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27 Sep 2011 Current count is 24,261 which shows I've not been idle these past months.   General tidying up and all changes far too many to mention but these selected for your attention.  New sections K/NIBB/S NEWS featuring first Professor John KNIBBS MBE and K/NIBB/S in Public Office  : Photos of Leroy KNIBB's fibreglass/fiberglass fishing rod  : A revised entry for The Rev William KNIBB and for Lloyd KNIBB following his death  : Blue plaque commemorating the KNIBB clockmakers at Claydon  : Contact details now restricted to my email address.
17 Aug 2010 The database now well passed 23,800.   Some new Jamaican facts have come to light and I'm very grateful to Jacqueline SHERBIN for her help.  First, we have an article on Enos KNIBBS, the cricket umpire and secondly Mary Morris KNIBB, a relation of his.   I wish I had a similar contact who could help re Bill KNIBBS, the Canadian ice hockey player.  Putting together the item on Enos, I found a cat by that name and an amusing tail (sic) appears here
21 Jul 2009 Another long gap between updates but research continues apace, the database surging through the 23,000 landmark.  First a correction to the KNIBB Clockmakers Listing.  Keith HAZELL explained that Thomas Love KNIBB had married Elizabeth MARTIN not Elizabeth BUSWELL as I had wrongly assumed by a simplistic interpretation of a his Will.  Next let me invite all who read this to join the Genealogywise K/NIBB/S Group site.  I apologise if I've omitted to mention anyone's submissions since last update.  Do please draw to my attention those that I should mention here.
4 Sep 2008 Can it really be so long since last update?!  We did have an extended holiday in South America last autumn and it did take me a while to pick up from where I left off in my researches but I'm glad to report that they have progressed apace.  Indeed, since the last update the database has grown from 22,188 to 22,667.  Here are links to some new items:

WWI soldier Henry NIBBS related to Ian O'Flynn
WWI soldier Alfred KNIBBS related to Barry KNIBBS
This way to a couple of KNIBB schools, "Knibbs Circle" and introducing Allyson KNIBBS .
Recent help has come from Richard VALENTINE, Alan TOMLINSON and Michael YEATES.

29 Jun 2007 It's a while since anyone has sent me a listing of K/NIBB/S from Official records so how lucky I was to have found Beryl SMITH in Austraila.  With her help, the Quainton KNIBB/S tree has grown somewhat and also led to me finding Bronte ALCHIN.  Removed my 'begging' plea for London Marathon support!
25 Mar 2007 The database now exceeds 22,000.   A copy of  'The Knibb Family - Clockmakers' by R A Lee acquired for the ONS.  What's in a name? - an interesting anecdote.  And here's another viewpoint on the origins of the K/NIBB/S not to mention a connection with none other than Thomas A'BECKET.   Some consequential alterations were needed to accommodate these items.  And finally, for this update, a tale of woe.
25 Sep 2006 New books included eg 'Epitaph for a Byegone Manchester and a link from there.  Corrections/additions to various entries eg William KNIBB (NB updated tree of his children), James Langford NIBBS(old bankrupcy reference of son removed as discovered that Resolution mentioned refers to something completely different), Mr NIBBS drink and abandonment of Snowball contest for lack of interest and results.  The Enquiry Form survives.  Now might be a good time for regulars to go through the pages to spot the changes and refresh memories as to what's actually here at the website.
13 Jan 2006 Wait ages for one centenarian to come along, then two come at once!   Newcomer Olive JOHNSON related to new contact Wendy RICHARDSON told me about Alfred James NIBBS and then Karen BAILEY turns up with Eliza Ann KNIBBS nee STRATTON.  This update also introduces and welcomes Olwen UNGER, Jo WEBBER, Frank MAYBERRY, Susan COLEMAN and last but by no means least (with an apology because sthey have both been with us for a while now) Jean GRIFFITH and Ruby BIRMAN.
24 Dec 2005 Click to see a 'nomad' and then a 'trawler'!   Avid Nancy FAULKNER and an eager Bill RICHARDSON join us.  A link between Eve WARD and long time researcher Bob KNIBBS seems most likely.
