The Family Of Lt. Colonel William MALONE
(England-New Zealand)

MALONE (British). (F) "Descendant of the devotee of St. John" (Irish).
MALONE (British). (F) Possibly a modern form of the ancient Irish name

Version 7.11.2018, 50 A4 pages.



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 9.5.2015 Historian Tony Simpson gave an interesting talk 
about Colonel MALONE at the Aro Valley workshop 'My country right or wrong?'.
Here is the text of that speech.
There were posters

'MALONE wants you!' by VUW artist-in-residence, Canadian Julian PETERS, 
jmarcopeters"att" produced as part of the Entrenchments 2015 project
based on the famous KITCHENER recruitment poster, but with a portrait of MALONE
hand-printed at Wai-te-ata Press. You may be able to obtain one by emailing Phone: +64-4-463-5784. Julian's website is

31112 Jen DD in UK wants to watch the 'Sons of Gallipoli' documentary. 
Can anyone help her? Email jendrewry"att"

 17.4.2015 Te Papa launched its Gallipoli exhibition including photos and quotes
of Col. MALONE, & a mockup of his hut where you can read & hear his last 
letters to his wife Ida. Lots of VIPs. I sat next to Mayor Celia at the 
breakfast. Clare LYONS & Anita YOUNG flew over from London for the occasion.
More on the function 18.4.2013 at Te Papa Museum, Wellington. (This includes photos of my grandchn & me, saying wrongly that we descend from Col. MALONE.)
18.4.2013 7am at Te Papa Museum, Wellington.
To mark the upcoming centenary of 
WW1, there was a ceremony, including the dedication of the National Cross of
Rememberance, a large white cross, against the round window on the 1st floor, 
and a smaller cross for Col. MALONE, followed by breakfast and presentations. 
Thanks to Chris MULLANE of the Field of Remembrance Trust, 
CMullane"att" phone 09 445 8135.
 This clip from TV3 includes (just before the middle) a brief interview with 
my grandchildren Rewa 10, & Alan 5, & (at the end) the 1st entry, by me, in the
Book of Memories.

  21.4.2010 John concannon"att" is looking for photos for
his documentary on the periscope rifle at Gallipoli.
  8.8.2005 A commemorative plaque was unveiled in NZ Parliament's Grand Hall.

My invitation,

page 1 of the programme,

and the inside of the programme.
  The Wellington Regiment piped in the colours for the event.  
MP Jim ANDERTON campaigned for 15 years to have WGM recognised
and honoured. (His book "Unsung heroes" includes Col. MALONE.)
  The PM, MPs & the top brass of the Army attended, as well as many
MALONEs, including Clare LYONS & Anita YOUNG who flew over from London for the 
  After the unveiling, a service was held at the Cathedral, where another 
plaque for WGM was installed about 2004.
  Then at the National Library, then PM & MPs & Chief of Staff of the Armed 
Forces again gave speeches at the launching of
  "No Better Death, The Great War diaries and letters of William G MALONE"
edited by John CRAWFORD, the NZ Defence Force Historian, Reed, Auckland, 2005.
 Clare LYONS notes: WGM was a very good photographer. He had a good eye, and I 
have scanned over 200 of his First World War negatives, which I sent John on a 
  The book contains a huge amount of material and photos of interest to the 
family as well as historians of Gallipoli & WWW1.

  8.8.2005 is celebrated as MALONE Day in Stratford where the MALONE gates are.

L to R: Kit WITHERS, Prime Minister Helen CLARK, & Peter WITHERS - 8.8.2005
at the unveiling in Parliament's Grand Hall of the plaque commemorating 
the life and death of Col. Wm MALONE after he led the Wellington Battalion in 
the taking of Chunuk Bair at Gallipoli, 8.8.1915.  

 2005 See under SOURCES for Craig HOYLE's wonderful CHILDS tree. Recommended.

		CONTENTS                      approximate A4-size page number

1. Numbering systems used                                7

2. MALONE of Rushey Greene,Kent and Taranaki,New Zealand:
 SUMMARY of 1st 3 generations:
0 Thomas Augustine MALONE (1824) m Louisa CHILDS         8
2 Austin James MALONE m Jessie TRIMBLE                   9
21 Pat MALONE 1896 Stratford-1934 m Ada Marie CLARK     10
211 Joan MALONE 1924 Cambridge,NZ-1977 m Daniel SIMS 
212 Molly MALONE 1928 m Roger Leonard AYERS             11
213 Colleen MALONE 1930 m Clement George Norwood HILL    

22 Bob MALONE 1898 Auckland-1961 m Helen MINNIS         12
221 Rae MALONE 1926 Dunedin m Peter LARSEN 1922 Denmark
222 Peter Heywood MALONE 1928 Dunedin, Mayor of Nelson  13
22212 Liam MALONE, gold medallist in 2016 Para-Olympics
223 Patsy MALONE 1930 Dunedin m Brian Donn LAMBERT      15

24 Ellie MALONE m1 John HANHAM m2 Ernest George BUNCE   16
241 Harry HANHAM 1928, Vice Chancellor, Lancaster Uni
242 Richard HANHAM 1930 Takapuna m Jeanette ADAMS 
243 George BUNCE m Judith Phyllis CLEMENTS

3 Lt-Colonel William G MALONE (1859-1915) m1 Elinor PENN 17
31 Lt. Edmond Leo MALONE (1888) m Harriet BROCKLEHURST   21
312 `Petie' MALONE 1918 Bolton,Lancs m1 Kenneth DEIGHTON 25

32 Terence Joseph MALONE (1890) m Sybil THURSTON         27
321 William MALONE 1919 Hawera m June LE FEVRE 
322 Colleen MALONE 1923 Stratford m Geoffrey STEVENSON   28
323 Desmond MALONE 1924 Stratford m June RENTON 
32332 Rory MALONE b 1985. Killed in Afghanistan 2012.    30

33 Brian Bernard MALONE (1893) m Olga Isobel RICHARDSON  31
332 Judith MALONE 1921 Hastings m Roger Percival CURRAN 
333 Barbara MALONE 1923 Hawera m Jim WHITLOW             32 PIERARD line
334 Ted MALONE 1924 m1 Betty HAILWOOD, m2 Judith ELPHICK 34
335 Margaret MALONE 1929 m Stuart CRAIG                  35

34 Maurice MALONE (1895 Stratford) m Mona PAGET          
341 Norah MALONE 1922 Wairoa m Derek DE JAUNAY           36

35 Norah MALONE (1897 Stratford) m Major CRUM            
[3 Lt-Colonel William G MALONE (1859-1915)] m2 Ida WITHERS 
37 Denis George Withers MALONE (1906) m Anita WOLFERMANN 40
38 William Bernard "Barney" MALONE (1908-1943 Italy)     41
39 Elinor M "Mollie" MALONE (1910-1979) m Richard YOUNG  42
391 Tessa YOUNG 1939 London m1 John ASHTON, m2 Wm KEEGAN
392 Anita YOUNG 1941 m Peter Calne Luya GREGORY          45
393 Phillida Victoria YOUNG m John David Tilney BASSETT 
394 Clare YOUNG m1 Graham LYONS, m2 David ATKINSON       

3. Index of place names -where they appear               46
4. Index of family names -where they first appear        47
5. Family on email                                       48
6. Other MALONE searchers for Kent                                 
7. Some links on the web                                 49
8. Other MALONE in NZ.
9. MALONE of Barronstown, County Westmouth, Ireland


The primary purpose of these family trees is to preserve the history
of the families and enable contact between members. So I would like to
include living members and a method of contact. If for any reason you
would like any or all of your details excluded, or if I have excluded you to 
preserve your privacy & you'd like you appear, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

1. THE NUMBERING SYSTEMS USED (i) The number at the start of the line indicates his order of descent from the initial couple "0 0-Thomas Augustine MALONE (1824)" and "sp-Louisa CHILDS". (The "sp-" is for spouse.) For example their second child is "2": 2 1-Austin James MALONE who married sp-Jessie TRIMBLE. The third child of "2" Austin and spouse Jessie is "23": 23 2-Ellie MALONE (1903) who married sp-John HANHAM, and so on. (ii) The generation number precedes the name. For example the "1-" in 3 1-Lt-Colonel William George MALONE (24.1.1859 Rushey Greene,Kent) indicates he is in the 2nd generation, counting the initial couple "0 0-Thomas Augustine MALONE (1824)" and "sp-Louisa CHILDS" as the 1st generation. So to see who his siblings are one can either search for adjacent "1-" or search for 1,2,4, ... (In this example the siblings stop at 5.) The spouse's generation number is not given. (iii) To make this descendancy chart look like a conventional family tree, you need to put all the pages of the tree together as one vertical sheet, then turn it on its side with the left margin at the top. Now draw horizontal lines between all siblings. The top line will join all the 1-, that is 1,..,5. The next line will join all the 2- but be broken so as not to cover any 1-. So it is in 2 parts: the first part joins 21, 22, 23 and the second joins 31, 32, ..., 38. The 3rd line joins all the 3- and breaks whenever a 1- or 2- occurs. The 4th line joins all the 4- and breaks whenever a 1- or 2- or 3- occurs. And so on. (iv) Those marked 1- are siblings. Those marked 2- are siblings or first cousins to each other. Those marked 3- are second cousins to each other or closer. Those marked 4- are third cousins or closer; and those marked 5- are 4th cousins to each other or closer.



  The sources on Col. MALONE are as quoted & include the copy of his letters 
held by the National Library of NZ, Wellington. Other sources include
221 Rae LARSEN & various family members. 

  In 2005 Craig HOYLE of 232 Racecourse Rd, Invercargill ph 03 217 9986
updated this tree as part of the CHILDS family tree 25.3.2005 -referred to 
here as CH. For a copy send him $20. We congratulate Craig on this splendid 
work. It includes photos of these MALONEs: 0-sp (ie Louisa, spouse of 0),
1 2 2-sp 21 21-sp 22 22-sp 24 3 3-sp1 31 31-sp 32 33 331-335 34 35 37 38 
3-sp2 (Ida WITHERS) 4 & 5. Try him on
  A lot of his info was supplied by Ruth BURKHOLDER of Toronto &
Richard JONSSON 20.8.2010: 
rjonsson"att" phone 540-347-3215. Address 9069 Old Waterloo Rd, 
Warrenton, VA, USA 20186-7544, g-grandson of Wm. John CHILDS, NZ & grandson of 
Joseph Gershom CHILDS of Canada.


