Sons of the Revolution in Washington D.C. 1920 - Honor Roll - Part 2

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Honor Roll

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Sons of the Revolution

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WORLD WAR OF 1914-1918

He puts not off the citizen when he enters the Camp, but it is because he is a citizen and would wish to continue so, that he makes himself for a while a soldier. -- Sir William Blackstone.

Part 2

Selden Brooke ARMAT: Second Lieutenant, Quartermaster Corps, U. S. Army, November 22, 1917; Major Quartermaster Corps, August 13, 1918. On duty with American Expeditionary Forces in France; Paris and Headquarters Advance Section, Services of Supply in War Risk Insurance work; at Headquarters, Services of Supply, in charge of distribution of funds for entire American Expeditionary Forces; Office, Director of Finance, War Department, Washington, D.C.

Philip Randolph BAKER: Lieutenant Commander, U. S. Navy. Attached to and served on board U. S. S. Vermont during period, April 6, 1917 to August 29, 1918, as watch officer and assistant firecontrol officer; on board Receiving Ship at New York, until November 1, 1918; Bureau of Navigation, Navy Department, Washington, D.C.

Eads Twyman BLOCKER: Pay Clerk, U. S. Marine Corps, Enlisted July 20, 1916, appointed Pay Clerk, February 3, 1919; Dominican Republic; American Expeditionary Forces, France; Headquarters Marine Corps, Washington, D.C.; Legation Guard, Managua, Nicaragua.

Lucius Allyn BOSTWICK: Captain, U. S. Navy; Commanded U. S. S. South Dakota; Commanded U. S. S. New Mexico, general cruising escorting troop-ship convoys, with cruiser and transport force, Atlantic fleet; Bureau Naval Operation, Navy Department, Washington, D.C.

Mervyn Chandos BUCKEY: Major, U.S. Army; Lieutenant Colonel (Coast Artillery Corps), May 15, 1917; Colonel (Field Artillery), August 5, 1917; Colonel (Coast Artillery Corps), July 1, 1920. Army War College, Washington, D.C.; Military Attaché, U.S. Embassy, Rome, Italy; Office Chief of Staff, War Department, Washington, D.C.; Awarded Distinguished Service Medal while serving as military attaché, Rome, Italy. Foreign decorations: Italian War Cross, War Cross of Czecho-Sovakia, Silver Medal of Valor, Montenegro, Commander, Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus, Commander, Order of the Crown of Italy, Commander, Order of Danilo First, Commander, Order of La Solidaridad, Italian War Service Ribbon.

Theodore Sullivan COX: First Lieutenant, U. S. Army (Field Artillery), November 27, 1917; Captain, July 2, 1918. Fort Myer, Va.; Camp Lee, Va.; Camp Jackson, S. C.; Fort Sill, Oklahoma; Camp Dodge, Iowa; 314th Field Artillery, Battery A, Eightieth Division, Camp Lee, Va.; 126th Field Artillery; 125th Field Artillery; Eighth Army Corps, American Expeditionary Forces, France. Honorably discharged, January 24, 1919.

John Fuller DAVIS: First Lieutenant (Cavalry), U. S. Army; Captain, July 25,1917; Major, July 30, 1918. Troops D and K, Third Cavalry; Commanded Third Cavalry; Special duty, Fort Sam Houston, Texas; American Expeditionary Forces, France; Detached service, Paris and Langres, France.

Edward Norval FORTSON: Enlisted in Signal Reserve Corps, Air Service, U. S. Army, July 18, 1917; Commissioned Second Lieutenant, May 18, 1918; First Lieutenant, May 18, 1918. School of Military Aeronautics, Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.; Italian School of Aviation, Foggia, Italy; Italian Air Force (Breveted "Pilote Aviatori" in Italian Army); Adjutant, 102d Aero Squadron; 36th Aero Squadron; Post Adjutant, Cazaux, France; Officer in charge of enlisted division at Tours, France. Honorably discharged June 27, 1919.

Charles Sanderson HILL: Lieutenant Colonel, U. S. Marine Corps; Colonel, July 1, 1918. Marine Barracks, Navy Yard, Philadelphia, Pa.; Marine Barracks, Quantico, Va.; Southern Recruiting Division, New Orleans, Louisiana; on temporary foreign shore service with American Expeditionary Forces for purpose of obtaining information concerning the use of the eight-inch howitzer.

