - Principal of the High School
Asbury High School at one time was a part of Asbury College, but technical educational requirements made a division of the institutions necessary - a separation in organization only.

Pg. 145 - The High School Faculty
(5 photos with names listed on the side)
Mary Chamberlain - Spanish and History
Ruby Latham - Latin and Mathematics
Helen Morrison - Psychology and Social Studies
James Ranck - Bible
Eva Taylor - English and Speech

Pg. 146 - The High School Graduates
(6 photos with names listed on the side)
Ralph Baney - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Clifford Weldon Culver - Foo Chou, China
Norman Edward DeTroy - Carmi, Illinois
John Goorley - Trenton, New Jersey
Ellewood Gray - Sacramento, California
Carroll Spencer Hamblin - Union, South Carolina

Pg. 147 - The High School Graduates
(6 photos with names listed on the side)
L D Honeycutt - Sulligent, Alabama
Harold Kellermier - Steubenville, Ohio
Nelle Staton Leach - Nicholasville, Kentucky
Mary Elizabeth McAfee - Lakeland, Florida
Dorothea Mulligan - Burdett, New York
David Lungston Smith - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Pg. 148 - The High School Graduates
(6 photos with names listed on the side)
Grace Robert Smith - Tarpon Springs, Florida
James Stroud - Lee, Florida
Davis Vaughn - Jenkins, Kentucky
Evie Elizabeth Wiley - Social Circle, Georgia
Julia Winn - Severence, Korea
Eddie Withrow - Charleston, West Virginia
Ottie S Gardner - Flemingsburg, Kentucky

Pg. 149 - The High School Class Will
To Whom It May Concern: We, the Class of 1935, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do hereby declare this document to be our last will and testament, and we herewith revoke all former will made by us.
I, Julia Winn, bestow my blush upon Mary Willis
I, Eddie Withrow, will my chapel seat for Billy Savage to sleep in every day.
I, Davis Vaughn, will my way with the teachers to Mrs. Mulligan.
I, Nellie Leach, leave my highly developed sense of inquisitiveness to Margaret Jean Nofcier, who never asks questions.
I, James Stroud, will my aptitude for bragging about athletics to Paul Kellermier, a very modest Sophomore.
I, Mary McAfee, will my Southern accent to Charles Thomas.
I, Norman Detroy, leave my brief case to J. B. Moody.
I, Carroll Hamblin, bequeath my fame as an actress to Yvonne Cowsert.
I, David Smith, will my meek manner to Lloyd Sapp.
I, Harold Kellemier, will my ways of arguing in Sociology class to any worthy successor.
I, L. D. Honeycutt, leave my laziness to Gordon Berry.
I, Clifford Culver, leave my voice to Wilbur Kintner.
I, O. S. Gardner, leave my Eighteenth Century ideas to Cathlene [sic] Ballard.
I, John Goorley, will my winsome ways to Paul Kintner.

Pg. 150 - Underclassmen
(group photo with names listed at the bottom)
Cathleen Ballard, Warren Bishop, Ruth Buyers, Paul Kintner, Wilbur Kintner, Emma Jane Morris, Clay Mosley, Margaret Jeane Nofcier, Billy Savage, Charles Thomas

Yvonne Cowsert, Gordon Berry, John Buyers, Thomas Douglas, Robert Hart, Virginia Hughes, Paul Kellermier, J. B. Moody, Lorene Richardson, Lloyd Sapp, Carolyn Snyder, Lucille Speakman, Herbert Van Vorce, John English

Taylor Glass, Mary Alice Hillis, Margaret Kintner, Robert Reynolds, Mary Virginia Willis

Pg. 151 - Practice Teachers
(group photo at bottom of page with names listed above)
Olive Crombie, Margaret Fithian, Faith Wirsching, Ethel Mae Keeton, Catherine Matthews, Minnie Lee Sikes, Minnie Latham, Carrolla Bishop, Edna Bishop, Nelda Cox, Cloyd Temple, Lester Held, Frances Knapp, Mardelle Amstutz, Dorothy Weaver, Ruth Chaney, Ima Graham,
Willis Dunn, Thomas Thorp, Joe Kizer, Willis Carruth, George Hanna,

Pg. 152 - THEMISTOCLEA Debating Club
(group photo with names listed at the bottom)
MEMBERS: Herbert Van Vorce, John Buyers, Billy Savage, Paul Kintner, Davis Vaughn, John Goorley, David Smith, Warren Bishop, Lloyd Sapp, Wilbur Kintner, Robert Reynolds, Gordon Berry

Pg. 153 - ALPHADELPHIA Debating Club
(group photo with names listed above)
MEMBERS: Emma Jane Morris, Lorene Richardson, Grace Smith, Ruth Buyers, Mrs. Sarah Van Vorce, Margaret Jeane Nofcier, Virginia Hughes, Margaret Kintner, Yvonne Cowsert, Carolyn Snyder, Mary Virginia Willis, Mary Alice Hillis, Carroll, Spencer Hamblin

Pg. 134 - High School Basketball
(group photo with names listed at bottom)
Davis Vaughn - Center, Billy Savage - Center, Wilbur Kintner - Forward, Gordon Berry - Forward, Charles Thomas - Forward, J B Moody - Forward, Lloyd Sapp - Guard, Eddie Withrow - Guard, David Smith - Guard, Paul Kintner - Guard, L D Honeycutt - Guard

Pg. Unnumbered - Index of Advertisers
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