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"...Allow me to put you in mind that I am still numbered amongst the living and would be very happy to hear of you and your whole family..."

This article presents research and analysis conducted on a letter written by Margaret Donald of Aberdeen to her cousin Patrick Henry in Virginia, dated 13 April 1790. The original letter is housed in the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., in the personal correspondence of Patrick Henry, Manuscript Division. The letter is important to the descendants of Col. John Henry of Virginia, father of the famous orator, lawyer and first post-colonial governor of Virginia, Patrick Henry, and also to the descendants of William Diuguid of Buckingham Co., Virginia. It allows us to glimpse into the family relationships between the Henry, Diuguid and Donald lines in Virginia and to find traces of their elusive common Henry ancestors and relatives in Scotland. It is my hope that other researchers will build upon these findings and share any new findings in the spirit of kinship with which I have presented this article.

Further findings and images may be added from time to time as research on the Henry, Duguid/Diuguid and Donald lines in Scotland and Virginia continues. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or if you have anything to add to this research.

For further information on Patrick Henry and his descendant, go to the website of Red Hill, Patrick Henry National Memorial at:

See also earlier works of research on the Margaret Donald letter in the following publications: William Diuguid of Buckingham County, Virginia by Eleanor MacRae; Patrick Henry, Patriot in the Making by Robert Douthat Meade.


Part One: Introduction

Part Two: Who was Margaret Donald?

Part Three: Analysis of the Letter

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