Will of Lazarus Gatlin  

Will of Lazarus Gatlin, Sr.

I give unto my loving wife my bay horse Dick,one red cow and calf ____
beds and furniture the one she generally lies on and one spinning
wheel. I also lend? unto my loving wife during her natural life
Table,furniture such as is necessary for her to keep house and likewise
she is to live on the land where she now does,if she sees cause without
instructions. I give into my two sons, Nathan and Lazarus the land whereon
I now live to be equally divided between them my son Nathan the land he
now lives on.Also,I give unto my loving son-in-law Benjamin Castleman my
horse mill and all the rest of my estate to be equally divided between
the rest of my living children-Charity, Jesse, Nancy, William, Edmond
and that my just debts are paid.

Lazarus Gatlin Sr.