Genealogical Links I Use

Genealogical Links I Use

Anbytarforum Mostly Swedish discussion forum on Swedish genealogy topics.

Ancestors From Norway John Føllesdal's site. Probably the best place to start.

Genealogy Links There are well over 8,000 links here; I hope you're not busy for the next few days!

Anne Mette Bjørgan & Jan Eri's Page Really first class genealogy site with maps and resources (Mostly in English.)

Swedish Census of 1890 Several provinces represented online (in Swedish).

Cathy's Swedish Genealogy Pages A good link site for Swedish research. Mostly in English.

Cyndi's List-Norway The ultimate link site. Anything and everything connected to Norwegian genealogy. In English.

Cyndi's List-Sweden Same as above, with Swedish resources. In English.

Diplomatarium Norvegicum Search legal documents from 1050 to 1590. Search interface in English; results in archaic Norwegian.

Einar Lillebye's Genealogy Site Norwegian site, in Norwegian, with good resources and a lot of names.

FamilySearch Search though the online archives of the LDS.

Norske Slektsforskere Locate others researching the same areas and families. In Norwegian, with English Summary.

Genealogi Martin Casterud's page, with ancestors in the Finnskoga area of Norway and Sweden. In Swedish.

Kvasir Norwegian genealogy resources (in Norwegian).

Liev Skjerve A distant relative from Bodø, with ancestry (in Norwegian).

Lineages' Genealogy Site Some free stuff, lots of pay stuff. Queries. In English.

Norwegian Genealogy Ring Links to several good sites.

Online English/Norwegian/English Dictionary You can translate a few words here.

Thomas Sverker's Homesite More Finnskoga connections. In Swedish.

Per Nermo's Site Good genealogy site. In Norwegian.

Private Slektsdatabaser Comprehensive list of personal genealogy databases in Norway. In Norwegian.

Swedish/English Dictionary Translate about 30,000 Swedish words to English.

Solørlag of America An association for people with roots in the Solør region of Hedmark fylke, Norway. Good links.

Digitalarkivet Online censuses, tax records, emigration records, and more. Invaluable resource. Some is in English, some is not.

Svenska släktforskarlänkar Lots and lots of Swedish genealogy links. Translation, grammar, and more.

Svensk-engelskt släkt-lexikon About 1200 of the most commonly encountered terms in censuses and church records, with English translations. Handy.

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