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Info from Dave Wallace - "In 1779 a Thomas Bridgens was killed at the mouth of Pine Creek. Letter of administration at Sunbury , Northumberland County, also see Proceedings of the Northumberland Historical Society Page 42(forget the year) on this publication. I believe this Thomas that Died in 1779 to be a brother of Robert (1752). "

June (July?) 6, 1789 - Robert Bridgens married Nancy Bennett

August 1, 1790 - Son Thomas born in Northumberland Co., PA

1790 census Northumberland, PA
Robert Bridgens - 2-1-1
2 males over 16 (Robert, age 25-35 & ??)
1 male under 16 (Thomas, age baby)
1 female (Nancy, age 16-25)
Next to William Bennitt. Also near William Reed, James Bennitt, Henry Thompson, Benjamin Thompson
Robert Bridgens is the only match that comes up on the index if you do an exact search Bridgens in Pennsylvania.

1792 - daughter Annie born in Northumberland Co., PA
1794 - daughter Mary #1 born in Northumberland Co., PA

April 13, 1795 - Lycoming Co., PA formed from Northumberland Co., PA

June 14, 1796 - son Robert born in Lycoming Co., PA
September 14, 1797 - son William born in Lycoming Co., PA
1798 - daughter Sarah born in Lycoming Co., PA

1800 census Pine Creek, Lycoming Co., PA
Robert Bridgens
1 male 26-45 (Robert, age 35-45)
1 male age 10-16 (Thomas, age 10)
2 males under 10 (Robert, age 4 & William, age 2)
1 female 26-45 (Nancy, age 26-35)
1 female 10-16 (household help?)
3 females under 10 (Annie, age 8, Mary #1, age 6 & Sarah, age 2)
On same page as William, Thomas, Jonathan Reed

May 20, 1800 - son John B. born
1801 - daughter Margaret born
abt 1804 - daughter Mary #2 (Polly) born in PA
1805 - daughter Sally born
March 1807 - son Samuel born
1809 - daughter Elizabeth born

1810 census Dunstable, Lycoming Co., PA
Robert Bridgens
1 male over 45 (Robert, age 45-55)
2 males 16-26 (Thomas, age 20 & ??)
2 males age 10-16 (Robert, age 14 & William, age 12)
1 male under 10 (John, age 9 OR Samuel, age 3??)
1 female 26-45 (Nancy, age 36-45)
4 females under 10 (Margaret, age 9, Mary #2, age 6, Sally, age 5 & Elizabeth, age 1)
(Where is Mary #1, age 16 & Sarah, age 12?)
On same page as William Reed

Son Thomas married Anna Van Gundy about 1812. They had son William, born August 8, 1813
July 1815 - Henry Bridgens born - to Robert or Thomas??? Probably Thomas as his first wife also died in July 1815.

Son Thomas married Rosanna Ritchey in December 1816 in Lycoming Co, PA. They had son Robert born in 1817

1820 - Only Bridgens I find is son Thomas Bridgens in Bald Eagle, Lycoming Co,. PA. Thomas is age 30, but oldest male in household is over age 45 so Robert was probably living with him. No female over age 45, so probably Nancy died sometime between 1810 to 1820.

1820 census Bald Eagle, Lycoming Co., PA
Thomas Bridgens 220011-11210-01
1 male over 45 (Robert, age 55-65)
1 male 26-45 (Thomas, age 30)
2 males 10-16 (Samuel, age 13)
2 males under 10 (Henry, age 5 & Robert, age 3)
1 female 26-45 (Rosanna, age 30)
2 females 16-26 (Margaret, age 19, Mary, age 16)
1 female 10-16 (Elizabeth, age 11)
1 female under 10 (??)
William Bridgens (son of Thomas) obit says that after his mother died in 1815 he was cared for by his grandmother, but that she also died "in a short time" and that he was then cared for by his uncle Alex Grugan until he was age 18

1826 - Robert Bridgens died. He is buried in Great Island Cemetery, Allison Twp, Clinton Co., PA

1827 - land record refers to "heirs or legal representatives of Nancy Bridgen's, dec'd, late Nancy Bennett, of Shenango twp., Crawford County, Pennsylvania."