18 Nov 2005 Perhaps the most ambitious attempt yet to spread the word about K/NIBB/S or the greatest flop in history.  The database stands at 21,133 K/NIBB/S but more are wanted! Visit and take part in the world's first genealogical Snowball Contest!
15Oct 2005 More TV exposure for this time Joseph KNIBB
8 Jun 2005 Got there ie 21,000 with the help of the 1861/1871 census entries at
1 May 2005 Welcome all newcomers, the latest being Eve STARK within whose tree is Edward Frederick KNIBBS  Having over the passed months filled in a number of blanks within the database, the numbers have started to rise again towards the next goal of 21,000.
21 Jan 2005 A connection has been found to the notable BAX family via William KNIBB's twin Ann KNIBB  Also added some links from and to the LAMBTON item below.  Additional links are provided to the website of The William KNIBB Memorial Church in Falmouth following contact from Pastor, Eron HENRY.
15 Jan 2005 Take a look at a glimpse of Lucinda LAMBTON's Jamaican Adventure
25 Oct 2004 I've added a new link to a website with a page giving more background information to Henry Herbert KNIBBS, the Cowboy Poet and updated my entry.
19 Oct 2004 See additions re Coronation Guests, Joseph KNIBB's Split-second clock and, thanx to Mark KNIBBS, the placing of Thomas KNIBBS who died at Gallipoli.
29 Jun 2004 A major revamp of the Researchers' page shows as of this date the correct number of individuals within each tree as per the database.  Some contributors, previously omitted and some new, have been added.
14 May 2004 Check out the new Yahoo! Group.  Join by simply typing in your email address and clicking on the logo.
14 Apr 2004 Chris ATKINS joins us as does Andrea GREENAWAY.
19 Mar 2004 June KAVANAGH is our latest recruit and Norman TEW our latest contributor.  Not to mention John KNIBBS' report of the exploits of 'Mr NIBS'.
3 Mar 2004 David BOON has contacted me and is rooting through Tasmanian records for me.   I've also heard from Philip NIBBS, a descendant of William, the swing rioter.
2 Dec 2003 Can you help find this headstone?  Or tell me more about this drink?
26 Nov 2003 The reference to Eleanor CORNTHWAITE within the item on James Langford NIBBS has borne fruit but sadly days after the death of Graham NIBBS whose ancestor had researched a possible connection between the two families.
15 Nov 2003 The BMS Jubilee medal. Here hangs a tale!
14 Nov 2003 Talk about Name Dropping!
13 Nov 2003 An edited version of the William KNIBB item appears from today on the Victorianweb.
10 Nov 2003 The website has a new 'look and feel' and now a good digital photograph of the EKTA Mosaic.
23 Oct 2003 Now included within the website are sporting heroes, including a notable KNIBBS of his day.  Meanwhile, a more authoritative item on William KNIBB appears incorporating new material, not least from Devon DICK and the diary of Sarah THOMAS.  See also the bicentenary KCS Plaque and EKTA Mosaic.
3 Oct 2003 Your chance to get the recipe for KNIBB pie.  And to see newest found researchers Ann SCOTT and Trish MURRY
7 Sep 2003 Click here for a report of the Kettering Gathering.  The database has duly exceeded 20,000 K/NIBB/S, Marcus James KNIBBS taking the honours.
3 Sep 2003 The database is tantalisingly close to 20,000 as it heads for Kettering.  A copy of the Stanley NIBBS stamp has arrived.
9 Aug 2003 Regulars will note that the database has leapt to 19,642.  Details of The K/NIBB/S Researchers Gathering on 6th September 2003 were posted.
13 Jun 2003 Lecia RUBAINE and her NIBBS family in the British Virgin Islands and elsewhere have joined us, following a visit to the Islands by Brian NIBBS.  He was the first to tell me of a NIBBS postage stamp.  Lecia also told me about Rosalyn WILCOCK and a possible connection between the two families.  Another new found researcher, like Rosalyn not on the internet, is Freda FOWLES.
9 Apr 2003 Let me welcome Julie BETTERIDGE and Mandy CORTEYN as new researchers who've contributed to the database.
13 Mar 2003 The database now exceeds 18,000 - a busy 3 months!  GRO births up to 1951 are included in the Dossier.
25 Feb 2003 More re Leroy KNIBB's Home Ice Cream Freezer.  We now have a copy of the Recipe Book which came with the product.  And a football related question posed by Alex KNIBBS.
