Lana Kitchens Family Charts

Lana Kitchens Family Chart

Published by Debra Waldrop

1. Lana Kitchens b.c1810 Twiggs Co., GA, 1849/50 

    m. Thomas Carson McGough (23 Nov 1799 -12 Aug 1880) 24 Apr 1832 Jones County, GA. 

    2. Henry McGough ca 1832 Ga, 

    2. Thomas J. McGough ca 1833 GA, 

    2. William C. McGough, Dec.1837 GA, 

    2. James L. McGough ca 1839 GA, 

    2. (Elizer) Eliza Jane McGough 3 Mar 1843 GA,

    2. Laney Ann McGough b.19 Jan 1843 GA d.21  Nov 1933 Eastland Co., TX, (m. ca 1861) 

       m. Sam P. (Laverne P.) Gilbert b.1832 Al d.c1869 Eastland Co, TX Killed by Indians.

       3. William Mackness Gilbert 

           m. Rymie Kymie Kizzie Wright

           4. Myrtie Ann Gilbert b.28 Apr 1887 Eastland Co., TX d.19 Mar 1851 Lubbock Co., Tx

              m. Robert Anderson Robertson m.7 May 1905 Eastland County, Tx.b.4 Aug 

                  1880 Wise County, TX d.22 Jan 1863 Junction, TX.

              5. Ruby Odessa Robertson

              5. Jesse Sonoma Robertson 

              5. Dona (Donna Jo) Lucille Estella May Robertson

              5. Helen Lavada Lee Robertson b.7 Sep 1912 Kent Co., TX d. 25 Aug 1995

                  Midland, TX

                  m. Wesley Bryan Waldrop md. 27 Oct 1928 Lubbock, TX.b. 1 Feb 1911

                       Peacock, Stonewall Co., TX d.18 Mar Crossroads, Lee Co., NM.

                      6. Lavada Jean Waldrop

                      6. Ola Bonetta Waldrop

                      6. Elna Janeyl Waldrop

                      6. Wesley Bryan Waldrop,Jr.

                      6. Debra Leigh Waldrop

             5. Ova Dell Robertson

       3. Zilla Gilbert

           m. James Bearden

       3. Ross Gilbert

       3. (Son)

   2nd m. L.B. Brittian

   2. Geogianna McGough b.c1849/50 Ga d.c1850 



    a. Thomas Carson McGough was son of William McGough, s/o Robert McGough.  

He was born near near Abbeville, SC, and died in Eastland Co., TX. 

    b. Geogianna McGough died as a baby from what was believed to be stomach worms,

which was common in those days. After her mother died this baby was nursed by a 

'Mammy' who had a baby the same age. My cousin was told this by Lana Ann McGough. 

Lana Ann said that the Mammy took very good care of the baby and was very kind to all 

of her siblings. My cousin who told me this is 95 and is descended from Lana Ann's 

second marriage.


    c. Robert Anderson Robertson is the son of James Elbert Robason, s/o Mark Andrew 


    d. Wesley Bryan Waldrop (s/o Lawrence N., Reuben N., Ewing, Dickerson)

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