The 1925 Buzzer - Yearbook of the Utah Agricultural College

The BUZZER Volume 17 1925
Yearbook of the Utah Agricultural College, Logan, Utah
Based on signatures in back of book, original owner was Gladys Hanson.

Transcription notes:
Transcribed by Bob Kipke, May 2002
Only pages with a genealogical significance were transcribed.
Book obtained May 2002, from used bookstore in El Cajon, CA.


(Photo) President Elmer George Peterson

Pg. 8 - In Memorium [sic] - Malcolm B Layton

Pg. 19 - Faculty
Elmer George Peterson, President
William Peterson, Director of Experiment Station
Frank L West, Dean of Faculty
Ray B West, Dean of School of Agricultural Engineering
George R Hill, Jr., Dean of School Agriculture
James H Linford, Director of Summer School and Superintendent of Correspondence Study
A H Saxer, Dean of the School of General Science
Charlotte E Dancy, Dean of Women
Carrie C Dozier, Dean of the School of Home Economics
William L Wanlass, Dean of the School of Business Administration

Pg. 20 - (Photo) President A W Ivins

Pg. 21 - Board of Trustees
Anthony W Ivins, President, Salt Lake City
Roy Bullen, Salt Lake City
Lorenzo N Stohl, Salt Lake City
Mrs. Lee Charles Miller, Salt Lake City
C G Adney, Corinne
Weston Vernon, Logan
Frank B Stephens, Salt Lake City
Mrs Burton W Musser, Salt Lake City
Wilford Day, Parowan
Frederick P Champ, Logan
John P Griffin, Newton
J R Beus, Hooper
H E Crockett, Secy. of State, Ex Officio, Salt Lake City

Pg. 22
(Photo) Prof. Wm Peterson, Director of Experiment Station
(Photo) Dr. Frank L West, Dean of Faculty
(Photo) Dr. Geo. R Hill, Dean of School of Agriculture
(Photo) Dr. A H Saxer, Dean of School of General Science
Pg. 23
(Photo) Prof. Ray B West, Dean of School of Agricultural Engineering
(Photo) Dr. W L Wanlass, Dean of School of Business Administration
(Photo) Charlotte Dancy, Dean of Women
(Photo) Dr. Carrie C Dozier, Dean of School of Home Economics
(Photo) Dr. James H Linford, Director of Summer School

Pg. 28 - Post Graduates
(Photo) Edna Perkel, Vice President
(Photo) Ray D Garner, President
(Photo) B K Farnsworth, Secretary

Wilford C Cole
A R Croft
Milton Fife
Karl Frischknecht
A J Frost
Evelyn O Greaves
Carl Harris
Ralph T King
Willard Knowles
Leon Linford
Hyrum Mortenson
Peter Nelson
Myra nelson
D H Nelson
Joseph Reed Denton Smith
A L Starr
Alma L Wilson
Vanez Wilson
Jean Woodside

Pg. 29 - Post Graduates
(Photo) Denton Smith, Logan, Utah
(Photo) LaVell Cooley, Logan, Utah
(Photo) Russell Croft, Ogden, Utah
(Photo) Ralph T King, Logan, Utah
(Photo) Miltorn Fife, Logan, Utah
(Photo) J Anthony Frost, Nephi, Utah
(Photo) Myra Nelson, Logan, Utah

Pg. 30 - Post Graduates
(Photo) LeRoy Starr, Springville, Utah
(Photo) Willard Knowles, Logan, Utah
(Photo) Clarence Murdock, Heber, Utah
(Photo) Wilford Cole, Nephi, Utah
(Photo) Margaret Woodside, Logan, Utah
(Photo) Carl Frishknecht, Manti, Utah
(Photo) Leon Linford, Logan, Utah

Pg. 32 - Senior Officers
(Photo) Edna H Baker, Logan, Utah
Home Economics
Alpha Sigma Nu, Women's Pan Hellenic Council, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Economics Club, Empyreean, Vice Pres. Senior Class, Sorosis Sorority.

(Photo) Florence Cranney, Oakley, Idaho
Zeta Chi Sorority, Empyrean Club, Girls Rifle Club, Girls Swimming Team '23, Sec.-Treas. Senior Class, College Play '23, College Play '24-'25.

(Photo) Louis H Griffin, Ogden, Utah
Commerce and Bus. Ad.
Senior Class President, Freshman Football, Track '22-'25, Junior From Committee, Mgr. Be-No Booster '25, Asst. Mgr. of Buzzer '24, Buzzer Mgr '25, Commercial Club, Be-No Club, Rifle Club, Major of First Battalion R.O.T.C., Phi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade '20, Alpha Sigma Nu, Alpha Delta Epsilon.

Pg. 33 - Seniors
(Photo) Melvin Andreson, Logan, Utah, Agriculture
Botany Club, Ag. Club, Phi Beta Rho.

(Photo) Joseph Adams, Logan, Utah, Commerce
Phi Beta Rho.

(Photo) L J Austin, St. Anthony, Idaho, Agriculture
A.A.E., D.A.V., Alpha Gamma Phi.

(Photo) Woodruff Anderson, Logan, Utah, Agriculture
Ag. Club, Phi Beta Rho.

(Photo) Horace L Baker, Ogden, Utah, Agriculture
Ag. Club

(Photo) Halvy Bachman, Ogden, Utah, Commerce
Graduate Weber College 1917, College Song Leader 1918-19, Glee Club 4 years, Oratorio 2 years, Band 2 years, Commercial Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Alpha Delta Epsilon.

(Photo) Amos Wm. Bair, Richmond, Utah, Smith-Hughes Agriculture
Botany Club, Phi Kappa Iota.
Pg. 34 - Seniors
(Photo) Harold Brown, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Alpha Gamma Phi, A.A.E., D.A.V.

(Photo) Delbert Bolingbroke, Malad, Idaho
Ag. Club, Omega Tau.

(Photo) Sergene Benson, Logan, Utah
Basic Arts and Science
Dancing Club, Women's Pan Hellenic Council 1924-25, Gamma Xi Gamma.

(Photo) Harold Bateman, Logan, Utah
Commerce and Business Admn.
Commercial Club, R.O.T.C. Captain and U.S. Commission, Ag. Club, Phi Beta Rho.

(Photo) Helen Bullen, Logan, Utah
Basic Arts and Science
Empyrean Club, Beta Delta.

(Photo) J. L. Bergstrom, Salt Lake City
Agricultural Engineering
A.A.E., D.A.V., Glee Club 4 years.

(Photo) Grant Bowen, Logan, Utah
D.A.V., Phi Kappa Phi.

Pg. 35 - Seniors
(Photo) Wendell Budge, Logan, Utah
Basic Arts and Science
Delta Nu.

(Photo) Ivan Burgoyne, Logan, Utah
School of Agriculture
Ag. Club, Botany Club, Pres. and Organizer of the Veteran Scout Club.

(Photo) Lee Campbell, Moab, Utah
Smith-Hughes Agriculture

(Photo) Florence Childs, Springville, Utah
Vice-President Junior Class, Regimental Sponsor 1924-25, A.W.S. Council 1923-24, Student Life Staff 1924-25, Empyrean Club, Home Economics Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Alpha Sigma Nu, Sigma Theta Phi, School of Home Economics, Phi Kappa Phi.

(Photo) Chester Chambers, Ogden, Utah
Basic Arts and Science
President A.A.E., 1924-25.

(Photo) Reata Comish, Franklin, Idaho
Home Economics
Home Economics Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Beta Delta.

(Photo) Clyde Butts, Monticello, Utah
D.A.V., Ag. Club.

Pg. 36 - Seniors
(Photo) Wallace Coles, Logan, Utah
Phi Beta Rho.

(Photo) Clarence Coray, (no city, state listed)
Agricultural Eng. and Mech Arts
A.A.E., Omega Tau.

(Photo) Louis Descamps, Malad, Idaho
Scabbard and Blade, Rifle Club 1924-1925, Ag. Club, Omega Tau.

(Photo) Ralph Cole, Nephi, Utah
Basic Arts and Science
Cosmopolitan Club, Omega Tau, Phi Kappa Phi..

(Photo) Parley O Davis, Salt Lake City
Smith-Hughes Agriculture
Ag. Club 1922-23, Asst. Basketball Mgr. 1925, Phi Kappa Iota.

(Photo) Belva Cox, Fairview, Utah
Basic Arts and Science

Pg. 37 - Seniors
(Photo) Eugene Dunbar, Logan, Utah
Agricultural Engineering
A.A.E., D.A.V.