18 Feb 2003 WW1 victim G H KNIBBS has been identified.  Prince Charles also makes it onto our website!
17 Feb 2003 Hilary BRACEWELL has truly joined the research fraternity.  A relative of WW1 victim R H NIBBS has made contact.  No details yet concerning the Next Researchers' Meeting but the date has been fixed ie 6th September 2003.
29 Jan 2003 Traced relatives of WW1 victims A G W KNIBBS and Harry KNIBBS.  The Dossier additions to the GRO Births and Marriages records are shown, courtesy of Robin KNIBB and Sioux FENNESSEY.
15 Jan 2003 See Leroy KNIBB's Home Ice Cream Freezer.  Let the cursor hover over the photographs for more information.
15 Dec 2002 The database has now surpassed 17,000.  Some charts have been updated eg William KNIBB's to record recent deaths and I've added a small but revealing paragraph to the end of the Inventors entry for clockmaker Joseph KNIBB.  Please note that researcher David WOODWARD is related to war victim Frederick KNIBBS and John R KNIBBS to Alfred M KNIBBS.
14 Oct 2002 Virtually all K/NIBB/S on the 1901 census are now accounted for.  Read about Julia WEBB's family amongst the anecdotes. Another recent contact is Angela HOLMES who has traced her family back to Brackley.  Marsha ENSMINGER has come up trumps with details from the US Census returns.
26 May 2002 Added an extract from the bible of William NIBBS, the swing rioter, supplied by Colin NIBBS.   Welcome also to Elizabeth Anne NIBBS, another descendant of William's, who has recently joined the mailing list.
22 May 2002 'Civilising Subjects' by Catherine HALL is a worthy addition to my Dossier of books about William KNIBB.   She mentions orphans Kate and Annie whose story Stolen Girls is told elsewhere.
30 Apr 2002 Welcome to Jo ARMSTEAD.  Find out whose palette was given to Richard Henry NIBBS.  Meet some clerical K/NIBB/S, not least Norman V KNIBBS whose parishioners included the family of Princess Diana.  Meanwhile, the database has raced to 16,000 and beyond, with all GRO births pre 1900 now incorporated in readiness for exploitation of (by?) the delayed 1901 census website.
5 Apr 2002 Added a new link to some recently discovered items at the Northamptonshire County Record Office.  First, some poignant verses written about Thomas KNIBB missionary followed by a Commentary and secondly a short note about his father avoiding military service.
4 Mar 2002 A link to an article by horologist Donn Haven LATHROP appears with his kind permission.  I've also expanded the section referring to my favourite websites.
26 Feb 2002 Hilda ELLIOTT has found Don and from here her relatives, the brothers Henry R and William Frederick KNIBBS who died in World War I
13 Feb 2002 Another landmark as the K/NIBB/S database reaches 15,000 without the addition of previously unkown Oxfordshire Census Entries 1841, 1861, 1871, 1891 which have just arrived.  The Rev Dr Gordon A CATHERALL has kindly donated a copy manuscript of his book 'William KNIBB, Freedom Fighter' to the Study and another publication to which he contributed has been obtained - The Kettering Connection.
12 Jan 2002 Hester MOORE is a very welcome addition to the list of researchers, having taken a lot of time and trouble poring over K/NIBB/S for me.  I've established that correspondent Matt KNIBBS is related to Henry George KNIBBS who died in WWI.
23 Nov 2001 Added some K/NIBB/S placenames to the anecdotes page. Also mention of another deportee to Tasmania, Thomas KNIBBS.
30 Oct 2001 Another award, this one from Mark Elsworth HICKMAN - no relation to my Best Man!  Newcomers Margaret BOWMAN and John A KNIBB have provided valuable data.
12 Oct 2001 John NYBBE from Somerset gets a rightful mention.  'KNIBB, The Musical' makes an appearance.  The dossier now refers to the newly arrived London 1891 census.
29 Sep 2001 A report and photographs of the K/NIBB/S Researcher's Gathering of this date appear on Page 10.  Updated the Anecdotes page to include a third reference to KNIBB in The Antiques Roadshow and a revised item re John and Lewis KNYB following the discovery of a book at Warwick University Library.
