Estate Inventory of Lazarus Gatlin, Sr.

Lazarus Gatlin-dec'd his Inventory.  Augt 25th 1808.  An inventory of the goods and chattels of Lazarus Gatlin desd consisting of
one bay horse called Dick
1 bay horse called Paddy
6 head of cattle
1 chest, with two drawers
1 sow & 5 shoats,
1 kettle,
1 dutch oven,
2 pair pot hooks
1 ax
2 hoes
1 plough
one weavers loom,
1 slay,
2 water pails
1 peggin,
1 churn
1 s*ap tub
1 pewter dish
1 pewter basin
some crockery ware
a few knives & forks
1 quart bottle
2 chairs
1 funnel,
1 barrel cock,
2 augers
1 taper bit
1 hand saw
1 coopers Croze,
1 table
1 Cann.,
1 flax wheel
1 mans saddle
1 womans saddle both old,
1 old bridle
1 new bridle
1 half bushel
1 dish,
3 barrels
1 meal tub
1 small looking glass
1 horse bell
1 pair of saddle bags
3 shuttles
1 pair of cotton cards
2 pair of old Traces & hames
2 horse collars,
1 bedstead,
1 grindstone,
1 pair of small steelyards,
1 fifteen dollars note.
Nathan Gatlin, Admr.

Additional Inventory:
Lazarus Gatlin-Desd an Inventory.Nov.9th 1808.October 27th 1808 an
additional inventory of the estate of Lazarus Gatlin Desd consisting of the following Articles, to wit,
205 bushels of rent corn
1 frow
1 mill peck
1 drawing knife
1 doweling bit
1 three quarter barrel sugar
1 cedar tub with no heads
1 claw hammer
1 old Cag
1 old sifter
1 old heeler
1 Tobacco box
1 silver stock Buckle
1 hymn book
1 old song book
1 old Russels Sermon book
an account of Willis Turbeville forfour shillings
1 pint pockett bottle
1 scanty waistcoate pattern
2 executions against John Benthell one of them for thirty seven dollars 27 and one half cents the other for eighteen dollars 13 & one half cents & costs of suit issued Febry 27th 1808 return made March 15th 1808 by William Ramsey no property to be found in his County Desperate & no possibility of recovery.

                     N. Gatlin Admr.

 The above inventory was returned into Court October Sessions 1808 by said Gatlin as Admr with a covenant of Sally Gatlin enclosed which is filed away in the inventory.

Estate Sale of Lazarus Gatlin

Lazarus Gatlin-Desd. March 7th 1809.January 14th 1809 an account of the
present sale being on the supplimentary Inventory as follows,Viz,of Lazarus Gatlin Desd.
returned into Court at January Sessions 1809,
To wit,
205 Bushels of corn to Andrew Stobaugh $29.62 1/2
one mill peck to John Lucas 50cts
one old jack plain one old doweling bit one old
doweling knife and one claw hammer To John Phillips 45 3/4cts
one frow to Nathan Gatlin 62 1/2cts.
one old keeler 1 old sifter to ditto 19cts
one cag old to John Adkins 50cts
1 small auger & one cedar tub with no heads to Jesse Pate 12 1/2cts
one scanty waistcoat patern to Lazarus Gatlin Jun'r $1.00
one hymn book to ditto 25cts
one old song book & one old seven sermon book to Aaron Averitt 20cts
1 tobacco box to John Phillips 12 1/2cts
1 stock bucket to Nathan Gatlin 12 1/2cts
one pint pocket bottle to Lazarus to 25 cts.

N. Gatlin Admr.

Estate Settlement of Lazarus Gatlin

Lazarus Gatlin-Desd. A settlement of his estate with Nathan Gatlin Administrator of the desd by Phillip Pipkin and Robert Johnston Commissioners etc. as follows,To
wit, Agreeable to an order from the Worshipful the County Court of Davidson July Sessions 1810 to us directed we have made a settlement with Nathan Gatling Admr of Lazarus Gatlin Desd and find him Dr to said estate according to the inventory laid before us $173.30 1/2cts.
Credit No.1 a proven account by William Lytle $5.43 3/4cts.,
No.2 S. Fetchew for making a coffin $2.00,
3 clerks receipts $3.65,
No.4 Doctors Bill $15.75,
5th the Vandue Crier $1.00,
No.6 a note of hand to William Bell $15.00,
No.7 an execution against Aron Averitt as Secry for sd. desd $27.95 3/4 cts.
No.8 Attorneys fees $5.00,
for the administrators services $25.00
(total) $100.79 1/2cts.

Balance due the estate: Seventy two dollars fifty one cents.
The above settlement made on the 20th day of October 1810 by us.
Phillip Pipkin,Robert Johnson,Commissioners.
The above settlement returned into Court October Sessions 1810 and ordered to be recorded.

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