(Photo) Illah Eames, Preston, Idaho
Home Economics
Home Economics Club, Beta Delta

(Photo) LeRoy Erickson, Logan, Utah
Smith-Hughes Agriculture
Ag. Club

(Photo) George Doolas, Monticello, Utha
D.A.V., Ag. Club, Botany Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Phi Kappa Phi.

(Photo) Mrs Sue H Evans, Logan, Utah
Basic Arts and Science

(Photo) B K Farnsworth (no city or state listed)
Basic Arts and Science
Opera 1925, Glee Club 1925, Inter-School Debate 1925, Pi Zeta Pi, Post Graduate.

(Photo) Drue Eliason, Logan, Utah
Basic Arts and Science
Senior Party Committee, Sigma Theta Phi.

Pg. 38 - Seniors
(Photo) Walter Fuhriman, Providence, Utah
B.Y.C. 1922-23, Phi Kappa Phi, Scholarship "A" 1924, Scholarship "A" 1925, Delta Nu.

(Photo) Elna Froyd (no city or state listed)
Home Economic Club, Beta Delta.

(Photo) Emerson Finlayson, Logan, Utah
Glee Club 1925, A.A.E., Opera and Oratorio, Phi Kappi Phi, Delta Nu.

(Photo) David L Froerer, Logan, Utah
A.A.E., D.A.V., Phi Kappa Phi

(Photo) Bertrand R Gardner (no city or state listed)
Freshman Football 1921, Football letterman 1922-23-24, Wrestling 1924-25 (A in '25), Athletic Council 1925, Ag. Club President 1925, Alpha Delta Epsilon.

J S Grewal, Punjub, India

Marion Gardner, Afton, Wyo.
Home Economics
Home Economics Club, Zeta Chi.

Pg. 39 - Seniors
(Photo) LeRoy Halverson, Paradise, Utah
Orchestra, Opera 1924, Omega Tau.

(Photo) Howard Gospill, Milford, Utah
Ag. Club.

(Photo) Violet Goodsell, Logan, Utah
Home Economics Club, Opera and Oratorio.

(Photo) Charles Harris, Tremonton, Utah
Basic Arts and Science
Freshman Basketball 1923, Alpha Delta Epsilon.

(Photo) Raymond Green (no city or state listed)
Ag. Club.

(Photo) Robert Griffiths, Smithfield, Utah
Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Alpha.

(Photo) F C Gregory, Dolorus, Colorado
Cosmopolitan Club 1921-23, Winner of Wm. Peterson Science Medal 1924, D.A.V., Alpha Gamma Phi, Phi Kappa Phi.

Pg. 40 - Seniors
(Photo) Terrence Heaton, Orderville, Utah
Basic Arts and Science
Phi Kapa Phi.

(Photo) Mrs Mona P Heaton, Orderville, Utah
Home Economics
Phi Upsilon Omicron, Phi Kappa Phi.

(Photo) Durrell Hendricks, Logan, Utah
Football Letterman 4 Years, Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Alpha, Beno.

(Photo) W G House, Denver, Colorado
A.A.E., D.A.V.

Rita Hulme, Logan, Utah
A.W.S. 1923-24, President 1925, Vice-President Freshman Class '22, President Dance Club, Girls Rifle Team 4 Years, Mgr. 1925, Sponsor for four years 1922-23-24-25, Short Story Club, Junior Prom Com. 23-24, Alpha Sigma Nu, Sorosis.

(Photo) Leslie O Jensen, Manti, Utah
Smith-Hughes Agriculture
D.A.V., Ag. Club.

Pg. 41 - Seniors
(Photo) Della Lindsay, Heber City, Utah
Basic Arts and Science

(Photo) Melvin Lemon, Hyrum, Utah
Student Life Staff 1921-25, Short Story Club, Glee Club 1924-25, Junior Prom Committee 1924, Opera 1924, Pi Zeta Pi.

(Photo) Jennie Jones, Heber City, Utah
Basic Arts and Science

(Photo) Donald Jessop (no city or state listed)
Phi Beta Rho, Beaux Art Guild, Band and Orchestra.

(Photo) Stanley McKnight, Minersville, Utah
Ag. Club, Pan Hellenic 1924-25, Stock Judging Team 1924-25, Pi Zeta Pi.

(Photo) Melva Larson, Logan, Utah
Empyrean, Short Story, French Club, Zeta Chi.

(Photo) Leonard Longhurst, Woodruff, Utah
Smith-Hughes Agriculture
D.A.V., Cosmopolitan Club, Benedicts Club.

Pg. 42 - Seniors
(Photo) Milton Merrill, Logan, Utah
Debating 2 Years, Student Life 3 Years, Editor Summer 1923, Freshman Play '23, Alpha Sigma Nu, Periwig Club, Short Story Club, Tau Kappa Alpha, Delta Nu, Phi Kappa Phi.

(Photo) Malcolm Merrill, Richmond, Utah
Basic Arts and Science
Editor Student Life 1924-25, Pi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Sigma Nu, Business Manager 1924, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Delta Epsilon.

(Photo) Casper Merrill, Richmond, Utah
Inter-Class Debating 1923, Handball Championship 1925, Ag. Club, Alpha Delta Epsilon.

Hattie Morrell, Hyde Park, Utah
Basic Arts and Science
Empyrean Club, Student Life Staff 1924-25.

(Photo) Freeman McKinnon, Evanston, Wyo.
Basic Arts and Science
Scabbard and Blade, Capt. Battery "A", Rifle Team 4 Years, Rifle Club, Alpha Delta Epsilon.

(Photo) Lucilla May, Logan, Utah
Pres. Freshman Ath. Assn. 1920-21, A.W.S. Rep. 1920-21-22, Empyrean Club, Vice-Pres. Women's Ath. Assn. 1924-25, Home economics Club, Alpha Sigma Nu, Pan Hellenic Rep 1922-23-24-25, Junior Prom Committee, Sigma Theta Phi.

(Golden May, Logan, Utah
Basic Arts and Science
Manager Dramatics and Socials 1924-25, Senior Party Committee, Delta Nu.

Pg. 43 - Seniors
(Photo) Preston Nielson, Logan, Utah
Hendrick's Medal 1923, Executive Committee 3 Years, Debating 4 Years, Tau Kappa Alpha, Pi Delta Epsilon, S.A.R. Medal 1924, Sigma Alpha.

(Photo) Essie Pearson, Logan, Utah
Ag. Engineering

(Photo) Eugene Morrill, Tridell, Utah
Ag. Club.

(Photo) Elsine Nielson, Salt Lake City
Home Economics
Home Economics Club.

(Photo) David Moosman, Vernal, Utah
Phi Kappa Phi.

(Photo) Jovis C Norby, Ada, Minnesota
Agricultural Engineering
A.A.E., D.A.V.

(Photo) Willard Noble, Smithfield, Utah
Ag. Club, Botany Club.

Pg. 44 - Seniors
(Photo) James Quayle, Logan, Utah
Animal Husbandry
Ag. Club 1922, Botany Club 1922

(Photo) Hamlet Pulley, Logan, Utah
Basic Arts and Science
Phi Kappa Phi.

(Photo) Kathlenn Powell, Beaver, Utah
Home Economics
Home Economics Club.

(Photo) Iona Osmond, Logan, Utah
Basic Arts and Science
Freshman Play 1922, Women's Pan Hellenic Council 1924-25, Empyrean Club, Sorosis.

(Photo) Richard Redden, Hoytsville, Utah
Alpha Gamma Phi, A.A.E., D.A.V.

(Photo) Miss Edna Perkel, Logan, Utah
Post Graduate

(Photo) Lyman Rich, Logan, Utah
Smith-Hughes Agriculture
Ag. Club, Stock Judging Team 1924-25, Phi Kappa Phi.

Pg. 45 - Seniors
(Photo) Moses Rich, Logan, Utah
Freshman Play, Tennis Team 1922-23-24, Manager 1924, Men's Pan Hellenic 1924-25, Scabbard and Blade, Short Story Club, Student Life Staff 1923-24-25, Buzzer Staff 1924, Pi Zeta Pi.

(Photo) Stanley Richardson, West Jordan, Utah
Smith-Hughes Agriculture
Ag. Club 1922-23, Short Story Club, Buzzer Editor 1925, Phi Kappa Iota, Phi Kappa Phi.

(Photo) Howard Russell, Springville, Utah
Agricultural Engineering
Phi Kappa Iota.

(Photo) Lamond Robinson, Logan, Utah
Basketball 3 Years, Ag. Club, Delta Nu.

(Photo) Cora Rose
Basic Arts and Science
Empyrean Club, Beta Delta, Phi Kappa Phi.

