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The size of the files below in mgb (megabytes) may be out of date.
A list of my ancestors, by generation, is at

See at the end how my numbering systems, used to ID people, can make searching
in the files easy. 

 My main family trees are for descendants of the following families.
AMOR of Wiltshire at
ANTRAM (Portsmouth, Hampshire 1689-1764) at
BAILEY of Bishops Cannings, Wilts 1595-1853 at 
Descendants of William BAILEY of Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire c1530-1575, 
BAWLER of Hillfarrance, West Monkton & Creech St. Michael, Somerset at 
BEDFORD of Portsmouth, Hampshire 1756-1907 at 
BRAY family - with some royal descents, at 
BULLOCK, ETTWALL, NEATE & WORDLY of All Cannings & Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire
BYRON of East Drayton, Notts. 1664-1842 at
Some Cambodian families in New Zealand
CHILTON of Whitchurch, Somerset c1717-1788 at
CHOULES (Ramsbury,Wiltshire 1738-72) at   
CLAY 1752-1800 Kidderminster, Worcester; 1800-1932 Faversham, Kent
CLAYTON (1714-1756 Deal, Kent) at 
CLEVERLEY clues for Wiltshire: c1636-present at 
COOKE family of Bawtry, Yorkshire
at 9.1 of
COLSTON families of Bristol & Somerset at
DEACON (Portsmouth, Hampshire 1691-present) at 
DEANE of London & Oxfordshire at  
DEANS - a branch of WHITSON (Scotland to Canada,NZ,US 1827 to present)
DERRICK of Somerset 1746-1901
DIXON of Coldred, Kent 1567-present
 a branch of PETTET (Deal & Folkestone, Kent 1632-present) 
DRINKWATER clues for Cheshire at
ESSEX of Lambourne, Berkshire; SANDYS of Cumbria
Some families of Waya Island, Yasawas, Fiji
FISHLOCK of Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire
GINES of Compton, Wiltshire at 4. GINES of  
GRIFFITHS at Whitstable, Kent 1752 at
HALL (Upperthorpe,Sheffield,Yorkshire c1800)
HARDWICK (Somerset 1708-1900) at 
HARFORD (Faversham, Kent 1834-c1900)
HEAD of Little Wittenham, Berks and HIDDEN of Hungerford, Berks
HILLIER of Bishops Cannings, Wilts at 
HELU family of Tonga
HISCOCK of All Cannings, Wiltshire
 with some info on ROSE, CARPENTER & SWANBOROUGH 
HOPKINS (Lambourn, Berkshire c1650-1813)
HUGHES (c1643 Chester County, PA-d1750)
This gives HUGHES descendants of Mary WITHERS who
m 1713 at Chichester Meeting House, Chester Co.,PA sp-William HUGHS/HUGHES
(1691 Chester Co,PA - 1746 Lower Chichester Twp, Ches/Del Co., PA) Soldier, 