Gouverneur HOES: Lieutenant (Air Service), U. S. Army. Commissioned from Fort Myer Training Camp, Fort Myer, Va., November 8, 1917; Aeronautical General Concentration Camp and Supply Depot, Garden City, L. I., N. Y.; in France as non-flying officer under Colonel Thomas de W. Milling; 26th Aero Squadron; Tenth Aero Squadron; Air Service Headquarters, American Expeditionary Forces, Paris, France. Honorably discharged, August 2, 1919.

Thomas HYDE, IV: Second Lieutenant, Infantry, November 27, 1917; First Lieutenant, August 24, 1918. 155th Depot Brigade; Motor Transport Corps, American Expeditionary Forces, France. Honorably discharged April 22, 1919.

Theodore Carlton JOHNSON: Second Lieutenant, U. S. Marine Corps, August 27, 1917; First Lieutenant, August 28, 1917; Captain, July 1, 1918. Marine Barracks, Quantico, Va.; Fourth Brigade, Marine Corps, American Expeditionary Forces, France, as Assistant Paymaster; Commended by the Major General Commandant for services rendered in the performance of his duty; Honorably discharged, September 11, 1919.

Charles Laurie McCAWLEY: Brigadier-General, U.S. Marine Corps, the Quartermaster of the Marine Corps, Washington, D.C. Temporary duty in France during the war. Awarded Distinguished Service Medal for exceptionally meritorious and conspicuous service in the organization and administration of the Quartermaster's Department, U. S. Marine Corps.

Ralph Walker McDOWELL: Lieutenant, Medical Corps, U.S. Navy; Lieutenant Commander, Medical Corps, U.S. Navy, August 31, 1917. U. S. S. Fulton, Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C.; Marine Barracks, Quantico, Va.; Eleventh Regiment, U. S. Marine Corps, American Expeditionary Forces, France; U.S. Naval Hospital, San Diego, California. Awarded the Order of Chevalier in the Legion of Honor, by France, in recognition of his services during the influenza and meningitis epidemics while on duty in France; Recommended for Distinguished Service Medal and Navy Cross.

Charles Clagett MARBURY: Captain (Medical Corps), U. S. Army, April 14, 1917; Promoted to Major, November, 1917; Lieutenant Colonel, November, 1918. Served at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia; Camp Hill, Virginia; Served in France at Brest. Honorably discharged, February 28, 1919.

Gerald De Courcy MAY: First Lieutenant, Ordnance Department, U. S. Army, September 10, 1917. Kenosha, Wisconsin (Nash Motors Company); Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, Illinois; Peoria, Illinois; Camp MacArthur, Texas; Commanded 107th Mobile Ordnance Repair Shop; in France with Thirty-second Division; Inspector of Artillery, First Army, American Expeditionary Forces; Honorably discharged, March 4, 1919.

Henry Coleman MAY: Second Lieutenant, Intelligence Corps, U. S. Army, November 17, 1917. General Headquarters, Line of Communication, American Expeditionary Forces, France; Office of Chief of Utilities, Transportation Department, Service of Supplies, American Expeditionary Forces; Camp Lee, Va.; Honorably discharged, June 21, 1919.

Morris Addison PARRIS: Enlisted November 18, 1917, Medical Corps, U. S. Army; Commissioned First Lieutenant, June 10, 1918. Medical Department at Cosne, France; Intermediate Medical Supply Depot, No. 3; Base Hospital No. 1; Commanded Medical Department Warehouses Base Storage Station, Montoir (Loire Inferieure); Honorably discharged August 7, 1919.

Edwin Taylor POLLOCK: Captain, U. S. Navy. Commanded U. S. S. Hancock; Received possession Danish West Indies; Acting Governor Virgin Islands; Commanded Fourth Group, First Expedition to France; Commanded U. S. S. George Washington, in transport service seven round trips in transporting troops to France; Navy Department, Washington, D.C. Awarded the Navy Cross.