0 0-Thomas Augustine MALONE (1824 London, Middlesex-20.6.1867 St George,
Southwark, Surrey) Patsy gives 1872 as his death date.
 1861 census at 2 Grays Rd, Lewisham, Kent: head Chymist Apr. Operative
CH: son of Thomas MALONE & Alice GARROT. A professor of chemistry who worked
with Wm Henry Fox TALBOT, the founder of modern photography. The Fox Talbot
museum holds c40 letters from TM to Wm TALBOT. D cert: teacher of chemistry 
from Lewisham.

m 17.6.1854 at Catholic Church Triangle, Hackney, Middlesex  sp-Louisa CHILDS 
(30.9.1826 Sunbury,Middlesex-18.8.1907 NZ) Sister to Mary Anne and daughter of 
Samuel CHILDS (14.2.1788-1870) and Elisabeth WOOD (1796-1859) who married 
 25.5.1814. She migrated to NZ c1883 to join sons Wm & Austin -CH.
1881 census at 1 Grange Road, Clapham, Surrey:
 Louisa MALONE Head W 53 1828 Earls Court, Middlesex  Teacher Of Music 
 Authur MALONE Son  U 24 1857 Earls Court, Middlesex  Coml Clerk Unemployed 
 Agnes M. MALONE Daur U 16 1865 Clapham, Surrey       Scholar  	  
 Catherine HARTHEY Servt U 67  	Ireland  	      Genl Servt Domestic 

 Tessa (391 below) has photos of: 
a) Samuel's father's sister (on reverse: To L MALONE with love from May Ann
 CHILDS Xmas 1902); 
b) Samuel's father, Shepparton,Middlesex (from MA CHILDS Xmas 1902); 
c) copy of 1852 oil portrait of our dear father Samuel to dear sister Louisa
 Malone from MA CHILDS Xmas 1902; 
d) Barney (38) in Scots Guard uniform. She also has 
e) the children & grandchildren of Samuel CHILDS; 
f) a typed version; 
g) an exercise book version with 46 grandchildren including Edmund
 Alphonsus MALONE (WHERE DOES HE FIT IN?), Austin James MALONE (2),
 Col. WG MALONE (3), Agnes MALONE (5); 
h) correspondence between Thomas Augustine MALONE & Wm Henry Fox TALBOT, the 
founder of modern photography (sent to Brian MALONE -Which? 33 or 331?); 
i) an article from the 1913 Irish Times re Col. John R MALONE's mansion at
 Barronstown burned 13/5;
j) Barney's diaries including material on Col MALONE at Quinns Post; 
k) Lectures on military tactics by Major MALONE, 1910 at the Technical School, 
 New Plymouth; she may offer a copy to the Imperial War Museum; 
l) Chronicles of the NZ Expeditionary Force No 61 24.1.1919 "The End" -ie last 
 issue. Does the NZ National Library have the collection? Is it indexed?  

NOTE Michael GRAY m.w.gray"att" wrote 2002 bounced 2005:
"I was very pleased to have been able to find that you are all indeed 
connected with Thomas Augustine MALONE an individual who, for a time 
was associated with and employed by WHF TALBOT.
I note that you go on to state that Malone family descendants do 
still hold some surviving correspondence from WHF Talbot. If so this 
is, for me, a very important discovery. We hold, at the Fox Talbot 
Museum 40 letters from TA MALONE to WHF TALBOT and I do know of the 
location and whereabouts of a few others.

We would be extremely interest to discover if it is possible to 
obtain copies of any of the outgoing material from TA Malone to WHF 
TALBOT and others. We would, of course be willing to let the family 
have copies of the material which we hold.

I see that they appear to be held by a Mr Brian MALONE. Is there a 
possibility that we might be able to obtain copies of the 
correspondence and any other related material?

I have, to date, been unable to find his will or death certificate so 
do not know the year of his death. Could you possibly help or put me 
in touch with a family member who could?"

NOTE Larry J SCHAAF 2012 ljs"att" writes:
As you will see from the
link below, we are in the process of transcribing and publishing the
approximately 10,000 letters to and from William Henry Fox TALBOT.
Thomas MALONE [0 above] figures strongly in this. We have about 45 letters from
MALONE (in the TALBOT family collection and in the NMP at Bradford)
and have drafts or copies of 6 letters from MALONE to TALBOT. 
- Dr Larry J SCHAAF * Research Professor
Director * The Correspondence of William Henry Fox TALBOT (go to photographers [or Search the letters].
  2012: All 51 letters that I know of between them are published at:
 Rock House * 616 Reservoir St * Baltimore, Maryland
 21217-4823 USA tel (410)523-8889  *  fax (410)383-9866 
* ljs"att" * ljs"att" * l.schaaf"att" 

#Craig HOYLE of 232 Racecourse Rd, Invercargill ph 03 217 9986
published the CHILDS family tree 25.3.2005 -referred to here as CH. 
For a copy send him $20. Louisa was the 8th of 14 children. (He descends from 
the 14th.)

1  1-Edmond Alphonsus MALONE (1855-1874 England)
1861 census: 2 Grays Place,Lewisham,Kent (son)-CH
1871 census: Liverpool,Lancs lodger, Junior clerk-CH

2  1-Austin James MALONE (15.2.1857 Kensington, London-19.2.1915 Pukekohe)
  1861 census: 2 Grays Place,Lewisham,Kent (son)-CH
  1881 census at 1 Grange Road, Clapham, Surrey with mother named "Authur".
  He owned a workman's cottage in Titirangi, Auckland. 

  He was accidently killed by a land slip during construction of a railway 
cutting at Patamahoe south of Auckland. gives several entries for him:
  1) THE BUSH FIRES AROUND STRATFORD. Taranaki Herald, 12 January 1886 
AM helps his neighbour during the bush fire.
  2) THE PREMIER (SEDDON) AT STRAFORD Hawera & Normanby Star, 1 November 1893 
AM moved a vote of thanks.
  3) THE EGMONT ELECTION. Hawera & Normanby Star, 22 November 1893
AM asked [SEDDON] if the govt did not neglect their duty allowing people to 
buy Crown grant land from Maori.
  4) Taranaki Herald, 10 May 1897, p2: STRATFORD NEWS Another Co-op' dairy 
factory has sprung into existence, the Lowgarth Co-op'. Lowgarth is a rising
township at the junction of the Hastings & Finnerty Roads. Mr Austin MALONE 
i s chairman of the new company.
 5) Taranaki Herald, 7 September 1899 FUNERAL OF THE LATE COLONEL TRIMBLE.
 He is mentioned as his son-in-law.
  6) Taranaki Herald, 27 October 1904: he visits Auckland.
  7) PUBLIC SERVICE Dominion, 19 January 1915. Robert AM of Auckland passes 
1914 Public Service exam. - Is he related?

  8) KILLED BY A FALL OF EARTH. Colonist, 22 February 1915.
AJ MALONE a married man whose family reside at Grey Lynn, was killed on the
railway works near Pukekohe at noon today by a fall of earth. 
  9) FATAL ACCIDENT. Wanganui Chronicle, 20 February 1915. Ditto.
  10) KILLED ON RAILWAY WORKS. Thames Star, 22 February 1915. Ditto. 

m 19.6.1894 Inglewood, Taranaki sp-Jessie TRIMBLE b 8.3.1871 Liverpool,Lancs. 
dr of Col. Robert TRIMBLE & Jane HEYWOOD -CH. Her father was Lord Mayor of 
there is a statue of him outside the Town Hall in Manchester. A copy of a 
letter written by Col. MALONE to his sister after Austin died states that 
Austin "hadn't a very joyful life" and that he would give 10/- a week to Jessie
because Jessie had refused help from her own family.

Her sister Nora was neighbour to the ADNAMS family on Norfolk Rd,
Inglewood, New Plymouth. The ADNAMS are related to Ida WITHERS, 2nd
wife of Col. MALONE (ID 3 below).  Their 1915 home - a 1906 kauri cottage
at 180 Old Titirangi Road- is being restored in 2003 by the family of
Lynton DIGGLE ph/fax 09 817 8459.

21  2-Charles Lockton "Pat" MALONE (24.12.1896 Stratford,Taranaki-12.4.1934
lists him as Head teacher of Bombay School 1932-34. - JDD.
The Bombay School website has a photo of a group of children. - JDD.
  Obituary The death ocurred on 12.4 at Auckland Hospital of a returned soldier
Mr Charles Lockton MALONE. He was a son of Mrs MALONE of New Lynn...
His mother's father was Col. CRIMBLE a veteran of the Maori wars. Mr CL MALONE
was educated at Auckland Grammar School & went to Egypt with the Expeditionary
Force in 1915 being in the Mounted Rifles. Upon his return from the war [he]
went thru the Training College & was later a teacher [in] Hawkes Bay ... &
secretary for the branch of the Educational Institute. Afterwards he was at
Wairoa & suffered a heavy loss during the 1931 earthquake. For the last 2 years
he had been in charge of the school at Bombay. He leaves his wife & 
3 young daughters. - Thanks to JDD ex paperspast.

m 30.3.1921 Auckland sp-Ada Marie CLARK (25.8.1898 Auckland-12.10.1983
 Palmerston North) Dr of Rbt McKenzie CLARK & Josephine Marie NILSON -CH.

211  3-Joan Una MALONE (31.10.1924 Cambridge,NZ-10.6.1977 Tokoroa)
m 1946 Auckland sp-Daniel James SIMS (7.12.1925 Wellington-10.8.1985 Tokoroa)
 Son of James SIMS & Isabella Emma Parmenter JONES -CH.

2111 4-Vicki Louise SIMS (5.12.1957 Hamilton) She has her parents' birth
certificates & many unidentified and identified family photos.
"As a teenager on a school trip we visited Nelson and Peter MALONE (222 below) 
took us for joy flights in a light aeroplane, not that I found that experience 
very joyful, rather frightening I thought at the time!"
* 2002: Ballarat,Vic., Australia 
* 2016 pip3man2000"att" 

m 12.7.1980 Sydney, Australia to  sp-Ian Alfred COX (7.7.1959 Ballarat,Vic.,Oz)
Son of George COX & Dulcie May TRAFFORD-CH. Divorced. 2 children.

21111  5-David Christopher COX (19.8.1980 Sydney) 
21112  5-Erin Catherine COX (2.6.198 Sydney)
2112  4-Linda Marie SIMS (2.6.1960 Tokoroa, NZ) 2002: Te Awamutu
m 3.3.1984 in Tokoroa sp-Anthony Scott TURNBULL (2.4.1961 Te Awamutu)
 Son of John Graham TURNBULL & Jillian Patricia EVANS.

21121  5-Scott Daniel TURNBULL (6.6.1986 Hamilton, NZ)
21122  5-Renee Nicole TURNBULL (24.5.1988 Hamilton, NZ)
21123  5-Danielle Kathleen TURNBULL (2.10.1990 Hamilton, NZ) twin
21124  5-Bradley John TURNBULL (2.10.1990 Hamilton, NZ) twin

212  3-Molly Lyndle MALONE (27.9.1928 Auckland)
*2002: 55 Alison Ave, Albert Town, RD 2, Wanaka, Central Otago. Tel 03-443 7036

L to R back row; Rae 221, David 2222, Patsy 223, Colleen 213, Patrick (husband of Deborah), Cathy 21222, and Deborah 2122; in front: Alison 2125 and Molly 212. Also taken 8.8.2005 in Parliament's Grand Hall - thanks to Patsy.

m 13.3.1950 Auckland sp-Roger Leonard AYERS (15.3.1928 London-14.2.2000
Dunedin) Son of Philip Leonard AYERS & Wilhelmina HEYL -CH. 5 daughters (all 
with families & divorced) & 1 son, names of all but one withheld pending 

2122  4-Deborah AYERS b 22.10.1954 Auckland
m 1.2.1975 Eltham,Taranaki sp-Patrick Arthur SHEEHY b 28.11.1954 Stratford
 son of Daniel Leonard SHEEHY & Elizabeth Mary SCOTT

21221  5-Jason Leonard SHEEHY b 20.4.1978 Stratford
21222  5-Cathy Marie SHEEHY b 10.9.1980 Stratford

21247  5-Simon Patrick Sai On MANSON b 1.9.1995 Hongkong 
2125  4-Alison AYERS b 11.6.1961 Wellington, NZ

213  3-Colleen MALONE (21.4.1930 Auckland or Hastings)
* 2002: Palmerston North

L to R: Colleen [213], Rae [221] & Patsy [223] 8.8.2005 at Parliament for the unveiling of Wm MALONE's plaque.

m 5.1.1952 Auckland sp-Clement George Norwood HILL (25.3.1927 Balclutha
d 7.4.1980 Palmerston North) son of Clement Alfred HILL & Lillias Norwood
USSHER. 3 children.

