Korndörfer Links




Here are some links of Korndörfer's which contains stories of them around the world and some genealogy pages also.


Dutch Korndörffer Genealogy - all you want to know about the Dutch branch of the Korndörfer's!

  Korndörfer Family Genealogy Forum - a Forum for genealogy discussion on the Korndörfer family

 Korndörfer Family History Message Board - another Forum for the Korndörfer family

 Zina's family branches - Zina's is a descendant of Rudolph Moritz Korndörffer and has a webpage about this branch of the family

 Dr Augustus Korndörfer - a famous american homeopath

 Dienstmann's Homepage - some Korndörfer's in Brazil are mentioned here.

 U-Boat Commander - information about a Korndörfer that commanded U-Boats (submarines) during World War II

 Polizei Kassel - this webpage mentions a Korndörfer that was a member of the Gestapo



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