John Boursiquot ROSE: Captain, Coast Artillery Corps, U. S. Army; Major, June 22, 1917; Lieutenant Colonel, January 8, 1918; Colonel, October 21, 1918. Office of Chief of Ordnance, War Department, Washington, D.C.; Engineering Division, Manufacturing Division, Ordnance Department, Washington, D.C.; Under Chief Ordnance Officer, American Expeditionary Forces, France.

Herman Osman STICKNEY: Captain, U.S. Navy; Rear Admiral, December 22, 1919. Commanded U. S. S. Vermont; In Navy Department, Washington, D. C.; Member of Board of Inspection and Survey; Senior Member Board of Inspection of Vessels on the Pacific Coast, San Francisco, California. Awarded Navy Cross.

Jay Hale SYPHER: Commander, U. S. Navy. Office of Chief of Naval Operations, Navy Department, Washington, D. C.; with Commander, U. S. Naval Forces operating in European waters; Commanded U. S. Naval Training Station, Base Six; Naval Port Officer, Southampton, England. Decorated by H. R. H., The Prince of Wales, as Commander of Order of the British Empire.

Frank Stone TAINTOR: Major, Engineers, U. S. Army, September 14, 1917; Promoted Lieutenant Colonel, August 1, 1919. Special duty details, United States, France and England; Staff of Commanding Officer, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland. Honorably discharged, September 10, 1919.

Louis Joseph Van SCHAICK: Captain, Infantry, U. S. Army; Major, June 4, 1917; Lieutenant Colonel, August 5, 1917; Colonel July 30, 1918. Commanding Officer, Company C, Thirty-fifth Infantry Regiment; Instructor Non-commissioned Officers' School, Nogales, Arizona; 345th Infantry Regiment, Camp Pike, Arkansas, as Lieutenant Colonel; Temporarily in command of regiment, Camp Dix, N. J.; Commanded Twentieth Division, Camp Devens, Mass.; Camp Sevier, S. C.; with American Expeditionary Forces, France; Adjutant General's Department, American Forces in France; Inspector General, American Forces in Germany.

Floyd Pierpont WAGGAMAN: First Lieutenant, Ordnance Department, U. S. Army, August 14, 1917. Assistant to the Ordnance Officer at Port of Embarkation, Newport News, Va.; Camp Hancock, Ga.; Advance Ordnance Depot No. 1, American Expeditionary Forces in France. Honorably discharged, February 1, 1919.
Hayward Hutchinson WEBB: Second Lieutenant, Infantry, U. S. Army, November 27, 1917. Fort Myer, Va.; 369th Infantry Regiment, American Expeditionary Forces, France. Honorably discharged, February 15, 1919.

Walter Augustine WELLS: Commissioned Major, Medical Corps, U. S. Army, May 17, 1917. Office of Attending Surgeon, Washington, D.C.; Consultant on Medical and Surgical Staff of Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, D.C.; Base Hospital No. 64; Camp Sevier, S.C.; Evacuation Hospital No. 9, Coblenz, Germany. Honorably discharged, May 26, 1919.

Julian Parsons WILLCOX: Captain, U.S. Marine Corps; Major, May 22, 1917. U. S. S. New York; U.S.S. Wyoming, as Divisional Marine Officer, Sixth Division, Atlantic Fleet, and Aide on Staff of Division Commander.

Davis Bowles WILLS: Captain, U. S. Marine Corps; Major, U. S. Marine Corps, May 22, 1917. Office of Assistant Paymaster, Marine Corps, New York, N.Y.; with Fifth Regiment, U.S. Marines, American Expeditionary Forces, as Regimental Paymaster; Assistant Adjutant of Fifth Regiment, U. S. Marines, France; Regimental Intelligence Officer; Billeting Officer; Chief Paymaster, Marines, Paris, France; Assistant Paymaster, U. S. Marine Corps, Atlanta, Georgia. Awarded Distinguished Service Medal for exceptionally meritorious and distinguished service as Chief Paymaster, U. S. Marines, France; Awarded Navy Cross. Resigned September 21, 1920.

James Sprigg WILSON: Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Corps, U. S. Army; Colonel, May 15, 1917. Fort McKinley, P. I., as Post Surgeon; Camp John Hay, P. I., as Department Surgeon, Philippine Department, Manila, P. I., as Chief Surgeon, General Headquarters, American Expeditionary Forces, Vladivostok, Siberia.

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