1870 census

The 1870 Federal Census of Klamath County

Introduction and explanation
Including notes on handwriting


The pages were scanned in. Because of the size of the images, the pages have been set as a series of separate pages. Because each page required two images, be sure to check the line numbers. I chose to duplicate lines rather than miss parts of letters that traveled above or below the allotted line space. Be patient as they load; they are large files for maximum readability.

Del Norte County was formed in 1857 so Crescent City and environs, will not be listed; however, the eastern boundary is not the modern boundary. Klamath County's county seat is Orlean's Bar. Klamath township is served by the Martin's Ferry Post Office. The town of Klamath is in Del Norte County.

California 1870 County Map
Owen C. Coy's "California County Boundries," 1923

This copy of the 1870 census is from the second filming. It is not as readable as the 1860 census was, with uneven light and dark parts. It tends to be better than the first filming, but comparison may help reading difficult parts. Edward A. Black, Sr., has transcribed this census.

This census is made more difficult as it is not assembled in county census page order. It starts with county page 15. The pages are as follows: 15-23, 5-9, 1-4, 10-14, 38-45, 1X (as I have arbitrarily numbered page 1 of the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation; two page 1s in the same county could prove confusing), 34-37, and 24-33. The numbers stamped on the pages are in consecutive order 369-393 (A and B).

The pages, as presented in this document, are listed by the county page numbers, with the reservation at the end.

The enumerator, A. Walters, has some interesting handwriting characteristics. He usually has a strong downstroke but the upstroke is sometimes almost invisible. Note the "Color" column. His "W" looks like a "10" with a strong down stroke, almost non-existant upstroke, and the second half of the letter has equal weight and even closes at the top with a tiny stroke that resembles an "0." "I" for "Indian" looks like a "7." I did note on a few occasions he does use the long "s" that looks like and "f." Watch for his uppercase "G" which often looks very like a large lowercase "g."

The main problem in readability is the faded ink and poor reproduction on the microfilm.

The Chinese have names.

The Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation was enumerated by the acting Indian Agent, S. G. Whipple, Capt., USA. No Native Americans are listed. Watch for the closing florish on the last letter of most names, occupations, and places. Watch, also, for his uppercase "G" which looks very like a large lowercase "g."

Post Offices and Townships as listed on the 1870 census:

Post Office: Sawyers Bar

Post Office: Orleans Bar

Post Office: Cottage Grove

Post Office: Martins Ferry

Post Office: Camp Gaston Hoopa Valley

Post Office: Trinidad

Post Office: Fork of Salmon

Post Office: Yocum Ville

Post Office: Petersburg

Post Office: Black Bear

Post Office: n/a

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