IDDENDEN (Whitstable, Kent c1684 - present)
JUDSON (Portsmouth, Hampshire 1670-1794),
JEKIN of Kent 1589-1860 in Oxney, Ringwould & Sandwich
KILMISTER of Karori, Wellington 1841-present
KING of Bishops Cannings,Wiltshire 1500-1900
LAWSON of Whitstable, Kent c1728 - present
LIDDIARD of Aldbourne,Wiltshire 1570-present
LIDDIARD of Aldbourne,Wiltshire c1620-present
LIDDIARD clues at
with a much briefer 8 generation version at
LIDDIARD - a brief version
MALONE (Rushey Greene, Kent & New Zealand)
MARSH (Harbledown, Kent 1708-1773)
MASLEN of Wiltshire
Descendants of Thomas MENDENHALL & Joane STROUD of Wiltshire, England
including US President Richard NIXON, at
MUNDAY of Enford, Wiltshire at 6. MUNDAY of  
NASH (Bishops Cannings,Wiltshire 1502-1867)
NEWBOLD of East Drayton, Notts. 1776-1835
NEWTON of Pangbourne, Oxfordshire 1807-1870
OFFER of Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire
PALMER of East Garston, Berkshire 1709-1839 & Eastbury, Berkshire 1755-1812
PASLEY (London, Sheffield & Nottinghamshire 1800-present)
PETTET (Deal & Folkestone, Kent 1632-present) at
 This includes clues for our SALTER/SAYLER family of Deal, Kent.
PYLE (Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire 1594 to Pennsylvania c1683; to present)
containing some famous Quakers at  
QUELCH (Welford, Wickham, East Garston & Lambourn, Berkshire, 1703-1839)
RATHBONE (Cheshire & Sheffield 1809)
RUSSELL (Whitchurch, Somerset c1750; Bristol c1820)
SANDYS of Cumbria; ESSEX of Lambourne, Berkshire
SCHAAF of Tonga
S(C)LATTER of Marlborough, Wilts at 8. S(C)LATTER
SHERGOLD of Bishops Cannings, Wilts
SHERWOOD of Drayton, Berks at 5. SHERWOOD
SLOPER (Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire c1590-1900)
SPANSWICK of Lambourne, Berkshire at
- a branch at 3846 Jane WITHERS of withers/withersberks.html 
STEELE 1757 Pennsylvania-1839 North Carolina
- a branch of our PYLE family above 
STROUD (Aldbourne and Baydon, Wiltshire 1743-1791)
 This also contains the family DOBLE (Wiltshire? 1701-1717).
TALMAGE of Ramsbury,Wiltshire 1840-1875; Hungerford,Berkshire 1862-84;
Utah, USA 1877-present 
TARRANT (Bromham, Wiltshire c1800-1880)
Some Tongan families
Some Noble families of Tonga
TREVILLION and GITTENS (Folkestone, Kent 1651-1745) at
TUBB (Baydon, Wiltshire 1814-c1882)
WADE (Portbury, Somerset 1726-1900)
WAIT of Norton Malreward, Somerset 1669-present
WALLER of Newbury, Berks at 3. WALLER
WAYLEN of Devizes, Wiltshire
WELLS of Wallingford, Oxfordshire at 4. WELLS
WHITSON (Scotland 1780-1850 then NZ, Oz, South Africa)
WILTSHIRE of Wiltshire at 
WITHERS of Wiltshire (Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire c1545-1900)
containing some famous QUAKERS. 
This has a number of branches:
WITHERS of Berkshire and Hampshire (1666-present) at 
Descendants of Thomas WITHERS (1663 Bishops Cannings,Wilts-1720 Chester co, PA)
This is a generation by generation file of the same information.
For the Australian and New Zealand branches of my WITHERS tree see
our Australian WITHERS at
 (1841-present), and
Our New Zealand WITHERS family (c1885-present) at
 From All Cannings, 3 m from our ancestral home Bishops Cannings, Wilts. is
the family of Major Edward WITHERS (Wiltshire 1804 - present, New Zealand)
See also Other New Zealand WITHERS (c1885-present),
some notes on other WITHERS elsewhere in the world at
For example this contains the tree of
WITHERS (Thatcham, Berkshire 1797-present, Australia).
WOODLAND at Deal, Kent 1757-1881 with BUDD & PEPPER clues for Deal is
 Families connected to mine:
(c1561 Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire-present) at  
This is the crest of WHITSON of Parkhill, Scotland and of Sir Thomas WHITSON,
Lord Provost of Edinburgh. This came from 
the Whitson homepage.
This has two mailing lists: a US list and a Scottish list. If you want to join
the Scottish list, email this address:
and in the body of the text type:

How do I relate to these families? The quick answer is to do a search on the name of interest to you in the following list of these generations counting back from me: (F=father M=mother) This generation section is edited from 2. of my file ancestors.html and only gives each surname once. IT IS NOT UP TO DATE!

For a complete list of ancestors see

GENERATION 0: I have ID 5252 in our NZ WITHERS at

GENERATION 1: M (My mother) Laurette RUSSELL has ID 1411 in

FM (My father's mother) Elizabeth WHITSON is (has ID) 1153 in
MM (My mother's mother) Vera HALL is 47 in


FFM Agnes Mary NEWTON is 4 in
FMM Fanny DEACON is 6422 in
MFM Alice Olivia HARFORD is 12 in 
MMM Laura Elizabeth RATHBONE is 644 in 

FFFM Jemima TUBB is 2 in tubb.html 
FFMM Emma DEANE 1813 Nuneham,Oxfordshire has ID 11356 at
FMFM Elizabeth FENDER 1807 Haddington? m 11 in whitson.html above
FMMM Eliza Gittens PETTET is 1231 5117 in 
MFFM Ann DERRICK is 364 in 
MFMM Sarah Ann CLAY is 86 in 
MMFM Betsy COOKE of Upperthorpe?, Sheffield m 0 in hall.html above
MMMM Elizabeth PASLEY c1837 East Retford, Notts. is 41 in 