Son Thomas is on the 1830 census of Dunstable, Lycoming Co., PA. Clinton Co. was formed from Lycoming co., PA in 1839, and Thomas is on the 1840 census of Allison, Clinton Co., PA, and on 1850 census of Lock Haven, Clinton Co., PA. In 1850, he and Rosanna are both age 60, and Thomas' occupation is County Commissioner.
More About NANCY BENNETT: Nancy’s heirs inherited land in Crawford Co.
More About ROBERT BRIDGEN: Residence: Dunnstable Twp., Lycoming Co., PA
i. ROBERT4 BRIDGEN, b. 1796.

On the same day in 1827 when Baldwin and Barlow conveyed land to Matthew Gamble's heirs and Elizabeth Gilliland, they sold another adjoining nine acre parcel from Tract 45 to the "heirs or legal representatives of Nancy Bridgens, dec'd, late Nancy Bennett, of Shenango twp., Crawford County, Pennsylvania." This land was thereafter assessed in the name of Bridgens' Heirs, sometimes with Anthony Bennett as agent. It was finally sold to John P. Collins at the same tax sale at which he bought Elizabeth Gilliland's acreage.

Nothing more concerning Nancy (Bennett) Bridgens has been discovered in Shenango Twp. A Bridgens family reportedly settled in the vicinity of YoungWomanstown, where the Bennetts originated, and a Robert Bridgens's household follows that of William Bennett in the 1790 census returns for Northumberland County. No other Brigden is in fact listed in federal census returns for Pennsylvania from 1790 to 1810. A Robert Brigden, Esq., born at YoungWomanstown in 1796, named his (eldest?) daughter Nancy. Considering William Bennett's advanced age at death, it may be significant that this Robert's biography notes that he "belonged to a family of old settlers, nearly all of whom lived to reach an age far beyond the usual number of years accorded to men."

Nancy Bridgens was thus almost certainly another of the Bennett siblings, married before the others moved to Crawford County. She left descendants, and her heirs were evidently allotted part of the tract settled by Samuel Bennett - of whom they were also heirs - because they had not quit-claimed their interest to Matthew Gamble. Nancy's descendants also account for the other half interest in Elizabeth Gilliland's land: In 1851, Robert Bennett and Margery (Bennett) Mason had living children and other descendants. Henry, Anthony, and Margaret were thus able to convey only a one-half (three-sixths) interest in Elizabeth's estate because their three deceased siblings - Nancy, Robert , and Margery - each had surviving issue, entitled to their respective one-sixth share.

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ID: I127807
Name: Robert Bridgens
Given Name: Robert
Surname: Bridgens
Sex: M
Birth: 1750 in Manchester, England
Death: 1826
Burial: Great Island Cemetery, Allison Twp., Clinton, Pa
_UID: 0EFA1357D9444D6AA9127423AA1285AD8691
Change Date: 27 Feb 2005 at 12:59
Note: The information on Robert Bridgens was furnished by Mrs. Wallace.
Marriage 1 Nancy Bennett b: 1762
Married: 6 Jun 1789
Change Date: 27 Feb 2005
Thomas Bridgens b: Abt 1770

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ID: I110827
Name: Thomas Bridgens
Given Name: Thomas
Surname: Bridgens
Sex: M
Birth: Abt 1770
Death: Y
_UID: 84D1316EDF7745C6B54A817189F85A83A428
Change Date: 28 Feb 2005 at 00:08

Father: Robert Bridgens b: 1750 in Manchester, England
Mother: Nancy Bennett b: 1762

