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Vincent and Anna Klement, circa mid-1880's This picture was taken in Medford sometime in the mid 1880's.

Marie Graf, circa 1896 Daughter of Maria Klement and John Conrad Graf, taken in Tower, Minnesota approximately 1896; she appears to be about 3 years old.

Wedding of John Conrad Graf and Maria Klement, Medford, WI, circa 1892

Henrichs Family, circa 1897, including Gertrude Henrichs Klement and baby John F. Klement

Klement Family, circa 1914 From left to right: Elizabeth, father Frank, Joseph, Conrad (baby in front), John, mother Gertrude, Marie

John F. Klement, WWI Soldier, circa 1917

John and Marie Dehen Klement, circa 1919, at Niagra Falls, New York

Marie Dehen Klement and Elizabeth Klement, circa 1920

Klement Children (Elizabeth, Conrad, Johnny, Marie), circa 1920

Anna Marie Brost Henrichs - Funeral Card, 1924

Barn Raising on the Klement Farm, circa 1928

John Conrad Graf and Mary Klement Graf, circa 1930's

Children of John F. Klement, circa 1936 (Alvin, William, Elizabeth, Francis)

Klement Farm House, circa 1941

Klement Family (Joe, Elizabeth, John, Marie, Conrad, Frank and Gertrude), circa 1941

Coffee Grinder, owned and used by the Frank Klement family of Medford

Joe and Charlotte Clement and Family, circa 1941

Bill Klement, 17 years old, circa 1945

Frank and Gertrude Klement (50th wedding anniversary), June, 1945

Anna Henrichs Bach, circa 1940's

Funeral Prayer Card for Anna Henrichs Bach; January 25, 1948

Medford WI 1885 Town Map

Medford WI 1912 Panoramic picture of the town

Bill Klement Family, July 2004


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