2131  4-Clement Norwood HILL (31.12.1953 Dunedin-27.4.1975 Palmerston North)

2132  4-Anthony Norwood HILL (28.7.1956 London, UK)
m in hot-air balloon over Haramura, Japan sp-Yumiko TAKAHASI (12.10.1965 Japan)
 dr of Masashi SHIMUZU & Naoko TAKAHASHI *2002 in Queenstown with 3 daughters.

21321  5-Maya Hill TAKAHASHI b 1.8.1995 Japan
21322  5-Kauri Hill TAKAHASHI b 28.9.1996 Japan
21323  5-Erika Hill TAKAHASHI b 9.5.1999 Queenstown, NZ

2133  4-Tracey Norwood HILL b 20.12.1964 Dunedin
m 6.2.1988 Palmerston North sp-Stephen John MIKKLESEN b 10.1.1964 Palmerston
 North son of John MIKKLESEN & Susan BENNETT.
*2002 Melbourne with 4 children. 

21331  5-Declan Norwood MIKKLESEN b 10.10.1990 England
21332  5-Jacob Norwood MIKKLESEN b 21.4.1992 Wellington, NZ
21333  5-Henry Norwood MIKKLESEN b 10.12.1993 Wellington, NZ
21334  5-Abbey Norwood MIKKLESEN b 15.7.1995 Wellington, NZ

22  2-"Bob" Robert Austin MALONE (1.7.1898 Auckland-22.7.1961 Nelson)
Govt Treasurer for Western Samoa 1936-39 then Public Service Commssioner.

m 28.12.1925 Dunedin sp-Helen Fergusson MINNIS (8.7.1901 Patterson, NJ, USA
d 8.6.1977 Nelson) Taught at Gisborne Boys Highschool. 

221  3-(Helen) Rae MALONE (13.12.1926 Dunedin) D.
*2002: 36 Talbot St, Richmond, Nelson

L to R: Colleen [213], Rae [221] & Patsy [223] 
8.8.2005 at Parliament for the unveiling of Wm MALONE's plaque.

m 25.10.1958 Vancouver,BC sp-Peter Borge K LARSEN (28.5.1922 Selso, Denmark
 d 19.2.2000 Vancouver, BC, Canada) son of Peter Christian LARSEN & Jensine
Margrethe ANDERSON. Separated.

2211  4-Neil Peter LARSEN (22.9.1960 Vancouver, BC)
*2002: Nelson

222  3-Peter Heywood MALONE (1928 Dunedin)
 Mayor of Nelson to 1992;  Chairman of Ricmond branch of National Party 1993;
 OBE, CNZM (Companion of the NZ Order of Merit for services to local
 government and the community).
* 2002: 387 Queen St, Richmond, Nelson tel.03 544 4791
m1 20.2.1954 Nelson sp-Cynthia Bevis JONES (-27.1.2001 Nelson) dr of Albert
 Bevan JONES & Roberta Annie PARKER. Divorced.

2221  4-Murray Robert MALONE (6.12.1954 Nelson)
m1/df sp-Vicki Lorraine MANSFIELD b 8.1.1955 Perth,WA dr of William MANSFIELD &

22211  5-Paul William Peter MANSFIELD (15.8.1989 Perth) *2002: Perth

[2221  4-Murray Robert MALONE (1954 Nelson)]
*2005 5 Durham St, Stoke, Nelson, tel 03-547 2564
 murray.malone"att" South Island Genl Mgr of ENZA,
 Turners & Growers 
m2/partner sp-Trudi SCOTT b 10.9.1955 Cheviot, NZ dr of Neville PARSONSON & 
 Carrie SCOTT.

22212  5-Liam Bevan MALONE (23.12.1993 Nelson) 'Liam has 2 artificial legs & 
is an amazing child, into all activities including mountain bike riding & 
playing soccer.' -RL 2002.
At Parliament on 8.8.2005, the Prime Minister kindly signed this page of this family tree next to Liam's name. The original is for Liam.
 And a view of the whole page with her signature. 
 The Dom Post of 1.11.2014 ran a full page article on him p D1. See also
p8 The Wellingtonian, 19.3.15: 'A site for the physically disabled' with a 
photo of Liam, 21, holding a giant cheque for $5000, the 1st instalment towards
a new website to help the physically disabled. His sights are set on the 2016 
Paralympics in Rio. He practises for the 200m & 400m at Newtown Park, 

New Zealander Liam Malone has smashed the Paralympic 200m T44 record
held by Oscar Pistorius (right),
bringing enormous pride to his family & his country, 13.9.2016.
He also won gold for 400m T44 & silver for 100m T44!
2222  4-David John MALONE (8.10.1956 Nelson)
m1 4.3.1978 Nelson sp-Frances "Franky" Elizabeth ROCKELL b 18.4.1956 Oamaru
 dr of Wm Eugene ROCKELL & Mavis SALMON. Divorced; 1 dr (1983)
22211  5-Lisa Michelle MALONE b 25.3.1983 Nelson

[2222  4-David John MALONE (8.10.1956 Nelson)]

m2/partner sp-Linda Maria DE LORENZO b 1.1.1958 Nelson dr of Angelo 

2223  4-Richard Bevan MALONE (14.1.1958 Nelson) 
 *2002 28 Cawthron Cre Wakatu Nelson, tel 03-547 3429

2224  4-Graeme Peter MALONE (8.3.1959 Nelson) *2002 Nelson 
m/partner sp-Rochelle Lee MAHONEY b 10.3.1971 Bay of Islands, NZ dr of David 

2225  4-Patrick James MALONE (7.8.1962 Nelson) *2002 Auckland
m 4.1.2001 Nelson  sp-Jessica Margaret DOUGLAS b 2.2.1967 Christchurch dr of
 Derek Molesworth DOUGLAS & Shona Kirkwood WORRELL.

22251  5-Shea Peter MALONE (25.12.2001 Christchurch) twin
22252  5-Tady Patrick MALONE (25.12.2001 Christchurch) twin

[222  3-Peter Heywood MALONE  (1928 Dunedin)]:
m2 30.11.1971 Nelson sp-Patricia Joan WILCOX nee KNAPP b 7.4.1930 Nelson
 dr of Douglas John KNAPP & Phyllis May WILLIAMS
223  3-Patricia "Patsy" Jessie MALONE (11.2.1930 Dunedin)
* 2005: Howick, Auckland 

 L to R: Colleen [213], Rae [221] & Patsy [223] 
 8.8.2005 at Parliament for the unveiling of Wm MALONE's plaque.
m 10.12.1955 Auckland sp-Brian Donn LAMBERT (15.1.1932 Wairoa-23.8.1962
 Waiouru) son of Allison John LAMBERT & Annie TREGINZA.

2231  4-Susan Clare LAMBERT (20.9.1956 Papakura) 
m 27.5.1978 Auckland sp-Peter MCGEHAN b 9.2.1954 Christchurch son of George
 Ernest MCGEHAN & Marjorie Joan DOHERTY. 3 children

22311  5-Kelly Ann MCGEHAN b 30.12.1981 Auckland 
df sp-Christopher James FARRELL b 23.12.1980 Auckland son of John & Bridget
22311 1 6-Caitlyn Rhianna MCGEHAN b 8.6.2002 Auckland 

22312  5-Cameron Robert MCGEHAN b 8.11.1983 Auckland 
22313  5-Kate Jessica MCGEHAN b 19.2.1986 Auckland 

2232  4-"Robbie" Robert John Brian LAMBERT (15.4.1958 Nelson)

2233  4-Tracey Ann LAMBERT (18.9.1960 Tauranga)
*  1993: Johannesburg, South Africa; 2002: Auckland
m 20.7.1991 Great Bealings, Suffolk sp-Mark THOMAS b 12.12.1959 Marondellas,
 Rhodesia son of Geoffrey THOMAS & June Margaret LANCASTER

22331  5-Samuel James THOMAS (25.12.1993 Johannesburg, South Africa)
22332  5-Holly Africa THOMAS (6.1.1996 Johannesburg, South Africa)

23  2-James MALONE b 1.7.1901 Stratford d 13.7.1901 Stratford

24  2-Ellie MALONE (13.5.1903 Stratford-13.7.1977 Stratford)
m1 6.5.1925 Auckland sp-John HANHAM b 1882 London d Waiheke Island, Auckland.

241  3-"Harry" Harold John HANHAM (16.6.1928 Takapuna, Auckland) At one time 
Vice Chancellor of Lancaster University, Manchester. An Honorary Member of the 
University. See
He made a scroll of family genealogy back to Thomas Augustine MALONE (0 above)
and to 1750 on the TRIMBLE -HEYWOOD side (see wife of 2 above). Patsy (223
above) has a copy.
*2002: England
   8.8.2017 ex Bryant.Allen"att"
'My mother's family bought the property previously owned by Robert TRIMBLE and 
later by his son Harold, on Mountain Road, south of Inglewood, known as 
Riversdale by the TRIMBLEs. As a child I visited the large house they had lived
in and which my uncle very unfortunately pulled down. I have photographs of the
house taken in the 1920s.'

m1 9.10.1953 Bristol, Somerset sp-Alison Herbert FORRESTER b 1.1.1930 Marton,
 NZ dr of Richard FORRESTER & Winifred CROOKE. Divorced.
m2 29.1.1971 London sp-Ruth Soule ARNON b 14.8.1944 Oakland, California dr of
 Daniel Israel ARNON & Lucille SOULE.

242  3-Richard Paul HANHAM (14.12.1930 Takapuna, Auckland)
m 27.2.1954 sp-Jeanette Gwendoline ADAMS b 7.7.1931 Auckland dr of Arthur
 Bernard ADAMS & Gwendoline Minnie Elizabeth JOHNSON.

2421  4-Yvonne Linda HANHAM b 13.5.1957 Auckland 

2422  4-Michael Godfrey HANHAM b 10.7.1958 Devonport, Auckland 
m 10.7.1990 Auckland sp-Danielle Sarah COLLINGWOOD nee MILLS b 10.9.1948
 Onehunga, Auckland dr of Kenneth & June

2423  4-Bruce Matthew HANHAM b 17.5.1961 Auckland d 14.6.1993 Auckland
m 19.11.1983 Auckland sp-Julie Anne FREEMAN b 28.4.1963 Wellington dr of Brian

24231  5-Jenna Margaret HANHAM b 2.4.1987 Auckland 
24232  5-Toni Louise HANHAM b 13.1.1990 Auckland 
24233  5-Matthew Paul Ray HANHAM b 2.7.1992 Auckland 

2424  4-Jennifer Suzanne HANHAM b 14.10.1963 Takapuna, Auckland 
m 27.2.1983 Auckland sp-Wayne HIRST b 21.11.1960 Auckland son of Richard
 William HIRST & Jeanette COLLEGE.
24241  5-Jason Richard William HIRST b 29.8.1984 Auckland 
24242  5-Luke Wayne HIRST b 18.8.1986 Auckland 

[24  2-Ellie MALONE (1903-1977)]:
m2  sp-Ernest George BUNCE (2.2.1901 High Wickham, England-18.12.1989 Auckland)
 Served as a marine on HMS LEANDER. "As children we also often visited great 
aunt Ellie [24] at her home on the North Shore, Auckland. Her husband Uncle 
George was a boxer." - Vicki COX [2111] above.

243  3-George BUNCE b 28.8.1943 Swanson, Auckland
m 27.1.1968 Auckland  sp-Judith Phyllis CLEMENTS dr of Lawry Herbert CLEMENTS
 & Phyllis Joan CARSON. 2 children

2431  4-Rodd Stephen BUNCE b 10.3.1970 Castor Bay, NZ
m 15.5.1997 Las Vegas, Nevada sp-Angela Lee CUNEEN b 15.3.1971 Auckland dr of
 Don CUNEEN & Karol Anne SIMMONS. 

