census 1852-a

The 1852 California census of Klamath County



The pages were scanned in. Because of the size of the images, the pages have been set as a series of separate pages. Because each page required two images, be sure to check the line numbers. I chose to duplicate lines rather than miss parts of letters that traveled above or below the allotted line space. Pages are in the order as placed in the original document book. James McMahon enumerated the entire county. No Native Americans are listed. The final pages, 13 and 14, are the totals and are included for historical interest. No towns are listed, nor regions. Because of the date, 1852, the most populated sections with other than miners, packers and like workers, were Trinidad, the county seat, Orleans Bar and Crescent City. The error rate, missed persons, has got to be high. Mr. McMahon probably did not trek up every stream and creek to locate members of the county. Please be patient as each page loads. With few exceptions, each of the census pages is a separate image file. They are large for readability.

California 1852 County Map
Owen C. Coy's "California County Boundries," 1923

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