28 Aug 2001 We are now lucky enough to have a photograph of William NIBBS, the swing rioter.
23 Aug 2001 Slideshows courtesy of 'Dynamic Drive' appear on Maps Page and in readiness for Warwick Gathering
21 Aug 2001 Contrasting additions.  Joseph KNIBB's retirement home and, not before time, an item about father and son team Lloyd & Dion KNIBB.  And an Award!
13 Aug 2001 Welcome to Russell KNIBBS another with Akeley roots and "Tony" KNIBB, grandson of John Roland ("Jack") KNIBB who died in WW1.  Also included some pages ready for the forthcoming K/NIBB/S researchers gathering in Warwick.
22 Jun 2001 The database has grown to more than 14,000 with additions from recent contacts and the inclusion of some new finds from the NBI.
28 May 2001 Alex KNIBBS joins the ranks of researchers.
21 May 2001 A revision to the entry for John Langford NIBBS appears thanks to Graham NIBBS.
9 May 2001 By request, a Roll of Honour of all those K/NIBB/S who died in the World Wars has been added.   This is a quick link to it.
30 Apr 2001 Congratulations to Natascha HARTLETT for locating the family of her ancestor James Arthur Clements KNIBBS and thereby answering her own question.  Yet more K/NIBB/S inventors and a photograph of Sir George to grace his entry.
22 Apr 2001 The amazing 'dft' by Michael HOREY arrives and with it the potential to display all the contents of the K/NIBB/S database.  Here's a taster
29 Mar 2001 Added a couple more profiles for Dorothy BESSEX and Herbert KNIBB. Welcome to Roderick DRUMMOND. Another inventor is featured (graphics to be improved).
18 Mar 2001 Ana RIZZO and John KNIBBS have joined the ranks of researchers.
2 Mar 2001 FreeFind is the new Website Search facility.  It helps first time visitors to find a particular item and old hands to re-visit an item that they may have 'lost'.  There is also a Site Map button, a useful navigational alternative to the Contents page.
26 Feb 2001 Click to see Bob KNIBBS' ancestor diagrammatic tree and examples of the IGI and GRO Excel files available to Mailing List participant researchers.
22 Feb 2001 Added a bit of KNIBB trivia from the film Billy Madison.
14 Feb 2001 Ever wanted to see all generations of a family on a single screen without having to scroll miles? You can now.  Just click here!
3 Feb 2001 Demographic world maps to complement the British ones now included.
31 Jan 2001 The database has now passed the 13,000 mark and the marriage records available extend another 10 years to 1933.
27 Jan 2001 An afterthought re mapping comes in the shape of a demographic tree.
26 Jan 2001 Demographic mapping of K/NIBB/S in Britain arrives.
17 Jan 2001 Several newcomers to be acknowledged as follows:-   Cyril KNIBB, Carolyn & Sandy, Richard NIBBS and Gillian PRICE together with Anne SYMONDS for her Launton marriage and, from the Oxfordshire Rootsweb list, Ann WEBB for a Stanton baptism / Ann Marie ELL and Margaret LOWRY for their help re Somerton KNIBBS
13 Jan 2001 The Kettering Coat of Arms now make a thumbnail appearance.
5 Jan 2001 Geoff KNIBB has made contact and kindly loaned me a copy of HINTON's 'Memoirs of William KNIBB'.  In consequence, I have updated the item on William KNIBB.  Another newcomer to KNIBBS research is Carol SMAILES.
18 Dec 2000 Chris RILEY's tree has grown thanx to Sarah ROBERTS.  Another major benefit for members of the Mailing List - all England and Wales IGI K/NIBB/S.  Here's the link.
5 Dec 2000 Added Mo SOUTHAM to the list of those who've helped me.  Announced my Christmas present to the mailing list.
10 Nov 2000 Linda SYSON-NIBBS has provided invaluable details re the origins of her notable family in Great Marlow and there's more re the oxidate condensing lamp.
24 Oct 2000 Teamed up with Searchbutton to provide a search facility for the whole website at the foot of the Home Page.  (NB Mar 2001 changed to FreeFind)  Hopefully it will help first time visitors to find a particular item and old hands to re-visit an item that they may have 'lost'.  Surfing the web, I found this item re William KNIBB, which appears courtesy of Pat PFLEIGER.  And Vickie's question already answered!