24311  5-Cale BUNCE b 3.10.2000 North Shore, Auckland

2432  4-Sally Jane BUNCE b 29.2.1972 Castor Bay, NZ
m 19.2.2005 Coatesville, Auckland sp-Jon Pierre LEVERNE b 5.12.1967 Turangi
 son of Peter Texas BROTHERS (changed to LEVERNE) & Alma Joyce FOSTER.

24321  5-Tiffany Louise LEVERNE b 4.3.2004 Auckland

3  1-Lt-Colonel William "Bill" George MALONE b 24.1.1859 Rushey Greene,
Lewisham, Kent. Killed 8.8.1915 by a Turkish sniper at ANZAC Cove, Gallipoli, 
the Dardanelles, Turkey in WW1. Barrister, solicitor & farmer; twice mentioned 
in dispatches, 1914-15 Star, British war medal, Victory medal.

Colonel MALONE at Quinn's Post, 1915. 
Photo from

Photo from
  1876-1877: London & Westminister Rifle Volunteers
  1877-1879: Seaman Gunner, Royal Naval Artillery Volunteers
    Jan.1880 to New Zealand 
In 1879 he 'sailed to New Zealand on the ship WESTERN MONARCH, which 
arrived at Wellington 2.1.1880, after a voyage of 94 days.'
He turned 21 three weeks later.  - ex Ted via Judy.
  1880-1883: Constable, NZ Armed Constabulary
  1890-1900: Captain, Stratford Rifle Volunteers
  1900-1911: Captain/Major/Lt Colonel, 4th Wellington Rifle Volunteers
  1902: farmhouse at Cardiff Road, Stratford
  1911: The Farlands Number 2, New Plymouth
Farlands in Stratford - at least 4 chimneys! Thanks to JP.
[The Farlands homestead on Opunake Road was burnt down by the maid of the new 
owner in 1923, Frank Ranford but the steps & cellar are still there. - JDD 27.5.18.]
  1911-1914: Lt Colonel in charge of the 11th Regiment, Taranaki Rifles
  1914-15 : Commander of the Wellington Infantry Battalion
    (The Prime Minister noted in her speech 8.8.05 that he was also Stratford 
Council Commissioner, on the Roads Board, Clerk & Treasurer of the Stratford 
CC, stood for Parliament in the 1907 by-election & the 1908 general election 
- splitting the Liberal vote so the Conservatives got in, & in 1908 declined 
an invitation to be the Liberal Candidate.) 
  Memorials: Memorial Gates, Stratford, Taranaki; memorial stone, 
             C of E church, Palmerston North
  He is one of NZ's great heroes. He refused to let his men be used as cannon
  fodder by his English superiors. Because of this, when he finally won the
  objective at Gallipoli, the hill Chunuk Bair - at the cost of his own life,
  he was not awarded a medal. Now his stance against his superiors is seen
  as NZ's coming of age, and Wellington's Evening Post of 25.7.1991 records
  how Parliament may award him finally his posthumous medal. MP Jim ANDERTON's
  bill on this is still languishing in committee over 2 years later! 
His speech on this bill is worth reading, quoting from THE NEW ZEALAND STORY by Christopher PUGSLEY. 11kb.

For further info call Parliament at 04 471 9999 & ask for Tony SIMPSON.

  Wellington's Dominion Sunday Times of 21.4.1991 tells of Maurice SHADBOLT'S
play "Once upon Chunuk Blair" & the new film of that name, based in part
on this man's achievements.
  Excerpts of his diaries & letters (held in Turnbull Library, Wellington) 
are on p16-68 of "The Great Adventure", edited by Jock PHILLIPS, N BOYACK & 
EP MALONE (1988) Allen & Unwin, Wellington. I chanced upon the story of
this man who married my father's aunt, and of the illustrious families of
his two wives, when I found a love letter he wrote to Ida on display at 
Turnbull in 1991. An earlier article on him in the Post on 24.4.89
resulted in my obtaining his army file. See also Post 8.8.90.

  See "Essay from Dictionary of New Zealand Biography vol.3 1996 Excerpts from 
his diary, MALONE, William George 1859-1915 Farmer, lawyer, military leader 
William George MALONE was one of New Zealand's outstanding soldiers of the 
Gallipoli campaign ... at
 He was to be awarded the DSO but died before his investiture.

  In 2015 a new biography came out: Man of iron :the extraordinary story of 
New Zealand WWI hero Lieutenant-Colonel William MALONE, by Jock VENNELL.
Auckland : Allen & Unwin, 2015.  Available at WCL.|library/m/wellington-carl|0001170390

NOTES on Colonel William "Bill" George MALONE:
1. is a site on Australian and New Zealand WW I soldiers.
2. Memorials for soldiers and information on their final battles may be found at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission
3. Searching for war diaries at gave among other titles 
NZ LAND WARS: "Sergeant..Taranaki war diary(1860-61).." (1990) Sgt W MARJOURAM 
BOER WAR: "The Boer War diary of Sol T Plaatje" (1973) Sol T PLAATJE WW1:
WW1: "Compensations of war: diary of an ambulance driver.." (1983) GE BOWERMAN
 "Chronicle of youth: war diary 1913-17" (1981) V BRITTAIN "Unsung heroes -
 inspiring NZrs" (19 ) Jim Anderton - includes Col W MALONE at Gallipoli
 "The Great Adventure" (1988) edited by Jock PHILLIPS,N BOYACK & EP MALONE (334
"The devil's garden: Solomon Islands war" (1992) P PINNEY "Australians in
the air of WW2" (1997) Dennis NEWTON in the Combat Diary Series - how to
access this? "The HALDER war diary 1939-42"(c1988) F HALDER "War birds: the
diary of an unknown aviator" (1966) EW SPRINGS.

4. Peter COOKE petercooke"att" 2004 is doing research for the NZ
Defence Force which is publishing his diaries. 
PO Box 9724, Wellington 6030, ph 025 512 312   
He is seeking info on Col MALONE's uncles and aunts and their children.

 A song celebrating William "Molly" MALONE's life has been written by 
Jeremy COOPER of Levin, grandson of Lt-Col. Rbt YOUNG who lead the Auckland
Battalion at Gallipoli before MALONE's charge. For more - & to hear the song -

  Wanganui Chronicle 26.3.2010 "Statue for war hero approved": A life size 
bronze statue of him may be unveiled in August. Statue project leader is 
I hear that WGM's bronze legs on the statue in Stratford were cut off and 
stretched 25 cm.  My sisters and I were jolly glad to hear of it - the 
previous legs made him look so short and stumpy! - Clare, 15.4.2013.

 He paid rates for plot in New Plymouth, they think opposite Oriental Street 
in Fitzroy. -JDD.

m1 27.11.1886 New Plymouth sp-Elinor Lucy PENN (1864 Bellbroughton, Worcester
-18.6.1904 Stratford, Taranaki at 39) The PENN family migrated to NZ in the 
1880s. Her brother John Herbert PENN has descendant
 Philip PENN: philip_penn06"att" BOUNCED of Apia - 1st contact 2008.

  1881 census at 176 High St, Stourbridge, Worcester:
Thomas PENN Head M 51 Stourbridge, Worcester Corn Dealer  	  
Henrietta H. PENN Wife 53 Cape Town Cape Of Good Hope  	   	  
Thomas H. PENN Son U 26 Stourbridge, Worcester Commercial Clerk  	  
Charles PENN Son U 24 Stourbridge, Worcester Corn Dealers Clerk  	  
William R. PENN Son U 22 Shenston, Stafford Civil Engineer  	  
John Herbert PENN Son U 21 Shenston, Stafford Corn Dealers Clerk  	  
Henrietta W.R. PENN Daughter U 19 Shenston, Stafford Scolar  	  
Walter J. PENN Son 18 Bellbroughton, Worcester Merchants Clerk  	  
Elinor L. PENN Daughter U 16 Bellbroughton, Worcester Scholar  	  
Arther V. PENN Son U 14 Stourbridge, Worcester Scholar  	  
Effie F. PENN Daughter U 11 Stourbridge, Worcester Scholar  	  
Amelia THOMPSON Cook U 20 Westbromwich, Stafford Domestic Servant  	  
Phebe E. HILE Servant U 19 Oldswinford, Worcester Domestic Servant  	  

Here's a 1902 photo of their children 32 Terry, 31 Edmond, 35 Norah & 33 Brian
from album of Elinor (Petie) - thanks to JDD 

31  2-Lieutenant Edmond Leo MALONE b 3.9.1888 Stratford, Taranaki k 6.4.1918
Dardanelles, Turkey in WW1. He was injured 4 times in total in the Great War. 
The last injury he sustained, a gunshot wound to his thigh, is what caused his 
death. His Military Cross- thanks to JDD:

His grave, thanks to Clare, from Petie?
Edmond's Identity Disk - JJD.

m/df sp-Gladys Geraldine HILL  nee ROEBUCK b 10.2.1894 New Plymouth
 ex geni Managed by: Charlene Newport:
Daughter of Robert Frederick ROEBUCK and Eliza JACK,
Wife of Matthew Richard HILL, Partner of Lieut. Edmond Leo MALONE, MC
Mother of Robert Brian ROEBUCK

311 3-Robert Brian ROEBUCK b 4.7.1912 New Plymouth, Taranaki d 28.7.1987 
New Plymouth ex JDD. Sons suppressed pending permission.

[31  2-Lieutenant Edmond Leo MALONE b 3.9.1888 Stratford, Taranaki k 6.4.1918]

m 4.7.1917 Holy Rood Catholic Church, Watford, Hertfordshire sp-Harriet 
"Hattie" Mary BROCKLEHURST b 15.8.1890 Oldham, Greater Manchester, Lancs
d 9.1.1984 Julians Syleham, Suffolk dr of Josephus Higginbotham BROCKLEHURST &
 She was awarded the Military Cross for saving the lives of numerous soldiers 
but specifically for saving one who was haemorrhaging, while the sister in 
charge had panicked. 'Hattie' stepped in and took charge of the situation and 
the soldier made a full recovery.-  JDD.
 Mary's Military Cross- thanks to JDD who knew her as grannyma: 

The back of Mary's Military Cross- thanks to JDD:

Her grave at 37 Heywood Rd, Diss, IP22 4DL, 23 miles S of Norwich thanks to Jen.

312  3-Elinor `Petie' MALONE (23.7.1918 Bolton,Lancs-8.2.1989 Maldon, Essex)
Niece of 1st wife.

m1 25.3.1946 England sp-Kenneth Paul DEIGHTON b 16.4.1908 London d 26.3.1982
Syleham, Suffolk son of Frederick Wm DEIGHTON & Emma Gertrude PAINTER.
Managing Director of Imports/Exports at Boustead Buttery & Co.

Their gravestone at 37 Heywood Rd, Diss, IP22 4DL S of Norwich, thanks to Jen.

3121  4- suppressed

31211  5-Jonathan Paul DEIGHTON b 20.5.1974 Hartismere, Suffolk
m 21.12.2001 York, Yorkshire sp-Victoria May WANLESS b 27.8.1979 Warrington,
 Cheshire dr of Graham Charles WANLESS & Diana Mary MEREDITH.