Marriage 1 Rebecca [--?--] b: 1775
Change Date: 27 Feb 2005
Thomas B. Bridgens b: 1 Aug 1790 in Glen Union, Grugan Twp., Clinton, Pa
Annie Bridgens b: 1792 in Glen Union, Grugan Twp., Clinton, Pa
Mary Bridgens b: Abt 1794 in Glen Union, Grugan Twp., Clinton, Pa
Robert Bridgens b: 14 Jun 1796 in North Bend, Chapman Twp, Clinton Co, PA
Sarah Bridgens b: Abt 1798 in Glen Union, Grugan Twp., Clinton, Pa
Margaret Bridgens b: 1800 in North Bend, Chapman Twp, Clinton Co, PA
Samuel Bridgens b: Mar 1807 in Glen Union, Grugan Twp., Clinton, Pa
John Bridgens b: Abt 1808 in Glen Union, Grugan Twp., Clinton, Pa
Elizabeth Bridgens b: 1809 in Glen Union, Grugan Twp., Clinton, Pa
William Bridgens b: 8 Aug 1813 in Glen Union, Grugan Twp., Clinton, Pa

Linn, John Blair, History of Centre & Clinton Counties, pp. 583-593.
Historical View of Clinton County, Pennsylvania by "D. S. Maynard" - 1875

Andrew Epple, by deed dated August 20, 1799, conveyed the same to Andrew Epple, Jr., who sold to Joseph Reed; the deed of conveyance, dated March 9th, 1802. On June 3d, 1805, Andrew Epple, Jr., conveyed the tract to John Philip De Haas. In May, 1810, De Haas sold the entire tract to John Quigley, by whom it was divided, and conveyed to different persons, his son Michael Quigley coming in possession of the larger portion, which he now holds, the balance of the original tract being principally owned at present by Robert Bridgens, Esc., and Hawley, Matthews & Quigley.

While the "Young Womanstown farm" was in possession of Andrew Epple it was rented for a time by William Bennett who paid for the use thereof five pounds a year. It appears from a letter written in 1798, by Bennett to the owner of the land, that even at that early day there were from thirty to forty acres of the farm under cultivation. The following is a correct copy of the letter:

Young Womans town Jan 19th 1798

Sir I take this opportunity to let you know that I am agoing to Move of your Place in the spring: my sons bein out at French Creek and they have a Mind to Move out their in the spring And I would be glade you would take this place of my hands and send some Man to it a Cording to your one Mind that you could be shoure of paying the rent I can get men a-nauf her that would take it But I would rather you would satisfy you Self I have a very good fall crop in the ground thir is 20 acres of Wheat and 11 of Ry and land fit for a prime Crop corn oats or flax all fit for the plough and they can have all the grane if them and me can agree there is men anof her that would Be glad of it but I would be glad you would Send Some Man to it that would pay you the Rent and give me no more trouble a Bout it Sir please to Send me an ancer By Mr Frances Fargy for I would be glad to know as quick as possabel and so I Remain your Hum Ser't


To Andrew Epple

(on same page)

It has a good hotel, built in 1872. It was once owned by Mrs. T.J. Black, and leased by H.C. Stover, but is now kept by A.M. Marshall. There is a shoe-shop and blacksmith-shop in the village. The railroad company has a good passenger and freight depot, and telegraph office. Good schools are in operation eight months in the year, and the inhabitants show evidences of intelligence beyond that possessed by people of many country places. Near the place resides Robert Bridgens, who was one of the first three commissioners of Clinton county. He is now seventy-six years old. Several fine residences have been built in the place within the past few years. Among them are those of 'Squire Quigley, Robert Bridgens, J. H. Bailey & Co., J. W. Crawford and A. J. Quigley.

From: Dave Wallace []
Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2006 5:21 AM
To: Kari Northup
Cc: Dave Wallace
Subject: Re: Bridgens family in Pennsylvania

I reread the email I sent you last night, I made a bunch of spelling errors, and I also tried to make it easisr to read. Please delete that one, and use this one.
Ist Mr Bower has much of my information, probably given to him by Ida Kirkwood, a McLoskey researcher, not sure who gave it to him. I have researched the Bridgens since 1979, its been tough.
Here is some of the info which I have based my early research on.

