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Edwin R. Koeppen


Welcome to my Family History webpage. The following pages contain information on my ancestors with the family names of Köppen, Köpp, Koeppen, Bunkowski, Bonkowsky and Freigang.

In the late 1920's my parents, Reinhard Köppen and Eugenie Bonkowsky (originally Bunkowski) fled from the Ukraine and travelled independently across Russia to China. In 1936, they married in Shanghai and in 1937, fled to Hong Kong. In 1950, they emigrated with their two sons, Edwin and Eugene, to Australia.

Only a small number of Bonkowsky (originally Bunkowski) and Koeppen family members live in Sydney, NSW, Australia. The majority of my relatives reside in the Northern Hemisphere and we are indebted to many of them for their generous assistance in compiling our family history.



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