31212  5-Jennifer Anne DEIGHTON b 9.8.1978 Norwich, Norfolk 
 1st contact 18.2.2012 Jennifer DEIGHTON-DREWRY jendrewry"att"

m 4.3.2005 Norwich sp-Martin John DREWERY b 27.3.1976 Norwich, Norfolk son of
 Michael John DREWERY & Diana Joan SCULLARD. 2012: "We are currently still in
Long Stratton, Norfolk however are hoping to move to Melbourne this year."

31212 1 6-Brandon Paul DEIGHTON-DREWERY b 17.7.1998 Norwich, Norfolk 
31212 2 6-Ryan John DEIGHTON-DREWERY b 14.6.2000 Norwich, Norfolk 
31212 3 6-Sean Maverick DREWRY b 28.8.2005
31212 4 6-Chloe Elinor DREWRY b 13.1.2009 To visit NZ with JDD 2018.

3122  4-Mary (Elinor) DEIGHTON b 28.7.1950 Singapore. Single.
  1992: 4 Rock Terrace, Llan, Llanbrynmair, Ponys, Mid Wales, UK

[312  3-Elinor `Petie' MALONE (1918-1988)]:

m2 24.7.1984 Diss, Norfolk sp-Richard Henry Penn YOUNG b 5.2.1915 Wyndham, 
Norfolk d 20.2.1995 Maldon, Essex son of Dr Hubert Turner Penn YOUNG & Dorothea
Jessie VON RONN. Lawyer. His first wife was [38 2-Elinor Mary "Mollie" MALONE]

32  2-Terence Joseph MALONE (29.8.1890 Stratford-15.2.1963 Wellington) When 
young, fined for driving at night without his lights on. -JDD via paperspast.
 With the 1st landing contingent at Samoa; wounded in Palestine.

m 3.10.1918 Hawera sp-Sybil Catherine THURSTON (14.5.1897 Hawera-18.5.1963

321  3-William Edward MALONE (20.7.1919 Hawera-12.3.2001 Lower Hutt)
m 26.7.1946 Thames  sp-June LE FEVRE (14.5.1924 Auckland-28.7.1997 Paraparaumu)
 dr of Wm O'GRADY & Annis Irene LE FEVRE.

3211  4-Raewyn Catherine MALONE (2.5.1947 Lower Hutt-28.7.1997 Paraparaumu)
m 29.5.1965 Lower Hutt sp-Brian William JONES b 23.3.1945 Lower Hutt d 3.8.2004
 Paraparaumu son of George Wm JONES & Mavis Ella Evelyn THOMPSON.

32111  5-Noeline Catherine JONES (10.12.1965 Lower Hutt) Family ex CH.
m 14.11.1987 Paraparaumu sp-Ronaldus Petrus ZONNEVELD b 3.10.1963 Wellington
 son of Leonardus ZONNEVELD & Corrie SHRIVERS.
32111 1 6-Jordon Diego ZONNEVELD b 8.5.1994 Wellington

32112  5-Barry Philip JONES (7.11.1967 Lower Hutt-8.5.1969 Paeroa)

32113  5-Leanne Dale JONES (10.11.1971 Lower Hutt) Family ex CH.
m1 1.9.1990 Paraparaumu sp-Graeme George MASON b 6.10.1954 Hastings son of Ivan

32113 1 6-Megan Dale MASON b 27.6.1992 Wellington
32113 2 6-Miachela Raewyn MASON b 31.3.1995 Paraparaumu 

[32113  5-Leanne Dale JONES (10.11.1971 Lower Hutt) Family ex CH.]
m2 2.10.2004 Paraparaumu sp-Stephen Paul BENFELL b 18.11.1969 Auckland son of
 Frederick Bruce BENFELL & Kathleen Hannah O'LEARY.

32113 3 6-Page Leigh BENFELL b 6.9.2002 Paraparaumu

3212  4-Bryan William MALONE (28.10.1951 Lower Hutt) Family mostly ex CH.
m 1.2.1976 Upper Hutt sp-Christine Lynette STRATTON b 18.8.1956 Wanganui
 son of George Wm STRATTON & Ngaire Patricia LAWRENCE. Divorced. 

3212 1 5-Nadine Angela MALONE b 14.2.1978 Upper Hutt
m 3.3.2001 Rotorua sp-Kore Ronald William FIELD b 3.9.1976 Pahiatua son of
 Wm FIELD & Christine MCCRACKEN.

3212 2 5-Andrew Paul MALONE b 16.10.1979 Upper Hutt

3213  4-Colleen Ann MALONE (19.1.1956 Lower Hutt)
m 1.2.1976 Upper Hutt [or 26.5.1979 Lower Hutt -CH] sp-John Robert BROOKING
 b 13.12.1955 Wellington son of Rangi BROOKING & Tira MANUEL. Chn ex CH:

32131  5-Anthea BROOKING b 9.9.1974 Lower Hutt
32132  5-Kurt Garry BROOKING b 25.6.1988 Wellington

322  3-Colleen Mary MALONE (10.1.1923 Stratford-28.8.1998 Lower Hutt)
  1993: 22 Gibson Crescent, Lower Hutt. 
m 18.11.1944 Wellington sp-Geoffrey Hall STEVENSON (6.10.1914 Masterton
 d 2.7.1988 Lower Hutt) son of Joseph STEVENSON & Kathryn HALL.

3221  4-Dale Eleanor STEVENSON (10.8.1945 Wellington)
m1 21.10.1967 Naenae,Lower Hutt sp-Robert Geoffrey WHITE b 20.5.1945 Wellington
 son of Edward Francis WHITE & Ailsa Elizabeth CHAPMAN. Div.

32211  5-Rochelle Jane WHITE (21.1.1972 Lower Hutt)
m sp-Ian Keith CHARMAN b 22.11.1966 Wellington son of Wm Charles CHARMAN &
 Margaret Bevridge GREY.
32211 1 6-Ryan Robert CHARMAN b 4.9.2003 Wellington -ex CH

32212  5-Brent Geoffrey WHITE (20.9.1973 Lower Hutt)
m sp-Karen MCEWEN b 4.9.1974 Invercargill dr of Peter MCEWEN & Christine GRANT.

[3221  4-Dale Eleanor STEVENSON (10.8.1945 Wellington)]
m2/partner sp-James Frederick FISHENDEN b 25.10.1945 Wellington son of Wm 

3222  4-Mark Geoffrey STEVENSON (26.2.1948 Lower Hutt)
m 28.11.1984 Wellington  sp-Leonie Maria DU VEN b 20.11.1956 Wellington dr of
 Leo DU VEN & Trudy. Div.

323  3-Desmond George MALONE b 10.9.1924 Stratford d .10.2005
 2005: 4/24 Alfriston Rd, Manurewa

Desmond George MALONE marching in ANZAC parade Taranaki 1988. Thanks to Deana.

m 26.6.1947 Balmoral, Auckland sp-June RENTON b 12.6.1930 Auckland d 5.8.1997
 Auckland dr of Malcolm RENTON & Kathleen COYLE.

3231  4-Maureen Catherine MALONE (22.1.1948 Auckland)
m1 18.2.1967 Auckland sp- Darryl Vernon TANFIELD b 6.9.1947 Auckland son of
 Ron Vernon TANFIELD & Frances GREEN.

32311  5-Vicki Teresa TANFIELD b 27.8.1967 Auckland - Family ex CH.
m 13.11.1993 Perth, WA sp-Grant Wm KEENAN b 2.11.1966 Perth, WA son of William
 John KEENAN & Pauline Sandra LEUNIG.

32311 1 6-Zoe Catherine KEENAN b 3.7.1996 Geraldton, WA
32311 2 6-Joel Wm KEENAN b 9.9.1999 Perth, WA

32312  5-Wayne Vernon TANFIELD b 16.7.1969 Auckland 

[3231  4-Maureen Catherine MALONE (22.1.1948)]:
 2012: Flat 3, 68 Gaulstone Rd, Whakatane. 2005: Woodlands Rd, RD, Opotiki.
m2 18.10.1985 Taumarunui sp-Ronald John LEE b 29.3.1934 Dunedin son of Charles
 Joseph LEE & Phyllis Margurite CRAWFORD.

3232  4-Terence Brian MALONE (24.1.1950 Auckland)
m1 .8.1972 Melbourne sp-Josephine Ellen BURKE b 21.6.1950 Melbourne, Vic.
 dr of Francis Patrick BOURKE & Eileen Mary SHEEHAN.

32321  5-Emmett Christopher MALONE b 26.6.1976 Melbourne
 2015 Noosaville, qld ecm76ie"att"
m 6.2.2005 Port Douglas, Queensland sp-Lorraine Louise SPEARING b 4.3.1969
 Dublin, Ireland dr of Edward SPEARING & Margaret Mary MEEHAM-  ex CH.

32322  5-Liam Terence MALONE b 17.6.1979 Melbourne  Family ex CH:
 2015 Hepburn Springs, Victoria.
m sp-Stacey EDWARDS b 26.11.1981 Swan Hill, Vic.

32322 1 6-Conor Edwards MALONE b 9.12.2002 Melbourne, Vic.

32323  5-Seana Kathleen BOURKE b 20.4.1981 Melbourne, Vic.
2015 Hervey Bay, Qld.  seanak1981"att"  Family ex CH:

m sp-Kristoffer Anthony OLSEN b 10.7.1977 Townsville, Queensland
 son of Kristoffer Raymond OLSEN & Sandra HICKS.
32323 1 6-Tallen Francis OLSEN b 9.10.2003 Townsville, Queensland
32323 2 6-Caleb Anthony OLSEN b 21.12.2010 Hervey Bay, Qld. 

[3232  4-Terence Brian MALONE (24.1.1950 Auckland)]
 2005 between Ballarat & Melbourne, Australia.
 2015 Healsville, Victoria.
m/partner sp-Kathleen Edwina CRAZE b 5.1.1956 Melbourne, Vic. dr of Edward
 Richard CRAZE & Nancy Honara CLINGEN.

3233  4-Denis Patrick MALONE (21.10.1951 Otahuhu, Auckland)
 2005: an antiques upholsterer at Waikamiti Hill, Henderson.
m 7.11.1982 Auckland sp-Helen Mary DALE b 1.7.1960 Dannevirke dr of Keeler DALE
 & Leonie. Div.

32331  5-Brendan Desmond MALONE b 20.5.1984 Auckland 

32332  5-Rory Patrick MALONE b 14.9.1985 Auckland He joined the NZ Army.
Lance Corporal Rory MALONE died in a gun battle in Afghanistan, .8.2012.
 This photo is from
Lance Corporal MALONE was mortally wounded moments after assisting
his wounded commanding officer to shelter. On 3.12.2015 he was posthumously 
honoured with a New Zealand Government gallantry award.
  For a long article with photos see Dom. Post p.A6 23.8.2017.

33  2-Brian Bernard MALONE (21.5.1893 Stratford-21.12.1967 Tauranga)
m 1918 Wellington sp-Olga Isobel RICHARDSON (12.6.1892 Wellington-19.9.1972
 Tauranga) dr of Wm Cecil Ferdinand RICHARDSON & Isabella Campbell ALLAN.
 ex JDD.

331  3-Brian Alan "Barney" MALONE (26.7.1920 Hawera-14.10.1973 Paeroa) Single.

332  3-Judith Mary MALONE (22.9.1921 Hastings-25.1.1980 Tauranga)
 There is a baby photo of her in Hattie's album - JDD.
m 4.4.1945 Te Awamutu sp-Roger Percival CURRAN b 30.1.1920 Feilding, NZ son of 
 Stanley Wm CURRAN & Kathleen Maud GIFFORD.

