Knight - Descendants of Richard and Sarah Rogers Knight


Updated on 27 August 2018

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Short history of the less than successful careers of one Knight family from Barry County, Missouri. This was the family of Ora Otis & Luella Bunnell Knight. Ora started his criminal activities in the early 1900ís, his first recorded criminal act was in 1927 when he was serving time in a county jail on liquor charges. We next hear of Ora in October of 1953, on the 16th of October, Ora and son George Wayne Knight robbed the Kingston bank in Madison County, Arkansas, even though the town had no phones or police force they were caught within two hours, tried and convicted, they each received 21 years. On the 23rd of November 1964, George Wayne Knight with at least two others robbed the post office and a store in Olney, Missouri. On the 15th of December 1964, George Wayne & brother Edwin Ora Knight robbed the Bank of Seligman. They managed to elude the law for part of one day before being captured. George Wayne Knight received 25 years for the post office robbery and 25 years for the bank robbery, Edwin Ora Knight got 10 years for each crime. On 30 July 1975, local,state and federal authorities were searching for George Wayne Knight in connection with the robbery of the Farnham Bank, captured later that day, at the time he was out on bail from Grangeville, Idaho on a grand larceny charge, he was on probation from federal prison on a previous bank robbery. He received a 15 year sentence for this one. You can read more of the misadventures in their files.

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