Family of Ernesto and Egisto Fabbri

The Family of Ernesto and Egisto Fabbri

Ernesto Fabbri, who married Sara Ann Randall, was born March 17, 1830, in Florence, Italy. He and his brother Egisto, sons of silk merchant Giovanni Fabbri, came to New York in 1851.

He was the father of the eight Fabbri children; after Ernesto's untimely death, his brother Egisto adopted the family and took them to Italy.


Egisto Paolo Fabbri, Ernesto's brother, made a fortune in the new world, first in shipping, then as a partner in the J.P. Morgan financial empire. He was among the founders of the Metropolitan Opera Company in New York.


He was born Dec. 28, 1828, in Florence, and died there June 25, 1894.

Mary Fabbri, mother of the two brothers, is said to have been of Russian or Armenian origin. Census records indicate that she was born in Russia in about 1802. It is not certain whether she emigrated with her sons, but it is certain that she lived in America for some years. Letters among the Randall sisters refer to 'Madame Fabbri' and her growing infirmity. She died in Florence in early 1885.


Mary Kealey Fabbri accompanied her husband Egisto and his brother to America in 1852.

Census records indicate that she was born about 1835. She was married June 28, 1849, probably in her native England. She and Egisto had no children of their own, but 'Aunt May' helped her husband and widowed Sara Ann Fabbri raise the eight children of Ernesto Fabbri.