1860 census

The 1860 Federal Census of Klamath County

Introduction and explanation
Including notes on handwriting


The pages were scanned in. Because of the size of the images, the pages have been set as a series of separate pages. Because each page required two images, be sure to check the line numbers. I chose to duplicate lines rather than miss parts of letters that traveled above or below the allotted line space. Be patient as they load; they are large files for maximum readability.

Del Norte County was formed in 1857 so Crescent City and environs will not be listed. However, the eastern boundary is not the modern boundary.

California 1860 County Map
Owen C. Coy's "California County Boundries," 1923

The enumerator, Saml Fitzsimmons, has some distinctive handwriting characteristics. Be sure to note that he uses the long "s" which looks like an "f." Missouri will look like Missoufi. Words that end with "k" and "h" have an interesting loop at the end. Check the way he writes "Klamath" and "Fork." His ascenders, the part of the letter that travels above the body of the letter, are almost non-existent. The "d" looks like an "a."

Few Chinese have names. They are usually listed as "Jno Chinaman;" they usually are age 28. Jno is the abbreviation for John. You will find this abbreviation used extensively.

Post Offices and Townships as listed on the 1860 census:

Post Office: Fork of Salmon

Post Office: Cottage Grove

Post Office: Orleans Bar

Post Office: Trinidad

Post Office: Elk Camp

Post Office: Weitchpic

Post Office: Sawyers Bar

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