Sons of the Revolution in Washington D.C. 1920 - Members H

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The Society of the Sons of the Revolution

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District of Columbia

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Frank Warren HACKETT -- Elected November 1, 1890.
Attorney-at-Law. Kellogg Building, Washington, D.C.
Great-grandson of Jeremiah HACKETT (1750-1797); Ensign, Colonel
 Henry GERRISH's Regiment, New Hampshire Militia.

William Anderson HALL -- Elected February 15, 1912. (By transfer from Ohio Society) The Thornton, Auburn Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio Grandson of Richard Clough ANDERSON (1750-1826); Brigadier- General, Virginia Militia; Aide-de-Camp to General LAFAYETTE; an original member of the Society of the Cincinnati.
William Carvel HALL - Elected September 30, 1920. First Lieutenant U.S. Marine Corps. Marine Detachment, U.S.S. New York, care Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif. Great-great-grandson of Josias Carvel HALL (1746-1814); Colonel, Second Battalion, Maryland Flying Camp, Commanded Fourth Battalion of Regulars March 27, 1777; Participated in battles of Trenton and Germantown. Great-great-great-grandson of Charles Willson PEALE (1741-1827); Captain Pennsylvania Militia; Served as Lieutenant at the battle of Trenton; Commanded a company at battles of Princeton and Germantown; Served at Whitemarsh and Valley Forge 1778. Great-great-great-grandson of William SMITH (1728-1814); Member, Committee of Observation, Baltimore County, Maryland, November 1774 - - September 1775; Member, Continental Congress, February-December 1777, Member, Navy Board, Middle District May 9-July 17, 1778. Great-great-great-grandson of Robert GAMBLE (1754-1810); First Lieutenant, Twelfth Virginia Company, September 14, 1776; Captain, March 7, 1778; Regiment designated Eighth Virginia Company September 14, 1778. Served to close of war.
William Felton HAM -- Elected December 13, 1915. President, Washington Railway & Electric Company. Wardman Park Inn, Washington, D.C. Great-grandson of Elisha STETSON (1759-1848), of Massachusetts; who served as private from May 1, 1776 to April 3, 1778; and as Corporal to March 30, 1781.
William Curry HARLLEE -- Elected December 13, 1915. Lieutenant-Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps. Headquarters Marine Corps, Washington, D.C. Great-great-grandson of David STUART (1725-1783), of South Carolina; who fought throughout the Revolutionary War under General MARION.
Robert Newton HARPER -- Elected March 29, 1916. President, District National Bank. Washington, D.C. Great-grandson of William HARPER (1761-1829); who served as private in the Third Regiment, Pennsylvania Line.
Reuben Augustus HEATON -- Elected March 21, 1917. 1332 Nineteenth Street, Washington, D.C. Great-grandson of Samuel McNEILL (1753-1817), of Pennsylvania; who served as private in Captain LONGSSTRETH's Company, and was wounded in the battle of Princeton, Jan. 3, 1777. He took part in the Military Expedition of Major General John SULLIVAN against the Six Nations of Indians in 1779 and was commissioned Brigade Quartermaster in General Edward HAND's Brigade, General SULLIVAN's Division. He served seven years in the Revolutionary Army.
George HELLEN -- Elected April 5, 1901. 1724 Twenty-first Street, Washington, D.C. Great-great-grandson of John HELLEN (1743-....); First Lieutenant, First Maryland Battalion of the Flying Camp.
James Malcom HENRY -- Elected June 11, 1890. 2021 "I" Street, Washington, D.C. Great-grandson of John HENRY (1743-....), of Pennsylvania; Captain, First Continental Artillery. Great-great-grandson of Zachariah FORREST (1736-....); Member of Committee of Safety and Observation for St. Mary County, Maryland, 1774; and First Judge in St. Mary County, Maryland. Great-great-grandson of David CRAUFORD (1738-1801); Signer of the Declaration of Freedom of Maryland, July 25, 1775; Commissioner of Revenue for the Support of the War; Member of the Committee of Safety and Observation; Delegate to Provincial Convention, 1774-75; and first Judge of Prince George County, Maryland.
Samuel HERRICK -- Elected June 15, 1920. Attorney-at-Law. 3512 Macomb Street, Washington, D.C. Great-great-great-grandson of Captain Rufus HERRICK (1734-1811); Fourth New York Continental Line Regiment June 28, 1775; served at Ticonderoga eighteen months; thence to the Southward to the end of the War; retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Great-great-grandson of Samuel HERRICK (1757-1824); private, Fourth New York Continental Regiment July, 1775. Great-great-grandson of William JACKMAN (....); First Sergeant, New Hampshire Continental Forces. Participated in several Revolutionary battles including Fort Ticonderoga.
John James HIGGINS, Jr. -- Elected March 20, 1909. Insurance. Woodward Building, Washington, D.C. Great-great-great-grandson of Zadock MAGRUDER (1729-1811); Colonel, Upper Battalion, Frederick, Maryland.
Charles Sanderson HILL -- Elected April 19, 1916. Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps. Commanding Marine Detachment, Camaguey, Cuba. Great-great-grandson of Walter RUSSELL (1737-1782); who served as a Minute Man in Captain John PARKER's Company, 1775; later as Captain in the Massachusetts Militia. Great-great-grandson of Thomas RICHARDSON, private in Captain Jonathan STICKNEY's Company, Colonel BRIDGE's Regiment of Massachusetts Minutemen which marched on the Lexington Alarm, April 19, 1775. He enlisted and served as Sergeant at Lexington and Bunker Hill and participated in the Siege of Boston.
