Here are listed some databases containing records taken from the mormon's webpage. They have been filtered and merged, so mistakes may have happen. Also some records were merged to try to form a genealogical tree, in this process some judgement was used that may be proved wrong.

We strongly advise you to later check the original data on the Mormon's genealogical site ( http://www.familysearch.org ) and if the information is useful to you to order the microfilm and check the original document.

Files are in gedcom format zipped, you 'll need a decompressor (like Winzip - http://www.winzip.com ) and a genealogical program to read the data (the mormon's have a very good one on their site - PAF).

Good luck!

Records by region:

 Bayern.zip 12 kbytes

 Bohemia.zip 11 kbytes

 Preussen.zip 5 kbytes

 Rheinland Hessen.zip 16 kbytes

 Sachsen.zip 15 kbytes

If you have problems downloading this file please write to lgtrapp@uol.com.br and you'll receive them by email.


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