(Photo) Alphonzo Skanchy, Logan, Utah
Basic Arts and Science
Phi Beta Rho.

(Photo) Sarah Sessions, Logan, Utah
Home Economics
Phi Upsilon Omricorn, Empyrean Club, Opera and Oratorio, Home Economics, Vice-President 1925, Phi Kappa Phi.

Pg. 46 - Seniors
(Photo) Lincoln A Stookey, Clover, Utah
Animal Husbandry
I.S.C. Ames 3 Years, U. of Utah 1 Year, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Kappa Phi.

(Photo) Francilla Sutherland, Logan, Utah
Home Economics
Home Economics Club, Zeta Chi.

(Photo) Marjorie Smith, Logan, Utah
Basic Arts and Science
Empyrean Club, Short Story Club, Sorosis

(Photo) Marba Thurber, Rexburg, Idaho
Ricks College, U. of U.

(Photo) Byron Smith, Logan, Utah
Basic Arts and Science
Beaux Arts Guild, Track 1922-23,

(Photo) Pearl Spencer, Logan, Utah
Buzzer Staff 1924-25, Student Life Staff 1924-25.

Allene Sutherland, Logan, Utah
Home Economics
Empyrean Club, Home Economics Club, Zeta Chi.

(Photo) Vrea Stanger, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Home Economics
Home Economics Club, Student Life Staff 1922-23, Sorosis.

Pg. 47 - Seniors
Yasno Arakawa, Salt Lake City
Cosmopolitan, Ag. Club.

(Photo) John E Wall, Logan, Utah

(Photo) Harry Teshirogi, Salt Lake City
Ag. Club 1924-25, Cosmopolitan Club 1924-25

(Photo) Weston Vernon, Jr., Logan, Utah
R.O.T.C. Colonel 1924-25, Sophomore Class President 1922-23, Debating 3 Years, Freshman Debating 1921-22, Freshman Play 1922, Executive Committee, Student Life Editor 1923-24, Student Life Staff 4 Years, Alpha Sigma Nu, Pi Delta Epsilon, Hendricks Medal, Pi Zeta Pi.

(Photo) Charlotte Warner, Grace, Idaho
Home Economics
Home Economics Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron Empyrean Club, Zeta Chi, Phi Kappa Phi.

(Photo) Wilford Welsh, Paradise, Utah
D.A.V., A.A.E.

(Photo) H G White, Beaver, Utah
Basic Arts and Science
A.A.E., Phi Kappa Phi.

(Photo) Grant West, Brigham City
Junior Class President 1924, Track Letterman 2 Years, A.A.E. 4 Years, Vice-President 1925, Glee Club 3 Years, Pi Zeta Pi.

Pg. 48 - Seniors
(Photo) Howard Woodside, Logan, Utah
Physical Education
Football 4 Years, Basketball 1922-23-24-25, Athletic Council, Executive Committee, Pan Hellenic Council, Alpha Sigma Nu, Phi Kappa Iota.

(Photo) Edwin Wood, Logan, Utah
Basic Arts and Science
R.O.T.C. Commission, Letter in Track 1924.

(Photo) Ray Woolley, Grantsville, Utah
Commerce and Business Admn.
Frosh Football 1920, Football 1921-22-23-24, Football Captain 1924, Beno Club, President 1924, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Kappa Iota.

(Photo) Henry Webster, Cedar City, Utah
Letter Trackman 3 Years 1923-24-25, Football Letterman 1923-24, Glee Club 3 Years, Opera 3 Years, Male Quartette, Pi Zeta Pi.

(Photo) Josephine Woodside, Logan, Utah
Home Economics
Alpha Sigma Nu, Home Economics Club Sec.-Treas. 1923-24, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Empyrean Club Sec. 1924-25, Gamma Xi Gamma.

(Photo) Le Roy Wilson, River Heights
Beaux Art Guild, Buzzer Staff Artist 1925, Junior Prom Committee 1924, R.O.T.C. Major, Scabbard and Blade, Delta Nu.

(Photo) Cecil Baker, Minersville, Utah
Smith-Hughes Agriculture
Track 1923-24-25, Basketball Letterman 1923-24-25, Basketball All State Center 1925, Pi Zeta Pi.

(Photo) Rollo Woodward, Franklin, Idaho
Smith-Hughes Agriculture
Botany Club, Phi Kappa Phi.

Pg. 50 - Juniors
(Photo) Hattie Merrill, Vice-President

(Photo) Ariel C Merrill, President

(Photo) Mary Browning, Secretary

Pg. 51 - Juniors
(14 Photographs of individuals listed below)
Paul Monson - Richmond
Lucile Humphreys - Logan
Allie Peterson - Newton
Guy Stevens - Logan
Afton Robinson - Logan
Max Gowans - Tooele
Gayle Pond - Brigham
Merlin Hirst - Logan
LeGrande Clark - Coalville
Craig Hulme - Logan
Courtney Judah - Logan
Arthur Wagstaff - Murray
Ada Sorenson - Logan
R K Bishoff - Logan

Pg. 52 - Juniors
(14 Photographs of individuals listed below)
Dorothy Brown - Salt Lake City
Ervin Harris - Logan
Ernest Biggs - Franklin, Idaho
Freida Bohman - Peterson
Edwin Barrus - Logan
Effie Spenst - Logan
Harold Wadsworth - Logan
Elmer Thompson - Hyrum
Afton Argyle - Salt Lake City
Harriet Morgan - Spanish Fork
O W Monson - Salt Lake City
Glen Taylor - Parowan
Helen Sanford - Delta
Norman Christensen - Logan

Pg. 53 - Juniors
(14 Photographs of individuals listed below)
Karl Magleby - Logan
Annis Barlow - Bountiful
Ione Harris - Evanston, Wyo.
Densel Allen - Tuttle, Idaho
Howard Gunderson - Murray
Elvera Olson - Salt Lake City
Don Parkinson - Logan
Norma Watkins - Logan
C H Skinner - Moriaity, N.M.
Ceceil Overstreet - Grenada, Colo.
Dee Davis - Logan
Paul Boyce - Murray
Harriet Adams - Logan
Randolph Riter - Logan

Pg. 54 - Juniors
(14 Photographs of individuals listed below)
Harold Frederick - Logan
Ora Lowe - Hooper
Delsa Pugh - Kanab
Angus Woodruff - Smithfield
David Fuhriman - Providence
Lawrence Karren - Salt Lake City
Bert Harward - Willard
Aura Bennett - Logan
Irvin Hull - Hooper
Gerald Henrie - Logan
Editha Smith - Beaver
Frank Gimlin - Ogden
Francis Thomas - Logan
Jeanetta Mcneil - Logan

Pg. 55 - Juniors
(14 Photographs of individuals listed below)
Lucille Kunz - Cedar City
Ruel Jensen - Huntington
Sumner Hale - Hailey, Idaho
Alida Clayton - Salt Lake City
Vera Scheby - Logan
Samuel Hales - Deseret
Ruth Schaub Haycock - Logan
La Voir Card - Card
Lorenzo Richards - Brigham
Cleon Lemon - Logan
Thelma Peterson - Portland, Ore.
Ruth Maughn - Logan
E Virgil Norton - Salt Lake City
Ernest Jeppson - Geneva

Pg. 56 - Juniors
(14 Photographs of individuals listed below)
Beatrice Anderson - Sandy
Francis Wilcox - Lehi
Marion McKellops - Provo
Lucille Owen - Logan
Margaret Baker - Logan
James Rice - Farmington
Susie Niles - Salt Lake City
Wendell Allred - Moab
Dean C Goodsell - Logan
Myron Hanson - Farmington [Farmington was lined out and Collinston hand written in]
Alton Hason - Paradise
Cecil Kenner - Nephi
Edna Pederson - Logan
C B Leddingham - Bountiful

Pg. 58 - Sophomores
(Photo) Elmer J Burnett - Secretary
(Photo) Frank Christensen - President
(Photo) Erma Worley - Vice-President

Pg. 59 & 60 - Sophomores
Each page has about 60 photographs without any names listed.

Pg. 62 - Freshmen
(Photo) Leland Olson - Secretary
(Photo) Leland Skanchy - President
(Photo) Thelma Dudley - Vice-President

Pg. 63-65 - Freshmen
Each page has about 45 photographs without any names listed.

Pg. 69 - Football
(Photo) Coach E Lowell Romney (this photo is signed)

Pg. 70 - Football
(Team Photo) Terry, Asst. Trainer, Ford, Manager, Pratt, Burnett, Crowther, Morrtenson, Hendricks, Capt. "Bun" Woolley, Webster, Gardner, Foxley, Nelson Trainer, Dr. Ray B West, Athletic Council, Coach E L Romney.
Anderson, Nuffer, Woodside, Jorgenson, Riter, Thain, Nelson, Love, Howe, Lunt, Hamilton, Perry, Sutton, Neunchwander, Miles, Smith, Leddingham, Thomas, Hurren, Jeffs.

