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The site is back up again. The files are not updated; in most cases I have found more information than is represented here. In fact, the data presented here contain about 360 individuals. My current database has over 15,000 individuals and growing. Obviously, checking the accuracy and formatting the list in HTML will take much longer now. Please bear with me, and if you are impatient, e-mail me and I'll send you a GED file. However, after the bad experiences with as a host, I am going to see if the files stick around before I invest a lot of time in updating them. If this host works out, I will update the information periodically. If you find something interesting, or something that is wrong, or a link that doesn't work, please let me know.

This is a generic front page for web pages by and about the Krogstad family. The webmaster and guy who paid for the domain name, and therefore the omnipotent and infallible lord and master of the domain, is Kevin Krogstad. If you are a Krogstad relative and would like to get your own web page on this site, e-mail Kevin. There is not much to see yet, but eventually the page will be a masterpiece of clever artistry and intuitive useability. Really. For now there are links. Some are on this site, some are offsite. As more content comes in, the site will get better and better. If you are reading this and are related, help out by sending something to post. Send pictures of your kids, a list of your favorite links, your Christmas letter, whatever. Don't worry about HTML; I'll take care of formatting it and putting it on the site.

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