Gouverneur HOES -- Elected January 29, 1919. First Lieutenant, U.S. Army. The Dupont, Washington, D.C. Great-great-grandson of Major James MONROE (1758-1831); who served as Lieutenant in Third Virginia Regiment under Colonel Hugh MERCER. During 1777-78 he served as a volunteer aide to Lord STERLING with the rank of Major and took part in the battles of Brandywine, Germantown, and Monmouth. He was recommended by General WASHINGTON for a commission in the State troops of Virginia.
Richmond Cranston HOLCOMB -- Elected June 15, 1920. Lieutenant-Commander, U.S. Navy (Medical Corps). U.S.S. Relief, Navy Yard, Philadelphia, Pa. Great-great-grandson of Robert HEMSTED; Sergeant in Captain STANTON's Company of Militia in the Eighth Connecticut Regiment. Great-great-great-grandson of Joshua HEMPSTEAD (1724-1806); participated in the Battle of Bunker Hill; enlisted when over fifty years old; same company and regiment as his son, Benjamin HEMPSTEAD.
Archibalk HOPKINS -- Elected December 3, 1889. (Charter Member) 1826 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington, D.C. Great-grandson of Mark HOPKINS; Colonel, First Massachusetts Infantry. Great-grandson of David ROSSITER, Lieutenant-Colonel, Second Massachusetts Infantry.
Nevil Monroe HOPKINS -- Elected December 18, 1892. 2128 Bancroft Place, Washington, D.C. Great-great-great-grandson of Ralph CROSS (1738-1810); of Newburyport, Massachusetts; Captain of Infantry; afterwards Lieutenant-Colonel of JOHNSON's Regiment; commanded a regiment at the surrender of Burgoyne; with others, he built the frigates Hancock, Boston, and Proctor.
Alfred Byrne HORNER -- Elected June 26, 1893. Warrenton, Va. Great-grandson of William EDMONDS (1734-1816); Colonel, First Battalion Virginia Militia, 1778.
Beale Richardson HOWARD -- Elected January 16, 1918. 1410 Sixteenth Street, Washington, D.C. Great-great-grandson of Vincent RICHARDSON, of Maryland; who assisted in establishing American Independence while acting in the capacity of Ensign in Captain John TAYLOR's Company. Great-great-grandson of John Beale Bordley HOWARD (1743-1799), of Maryland; First Lieutenant Continental Army, Eighth Battalion Harford County Militia.
Frederic Louis HUIDEKOPER -- January 29, 1909. Attorney-at-Law, and Military Historian. 1614 Eighteenth Street, Washington, D.C. Great-great-great-grandson of Judge Edward SHIPPEN (1703-1781); President of the Committee of "Inspection and Observation" at Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Great-great-great-grandson of Andrew COLHOON (....-1794); Second Lieutenant in WILSON's Sixth Battalion, Pennsylvania Troops. Great-great-great-grandson of Evan EVANS (1732-1794); Colonel of the Elk Battalion, formerly Fourth Battalion, May, 1777; Colonel, Second Battalion, April, 1778; commanded the Militia of Chester County, Pennsylvania, at the Battle of Brandywine; member of the Supreme Executive Council, 1785; also of the Chester County Associatiors, 1774; member of the Committee of Observation of Chester County, 1774; Delegate to Provincial Congress, Philadelphia, 1776; and member of the Pennsylvania Legislature in 1780.
Thomas Levi HUME -- June 21, 1906. Broker. 1412 "G" Street, Washington, D.C. Great-great-grandson of William HANSBOROUGH (....-1816); Private, Second Virginia Regiment, 1775, under Colonel William FONTAINE; engaged in battle of Great Bridge.
Benjamin Grubb HUMPHREYS -- Elected September 30, 1920. Member of Congress. Greenville, Miss. Great-grandson of Ralph HUMPHREYS (1735-1789); who served during the War of the Revolution with the Virginia Militia.
Gaillard HUNT -- Elected January 1, 1890. Department of State. 1711 DeSales Street, Washington, D.C. Great-great-grandson of Robert R. LIVINGSTON (1746-1813), of New York; Member of the Second Continental Congress, and one of the Committee of Five which drew up the Declaration of Independence; administered oath of office to George WASHINGTON resident under the Constitution, April 30, 1789.
Clair Aubrey HUSTON -- Elected March 2, 1904. Artist. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington, D.C. Great-grandson of Michael LEIB (1759-1822); Surgeon in Colonel Benjamin G. EYRE's Second Battalion of Pennsylvania Militia.
John Harold HYDE -- Elected December 13, 1915. Timber Dealer and Inventor. 2312 "M" Street, Tacoma, Wash. Great-grandson of Felix POWEL (1762-1851); served as private in the Revolutionary War in Captain Gideon BROWNSON's Company, Colonel Seth WARNER's Continental Regiment; transferred to Captain BUELL's Company in the First Connecticut Regiment; from which he was transferred to Captain CLIFT's Light Infantry Company of Colonel BUTLER's Regiment.
Thomas HYDE, IV -- Elected January 7, 1920. Farmer. Sandy Spring, Md. Great-great-great-grandson of Thomas HYDE, of Severn, Maryland; commissioner of supervisors for the emission of bills of credit for the support of the Government and for carrying on the war; Was commissioned Captain in the Flying Camp of 1776, and alter Lieutenant Colonel of the Second Battalion of which Josias Carvel HALL was Colonel. Participated in the battles of Trenton and Princeton.
Richard Washburn HYNSON -- Elected February 17, 1920. Investments. 741 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington, D.C. Great-great-great-grandson of Moses HATFIELD; Captain, Company of Minute Men, 1775; Major, DRAKE's Regiment, New York Militia, 1776; Colonel, New York Militia, 1780-81.

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