Pg. 71 - Football
(Photo) Capt. Ray "Bun" Wolley
(Photo) Clarence "Eel" Leddingham
(Photo) Bert Gardner

Pg. 72 - Football
(Photo) Newel "Hod" Sanders
(Photo) Willard "Butch" Knowles
(Photo) Henry "Hal" Webster

Pg. 73 - Football
(Photo) Vernon "Non" Love
(Photo) Durrell "Seedy" Hendricks
(Photo) Edward "Ted" Foxley (this photo is signed)

Pg. 74 - Football
(Photo) Howard "How" Woodside
(Photo) Floyd "Tommie" Thomas (this photo is signed)
(Photo) Earl "Fat" Howe

Pg. 75 - Football
(Photo) Sterling "Puney" Anderson
(Photo) Armond "Pinkey" Jeffs
(Photo) Melvin "Ham" Hamilton

Pg. 76 - Football
(Team Photograph) Frosh Football Squad
Gills, Holton, Linford, Tingey, Pickett, Larsen, Decker, Pocock Manager, Nielson, Williams, Bean, Bennion, Beckstead, Sterling Harris Coach, Brady, Jeppson, Dahle, Wixom, Martindale, Whitmore, Hawley, Capt.
(Photo) George Nelson - Trainer
(Photo) Sterling Harris - Frosh Coach

Pg. 77 - Basketball
(Team Photograph) Manager Davis, Hawley, Coach Romney, Henrie, Sanders, Captain Woodside, Baker, Nielson, Thomas, Williams.
(Photo) Parley Davis - Manager

Pg. 78 - Basketball
(Photo) Captain Howard Woodside [this photo is signed]
(Photo) Newell "Hod" Sanders
(Photo) Cecil Baker

Pg. 79 - Basketball
(Photo) Du Wayne Henrie
(Photo) Clifton "Cis" Crother
(Photo) Floyd Thomas

Pg. 80 - Basketball
(Photo) Cantrell Nielson
(Photo) Addington "Mart" Martindale
(Photo) William "Bill" Geddes

Pg. 81 - Basketball
(Photo) Warren "Fat" Rawley
(Photo) Harold "Hal" Williams

A Very Successful Season
Winning twelve of nineteen games is the sum total of the success of the Blue Basket Throwers this season. They placed second in the race for state honors.

Pg. 82 - Freshman Basketball
(Team photograph) Coach Sterl Harris, Holton, Keller, Captain Linford, Bennion and Richardson, Gills, Beckstead, Watkins and Miles Manager.

Pg. 83 - Track
The state records broken by the Utah Aggie track men in 1924 are:
440 yard dash - Anderson; 51 1/5
High Hurdles - Croft; 15 3/5 seconds
Pole Vault - Webster and Young, B.Y.U. tied at 12 ft 3 1/2 in.
One Mile Relay (Furlong, Bailey, Geddes and Anderson); 3 minutes 32 seconds

In the inter-class meet held in 1924, Hyrum Mortenson, Sterl Anderson and Jack Croft finished in the order named and received the gold, silver and bronze medals, respectively, donated by the Cardon Jewelry Company.

Member of the championship track and field squad who are not back this year are: Anderson, Croft, Thompson, Whitney, Clark, Layton, Kirk, Jackson, Ivins, and Hunter.

Pg. 84 - Track
(Photo) "Hy" Mortenson, captain of last year's championship.
(Photo) Sterling Anderson
(Photo) Jack Croft

Pg. 85 - Track
(Photo) Henry Webster
(Photo) Byron Whitney (this photo is signed)
(Photo) Willard "Butch" Knowles

Pg. 86 - Track
(Photo) Harvey Kirk
(Photo) William "Bill" Geddes
(Photo) Anthon "Tony" Lunt

Pg. 87 - Track
(Team photo) The 1925 Squad
E Howe Manager, Harris, Furlong, Gadd, West, Flint, Bickmore, Geddes, Hogan Assistant manager, Farrar, Broadhead, Smith, Webster, Baker, Bailey, Lunt, Bennion, Walker, Arnold, Gills, Hanson, Morrell, Mortensen, Neuenschwander, Jeppson, Bolingbroke, Sanders, Coles, Layton, Neilson, Linford, Gardner, McKellops, Burke, Norton, Miles, Wood, Beal.

(Photo) Grant Hunter

Pg. 88 - Track 1925
As the Buzzer goes to press before the conclusion of the track season, mention can only be made of the results up to date:
- Cross Country Run - Burke, first; Norton, second; Farrar, third
- Inter-Class Track Meet - Mortenson, first; Burke and Geddes tied for second.
- Dual Meet at Provo - U.A.C. - 92 1/2; B.Y.U. - 42 1/2
- Dual meet at Logan - U.A.C. - 94; U. of U. 41.

The prospects are very bright in track for the Aggies this season and the team may add another State Championship to our records. If such is the case it will have to be recorded in next year's Buzzer if at all, as this one will be on the printer's block.

The Athletic Department sponsored three new sport activities this year and the success of these activities speaks well for their permanency.

The Handball Tournament was won by Casper Merrill after an interesting and close series of games. Merrill receives a medal for interesting and close series of games. Merrill receives a medal for his successful efforts. Handball has made a decided hit with the students and faculty and bids fair to be one of the prime sports.

The Intra Organization Baseball League has been going along nicely with the Phi Kaps, Omega Taus, Epsilons, and Sig Alphs entering strong teams.

The Horseshoe Tournament received its initial appearance this year and the winner, Henry Webster will receive a medal donated by Coach Jenson as his share of the net proceeds.

Pg. 89 - The Tennis Team
(Team photograph) (signed by "Climmie Darling")
The tennis team this year, while composed of entirely new men with the exception of Captain Vernon, has started the season out with a determination to keep the Aggie laurels as near the top as possible. But one match has been played, the Aggie racquetteers losing to the Cougar champions, and local fans are not looking for anything promising in the line of victories but are exceedingly hopeful of the future which indeed looks bright. The team composed of Weston Vernon, Lund Johnson, Don Parkinson, Myron Brenchley, and Clinton Vernon have been pushed for their places by the following men, all of whom will be back next year; Barrows, Cardon, Thomas, Darley, Greene and Peterson.

Pg. 90
(Team photo) State Wrestling Champions 1925
McCune, Pikett, Kilburn, Chambers, Gowans, D Bergeson, B Gardner, W Knowles, Decker and Coach George Nelson.

(Team photo) Swimming Team
R. Cole, L Olson, Crocket, D Parkinson, Coach Sterl Harris.

Pg. 93 - Executive Committee
(Photo) Frances Thomas, Secretary Student Body
(Photo) Willard B Knowles, President Student Body
(Photo) Allie Peterson, Vice-President Student Body (this photo is signed)
(Photo) Howard M Woodside
(Photo) Lucille Owen
(Photo) Weston Vernon, Jr.
(Photo) Francis R Wilcox
(Photo) C Lester Pocock
(Photo) Preston M Nielson

Pg. 94 - Athletic Council
(Photo) Prof. Ray B West
(Photo) Dr. George R Hill
(Photo) Prof. George B Caine
(Photo) Floyd Thomas
(Photo) Bertrand R Gardner
(Photo) Newel Sanders

Pg. 96 - Buzzer Staff
(13 photo's - no names listed) (one photo signed by Susie Niles)

Pg. 97 - The Buzzer Staff
Rex Ostler, Asst. Bus. Mgr.
Louis H Griffin, Business Mgr.
Stanley S Richardson, Editor-in-Chief
Fred D B Hogan, Asst. Editor
Gladys Hanson, Calendar and Society Editor
Thelma Faylor, Mounting Editor
Marion McKellops, Mounting Editor
Marcus Childs, Humor Editor
LeRoy Wilson, Art Editor
Susie Niles, Literary Editor
Reynolds Nowells, Asst. Snapshot Editor
Lavell Cooley, Snapshot Editor
Pearl Spencer, Asst. Society Editor
Harold Peterson, Athletic Section Editor
Ben Brown, Assistant Art Editor

Pg. 98 - Student Life Staff
(Photo) Malcolm H Merrill, Editor-in-Chief
(Photo) Wendell Allred, Associate Editor
(Photo) Bert O Howard, Associate Editor
(Photo) Ariel C Merrill, Business Manager

Student Life is a paper published weekly which is very newsy and full of interesting events and happenings. What is college life without a Student Life once a week?