3321  4-Elizabeth Mary CURRAN b 29.5.1951 Auckland Family ex CH:
m 13.5.1979 Sydney sp-Ruben Alcid MIRANDILLA b 23.6.1943 Lucerna, Phillipines
 son of Primo MIRANDILLA & Mercedes ALCID.
33211  5-Anthony Michael MIRANDILLA b 25.10.1982 Sydney 
33212  5-Michelle Elizabeth MIRANDILLA b 30.11.1985 Sydney

3322  4-Michael Gerard CURRAN b 26.8.1953 Auckland Family ex CH:
m 18.2.1978 Mangere, Auckland sp-Jeanette Marie STAPLETON dr of John Francis

33221  5-Nicola Marie CURRAN b 24.5.1979 Auckland
m 3.2.2001 Auckland sp-Greg CAMPBELL b 15.11.1978 Waiuku son of Wayne CAMPBELL
 & Maureen Ella MCQUOID.
33221 1 6-Jayden Allen Michael CAMPBELL b 10.11.2001 Auckland 

33222  5-Amy Judith CURRAN b 30.8.1981 Pukekohe
m sp-Leon JONES b 12.9.1983 Kaitaia son of Warren & Hilary.
33222 1 6-Summer Marie CURRAN b 19.2.2004 Auckland

3323  4-Timothy James CURRAN b 2.7.1960 Auckland Family ex CH:
m 16.3.1991 Wanganui sp-Gillian Eileen WILKINSON b 2.4.1963 Wanganui
 dr of Donald Benjamin George WILKINSON & Vilma FINDLAY.

33231  5-Emma May CURRAN b 25.5.1993 Napier
33232  5-Brylee Maree CURRAN b 5.5.1997 Napier

333  3-Barbara Elinor MALONE (3.3.1923 Hawera)
  1993: 861 Heaphy Terrace, Hamilton
m 4.5.1946 Te Awamutu sp-Wilfred Netley "Jim" WHITLOW b 23.8.1915 d 11.12.1959

3331  4-David James WHITLOW b 21.5.1947 Hamilton 
m 4.2.1984 Palmerston North sp-Linda Anne KERMODE b 17.2.1961 Auckland 
 dr of Arthur Ralph KERMODE & Judith LILICO. 
 2002: Napier

33311  5-Ana Rose WHITLOW (8.8.1986 Napier)
33312  5-Meg Lilac WHITLOW (4.7.1988 Napier)
33313  5-Lucy Violet WHITLOW (11.3.1990 Napier)

3332  4-Brian Stuart WHITLOW b 27.2.1949 Hamilton
m1 1.10.1977 Tauranga sp-Megan Elizabeth WILLIAMS b 27.11.1957 Auckland dr of 
 Bruce Dixon WILLIAMS & Shirley RICHARDSON. Div.

33321  5-Heather Megan WHITLOW (19.4.1982 Tauranga)

[3332  4-Brian Stuart WHITLOW]
m2 6.7.1991 Napier sp-Pua WILLIAMS b 11.12.1950 Tauranga dr of John KOKIRI &

3333  4-Judy Jane WHITLOW b 19.4.1954 Huntly
m 15.12.1973 Hamilton sp-Louis Harold PIERARD b 6.10.1953 Hamilton 
 son of Beaumont PIERARD & Barbara BURRELL. 

33331  5-Jane Barbara Louise PIERARD (26.11.1974 Wellington/Tauranga)
2002: Taught English at Massey University, Wellington.
One of the 3 Kiwi descendants on Children of Gallipoli, on TV on 25.4.02.
She was part of NZ's only female circus.
20.3.2008 Photo in Dom Post p.A7.

m/df  Nicholas Ashley CONLAND b 10.7.1971 Madras, India son of Ashley CONLAND
 & Jan DAVIES.

333311  6-Lachlan PIERARD-CONLAND (30.4.1995 Hamilton)
333312  6-Saffron PIERARD-CONLAND 16/12/2011
333313  6-Magnolia PIERARD-CONLAND 25/8/2014

33332  5-Anna Elizabeth Rose PIERARD (2.12.1977 Tauranga) Advt. for her 
recital 4.12.2003 at St Andrews,Wellington: Anna's potential as an important 
solo singer is as great as any singer that I have been fortunate enough to work
with at Guildhall for the last 20 yrs. She is in every way a remarkable talent.
She has a full soprano voice of great beauty. She has a fine enquiring mind 
which is highly active when she is singing always producing performances that 
are individual unusual & inspiring. "Further info ph 472 8369 or 463 5853." 
 This photo is from that advt.: 
on her L is German Pianist Paul CIBIS & on her R is Spanish tenor Jose APARICIO.
In 2004 her singing career took her to Amsterdam.
The opera star who is transforming young lives. TV1 Sunday, 16.10.2016.

'Project Prima Volta is the youth initiative of a Prima Volta Charitable Trust  
and Festival Opera ... hats off to Anna & Jose, we are so blessed to have these
skilled people in our community...' 2016.

m sp-Jose Aparicio PADILLA b 25.5.1976 Alicante, Spain son of Jose Aparicio 
 PEIRO & Joaquina Padilla FRANCO.

33333  5-Margot Catherine Emma PIERARD (10.4.1979 Napier)
m sp-Anton Christopher Hendrikus WUTS b 14.5.1975 Napier son of Joseph Marie
 Gerard Anton WUTS & Pamella Marie SOPER.

33333 1 6-Madeleine Sarah Lucy Jane WUTS b 11.12.2003 Wellington

33334  5-Madeleine Sophie Clare PIERARD (13.12.1981 Napier) Soprano & 
composer. Accompanied Anna at the above performance. From same ad.: Madeleine 
has recently graduated B Mus from Victoria Univ. majoring in composition. But 
like her sister Anna she is graced with a voice of rare quality & has been 
very active as a leading member of the choir at the Cathedral of the Sacred 
Heart .. & of the National Youth Choir. As a soloist she has already 
established an enviable reputation as a leading interpreter of contemporary 
music. Besides performing her own .. compositions in 2003 include her 
outstanding performances with the new  music ensembles Gate7 .. & Stroma (in 
Jack BODY's "In the curve of song"). 
2005: Winner of NZ Lexus Songquest competition.

 Madeleine sang at the MALONE unveiling in Parliament 8.8.2005.
 3.9.2013  Feature article and photo in Dom Post - singing in Wagner's
Parsival for the Royal Opera in London, and other composers in Wellington.
 9.12.2014  Feature article and photo in Dom Post with photo - 
'Madeleine, Motherhood & Messiah'. Her sister Anna was also a soloist 13.12.14.
Dawn service held in capital for Chunuk Bair centenary. 8.8.2015.

33335  5-Thomas James Sebastion PIERARD (3.7.1983 Napier)
 2002: studying music at Massey University, Wellington

334  3-`Ted' Edmond Penn MALONE (21.10.1924 Hawera-20.10.1990 Masterton/Welln)
m1 29.5.1951 Fielding sp-Betty Anne HAILWOOD (30.7.1931 Christchurch) dr of
 Charles HAILWOOD & Pauline Constance ALLEN. Div.  She has a silver spoon 
marked TM that belonged to Thomas MALONE 0 above.

3341  4-Denis Edmond MALONE (4.11.1952 Auckland) He has the photo albums of
[37] Denis George Withers MALONE 1906-83.
1993-2004 Assistant General manager, Industrial Research Ltd, Auckland 
* 2004: 9 Merani St, Devonport, Auckland 1309. Tel:09 445 9405 Mob:021 184 4312
* 2012 in Germany.

m 5.7.1980 Auckland sp-(Leslie) Jane SADLER b 18.1.1954 Auckland dr of James
 Thomas SADLER & Kathleen QUIN. Div.
33411  5-Catalina Jane MALONE (21.2.1985 Auckland)
33412  5-Thomas Denis MALONE (13.1.1988 Auckland)

3342  4-Dr Louise Anne MALONE (28.5.1957 Auckland)
  1993: 5 Fitzroy St, Ponsonby, Auckland 2007 at Hortresearch.
 2016 at Plantandfood, Louise.Malone"att"

m sp-Elisabeth "Libby" Phyllis June BURGESS b 6.4.1956 Auckland dr of Gordon

[334  3-Edmond Penn "Ted" MALONE (21.10.1924 Hawera-20.10.1990 Masterton)]:
m2 2.10.1982 Auckland sp-Judith Mary ELPHICK b 24.2.1938 Hamilton dr of Bernard
 Lawrence ELPHICK & Gladys Doris SEIFERT. PhD in History from Auckland & LSE.
 1992-3: 21 Essex St, Masterton.
*2017: 150 Campbell St, Karori, Wellington 6012; tel 04 476 3389
Judy's photographic collection on Col. MALONE will go to the Turnbull Library. 

335  3-Margaret Isobel MALONE (27.3.1929 Hawera-22.6.1991 Invercargill/ChCh)
m 9.8.1952 London sp-(David) Stuart CRAIG (7.3.1929 Invercargill, Southland)
son of David & Janet Nelson WILSON. Blinded in Korean War.
# 1993: tel. 03 217 0581, 95 Carnavoran Place, Invercargill

3351  4-Isobel Anne CRAIG (9.9.1953 Brighton, Sussex or London)
m 8.9.1973 Christchurch sp-Douglas Edward LANG b 12.6.1953 Rangiora son of 
 Colin Hagley LANG & Joan Audery GIBBS.
# Ph 03 217 0401 , 73 Robertson St, Invercargill 

33511  5-Stuart Douglas LANG (3.9.1974 Christchurch) 
m 7.2.2003 Dunedin sp-Anna Jane CUCKOW b 21.3.1977 Invercargill dr of Malcolm
 Russell CUCKOW & Susan Jan RAMSAY.

33512  5-Fiona Carolyn LANG (10.7.1976 Christchurch) 

3352  4-Andrew Alan CRAIG (25.4.1956 London)
#1993:  31 Hiropi St, Wellington. Box 9125. Tel 04 389 5275 /pager 04 474 2567
Sound engineer & bass guitarist for Wellington bands: The Steroids, 
Body Electric, The Spines, Flesh Device 

m 9.8.1996 Botanical Gardens, Wellington sp-Gillian Eva BOYD b 25.2.1969
 Hamilton dr of David Leslie BOYD & Margaret Shirley DUNCAN.

3353  4-Caroline Mary CRAIG (29.11.1959 Invercargill - 27.8.1972 Christchurch)

34  2-Maurice Patrick MALONE (16.5.1895 Stratford-16.6.1926 Waihi)
Front Far right with friends at Lake Waikaremoana.

‘The discharged Soldiers Settlement Act provided for the rehabilitation of 
Returned Servicemen on the land with the subdivisions of large sheep stations 
for this purpose. One such area was the settlement of Ardkeen. The property, 
a Crown lease formerly farmed by M Nilsson was sub divided into 18 sections 
each of which had a separate homestead block of 40 acres on the main road to 
Lake Waikaremoana.
Applicants invited to ballot for leasehold blocks after being subjected for 
suitability, attended the ballot at Everybody’s Hall in Wairoa on June 10 
1920 and successful applicants gained thirty-threeyear leases with perpetual 
right of renewal
for a further thirty-three year term. Settlers had the right to purchase the 
freehold at the capital value mentioned in the lease.
Maurice Patrick Malone was successful and received section 8 of 18.
The main farming sections were only accessible through designated stock roads 
and involved a 3-4 hour horseback ride from the homestead blocks in many cases.
Most of the settlers, all single men at that stage, lived in tents later 
corrugated iron whares on their main sections, in which to camp.
With few exceptions the farms had only boundary fences with no internal fences 
or stockyards and normal farming activities such as shearing, dipping, 
crutching and docking were major community operations with neighbours teaming 
up to help each other.
Not every settler succeeded and Malone was one of these who was forced off 
during the depression of the early thirties when the farmers in some cases had 
to send money after their wool to pay for the sale and their stock. The stock 
were scarcely worth selling in the sale yards for the prices they received. The
size of the farms was a seriously inhibiting factor in the settler’s 
progress and the vacated properties were split up and used to expand the 
surviving farms making them more viable. Malone’s farm became part sections 
7, 9 and 10. The fact that the sacrifices of others helped their survival was 
deeply regretted by the remaining settlers and was a grim reminder of their 
wartime experiences. 
Today’s Ardkeen Settlement is a far cry from the original station that was 
subdivided in 1920, but it is a lasting testimony to those World War I soldiers
whose indomitable spirits were moulded in the crucible of the holocausts of 
Gallipoli and France and having overcome all adversity in war, applied that 
same spirit and comradeship to pioneering the land and heritage for the future.’
On 3.6.2007 these early settlers were acknowledged with the dedication of a 
memorial plaque erected next to the Ardkeen Hall. M P Malone is on that plaque.
- ex Wairoa museum via JDD.

