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19 DEC 2004

Added some new US Immigrants based on the Ellis Island website. Improved English translation of the Korndörfer family history. Added a link to the Dutch Korndörffer Genealogy.

2 SET 2001

Added the Korndörffer coat of arms issued in 1493.


30 JUN 2001

Made small corrections at the history of the family page.


25 JUN 2001

Updated the immigrants page - now has a mark on the immigrants connected to our tree.

Added a statistc button to the main page


24 JUN 2001

Added the databases for Bohemia, Bayern, Preussen, Rheinland-Hessen and Preussen regions in Germany


19 JUN 2001

A counter is added to the main page


16 JUN 2001

This webpage is finally buid and put to run hoping it can gather the Korndörfer family worldwide 


Webpage created 16 Jun 2001

Last Update 24 Jun 2001