Knower Family in America

Knower family in America


A record of the descendants of Thomas and George Knower of Malden, Massachusetts

Descendants of Thomas and George Knower of Malden, Massachusetts

A record of the descendants of Benjamin Knower of Roxbury, Massachusetts

Descendants of Benjamin Knower of Roxbury, Massachusetts

A record of the descendants of Mary Knower and Jonas Randall of Roxbury, Massachusetts

Descendants of Mary Knower and Jonas Randall

A record of the descendants of John Limberger of New York City

Descendants of John Limberger and his wives Rachel Van Beuren and Mary Buckley of New York

A record of the descendants of Dudley Sanford Gregory of Jersey City, New Jersey

Descendants of Dudley Sanford Gregory and Anna Maria Lyon

1874 diary of Emily Randall Gregory of Jersey City, NJ

Emily Holland Lineberry's memoir of her great-grandparents' last home in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Mary Knower John Limberger William Randall John Randall Dudley Sanford Gregory


Our Southern Alliances

The Vaughan family of Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Descendants of Thomas Green Vaughan

The diary of Claudia-Mildred Vaughan, Elizabeth City N.C. 1882-1887

Aunt Mamie's letter describing her memories of Elizabeth City during Yankee occupation

Annie Vaughan's memoir of Elizabeth City in the 1890s

The Descendants of General Thomas Mathews of Norfolk, Virginia

Descendants of Gen. Thomas Mathews

The Hollands of Farmville, Virginia

Ancestors of Bernard Peabody Holland Sr.

The Emmersons of Portsmouth, Virginia

Ancestors of Claudia Mildred Emmerson


Frank and Annie Vaughan Gen. Thomas Mathews Emma Walton Arthur Emmerson III William Walton




This began as a small site in which to record the memories of my maternal relations, but almost immediately, many hands began to enrich these pages. David Randall, a descendant of William Hannaford Randall, continues his scholarly and exhaustive study of the descendants of Jonas Randall. The memories of his relation Francis Ballard Randall have helped greatly to illuminate the lives of William H. Randall's remarkable descendants. I thank my mother, Ann Holland, for her vivid descriptions of our Holland forebears and for collecting and preserving many photographs and papers relating to the Knower and Randall families. My husband, Mason Klinck Jr., located and photographed the Benjamin Knower plot at Albany Rural Cemetery. Many e-mail correspondents have contributed stories and information; recently Janet Birch of Vermont; Anne E. Knower, also of Vermont, and Yvonne deVere of Georgia. Philip Rand has contributed his memories of Joseph Stratton Knower's descendants and Della Noel Knower, who recently updated her Massachusetts family's line. Mary Prinz of New Orleans, a descendant of Agnes Adelaide Randall, has helped greatly in tracing that line (Mary, please write, we're worried about you); and we thank our cousin Constance in Paris for her help with identifying the French descendants of Benjamin Knower. Anthony L'Orsa, an Allen family descendant, has contributed a wonderful family picture. The late Dora Cornelia Carroll generously contributed her collection of Fabbri family photographs. Cynthia Hardy Luongo Cassidy is working with us on the Holland branch and has contributed many photographs which are being added to the site. Sarah Fitzgerald, parish historian for St. George's Church, Valley Lee, Md. has recently provided a wealth of information about Vaughan/Murphy family connections there. Thank you all!

Errors are my own, and everything is a work in progress; please write to me, Emily Randall, at with any corrections, additions or discussion. Due to an impending cross-country move, I'm behind here, but please bear with me.