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"The Keith & Wanelle Mikeworth
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We have been working on our Family Trees for a little over ten years now and have found as some one told us when we started that it would become very addictive.  They were so right.  At this point we are dead locked trying to locate the name of the ship that Abraham Mikeworth and his family came to the United States on.  They came into Pennsylvania so we understand from Germany.  Abraham was born in 1779.  They came to the United states when he was a very young child (about 4 yrs. of age).  His mother died on the way and was buried at sea.  We understand that his father also died while Abraham was very young and that he was adopted by a Jewish family.  If anyone out there has any information as to where we might go next please let us know.  Any additional information on the MIKEWORTH family would be greatly appreciated.  If you are connected with the MIKEWORTH family in any way please contact us.

Other surnames that we are working on are TEDFORD - GREENE - DAVIDSON.  William Henry Greene was a naturalized citizen from Canada, we know very little more about him other than his mother and father's names.

 Feel free to contact us as we will share what information we have with you. As of November 2001 we have been able to add quite a bit more information in the MIKEWORTH & TEDFORD families and just very little to the GREENE family. We are still hard at it and have not given up as we are still receiving contacts from long lost relatives. Keep them coming in with each one we add a little more.

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