Edmond W Vernon History of Vernon AL

History of Vernon, AL
Edmond W. Vernon

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Short History of Vernon, AL

Lamar County, originally a portion of Fayette and Marion Counties, was first established as Jones County, February 4, 1866. It was named for E. P. Jones of Fayette. But Jones County, abolished in 1867, was returned to it's original territory and established again in 1868 as Sanford County, named for H. C. Sanford of Cherokee County. It was not until 1877 that the county was named Lamar for L. Q. C. Lamar, a U. S. Senator from Mississippi.

Daniel J. and Nancy Molloy donated 30 acres of land to the Commissioners of Jones County and their successors in office to be used as a county seat for Jones County. That was in 1867, and the land was parceled into lots which were sold to pay for construction of Swayne Courthouse and a county jail.

The County Seat which was originally called Swayne or Swaynesville for then Governor Wager Swayne was later named Vernon for Edmond Vernon. Edmond Vernon had moved about seven miles from Vernon.  There was a temporary courthouse, a store and blacksmith shop here. The town received its charter from the Legislature April 12, 1870.

 Edmond W. Vernon

Edmond W. Vernon, born 1825 in South Carolina and died 1897. He settled land in Lamar Co. just west of Highway 17 between Millport and Vernon.  He is buried in Fayette Co. in the Bluff community at Bethel Baptist Cemetery.  He was the first mayor of Vernon, a town that was named for him. 

Edmond Vernon was first married to Amy Hartin.  Their union produced three children.  Then Amy died.  Edmond then married Elizabeth Corbett, whose husband died after they had three children together.  Elizabeth and Edmond had four children together.  Elizabeth is buried with him at Bethel.  Amy's burial place is unknown.  There are many descendants of the Vernons: the Crawfords, the Corbetts, the Duboses, the Moores, the Wheelers and the Coles to name a few. 
(Jake Cole of Birmingham, AL is the great grandson of Edmond W. Vernon.)

Burial Marker of Edmond W. Vernon

Edmond W. Vernon

Ida Vernon Cole, daughter of Edmond W. Vernon, with her husband, John Russell Cole and daughter, Emma Jane Cole