FFFFM Mary QUELCH 1765 Lambourn,Berks-1829 is 334 in 
FFFMM Sarah Liddiard STROUD 1780 Baydon?,Wilts. is 35 in 
F2M3 Harriet RUFF 1779 Sunbury on Thames is 2555 at
FMFFM Mary SHIELS Scotland m 3 Thomas WHITSON in whitson.html 
FMFMM Elizabeth WILSON Scotland is mr in law to 34 Robert 1805 in whitson.html 
FMMFM Sarah BEDFORD (1774 Portsmouth,Ham') m William DEACON is 7 at 
FMMMM Mary Ann WOODLAND 1786 Deal m George PETTET 1785 is 12 at
MFFFM Mary BAWLER Bristol ID 1333 at BAWLER m 322 John S RUSSELL 1811 in 
MFFMM Harriet BAWLER b Keynsham bp 1813 West Monkton ID 133(13) at bawler.html
 m 36 William DERRICK 1807 Publow, Somerset in derrick.html 
MFMMM Caroline LAWSON 1804-1890 Faversham, Kent is 21 in 
MMMFM Mary WOLSTENCROFT c1786 Halton?, Cheshire m 6 Thomas RATHBONE 1787 in 
MMMMM Winifred NEWBOLD 1810 East Drayton, Notts. is 56 in 


FFFFFM Mary HOPKINS 1718 Lambourn,Berkshire-1813 is 31 in 
FFFMMM Mary CHOULES 1746 Ramsbury m Th STROUD has ID 4 at *1738-46 Ramsbury of 
F2M2FM Mary WELLS 1750 Wallingford m George DEANE is 354 at 
FMFFFM Agnes HOGG m 1755 at Prestonkirk m 0 Thomas WHITSON in whitson.html 
FMFFMM Christian HENRY of Prestonkirk is mr of Mary SHIELS m 3 in whitson.html 
FMMFFM Elizabeth JUDSON 1736 Portsmouth m 1761 William DEACON is 111 at 
FMMFMM Love WELSTED 1756 is mr of 7 Sarah BEDFORD 1774 at bedford.html above
FMMMFM Gittens TREVILLION bp 1741 Folkestone is 75 of 1.1 in
FMMMMM Mary PEPPER (bp 1766 Deal) is wife of 1 of 4.1 in pettet.html above
MFFFMM Hannah MILLS b 1771 West Monkton m 133 Edward BAWLER at bawler.html 
MFFMFM Elizabeth HARDWICK 1773 Tickenham,SOM John DERRICK is 126 of 1. in 
MFMMMM Ann GRIFFITHS 1779 Seasalter?,Kent m 2 John LAWSON in lawson.html above
MMMFFM Sarah DRINKWATER c1755 m 1773 Runcorn 0 Thomas RATHBONE c1750
 in rathbone.html above. See also 4.4 of
MMMMMM Elizabeth SPIVEY bp 1768 Notts m 5 John NEWBOULT bp 1776 in

FFFFFFM Katharine KING 1666 Wroughton,Wilts. is 18 in 1. of 
FFFMMFM Sarah LIDDIARD d1760 m William TUBB is 281 in 1.1 & 1.2 of 
F2M2F2M Mary GINES c1711 London?, ID 4181 at 4. GINES of deane.html above
FMFFFFM ?Elizabeth WATT Scotland possible mr of 0 in whitson.html above
FMFFFMM ?Elizabeth CUMMINS Haddington,Scotland mr-in-law? of 0 in whitson.html
FMMFMMM ?Katherine WESTON widow m at Portsmouth is in pettet.html above 
FMMMFFM Mary CLAYTON 1732 Deal,Kent m Peter PETTET is 7 of 1.1 in 
FMMMFMM Elizabeth GITTENS m 1729 is wife of 7 of 3.1 in pettet.html 
FMMMMFM Elizabeth BUDD m 1757 at Deal 0 of 4.1 of pettet.html 

MFFFMFM Jane GALE b c1743 West Monkton d .2.1800 West Monkton in bawler.html
MFFMFFM Mary HOLLISTER m 1770 Bristol to 0 in derrick.html 
MFFMFM2 Ann WADE 1740 Portbury,Somerset d 1800 m John HARDWICK is 8 of 1. in
MFMMMFM Elizabeth MARSH 1752 Harbledown,Kent m John MARSH, is 139 in 4. of 
MFMMMMM Caroline IDDENDEN 1754 Seasalter-1832 m Wm GRIFFITHS, is 4532 in 3. of

FFFFFFFM Jane TARRANT 1631 Bishops Cannings,Wilts. m Wm WITHERS, is 1 in
F4MF2M Ann CLARK Newbury,Berkshire m Thomas QUELCH, 0 in 
F2M2FMFM Anne WALLER c1681 Newbury m Edward WELLS is 123 at 3.2 in
FM3F3M Mary SALTER m 1722 at Deal,Kent is wife of 1231 in PETTET above
FM3F2M2 Mary CUMER m 1714 at Deal is wife of 0 of 2.1 in PETTET above

