Korndörfer Family

This Webpage is dedicated to the Korndörfer surname worldwide, including variations like Korndoerfer, Korndorfer, Korndörffer, Korndoerffer, Korndorffer, Korndorff, Kornderfeer, Kurrendorffer, etc.

The Korndörfer familiy originated in Germany and it is spread today through the Netherlands, United States and Brazil.

By a common effort of researchers in these countries it was possible to link more than 5000 Korndörfer's worldwide, including most of the people mentioned in this site.

Follow the links below for more information about the family:

  The History of the Korndörfer Family - taken from the Deutsches Geschlechterbuch Vol. 64 - Hessen from 1934.

 Korndörfer Emigrants - a list of people with Korndörfer surnames that emigrated from their countries elsewhere.

 Korndörfer People and Links

 Korndorfer Genealogical Databases

 What's New - latest changes to this site.

 Contact Us! - add more details about your side of the familiy!


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