23 Oct 2000 Another Help Page query this one from Natascha HARTLETT.
19 Oct 2000 A new Help Page query from Vickie LANGLEY.  Also, added a couple of scrolling GIFs, one on the Home Page in place of a 'blink' command not supported by the current version of html.
18 Oct 2000 Thank you to Dick EASTMAN for mentioning the site in his newsletter.  Also, some minor updates/corrections.
9 Oct 2000 A very warm welcome to both Muriel BOLTON and Judy CASH.
8 Oct 2000 Amended favourites, now that Cyndi's List and the SurnameWeb have links to the website.  Added Linda SYSON-NIBBS and Leroy Hayes KNIBB Jnr to List of Researchers, the latter with a link to a new page, containing a corker of an item (not yet complete) about his inventor father, which originated from a Mailing List posting.  Further update to the entry for Harry KNIBBS' re immigrant ancestors.
21 Aug 2000 A new page about William NIBBS, Swing Rioter, thanx to Anne GODDARD and Lee CHAMBERS.  Also updated entry for author Harry KNIBBS' following receipt of papers from Stanford University in California who hold his Archive.
16 Aug 2000 Another success!  Linked Pat WALKER and newcomer Beverley SMITH's trees.
14 Aug 2000 Please see updated entry for Bob KNIBBS and link therefrom.
11 Aug 2000 Tony COOPER added to the List of Researchers and Lee CHAMBERS tree jumps from 30 to 94.  Also corrected a failed link to Aidan LANGLEY's site.
1 Aug 2000 A new question re portraits of The Rev William KNIBB submitted by Valerie FACEY.  Please also keep a lookout for anything concerning Isaac Mendes-Belisario 1795 -1845, the subject of an earlier question.
20 Jul 2000 The K/NIBB/S Mailing List successfully launched.  Participants will be identified in the List of Researchers where appropriate.
20 Jul 2000 Various belated updates (blame Wimbledon and decorating the kitchen!), including new information about the links between the families of Jane AUSTEN and John Langford NIBBS and an intriguing new anecdote.
3 Jul 2000 Visited the Regents Park College Library in Oxford to gather more info re William KNIBB
17 Jun 2000 Our first successful website 'connection'.  Alan ('Mac') NIBBS of San Diego visited and from the database a link with Lester PARRY's chart has been established.
13 Jun 2000 Visitor Geoff WAIN has the honour of answering the first Help Page answer much to the excitement of  Cathy CLIFF.
12 Jun 2000 The new feature below fully implemented.  The exercise revealed I had omitted Jo HEAD from the List of Researchers - sorry.  Thanx also to Marsha for supplying the maiden name of 'Harry' KNIBBS' mother.
10 Jun 2000 See Researchers' Page for new hairbrained(?) idea.  A belated inclusion of Joyce FISCHER's book to the Dossier and a list of my most frequently visited sites which I will constantly update from now on
9 Jun 2000 Success!  All elements of the Response Form are now working.  Also corrected some minor faults, updated links and added a new one to Don KNIBBS' brand new 'sister' site at RootsWeb
7 Jun 2000 The Response Form should now be working OK. Thanx go to Elsi @Rootsweb Helpdesk
6 Jun 2000 Added a reference to the Greater Birmingham Burials Index and duly updated number of persons in the database
5 Jun 2000 Already received several constructive comments, updated Gordon BEAVINGTON's URL and included Jeff WHITTAKER's website.  Entered a Help Page query from newcomer Cathy CLIFF in Wisconsin, USA.   Richard KNIBB has also joined us
1 Jun 2000 Actual Website launch date
30 May 2000 Latest contacts Carol FAIRBROTHER, Ros, Lee CHAMBERS, Ritchie THOMAS and Pat WALKER
20 May 2000 The K/NIBB/S database today passed the 12,000 mark helped by the inclusion of Mr J Wilson's 1891 Birmingham Census Index
10 Apr 2000 New recruit Bridget RUSH
6 Apr 2000 A hearty welcome to Dorothy WINSALL and Lesley MORGAN
1 Apr 2000 Proposed Website launch date. Delay caused by 'crashed' notebook computer.

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