Tunis Hood Book - These are scans of selected pages from "The Tunis Hood Family: it's lineages and traditions" by Dellman O. Hood (1960). Thanks to John G. Wehmeyer for the scans from this book.

Page 448Chapter XI, Harrison Ancestors and Relatives. States that the author used as a source and also shared findings with J. Houston Harrison, author of "Settlers by the Long Grey Trail". States that Tunis Hood was married to Eleanor Harrison, who traces back to immigrant Rev. Thomas Harrison (1619-1682). Two photos related to Spring family, found elsewhere in the book.
Page 449 Photos: Signature of Isaiah Harrison on will dated 1721, signature of John Harrison on will dated 1769, and signature of Lucas Hood on will dated 1770. Excerpt from J. Houston Harrison book about the origin of the Harrison family in England and Scotland and before.
Pages 450-451Continuation of excerpt from Harrison book above. Immigration of Rev. Thomas Harrison to Jamestown, Virginia about 1640. First marriage to Dorothy Symonds 1638. Return to England 1649 and second marriage to Katherine Bradshaw in 1659 He later moved to Ireland, where he died in 1682.
Pages 452-453Lineage of Katherine Bradshaw Harrison. Beginning of section on Isaiah Harrison (1666), son of Thomas & Katherine Bradshaw Harrison. Immigration to America by 1687, settled in marriage to first wife Elizabeth Wright in 1688. List of children of Isaiah & Elizabeth Wright. Lineage of Elizabeth Wright.
Pages 454-455Move of Isaiah Harrison from Oyster Bay to Smithtown, Long Island, New York in 1702. Second marriage to Abigail Smith. Move in 1721 from Smithtown to Sussex Co., Delaware. List of children of Isaiah Harrison & Elizabeth Wright and Abigail Smith. Death of Isaiah Harrison in 1737. States lineage connection to President William Henry Harrison has not been documented, but that President Abraham Lincoln was a direct descendant of Isaiah Harrison.
Pages 456-457Section of John Harrison family, second son of Isaiah Harrison & Elizabeth Wright. List of five children of John Harrison & wife Phoebe that were named in his will, and case that Elizabeth Harrison, wife of Tunis Hood, was also a child of John & Phoebe.
Pages 458-459 Continuation of case for Elizabeth Harrison Hood being child of John & Phoebe Harrison. Transcript of 1771 will of John Harrison.
Pages 460-461Family of Jeremiah Harrison, son of Isaiah Harrison & Abigail Smith. Also a direct ancestor of descendants of Tunis Hood Jr and his wife Eleanor Harrison, who were half-first cousins. Jeremiah was marred to Catherine Adams.
Pages 462-463Continuation of history of Jeremiah Harrison and his family. Lineage of Catherine Adams Harrison.
Pages 464-465Continuation of lineage of Catherine Adams Harrison.
Pages 466-467Continuation of lineage of Catherine Adams Harrison. Transcript of will of Jeremiah Harrison, written 1793 and probated 1798.
Pages 468-469Lists three known children of Jeremiah not listed in his will because they were deceased by that time. Section on family of Isaiah Harrison (1762-1851) and his three wives. Short paragraph on Jeremiah & Catherine's daughter Eleanor, directing readers to section on descendants of Tunis Hood Jr listed elsewhere in book. Children of Jeremiah's daughter Esther Harrison & Robert Cravens Jr, who was her first cousin.
Pages 470-471Section of Reuben Harrison (1731), son of John & Phoebe Harrison. Section of Davis Harrison (1743) son of Thomas harrison & Sarah Davis and grandson of Isaiah Harrison & Abigail Smith. Thomas was brother of Jeremiah Harrison who married Catherine Adams. Reuben's son Davis Harrison married Phoebe Hood, daughter of Tunis Hood & Elizabeth Harrison. List of children of Davis Harrison from his 1817 will.
Pages 472-473Continuation of Davis Harrison family. Will written in 1838 of Reuben Harrison, son of Thomas Harrison of Rockingham, Virginia. He was married to Sarah "Sally" Harrison, daughter of Davis & Phoebe Hood Harrison. Beginning of section on family of Nehemiah Harrison, son of Jeremiah Harrison & Catherine Adams.
Pages 474-475Continuation of Nehemiah Anderson family. Section on Josiah Harrison family, son of Jeremiah Harrison & Catherine Adams. Beginning of section on ancestry of Abraham Lincoln.
Pages 476-477Continuation of family of Abraham Lincoln.