Pg. 99 - Student Life Staff
(25 photos with names listed at bottom of page) [two photos signed LaVoir Card "News" and Clinton Vernon]
Milton R Merrill, Frances Thomas, Stanley Christenson Assistant Business Manager, Susi Niles, F.D.B. Hogan, Bonne Adamson, Marion McKellops, Maude Mitchell, Craig Hulme, Florence Childs, LaVoir Card, LaVee Peterson, Ervin Hull, Veda Mason, Melvin Lemon, Erma Worley, Weston Vernon Jr., Pearl Spencer, Alton Hanson, Hattie Morrell, Moses L Rich, Arla McKinnon, Clinton Vernon, Alida Clayton, Leland Olson.

Pg. 102 - Military Officers and Sponsors
(14 photos with names listed at bottom of page)
Capt. Smith, Lieut. Hadley, Weston Vernon Jr., Colonel, Florence Childs Regimental Sponsor, E Virgil Norton Regimental Adjutant, Louis Griffin Major 1st Battalion, Mary Browning Sponsor, Ralph Farrar Adj., Wendell Budge Major 2nd Battalion, Edna Baker Sponsor, Bert Harward Adj., Roy Wilson Major 3rd Battalion, Allie Peterson, Sponsor, Ariel Merrill Adj.

Ph. 103 - Military Officers and Sponsors
(14 photos with names listed at bottom of page)
F McKinnon Quartermaster, Battery A - Capt. Rex Birch, ERma Nelson Sponsor, Battery B - Capt. Irwin Harris, Clara Watkins Sponsor, Battery C - Capt. Louis Deschamps, Loretta Clayton Sponsor, Battery D - 1st Lieut. Norman Christenson, Veda Mason Sponsor, Battery E - Capt. Wallace Cole, Edith Merrill Sponsor, Battery F - Capt. Harold Bateman, Reta Hulme Sponsor, 1st Lieut. Clyde Smith, Harold Wadsworth.

Pg. 104 - Military - no names listed
(Group photo - Battery A)
(Group photo - Battery B)

Pg. 105 - Military - no names listed
(Group photo - Battery C)
(Group photo - Battery D)

Pg. 106 - Military - no names listed
(Group photo - Battery E)
(Group photo - Battery F)

Pg. 107 - Military - no names listed
(Group photo - Men's Rifle Team)
(Group photo - Girls' Rifle Team)

Pg. 110 - Debating
The Negative Team of the Supreme Court Question
(Photo) Weston Vernon, Jr.
(Photo) Preston Neilson
(Photo) Leland Skanchy

The Affirmative of the Supreme Court Question
(Photo) Frances Wilcox
(Photo) Golden Wright
(Photo) Norman Christenson

Pg. 111 - Debating
Who defended affirmative side of the Japanese question thruout [sic] the southern and eastern U.S.
(Photo) Milton Merrill
(Photo) Weston Vernon, Jr.
Who met teams in California and showed much forensic ability.
(Photo) Preston Neilson
(Photo) Norman Christenson

This team met the team from the Montana College.
(Photo) Leland Skanchy
(Photo) B K Farnsworth

Pg. 112 - Debating
(Photo) Edna Wyatt
(Photo) Guen Rouche
(Photo) Lucille Owens
(Photo) Norma Hanson

Pg. 113 - Awards
The Sons of the American Revolution Medal given annually by the Utah Chapter, Son of the American Revolution for the best oration on patriotism, won by Norman Christenson.

The Hendricks Medal given each year by Carrie H Hendricks in honor of the late George B Hendricks for the best extemporaneous speech, won by Milton Merrill.

The Cardon Medals given to the three high point winners in the inter-track and field meet:
(1) Gold Medal - Hyrum K Mortenson
(2) Silver Medal - William Geddes
(3) Bronze Medal - Melvin Burke

Scholarship "A's" are given to the six students who rank highest in the school in scholarship. Based on the winter quarter work. Awards for the year are: Milton R Merrill, Mona P Heaton, Orion S Pulley, Lorenzo Richards, David U Fuhriman and Randolph Riter.

R.O.T.C. Medal awarded by President E G Peterson to the student in military work who best represents the ideals of the R.O.T.C. awarded to Weston Vernon, Jr.

The Howell Medal awarded by Howell Brothers to the most effective inter-collegiate debater. Awarded to Preston M Nielson.

Certificate of Citizenship given by President E G Peterson to the student adjudged by a selective committee to be the best citizen at school awarded to Willard B Knowles.

Lois Hayball Medal given by Mrs. Lois Hayball to the student in the school of Home Economics who represents the highest type of womanhood. Award based on scholarship, qualities of womanhood, and application of Home Economics principles in daily life. Awarded to Florence Childs.

Johansen Scholarships were awarded to Kenneth Bischoff, Leatha Christenson, E C Jeppson.
Pg. 116 - Dramatics
Cast of "The Boomerang"
(Group photo with names listed at bottom of page)
Dr.. Gerald Sumner - La Phene Peterson
Budd Woodbridge - Fred D B Hogan
Preston De Witt - David G Hurren
Emile Heinrich Hartley - E Virgil Norton
Mr Stone - La Voir Card
Virginia Xelva - Alida Clayton
Grace Tyler - Roma Larson
Mrs Creighton Woodbridge - Thelma Jenson
Marion Sumner - Irma Valentine
Gertrude Ludlow - Florence Cranney

Pg. 117 - Dramatics
The college may look back with pride on this year's productions in dramatics. The college play, "The Bommerang," [sic] a delightful modern comedy in three acts, by Winchell Smith and Victor Mapes was produced for the first time in the history of college dramatics at the Capitol Theatre, March 24th. The building was packed, the performance went off in creditable style, and a highly pleased audience testified to the unusual success of the play.
To Miss Donna Jones, who came to the college in the winter quarter to take the place of Mrs. Iva Maud D Wiley, goes the greater share of the credit for this brilliant achievement. With infinite care and patience she trained the cast, and no detail of the entire production went unmarked by her.
In the characterization Miss Alida Clayton played the part of Virginia Xelva, the attractive young nurse, in a charming manner, bringing much worthy commendation to herself and the play. La Phene Peterson as Dr. Gerald Sumner, played his part in a way that might be called near professional. Fred Hogan as the love sick Budd Woodbridge held the sympathy of the audience from the first, and deserves much praise for the way in which he handled that most difficult part. Thelma Jenson as Mrs. Woodbridge, Budd's mother, did outstanding work, and Roma Larson as Grace Tyler, played well the part of the lovable but spoiled society girl. Irma Valentine as Marion Sumner, Florence Cranney in the part of the athletic Gertrude Ludlow, David Hurren as Preston DeWitt, Virgil Norton playing a double role as Emile Heinrich and Hartley the butler, and LaVoir Card as the patient. Mr. Stone made up a well balanced cast which did credit to themselves and the school by their excelllent [sic] performance.
Added dignity was brought to the college production by its presentation in Richmond, Hyrum and Preston.

Freshman Play
The Freshman production, "Adam and Eva," in the Capitol Theatre, April 6th was very successful. The play was delightful, and the cast under the direction of Mrs. Ruth M Bell did excellent work.
Byron Jeppson was strong in his part as Adam Smith, the adopted father of the King family. Ruth Baty was charming as Eva, and Emma Green was equally good as Julie, the spoiled daughters of the moneyed Mr. King. Leland Schanky did a clever piece of characterization as Mr. King. The other members of the cast: Thelma Larsen as the maid, Merrill Johnson as Uncle Horace, Clinton Vernon as Clinton DeWitt, Arvilla Parry as Aunt Abbie, Adrian Hatch, the English Lord, and Slymar Jessop as the Doctor, all contributed their share toward making the play a living interpretation.
The play was presented at the Boxelder High School and the South Cache High School.

Pg. 118 - Adam and Eva - The Cast
(Group photo with names listed at bottom of page) [signed by Clinton DeWitt]
Adam Smith - Byron Jeppson
James King - Leland Schanky
Clinton Dewitt - Clinton Vernon
Horace Pilgram - Merrill Johnson
Dr. Jack Delemater - Sylmar Jessop
Lord Andrew Gordon - Adrian Hatch
Eva King - Ruth Baty
Julie King DeWitt - Emma Green
Aunt Abbie - Arvilla Parry
Corinthia - Thelma Larson

Pg. 120 - Music
(College Choir group photo - no names listed)
(College Opera group photo - no names listed)

Pg. 121 - Music
(Glee Club group photo - no names listed)
(Quartette group photo - names listed at bottom)
Quartette: Ray Garner, Prof. C R Johnson, Anthon Lunt, Henry Webster

Pg. 126 - Alpha Sigma Nu
(12 photos with names listed at bottom of page)
Lucilla May, Milton Merrill, Rita Hulme, Howard Woodside, Josephine Woodside, Weston Vernon, Jr., Edna H Baker, Malcolm H Merrill, Florence Childs, Louis H Griffin, Allie Peterson, Grant West.