Soldier Settler's strange death. After use of medicines.
 'Family's splendid  wartime record.
A man named Maurice Patrick MALONE of Frasertown, who with his wife was on a
visit to Hastings, died there at Royston Hospital at 530am in peculiar
circumstances. The late Mr Malone was suffering from a common complaint, &
upon the advice of a Wairoa doctor, went to a Hastings chemist & bought a 
prescribed ointment which was to be applied externally & another preparation of
narcotic properties to be injected. ... 
His eldest brother left with the Main Body & was later killed in France; 
[but 31 Edmond was killed in Turkey!]
the 2nd brother [32 Terence] was with the 1st landing contingent at Samoa;
he & his remaining brothers were wounded in Palestine & France respectively
while his only sister drove a motor ambulance in London. 
 After being invalided home he was under treatment for some time & on
demobilisation drew an allotment at Ardkeen, Frasertown, Wairoa. About 5 yrs
ago he married the 2nd dau'r of Dr TL PAGET late of Palmerston North. ...
The funeral took place at Hastings on Sunday. The pallbearers being his fellow
settlers from Ardkeen.' - Thanks to JDD.

m 1921 Hawkes Bay sp-Mona PAGET bc1891 dc1979 Auckland. In 1928 she remarried
to a Leonard Jack HARLEY. - JDD.

341  3-Norah Annette MALONE (22.8.1922 Wairoa d 2015)
m 14.2.1947 Auckland sp-Derek Gilmour DE JAUNAY b 27.10.1919 Wellington son of
 Frank Louis Gilmour JAUNAY & Ellen Louisa TILYARD.
 1992-96 a company Director of Custom Credit Advances. Vestey Drive, Mt 
Wellington, Auckland.
 2002: 25 Maungakiekie Ave Greenlane Auckland tel 0-9-524 6572

35  2-Norah MALONE (3.10.1897 Stratford-1983 Scotland) dsp
 In WW1 she drove a motor ambulance in London. 
m  sp-Major CRUM 

36  2- stillborn MALONE b 18.6.1904 Stratford

[3  1-Lieutenant Colonel William George MALONE  (1859-1915)]:
  1902/03 he moved from Stratford to New Plymouth, moving back in 1911 - JM.
  In 1915 he sent postcards to the boys in Nelson. What were they doing there?

Col MALONE's cross at the Garden Of Remembrance, Wellington Bot Gardens, 
taken 2015 by Clare LYONS. My dog Buddy in foreground.

Clare LYONS and me at Col MALONE's cross at the Garden Of Remembrance, Wellington Bot Gardens, 2015.

m2 11.9.1905 Christchurch Cathedral by Bishop GRIMES sp-Ida Katharine 
Jemima WITHERS b 18.3.1875 Donnington, Newbury, Berkshire d 9.7.1946 London.
Dau'r of Edward WITHERS 1845-1921 & Agnes Mary NEWTON 1840-1886.
 1881 census: Earlstok Villa,London Rd,Batheaston,Somerset, b Donnington,Berks.
 1900 she inscribed her initials in "The prince & the pauper" by Mark TWAIN
in a handsomely bound gift to 31 Edmund MALONE, then aged 12, now held by JM. 
What was her connection to the family before she married?
 Why was she living in Christchurch at the time of her wedding? She now
acquired 5 stepchildren aged 7-17.
 1902-07: why is Ida not registered to vote? (Women got the vote in 1893).
 .10.1904 she witnessed the will of Col. MALONE's mother who d 1907: - JM.
 1907 Col. MALONE stood for Parliament, urging women to use their vote.
 1914?: 57 Upland Rd, Kelburn, Wellington.

57 Upland Rd, Kelburn, Wellington taken 17.8.2008.
Another by Clare LYONS 2015.
 1915: c/ National Bank of NZ, 17 Moorgate St, London;
(Donnington is the centre of motor racing in the UK, I was informed by Harry 
DUYNHOVEN, MP for New Plymouth, at the MALONE function at Parliament 8.8.2005.)
These handsome bronze greyhounds sat on her clock. She gave them to Clare [394]when she stayed with Ida in 1980.
Ida has ID 54 on our WITHERS tree at
She is my father's aunt. 

Ida's photos of her maternal NEWTON grandparents (courtesy of Denis MALONE) are at our NEWTON tree at
  She acted as attorney for her mother regarding her father's estate in England
when he died: England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and 
Administrations), 1858-1966: 
 Edward Stroud WITHERS Death 29 Nov 1922, New Zealand  
Probate Date: 26 Jul 1929 Registry: London
 WITHERS, Edward Stroud of Auckland ,New Zealand died 29 November 1922 
Administration with Will (limited) London 26 July  to Ida Katharine Jemima 
MALONE [his daughter ID 54]widow attorney of Elizabeth WITHERS widow £102/10s.
- Info thanks to Jean.
  England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and 
Administrations), 1858-1966: Ida Katharine MALONE. Probate Date:14 Oct 1946
Death Date:9 Jul 1946. Death Place: Surrey. Registry: London.	 
MALONE, Ida Katharine of 18 South Close Green Lane, Morden, Surrey, widow 
died 9 July 1948. Admin Lomdon 14 October to Denis George Withers MALONE, 
governor HM Prison. Effects £646/17 /8. - Info thanks to Jean.

37  2-Denis George Withers MALONE (12.7.1906 New Plymouth-19.10.1983 Kerikeri
or New Plymouth) OBE. Died without children.
He was prison governor in Chelmsford UK, Nairobi, Nicosia and finally the 
dreaded Dartmoor Prison before retiring to KeriKeri, NZ. See `A start to 
freedom' by Hugh FOOT, Governor of Cyprus while Denis was gaoler there. 
Catholic, said to have converted on deathbed to Lutheran. 
 Gail pascoe"att" wrote 2.12.2012: `Recently, my husband and I 
travelled to England on an "Ancestry Tour" to discover places and burials of 
our ancestors. During this trip, we were talking to an employee of Dartmoor 
Prison, who told us that the Registers/Records of all the West Australian 
Convicts transported were given to Major D.G.W. MALONE upon his retirement, 
and subsequent departure to Australia and New Zealand.
The transcription of these records would be  tremendous for our State, and I 
wonder if anything is known of their whereabouts?'

m 1936 Heidelberg, Germany sp-Anita Sophie Cecilie WOLFERMANN (d 1979-83 
Kerikeri) dr of Friedrich Wilhelm WOLFERMANN (4.9.1868 Weissenlh, Sale -.5.1947
Heppenheim,Stuttgart) and Sofie Emile Adelhade Josefine Carlm SARTORIO 
(31.1.1871 Frankfurt-Main-buried 14.2.1954 Stuttgart).

38  2-William Bernard (Barney) MALONE (25.12.1908 New Plymouth-7.12.1943 Monte
Comino or Anzio,Italy, killed in action WW2, buried at Cassino) 
A soldier in the Scots Guard Regt, he was 1 of the 6 guards to the Nazi Deputy
Fuhrer Rudolph HESS, 1941. His diaries were destroyed but are quoted in David 
IRVING's book "HESS-the mising years 1941-5" (1987) MacMillan.
One can download it at
  IRVING says in his book: "From a remarkable diary kept by 2nd Ltnt WB MALONE,
extracts of which were first published by THE OBSERVER, London, Sept. 1987."
So THE OBSERVER may have a copy somewhere - JL.
  Tessa said that Barney was a guard with the Guards Armoured Division School 
Home Forces and a spy in WW2 dropped behind enemy lines in Norway (?).
  Jeremy LODGE wrote me 4.1.2013: "I am writing a history of Lowdham Grange 
Borstal in the UK.  One of the Houses of which was named after Bernard 'Barney'
MALONE ... his obituary in THE TIMES written by WW LLEWELLIN, ... & 
  `The Prison Service Roll of Honour for those who lost their lives in the 
1939-45 war, includes: W.B. MALONE.  Governor [of] Feltham [Prison - see].
Major, Scots Guards.  Killed in Action. 7th December 1943 [1]
  [1] The Cassino Cemetry web site  The Scotts Guards Cassino web sites 
includes Captain MALONE, William Bernard.  Service number 169358 of the Scots 
Guards, died 7 December 1943.
  According to
he was gazetted Prison Service Governor Class IV Sept. 1938.
W.W. LLEWELLIN's draft of Barney MALONE's obituary which was published in 
The Times on January 6 1944, read:
  Captain William Bernard (Barney)  MALONE was marked out for death or glory.  
His ardent admiration for his father Lieut-Colonel W G MALONE, killed in action
whilst in command of a New Zealand Battalion in Gallipoli during the last war, 
was well known to all his friends.  He read and reread his father's war 
diaries; it was inevitable that he should take the challenge thrown out by the 
declaration of war in 1939.
  His aggressive persistence obtained from him his release for war service, 
first amongst Borstal Housemasters.
  He joined the borstal service in 1930 and found his feet at Lowdham grange, 
the first borstal without walls; his choice as second in command of North Sea 
camp, near Boston gave him his chance to use his great gifts of intellect, of 
leadership and of driving force.  Most of the ideas tried out in that 
experiment were Barney's.  His was the full and varied educational 
programme which gave many a lad his first insights into the meaning of 
citizenship.  His was the founding of the troop of Sea Rovers, whose exciting 
boat trips across the Wash gave an unexpected outlet for adventure for Borstal 
lads.  His was much else. The Housemaster at North Sea Camp lived no easy life,
for he worked, played and had meals with the lads, and fully shared their 
lives.  This involved real leadership; Barney never faltered; he inspired his 
colleagues and the lads with his own shining faith and devotion.
  Borstal progress owes much to him and would have owed more had he returned 
after the war renewed with vigour and enthusiasm, his somewhat over critical 
mind mellowed by experience.
  Those who served with him have the memory of a loyal colleague and a friend 
of noble ideals and the energy to translate his ideals into action, but 
Barney's living memorial is in the lives of those lads - and those not a few - 
whom he led along the road of life from carelessness and crime to usefulness 
and happiness.  They will remember him."
This photo of Barney in Scots Guard uniform is courtesy of Judy MALONE.

39  2-Elinor Mary "Mollie" MALONE (31.3.1910 New Plymouth-27.5.1979 Maldon, 
For the girl who pinched her marbles in primary school see 85(14)4 of

m 1.10.1938 London sp-Richard Henry Penn YOUNG b 5.2.1915 Wyndham, Norfolk 
d 20.2.1995 Maldon, Essex son of Dr Hubert Turner Penn YOUNG & Dorothea Jessie 
VON RONN. Lawyer His second wife was [311 3- Elinor `Petie' MALONE] above.