Lola Welsh Wallace (of North Bend) History/genealogical records, Pattee Library, Penn State Univ., State College, PA.
Letter from the 1940's from H.A.L. Bridgens of Sewell N.J. to Lola Wallace,
States Robert Bridgens bn 1752 in Manchester, England was brought to America by agents of King George III to manufacture Iron for the Crown. Near where Bloomsburg is now. (No records of an early Iron Manufacturing in Montour County can be found) During the Revolution the Colonial Army was to shut down his operation. Revolution was from 1763-1776, in 1763, Rbt (1752) would only be 11. in 1770 he would be 18 and probably only a Journeyman, so who was his 'boss' His Father? If so this may be the other male 16+ in the 1790 census. also Wales was known for its Iron Makers, not England. But if Nancy Bennetts Father was still alive in 1790 it could be him. OR a sibling to Rbt(1752)
Now, in this letter from H.A.L. Bridgens or the other one (there are two) he says Nancy Bennetts Father was Thomas Bennett, which Thomas Bridgens was named for.
This why I do not believe (Yet) that William Bennett is Nancy's Father. Although I do believe that they were related.
Also there is a Bennett Branch of the Sinnamahoning Creek, which was named when surveyors named when they came upon two trappers named Bennett. This is in Maynards, Fuery or Linns history.
Then marriage date of Robert and Nancy of 6/6/1789 was provided in the same letters (of H.A.L. Bridgens). However this would make Robert Bridgens (1752) 37 years old, quite old for a 1st marriage. It is possible he had a first wife.
After the Revolution, in 1778-1779 this Valley (yes I live here, 25 miles from North Bend) emptied out as it was raided by the Indians, known as the Great (or Big) Runaway. Most people built rafts etc to flee down the Susquehanna River, the closest fort was about 30 miles down river. In 1779 a Thomas Bridgens was killed at the mouth of Pine Creek. Letter of administration at Sunbury , Northumberland County, also see
Proceedings of the Northumberland Historical Society Page 42(forget the year) on this publication. I believe this Thomas that Died in 1779 to be a brother of Robert (1752). He is not the Thomas bn 1770, to the best of my knowledge, he had administrators, a Montgomery and another, if he was a child of Robert, Robert would have been the administrator if he was a minor. I think the two listed as administrators witnessed the death, and probably gave testimony.

for the 1790 census
2males 16+ Robert (1752) Bridgens and another, maybe his father, Nancy's father, or a sibling
1 male under 16, this 'could be Thomas bn 8/1/1790, if the census was taken after August 1790. Do you know the date of the census, I forget)
1 female 16+ Nancy nee Bennett Bridgens

From: Dave Wallace []
Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2006 12:19 PM
To: Kari Northup
Cc: Dave Wallace
Subject: Info 12/15/06

I am a little busy today, so I will read thiis additional Bennett info as I get the time. Now, the only reson I say Thomas Bennet was Nancy nee Bennetts father was from that letter of H.A.L. Bridgens, as he mentioned, since it was i the 1949's and he was the then family historian, I take it as truth until proven otherwise. I have not located any info on Thomas Bridgens, but have seen the info on William Bennett from his renting the Epple farm, etc. I have ALWAYS wondered if Thomas Bennett was incorrect, Unless he was Thomas William Bennett, or William Thomas Bennett and used both names (not impossible).
I will try to digest all this......... This will be pretty much new info for me, as like I said I have not located any real early positive proof for the bennetts. MAYBE the Bennett was the Iron Master, Robert Bridgens was the Journeyman under (we were under Brittish Control till 1776) Bennett, and was already married to Nancy or perhaps a prearranged marriage, or Bridgens married to someone else, had Annie to a first wife, then married Nancy nee Bennett 2nd......... If I only had a time machine.