Pg. 127 - Phi Kappa Phi
(25 photos with names listed at bottom of page)
Malcolm H Merrill, Milton Merrill, Grant Bowen, David Mooseman, Sarah Sessions, Ralph Cole, Lincoln Stookey, Hobart White, Emerson Finlayson, Lyman Rich, George Doolas, Cora Rose, Rollo Woodward, Lester Hirst, Fred Gregory, Hamlet Pulley, Wesley Brummett, Ezra Thompson, Frances R Wilcox.

Pg. 128 - Phi Delta Epsilon
(9 photos with names listed at bottom of page)
Malcolm H Merrill, Pres. E G Peterson, Bert Harward, Louis H Griffin, Weston Vernon, Jr., Preston M Neilson, Ariel C Merrill, Wilford C Cole, Wendell Allred.

Pg. 129 - Tau Kappa Alpha Fraternity
(4 photos with names listed at bottom)
A National Honorary Debating Fraternity
Francis R Wilcox, Weston Vernon Jr., Milton R Merrill, W Craige Hulme

Pg. 130 - Alpha Kappa Psi
(23 photos with names listed at bottom of page)
Weston Vernon Jr., Frank Gimlin, Francis R Wilcox, Milton R Berntson, Robert Griffiths, Kenneth E Smith, O Cyril Hammond, Don Parkinson, Louis H Griffin, Ray S Woolley, Ervin Hull, Walter U. Fuhriaman, Denton R Smith, Alma E Greenhalgh, W Craige Hulme, Earl Randall, Anton Lunt, Ruel L Jensen, C B Leddingham, Neptune Fogleberg, David Fuhriaman, Halvy Bachman, Elmer Burnett.

Pg. 131 - Scabbard and Blade
(14 photos with names listed at bottom of page) (one photo signed Wendell Budge)
Freeman McKinnon, Wendell Budge, LeRoy Wilson, Moses L Rich, Capt. Adrian B Smith, Louis H Griffin, Weston Vernon, Jr., Ariel C Merrill, Norman Christenson, Bert Harward, E Virgil Norton, Louis Deschamps, Lincoln Stooky, Rex Birch.

PG. 132 - Phi Upsilon Omicron
(9 photos with names listed at bottom of page)
Josephine Woodside, Leatha Christenson, Florence Childs, Sarah Sessions, Edna H Baker, Harriett Adams, Reata Comish, Charlotte Warner, Mona P Heaton.

Pg. 134 - Men's Pan Hellenic Council
(9 photos with names listed at bottom of page)
Glarence B. Leddingham, Moses L Rich, President, Bert O Harward, Ariel C Merrill, Malcolm H Merrill, Stanley McKnight, Howard Woodside, Wendell Allred, Rex Ostler.

Pg. 136 - Pi Zeta Pi Fraternity
(15 photos with names listed at bottom of page) [one signature, Dave Hurren]
Grant West, Stanley McKnight, Henry Webster, Cecil Baker, Willard Knowles, David G Hurren, Weston Vernon, Jr., Rex Ostler, B K Farnsworth, DuWayne Henrie, Elmer Wood, Nolan Thompson, Osmond Flint, Alvin Baker, Shiblon Hatch.

Pg. 137 - Pi Zeta Pi Fraternity
(13 photos with names listed at bottom of page) (signed by, Os Moses, Paul Monson, Hooper Linford)
Clements Hanson, Anton Lunt, Clinton Vernon, Mainard Larson, Heber Garner, Ernest R Lee, Moses L Rich, Melvin Lemon, Wesley Odell, Robert Gibbons, Elmer J Thompson, Paul Monson, Hooper Linford.

Pg. 138 - Phi Kappa Iota Fraternity
(17 photos with names listed at bottom of the page) (signed by, How, & Patty Davis)
Ray S Woolley, Elmer J Burnett, Roland Davis, C Lester Pocock, Howard M Woodside, Vernon Love, David S Gardner, Alton Maughan, Stanley S Richardson, Douglas Bergeson, Harold Williams, William Geddes, Parey O Davis, Hubert Visick, Cantril Neilson, Howard Linford, Armond R Jeffs.

Pg. 139 - Phi Kappa Iota Fraternity
(20 photos with names listed at the bottom of the page) [signed by, Gordy Hogan, Joe Havertz, & Brick Smith]
Clarence B Leddingham, Monroe C Cranney, Sterling Reece, Lee Gibbs, Clifton Crowther, Jack Leahy, G Gibbs Smith, F D B Hogan, Alton J Whitmore, Alvin Thomas, LaMar Valentine, Duane Keller, Newell V Sanders, Edward G Foxley, Joseph Havertz, Jr., Harold H Layton, Earl Howe, Sheldon Winn, Thomas Green, Kenneth E Smith.

Pg. 140 - Delta Nu Fraternity
(19 photos with names listed at bottom of page) (signed by, Golden May, Bill Allred, & Happy)
Harold Glade, Francis R Wilcox, Leroy Starr, Wendell Budge, Denzil C Allen, Alma E Greenhalgh, Paul C Boyce, Norman Christenson, Ariel C Merrill, Golden May, Wendell Allred, Lamond Robinson, Leroy Wilson, Walter U Fuhriman, Marriner Morrell, Clyde Smith, Stanley Christenson, Gerald Davis, Emerson Finlayson.

Pg. 141 - Delta Nu Fraternity
(23 photos with names listed at bottom of the page) [signed by, Landell Merrill, David Fuhriman, Russell Smith, Elmo Keller, Perce, Lloyd Thornley, Lewis, D Broadhead]
Landell S Merrill, David Fuhriman, Stewart Starr, Cecil Kenner, Narvel J Abersold, George Nielson, Silas Anderson, Rush Budge, Wright Sutton, Vivian Tanner, j Russell Smith, Byron Darley, M Fonnesbeck, A Hendricks, Wilbur Wilson, Elmo Keller, Percy Barrows, Lloyd Thornley, Lewis Rolland, D Broadhead, Leland Olson, Wm. Cook.

Pg. 142 - Alpha Delta Epsilon Fraternity
(17 photos with names listed at bottom of the page) [signed by, Alt, Ernest Jeppson]
Freeman McKinnon, Lorenzo Richards, Bert Harward, Malcolm H Merrill, Halvy Bachman, Louis H Griffin, Alton Hanson, Ray Beal, Bertrand R Gardner, Ernest Jeppson, Elmer Jeppson, Kenneth Bickmore, Charles Harris, Eugene Morrell, Casper Merrill, Cleon Lemon, Marion McKellops.

Pg. 143 - Alpha Delta Epsilon Fraternity
(22 photos with names listed at bottom of the page) [signed by, Wright, Mel]
Myral Clark, Golden Wright, Lavoir Clark, Everett Hanson, Vernal Harris, Melvin Bankhead, Roy Bishop, V N Sevy, Lyde Watkins, Gerald Crochett, Denton Smith, Joseph Cummings, La Sell Leavitt, Inathus Wright, Clifford Jones, Melvin Burke, Eldon Johnson, Robert Dahle, Roscoe Pixton, William Stuart, J Vernon Monson, Matt Ewing.

Pg. 144 - Sigma Alpha Fraternity
(20 photos with names listed at bottom of the page) [signed by Bob, Tommy, Wallie]
E Virgil Norton, La Phene Peterson, Irvin Hull, Frank Gimlin, O Cyril Hammond, Clarence Neuenschwander, C Durrell Hendricks, Marcus Child, Robert Griffiths, Floyd Thomas, Preston Nielson, Osmond O Jorgenson, Weston Perry, W Craige Hulme, Ferris Miles, Henry Thain, Randolph Riter, Wallace Scholes, Ervin Harris.

Pg. 145 - Sigma Alpha Fraternity
(21 photos with names listed at bottom of the page) [signed by Swede, Theo Thain]
George Martineau, Charles Olson, Wilmar Nelson, Frank Christenson, Kenneth Lindquist, Parley Holton, John E McCune, Blaine Larson, Noel Bennion, Leland Skanchy, Lee McNeil, Byron Jeppson, Lyman Bennion, Robert L Brady, Theo Thain, Warren Hawley, Joseph Losee, Adrian Hatch, Abner Larson, Reuben Whitney, Alton Merrill.