MF3MF2M Mary DUNMAN d 1769 m Edward BAWLER, 0 at 1. of bawler.html

MFFMFMMF Susanna BUDDING d1773,Portbury wife of 0 in 5. in DERRICK above
MFMMMMMM Elizabeth PHOSIER/PHOSSER/FOSSER is wife of 453 in IDDENDEN above

F8M Mary SLOPER 1594-1678 m Thomas WITHERS is 21112 11 in 3.1 of
F7M2 Joane SLOPER 1607 BC m Rbt TARRANT is 21112 13 in 3.1 of sloper.html above
F2M2F2M2 Margaret MUNDAY c1645 Coombe, Wilts, ID 16 at 6. MUNDAY of deane.html
F2M2FMF2M Susannah WEST m 0 at 3. WELLS of /deane/deane.html 
F2M2FMFM2 Margaret SHERWOOD 1647 ShawcumDonnington,ID 1112 at 7. of wells.html
FM3F4M Dorothy SOMES is wife of 123 in PETTET above
MFM5FM Hannah MILES is wife of 45 in IDDENDEN above

F9M Joane NASH bur 1631 Bishops Cannings m Thomas WITHERS d1624, is 11 in 1. of
F8M2=F7M3 Mary BAYLEY d1640 Wilts m 21112 1 Thomas SLOPER in SLOPER above
 ID 6 at *1535-77 Bromham of
F2M2F2M2F Margaret S(C)LATTER, ID 17(10) at 8. S(C)LATTER of /deane/deane.html 
F2M2FMFMFM Mary HAWKINS? m William WALLER 1609, 1 at 3.2 of

F2M2FMFM2 Bridget HEAD 1615 Beenham (m Francis SHERWOOD) ID 12 at 3. HEAD of 
FM3F5M Anne PARTRIDGE bur:1673 Coldred,Kent is wife of 12 in PETTET above
MFM3FMF2M Rose BACHELOR nee HEWETT? 1631-81 is wife of 0 in MARSH above
MFM5F2M Anne KNOWLER 1670 Swalecliff,Kent is wife of 4 in IDDENDEN above

F2M2F2M2FM Esther DAWKES m c1590 Marlborough? ID 17 at 8. S(C)LATTER of deane

F2M2FMFM3 Cicely BARKSDALE m c1610 East Hendred ID 11 at 7. wells

F2M2FMFM3 Susan CLYDESDALE/HIDDEN 1592 Hungerford 
FM3F6M Sarah JEKIN bp 1607 Ringwould,Kent m George PETTIT, 44 of pettet.html  

F2M2FMFM2FM Ann YOUNG c1560 East Hendred? m ID 1 at 7. SHERWOOD of deane.html
FM3F7M m 1596 Ringwould,Kent Margaret HARVIE Wingham,Kent m ID 4 of pettet.html

F9M2FM Maryon BAILEY of Trowbridge, Wilts m3 Simon SLOPER 213 at sloper.html
F2M2FMFM2F2M Jane WALROND c1525 Aldbourne,Wilts? m ID 0 at 7. SHERWOOD of DEANE

F9M2F2M Agnes DISMER -c1544 Winterbourne Monkton,Wilts m ID 21 of SLOPER

See ancestors.html for more details on my ancestors and where they lived.

My favourite ancestor is probably

3 THOMAS WITHERS (1596-1668).

He was put in gaol by Cromwell in 1656 after being apprehended by a constable at Market Lavington (probably for holding a religious meeting there), dragged into an ale-house where he was kept until the next morning, & then committed by a JP to the county gaol - where he stayed for a long time with his property confiscated. So much for religious tolerance under the Protectorate!
Later he was fined for refusing to take his hat off in court. "When his persecution was at its height he with other fellow sufferers sent a moving petition to Judge Wyndham & the Salisbury Justices. (Ref: QSGR ed. BH Cunninham p244) `Wee suppose' they pleaded `its not unknown how many & how great are ... the troubles of us who are called Quakers which ever since wee were a People have beene inflicted & are yett likely, if the Lord open not people's hearts, to be continued against us.' The petition draws attention to the injustices heaped upon them & speaks of `the sighes & teares which our long bondage have produced.' At the end comes an entreaty `Let not our words & desires returne in vaine but favour us so much as to answer our complainte which we hope & believe will not be forgotten in the records of heaven.' But the sighs & tears went on; the words returned in vain. Worn out with imprisonment & ill treatment Thomas died 4 years later when only 46.