391  3-Tessa YOUNG (1.9.1939 London)
*1994-2012: 61 Anson Road, London N7 OAR, UK tel +44 207 609 5727 

Tessa sent me this photo with her grandchildren 12.5.2015.

m1 2.6.1962 Holborn, London sp-John Gilbert ASHTON (23.9.1939 Essex-19.5.1964
Islington, London) son of Sir Hubert Shorrock ASHTON & Dorothy GAITSKELL.
For Sir Hubert's link to the late Queen Mother, see
 John died tragically 8 weeks before 3912 Laetitia was born.

3911  4-Phillida Mary Lucinda "Polly" ASHTON (4.6.1963 Islington, London) 
m 2.9.1989 Brighton, Sussex sp-Timothy John BARNETT (5.7.1959 Jersey, Channel
 Islands) son of Antony BARNETT & Doreen.

39111  5-Ruby Matilda ASHTON-BARNETT (4.9.1989 Brighton, Sussex)

39112  5-John Charles Urban ASHTON-BARNETT (3.11.1991 Brighton, Sussex)

39113  5-Clara Amaryllis ASHTON-BARNETT (21.5.2001 Jersey, Channel Islands)
39114  5-Phoebe Kate ASHTON-BARNETT (30.11.2003 Jersey, Channel Islands)

3912  4-Laetitia Amaryllis Loveday ASHTON (14.7.1964 Islington, London)  
 Head chef at Sothebys Auctioneers.
m/ex-partner sp-Jonathan Caspar KING (15.11.1963 Camden, London) son of Simon
 &  Sarah.

39121 5-Isabella Amy Dorothea Celeste ASHTON-KING (14.9.1996 London)

[391  3-Tessa YOUNG (1.9.1939 London)]:
m2 7.2.1967 sp-William James Gregory KEEGAN (3.7.1938 Wimbledon) son of William
 & Sheila. Divorced 1982

3913  4-Clemency Mary Victoria KEEGAN (8.12.1967 Islington, London) 
 Fundraising consultant.
m/partner sp-David Charles Heron EVANS (28.7.1969 London) son of Martin EVANS &
 Jane HERON. Solicitor.

39131  5-Matilda Mollie Rose EVANS (6.7.2003)
39132  5-Nicholas Arthur Corris EVANS (26.5.2005)
39133  5-Roseanna Clarabel Osea EVANS (31.1.2008)

3914  4-Benedicta Mary Lucasta KEEGAN (14.8.1969) Logistics manager.
Partner sp-Mark Andrew LUNHAM (8.9.1973)
39141  5-Alice Iona Mollie LUNHAM (12.2.2004)
39142  5-Edward Harry LUNHAM 29.10.2005
39143  5-Imogen Daisy LUNHAM 13.08.2008

3915  4-Horatio Henry William "Harry" KEEGAN (17.2.1972)
Solicitor at Akin Gump LLP. 

m 4.9.1999 sp-Sarah Jane HICKMAN (2.10.1972) G.P. at Elizabeth Avenue
39151  5-George Alexander KEEGAN (30.1.2003)
39152  5-Anna May Celeste KEEGAN (4.8.2005)
39153  5-James Charles Makepeace KEEGAN (4.8.2005)

3916  4-Lol KEEGAN (4.5.1973) Photographer
m 10.7.2010  sp-Sarah Louise HICKEY (14.3.1978 Loudwater, Rickmansworth, Herts)

39161  5-Sonny Patrick KEEGAN b 5.5.2012
39162  5-Marnie May KEEGAN b 4.10.2014

392  3-Anita YOUNG (13.4.1941) Artist.
  #2004: 9 Poets Road, London N5 2SL ph 0207 226 6734.
m 1962 sp-Peter Calne Luya GREGORY (26.5.1936) Divorced 1969.
 # Sydney, Australia

3921  4-Lisa GREGORY (26.12.1965) Dancer 
m 1996 sp-Michael Guy HALEY (28.1.1964) 3 chn.

39211  5-Benjamin Gill Jasper HALEY (9.10.1998)
39212  5-Zachary Oliver HALEY (5.10.2001)
39213  5-Jasmine Mollie Joy HALEY (12.11.2004)

393  3-Phillida Victoria Margaret YOUNG (19.6.1943-20.6.2000)
  1992: 4 Beresford Terrace, Highbury?, London N5, UK; fundraiser
m 21.3.1967 sp-John David Tilney BASSETT (10.10.1934) Divorced.

3931  4-Thomas Orlando Tilney BASSETT (20.1.1968) Property Developer

m 30.8.2003 sp-Hester Jane MARRIOTT (18.7.1969)
39311  5-Max Alexander Tilney BASSETT (24.05.2005)
39312  5-Rowley Hal Tilney BASSETT (21.05.2008)
39313  5-Bonnie Freya Phillida BASSETT b 3.1.2012

3932  4-Francesca Victoria Jocasta BASSETT (18.12.1969) Production
 Co-ordinator Documentaries & Entertainment,  BBC

3933  4-Richard Henry Oscar Joshua Tilney "Josh" BASSETT (23.3.1972)
2010: Executive Producer, Bloomberg TV.  Email address josh_bassett"att"

m sp-Lucy

39331  5-Fleur Philly BASSETT b 22.8.2017

3934  4-Anoushka Amaryllis Nancy Clare BASSETT (1978) 
2010: NOC and NPC Visits Coordinator, Sport Department, London 2012 Olympics.

394  3-Mary-Clare "Clare" YOUNG (8.1.1946) Counsellor

 #2004: 19 Battledean Road, London N5 1UX, UK ph 0207 226 8795
Mob - 07790 68 4434 clare"att"
Clare has updated her branch with new children & lots of dates. Thank you!

m1 3.2.1973 sp-Graham John LYONS (17.7.1936) Divorced 26.6.1995.

3941  4-Adam Richard Joseph LYONS (20.10.1973) Editor: TV Film / Video  
Partner Joslin Thirza MORRISON (19.5.1974 Weymouth, Dorset)

39411  5-Stanley Frederik Bertrand LYONS (2.4.2007)
39412  5-Mabel Thirza LYONS (19.11.2009)

[394  3-Mary-Clare "Clare" YOUNG (8.1.1946)]
m2 7.6.2003 sp-David Michael ATKINSON (12.3.1949)

4  1-Louisa Josephine MALONE b 1861 d .6.1936
m 1900 sp-Dr Walter Monckton SANDERS  (-1937) dsp
 They were in Raglan for 35 years and she took an active part in publishing 
the Raglan County Chronicle news paper which they purchased at around the time 
they got married.  - JD.

5  1-Agnes Mary MALONE (1864 Clapham, Surrey-1951 Auckland)
1881 census at 1 Grange Road, Clapham, Surrey with mother.


A "/" after the person's number indicates they have moved from that place or 
died. 2231* means 223 &/or descendants of 2231.

NSW Sydney 2111* 3321* 392*
QUEENSLAND 2132 Beaudesert 21262/ 21263/, Gold Coast 21242 1, Townsville 323231
VICTORIA Melbourne 3232*

JAPAN 2132*/

Auckland 21/ 211/ 212 2122 213/ 22/ 2225 223 2231* 2233 241/ 242* 243* 323*
 3321/ 3322* 3323 3341* 3342 34/ 341 3342 5/
Christchurch 21241* 2225* 334-m1/? 335/ 3351* 3353/ 3-m2/
Hamilton 2111 2112* 2121 333*
Hawera 321/ 331/ 333/ 334/ 335/
Howick, Auckland 223
Inglewood, Taranaki 2/
Invercargill 335*
Kerikeri 37/
Lower Hutt 321* 322*
Masterton 21261 334/ 
Nelson 22/ 221* 222* 2232 
New Plymouth 3/ 37/ 38/ 39/
Palmerston North 2123 213* 3/
Patamahoe 2/
Queenstown 2132*
Stratford 21/ 2122* 23/ 24/ 3/ 31/ 322/ 323/ 32/ 33/ 34/ 35/ 36/
Te Awamutu 2112 
Tokoroa 211/ 2112/
Wellington 2124/ 2125/ 2133* 3/ 32/ 32111* 32113* 32132 3221* 3333* 3352 3353  

Johannesburg 2233*

TURKEY, The Dardanelles, Gallipoli 3/

East Anglia 3914
Essex: Chelmsford 39/, Maldon 311/
Kent: Lewisham 0/ 1/ 2/ 3/, Rushey Greene 3/
Lancashire: Manchester 241
Liverpool 1/ 3933/
London 0/ 2/ 213/ 3/ 3351/ 3352/ 3-m2/ 391* 392 393 394
Norfolk 3111*
Oxfordshire, Oxford 3915/
Wiltshire, Corsham 394-sp/
-SCOTLAND Edinburgh 35/ 3916/
-WALES, Ponys 3112

 Indented names are maiden names.

ARNON 231-m2
BARRY 21242 1 
BISHOP 21241 1 
BUNCE 23-m2
BURKE 3232
CHARMAN 32211 
COOPER 2125 
COX 2111 
DALE 3233
DU Ven 3222
ELPHICK 334-m2
EVANS 3913 
HALEY 3921
HILL 213
HIRST 2424 
JONES 222, 3211
KEEGAN 391-m2
KEENAN 32311
KING 3912 
LANG 3231-m2 3351
LUNHAM 3914  
MANSON 21244 
MASON 32113 
OLSEN 32323 
PARKER 21241 2 
 PENN 3-m1
SIMS 211
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0 George MALONE 1789-1824
1 Catherine MALONE 1819- m Charles MARCH 1840; 11 Eleanor MARCH



MALONE BM & K, 120 Old School Rd Motupiko RD 2 Tapawera,Nelson tel 03-522 4436
MALONE Dave, Main Rd, Hira, Nelson. tel 03-545 1687         
MALONE MJ & M, 28 Allport Pl, Stoke Nelson, tel 03-547 3514
MALONE RS & DC, 692 A Atawhai Cre, Nelson, tel 03-545 1577

See for WORLD WAR I information and data
See for NZ servicemen who died at Gallipoli 1915

8. Other MALONE in NZ.

0 Katherine MALONE b Taranaki, NZ d 1.1.1967 Pungarehu, Taranaki
m sp-John FLEMMING b Taranaki, NZ.  8 children.
1 Nora FLEMMING b Pungarehu, Taranaki
m sp-Oscar Charles EDMONDS b 12.5.1865,
 Grandparents of Rebecca EDMONDS 2017 Mayonnaise111"att"

9. MALONE of Barronstown, County Westmouth, Ireland

1913 The Irish Times.
Colonel John R MALONE's mansion at Barronstown was burned to the ground on the 
night of May 13. Many valuable paintings, the result of years of patient 
collect on the part of Col. MALONE, as well as many fine pieces of sculpture & 
articles of value, were fortunately rescued. Barronstown, County Westmouth, 
the seat of the MALONE family, is associated with various memories in the 
legal, political & literary history. Richard MALONE, the 1st owner of 
Barronstown, was an eminent lawyer who made a great fortune at the irish Bar
in the early decades of the 18th century. [His] eldest son, Anthony MALONE
of Barronstown, was Prime Sergeant at the Irish Bar from 1740 to 1754, &
Chancellor of the Exchequer in Ireland 1757-1761. He was pre-eminent while at
the Bar, & in the Irish House of Commons. His 2nd brother, Richard MALONE, was
2nd Sergeant at law, & the youngest brother, Edmond, was a Justice of the Irish
Court of Common Pleas. Mr Justice MALONE was the father  of Edmond MALONE,
the renowned Shakespearian editor & critic. He too was a member of the Irish 

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