Pg. 146 - Alpha Gamma Phi Fraternity
(10 photos with names listed at bottom of the page)
Lee Campbell, David Mooseman, O W Monson, Lawrence L Karren, R K Bischoff, Richard Redden, Wells F Collett, Hugo Olson, Parker Thomas, A E Austin.

Pg. 147 - Alphi Gamma Phi Fraternity
(9 photos with names listed at bottom of the page)
R A Skidmore, Allen Jones, S R Hunt, Harold Brown, Mark Holmes, William Egbert, Clyde Butts, W A Birkes Courtney Judah.

Pg. 148 - Omega Tau Fraternity
(17 photos with names listed at bottom of the page)
Ruel Jensen, Bert Bolingbroke, Reo Ellsworth, Lester Hirst, Eph Bolingbroke Louis Deschamps, Clarence Coray, Gomer Arnold, Arl Furlong, Wayne Ellis, Le Grande Walker, La Vern Lundquist, Ernest Bailey, Edwin Bailey, Erva Andrews, Gean Gadd.

Pg. 149 - Omega Tau Fraternity
(18 photos with names listed at bottom of the page)
Ralph Cole, Glen Cole, Charles Simpson, R M Victor, Joseph Meyrick, Le Moyne Wilson, Howard Gunderson, Arthur Wagstaff, Willard Fuller, Harold Peterson, Earl Wixom, Calvin Wixom, Alma Duke, Sumner Hale, Herbert Bartlett, Heber Ellsworth, William Swinyard, Harold Allred, Keith Bullen.

Pg. 150 - Phi Beta Rho Fraternity
(16 photos with names listed at bottom of the page)
Melvin Anderson, LaVell Cooley, Alfonzo Skanchy, Harold Bateman, Dean Goodsell, Guy Stevens, Lorin Fife, Erwin Moser, Ernest Biggs, Donald Jessop, Woodruff Anderson, Sylvian Jessop, Bryson Cook, Byron Smith, Hobart White, John Larson.

Pg. 151 - Phi Beta Rho Fraternity
(16 photos with names listed at bottom of the page)
Van Romney, Victor L Terry, Chester Chambers, Marvin Kilburn, Vernal Smith, Arthur Wagstaff, Russell Vielson, Ray Thalman, Wallace Coles, Lloyd Nuffer, Harold Fredericks, Harold Peterson, Anton Skanchy, Wyman Jensen, Gleason Kennard, Joe Adams.

Pg. 154 - Women's Pan Hellenic Council
(11 photos with names listed at bottom of the page)
Edna H Baker, President, Lucilla May, Allie Peterson, Iona Osmond, Mary Browning, Bessie Austin, Luella Hadlock, Sergene Benson, Mary Watkins, Allene Sutherland, Rhea Poulter.

Pg. 156 - Sorosis Sorority
(11 photos with names listed at bottom of the page) (signed by, Claire, Alton Argyle)
Katherine Cooper, Edna H Baker, Claire Olson, Alton Argyle, Bessie Austin, Rita Hulme, Loretta Clayton, Thelma Faylor, Vera Stanger, Edith Smith, Iona Osmond.

Pg. 167 [sic] - Sorosis Sorority
(11 photos with names listed at bottom of the page) (signed by, Iona Harris, Fran, & Faung Geddes)
Afton Robinson, iona Harris, Margorie Smith, Frances Thomas, Kirma Peterson, Norma Watkins, Edith Merrill, Aura Bennett, Maurine Mulliner, Florence Sutton, Faung Geddes.

Pg. 158 - Sorosis Snaps
(16 photos - no names listed)

Pg. 159 - Theta Snaps
(24 photos - no names listed)

Pg. 160 - Sigma Theta Phi Sorority
(10 photos with names listed at bottom of the page)
Gonnie Larson, Drue Eliason, Florence Childs, Norma Hansen, Mary Browning, Thelma Jensen, Susie Niles, Dorothy G Brown, Hattie Merrill, Veda Mason.

Pg. 161 - Sigma Theta Phi Sorority
(12 photos with names listed at bottom of the page)
Ora Packer, Lucilla May, Annis Barlow, Clara Watkins, Gerda Young, Mary B Rex, Lucile Owen, Bethol Champlin, Doris Champlin, Thelma Peterson, Erma Worley, Alida Clayton.

Pg. 162 - Beta Delta Sorority
(10 photos with names listed at bottom of the page)
Allie Peterson, Lucille Larson, Erma Nelson, Editha Smith, Mildred Riter, Harriet Morgan, Margaret Baker, Ruth Haycock, Ruth Maughan, Louella Hadlock.

Pg. 163 - Beta Delta Sorority
(11 photos with names listed at the bottom of the page) [signed by Helen Bullen]
Reata Comish, Leatha Christensen, Eunice Ward, Helen Bullen, Golda Reid, Myrtis Mathews, Bertha Stoker, Elna Froyd, Cora Rose, Eloise Thomas, Ilah Eames.

Pg. 164 - Beta Snaps
(13 photos - no names listed)

Pg. 166 - Gamma XI Gamma Sorority
(6 photos with names listed at the bottom of the page)
Josephine Woodside, Sergene Benson, Ruth H Chadwick, Mary Watkins, Eloise Symes, Aldyth Vernon.

Pg. 167 - Zeta Chi Sorority
(15 photos with names listed at the bottom of the page)
Allen Southerland, Delsa Pugh, Freida Bohman, Marian Gardner, Myra Nelson, Jenneta McNeil, Florence Cranney, Mrs. Iva M D Wiley, Francilda Southerland, Vera Scheby, Mrs. Esther J Hunt, Leah Mouritsen, Rebecca Nelson, Charlotte Warner, Mrs. Von T Ellsworth.

Pg. 168 - Look Them Over
(4 group photos - no names listed)

Pg. 170 - Dormity [sic] Girls on Steps
(1 group photo - no names listed)

Pg. 171 - Dormity [sic] Girls on Steps of Plant Industry Building
(1 group photo - no names listed)

Pg. 172 - Dormity [sic] Snaps
(6 group photos - no names listed)

Pg. 174 - AG. Club
(Photo) Willard Fuller, Secretary
(Photo) Bert Gardner, President
(Photo) Guy Stevens, Vice-President

Pg. 175 - Ag. Club
(22 photos with names listed at the bottom of the page)
Joe Pratt, Ivan Burgoyne, Vernal Smith, Delbert Bolingbroke, Rulon Allred, Lyman Rich, Ianthus Wright, Melvin Burke, Leo Campbell, David Moosman, Clifford Jones, Melvin Anderson, L J Austin, Lewis Roland, Hanson, George Doolas, Leslie O Jenson, Paul Boyce, Lawrence Dahl, LeGrande Walker, Lee Thurgood, Joseph Cummings.

Pg. 176 - Ag. Club
(23 photos with names listed at the bottom of the page)
Cooper Smith, Woodruff Anderson, LeRoy Erickson, Ernest Biggs, Wayne Ellis, Edward Gills, Harry Teshiroge, Arawaka, Golden Barrett, Reynold Nowles, Ralph J Hyer, LeGrande Clark, Max Gowans, Bryson Cook, Parker Thomas, Roscoe Pixton, Arthur Wagstaff, Erva Andrews, Edwin Bailey, Angus Woodruff.

Pg. 177 - Home Economics Club
(Photo) Josephine Woodside, Secretary
(Photo) Harriet Adams, President
(Photo) Sarah Sessions, Vice-President
(Photo) Illah Eames, Special Reporter
(Photo) Allene Southerland, Executive Com. Member
(Photo) Julia Pond, Executive Com. Member

Pg. 178 - Empyrean Club
(24 photos with names listed at the bottom of the page)
Dorothy G Brown, Marjorie Smith, Florence Childs, Charlotte Warner, Frieda Bohman, Margaret Woodside, Allene Sutherland, Sarah Sessions, Hattie Morell, Allie Peterson, Alida Clayton, Beatrice Anderson, Cora Rose, Iona Osmond, Pearl Spencer, Elsiene Nielson, Lucille Owen, Florence Cranney, Editha Smith, Rebecca Nielson, Josephine Woodside, Melva Larsen, Helen Bullen, Lucilla May.

Pg. 179 - Home Economics Club
(17 photos with names listed at the bottom of the page)
Dorothy G Brown, Harriet Morgan, Thelma Faylor, Gertrude Woodhouse, Edna Thorson, Winnifred Castle, Rhea Lowe, Winnifred Critchfield, Reata Comish, Gayle Pond, Harriet Rawlison, Elna Froyd, Elsiene Nielson, Maurine Fillmore, Lucille Humphreys, Elvera Olsen, Francilla Sutherland.