GANDY says "In his earlier unregenerate days this Thomas seems to have been a pugnacious person, in trouble with the Manorial Court, disputing a right of way ..." He was fined "for stopping up a public footpath must pay 12 pence & make it good".

His wife and son 33 THOMAS WITHERS THE QUAKER (1624-1684)
were also well-known Quakers. His mother was buried in 1678 in the Quaker plot near the Gallows Ditch, Devizes. She left this son "40 sheep & my best brasse pan & my best brasse pot". `Like his father Thomas refused all compromise with conscience. Called on to swear his fealty to John Methuen now Lord of the Manor, he `Say'd these English words "He could not swear." Therefore he was not admitted to his land.' (Ref: Court Book for 1681.)

Then there was

122 Thomas SLOPER, MA, Vicar of Bishops Cannings in Wiltshire 1504-1537.

He loaned 40 pounds to King Henry 8, but did he ever get it back? I doubt it! He left his 3rd best woodwind to the poor people of the parish of Bishops Cannings: lucky them! Reminds me of

B3 John WITHERS the Elder

who died in 1637 leaving his "second best breaches" to his brother John WITHERS the Younger!

One of our most accomplished ancestors was Bridget SHERWOOD nee HEAD b 1615 Beenham, Berkshire's 1st recorded female doctor.


Ever wonder where some obscure village is in the UK? To do a search for its UK Ordance Survey map & grid reference, you COULD look at
their Gazetteer of Place Names

OR, you can borrow from your local library the UK Ordnance motoring guide.


Some families of Waya island, Yasawa group, Fiji are at fiji/wayafamilies.html


Some Noble families of Tonga

The HELU family of Ha'apai is at helu/helu.html

The SCHAAF/SAAFI family of Ha'apai is at schaaf/schaaf.html

The AISEA & some other Tongan families are at tonga/aisea.html


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If you have material on your family you want to store as an ascii (text) file, the way I'd suggest is you have 4 files, one for each grandparent. This has the great advantage that it's easily updated & easily printed out. Start with the furthest back you can go, and create a descendancy chart from the initial couple. You'll need to decide on an order for their descendants. I label the initial couple as 0, their children as 1,2,3,..., and their children as 11,12,13,...,21,22,...,31,32,33,... Somewhere in the file you could have an index of placenames and an index for surnames.
You might like to search for your favourite surnames in the surname indices of my family trees. PRIVACY ISSUES The primary purpose of these family trees is to preserve the history of the families and to enable contact between members. So I include living members and a method of contact if I can. If for any reason you would like your contact details excluded please let me know.

We are of course all related - one gene pool. 600,000 years ago from a pool of 
only 3000 individuals, our species homo sapiens diverged from the Neanderthals.
Sadly, they died out 28,000 years ago. 6 million years ago, our ancestral 
species diverged from the chimps. And so on, back to the proverbial slime
& the 1st single-celled forms of life about 2 billion years ago.
Our planet is 4.5 billion years old, & our star just a little older,
but is half way through its life. So life on earth has maybe only 2 billion 
years to go. - We'd better get on with it, and stop destroying life by
burning fossil fuels, cutting down our forests, & dumping in our oceans.

FREE SOFTWARE familysearch offers PAF. looks like a great program.

NUMBERING SYSTEMS USED. Everyone gets an ID number and a generation number. These make it easy to search up for parents, grandparents & sibs, & down for sibs & children. The number at the start of the line indicates the order of descent from the initial couple have ID 0. For example at hughes.html these are 0 0-Mary WITHERS daughter of Thomas WITHERS & Elizabeth COLLETT. m 12.9.1713 Chichester,Chester/Delaware, PA. sp-William Parson HUGHES/HEWES Their children are 1 1-..., 2 1-, ... So their ID numbers are 1, 2, ... and their generation numbers are 1. Similarly the children of say ID 52 are 521 3-..., 522 3-..., 523 3-,... and so on. For ease of reading, a space is inserted after the 5th digit. So the number before their name, for example 2- , is their generation number, counting that of the initial person as 0. So if u want the parents of person ID 496 3-xx, search upwards for 49 or 2- or 49 2- Warning: the number of blanks between 49 and 2- may vary.

WHAT'S NEW? 9.6.2016 Thanks to my 3rd cousin Gilly WOOD of Sussex, ID 11355 4134 at 2. of deane.html, I just found out that we are 7th cousins to the father of Lady Diana SPENCER. She is 7th cousin to our children. We are also related to Fergy and the Queen Mother.

For details see

28.1.2016 I added hyperlinks & displayed some photos.