Pg. 180 - (no heading on page - based on text of next page, believe heading should be "A.A.E. Members")
(Photo) Grant West, Secretary
(Photo) Chester Chambers, President
(Photo) David Froerer, Vice-Pres.
LeRoy Chadwick, Chairman of Entertainment Committee
Hugo Olsen, Chairman of Publicity Committee
Chester Skinner, Chairman of Qualifications Committee
Earl Stanton, Chairman of Auditing Committee

Birkes, W H ----- Gardner, David ----- Olsen, Hugo
Bullen, Keith ----- Hill, Leland E ----- Oliver, Joseph
Brown, Harold ----- House, W J ----- Redden, Richard
Bergestrom J E ----- Holmes, Mark ----- Riter, Randolph
Ballard, Reid H ----- Holton, Parley ----- Richards, L A
Chadwick, LeRoy ----- Hirst, C M ----- Reamsnider, Dice
Christiansen, Morley ----- Hawley, Warren ----- Sutherland, Earl
Cole, Ralph ----- Judah, Courtney ----- Skinner, Chester
Cooley, Cecil ----- Jones, Allen ----- Stanton, Earl
Cooley, Lavell ----- Layton, Harold ----- Schoeck, C S
Chambers, Chester ----- Larsen, John ----- Schanky, Antone
Dunbar, W E ----- Losee, Joseph ----- Stauffer, Lynn
Frandsen, W R ----- Monson, O W ----- Smith, Kenneth
Froerer, David ----- Miles, Donald ----- Tingey, Willis
Fonnesbeck, Carl ----- Moser, Erwin ----- West, Grant
Foxley, E G ----- Miller, Horace ----- Wixom, E P
Finlayson, E E ----- Mack, Robert ----- Wentz, E P
Farrar, Ralph ----- McCune, John -----Wood, Edwin
Gunderson, Howard ----- Norby, J C ----- Wilson, Wilburn
Gibbs, Lee ----- Nuffer, Lloyd ----- Walsh, Thomas
Overstreet, C G

Pg. 181 - (32 photos - no names listed)
Some of the members of the A.A.E. whose names appear on the opposite page.

Pg. 182 - D.A.V. Officers
(6 photos with names listed at bottom of the page)
J E Bergstrom, Lawrence L Karren, O W Monson, G L Longhurst, Cecil B Overstreet, Lee Campbell.

Pg. 183 - D.A.V.
(12 photos with names listed at the bottom of the page)
Clyde Butts, R Redden, Wm. H Birkes, W Welsch, Harold Brown, A J Hyer, G Doolas, L O Jenson, L J Austin, Essie Pearson, A L Spinney, Ray Green.

Pg. 184 - Short Story Club
(15 photos with names listed at bottom of the page)
Marjorie Smith, Bert O Harward, Rita Hulme, Malcolm H Merrill, Margaret Woodside, Pearl Spencer, Wendell Allred, Susie Niles, Milton R Merrill, Veda Mason, Arla McKinnon, Melvin Lemon, Melva Larson, Moses L Rich, Bessie Austin.

Pg. 185 - Beaux Art Guild
(16 photos with names listed at the bottom of the page)
Delsa Pugh, Harold Layton, Gladys Hansen, Mary Nichols, Ellen Beaumont, Leah Cranney, Mae Ormond, Jeanetta McNeil, Beatrice Anderson, Ada Sorenson, Maurine Fillmore, Lillian Kotter, Pearl Richards, Belva Cox, W Crithfield, Anna Erickson, Roy Wilson, Ben Brown, E Burns, Blanche Browning, H Bartlett, Julia Tangren, Byron Smith, Alta Mallory, Vesta Schaub, Ariel Kidgel, Thelma Dudley, Harry Reynolds.

Pg. 187 - Home Economics Club
(18 photos with names listed at bottom of the page)
Gladys Hanson, Beatrice Anderson, Florence Childs, Violet Goodsell, Marion Gardner, Vera Sheby, Mary Watkins, Rebecca Nelson, Pearl Richards, Charlotte Warner, Leatha Christenson, Rhea Poulter, Naomi Broadhead, Editha Smith, Arla McKinnon, Mona Heaton, Edna Madsen, Faye Robertson.

Pg. 188 - Dancing Club
(11 photos with names listed at the bottom of the page)
Loretta Clayton, Rita Hulme, Ruth S Haycock, Alida Clayton, Catherine Cooper, Sergene Benson, Lucile Owens, Edith H Merrill, Margaret Baker, Lucilla May, Norma Watkins.

Pg. 189 - Beno Club
(17 photos with names listed at the bottom of the page)
Stewart Starr, Kenneth Smith, Lewis H Griffin, Dee Davis Pres., Howard Woodside, Earl Howe, Frank Christenson, Durrell Hendricks, Newel Sanders, Clifton Crowther, Lester Pocock, Edward Foxley, Willard Knowles, Harold Williams, Virgil Norton, Irvin Harris, Clarence Leddingham.

Pg. 190 - Rifle Club
(14 photos with names listed at the bottom of the page)
Howard Gunderson, Louis Deschamps President, Angus Woodruff, Joseph Cummings, Lorenzo Richards, John Larson, Hugo Olson, Ernest Jeppson, Keith Bullen, Ralph Farrar, Leland Hill, Cleon Lamon.

Pg. 191 - Cosmopolitan Club
(23 photos with names listed at the bottom of the page)
C Lester Pocock, Wilford Welsh, Ralph Cole, O W Monson, Robert Griffiths, S R Hunt, J E Wall, LeROy Clark, Glen Cole, Harold Brown, Harry Teshiroge, George Doolas, Lawrence L Karren, Halvy Bachman, Bryson Cook, Leonard Longhurst, Joe Pratt, Lee Campbell, Antone Skanchy, Grewal, Ira Judd, Arawaka, Rulon Allred.

Pg. 192 - A.W.S.
(Photo) Lucile Owen
(Photo) Rita Hulme, President
(Photo) Editha Smith

The A.W.S. of the Utah Agricultural College is a part of the national Self Governing Association of College Women. This organization brings the girls of the college into a closer unit. They solve their own problems, promote their activities and seek to maintain high standards in scholarship and womanhood.

Pg. 193 - A.W.S. Council
(11 photos - no names listed)

Pg. 198 - Junior Prom Committee
(9 photos with names listed beneath)
Mary Browning, Roland Davis - Chairman, Wendell Allred, La Voir Card, David Fuhriman, Norma Hanson, Lucille Owen, Alida Clayton, Bert Harward.

Theta Ball Committee
(4 photos with names listed beneath)
Thelma Peterson, Erma Worley, Norma Hanson, Mary Browning

Pg. 218 - Advertisements
Attend the National Summer School of the Utah Agricultural College
Special Faculty - July 15th to July 25th
Allee, Zoology, University of Chicago; Binzel, Child Mental Hygiene, New York, Boyle, Agr. Economics, Cornell; Carver, Economics, Harvard; Cowles, Botany, University of Chicago; Dykema, Music, Columbia; Ellwood, Sociology, University of Missouri; Franzen, Psychology, University of California; Geister, Play and Games, Columbia; Hinman, Dancing, University of Chicago; Kester, Accounting, Columbia; Kilpatrick, Education, Columbia; Louderback, Geology, University of California; Miss Moriarty, Health Education, N.Y.; Palmer, Nature Study, Cornell; Mrs. Palmer, Nature Study, Cornell; McCollum, Nutrition, John Hopkins; Rosenau, Public Health, Harvard; Sedgwick, English, University of British Columbia; Shearer, Primary Methods, Long Beach, Calif.; Turner, History, Harvard; Walker, Efficiency Methods, Washburn Mfg Co.; Dr. John A Widtsoe, Irrigation Practice; Miss Wilkerson, Costume Design and Home Furnishing, N.Y.

Special Lecturers: Edward Griggs, New York; Shailer Mathews, University of Chicago, Divinity School; E A Steiner, Grinnell, Iowa; A E Winship, Boston.

Register June 12 or 13. Tuition Fee: $25 for 1st Term, $35 for Quarter.

Gladys darling, Champaign to our real friends, and red pain to our sham friends. Just wishing you the things of this life which you are worthy of - that includes the very best.
I love you always, Madiline

Gladys dear, Don't forget. - Gwen

Love to you your love to me, Ernest

"Climmie Shy" De Witt Clinton Vernon

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I'm Gladder that I knew you Gladys, Climmie

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To a dammed nice girl -- "Bud" Woolley